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  1. FREE Mont

    FREE Mont5 soat oldin


  2. Michael Scofield

    Michael Scofield5 soat oldin

    Luquitas es demasiado grande

  3. Bik3rboy666

    Bik3rboy6665 soat oldin

    IDV el Mata Gigantes

  4. Re Mo

    Re Mo5 soat oldin

    Vamos mis ñaños!! 🇪🇨

  5. David Alan

    David Alan5 soat oldin

    Is it just me or does Pique feel like a future manager in football.

  6. W. Kamara Njoku

    W. Kamara Njoku5 soat oldin

    And he went on to do the exact same thing🤣

  7. EndyCR7 Bamon

    EndyCR7 Bamon5 soat oldin

    Bargay the Complaint team😂😂😂😂

  8. EndyCR7 Bamon

    EndyCR7 Bamon5 soat oldin


  9. Xavier T

    Xavier T5 soat oldin

    Proud of my team !! 🔵⚫️

  10. Reza Rahmadha

    Reza Rahmadha5 soat oldin


  11. Raevan Schonezkiel Sangapta

    Raevan Schonezkiel Sangapta5 soat oldin

    pique, king of injury time...

  12. Angel Melendez

    Angel Melendez5 soat oldin

    Partido muy bonito pero el VAR lo cago a los dos equipos

  13. Gamer King

    Gamer King5 soat oldin

    He tried rabona because the score was 6-1

  14. Nick Pan

    Nick Pan5 soat oldin

    Grande el mata gigante

  15. Skumparn

    Skumparn5 soat oldin

    Netflix subtitles be like *speaking spanish*


    BYRON CORTEZ MUSIC5 soat oldin

    The best part of Modric’s Spanish is the Latin spice sarcasm in his ‘tchhhh’ 🙌🏽😂 now that’s what I call style.

  17. Srijan Bagdas

    Srijan Bagdas5 soat oldin

    Pique is such a cry baby!

  18. Yan / Ellen Liu

    Yan / Ellen Liu5 soat oldin

    It was not fair, not only the time! everyone sees that! the ref changed his stuff for how long??? doesn't that count? IT IS SHAMEFUL!

  19. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman5 soat oldin

    Sergio Ramos is better than pique And all barca agree this

  20. MEDINA559IFY

    MEDINA559IFY5 soat oldin

    i swear i heard modric say , ni madres

  21. shaneoinsaino210

    shaneoinsaino2105 soat oldin

    Não tem recopa, não tem mundial

  22. Sayan Santra

    Sayan Santra6 soat oldin

    Gerard Pique: Highlights El Classico 2021 🔥

  23. Jorge J

    Jorge J6 soat oldin

    El barcemoda lo que mejor hacen es llorar

  24. B E N E V O L E N T

    B E N E V O L E N T6 soat oldin

    This is the perfect game to show why Barca needs a proper striker and not a false 9 like Griezzman. How many goals do you think there would have been if Barca just had a damn finisher ?

  25. Viseth Kao

    Viseth Kao6 soat oldin

    It’s not that hard to predict, according to Pique, every game barça lost, we Real Madrid is always the scumbag

  26. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa6 soat oldin

    *From iraq with love 🇮🇶 🔴🔵*

  27. Luis Ortega

    Luis Ortega6 soat oldin

    Grande Guima👏👏👏👏

  28. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa6 soat oldin

    برشا برشا يمدلل ♥️🇮🇶 💙 From iraq with love 🇮🇶

  29. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa6 soat oldin

    From iraq with love 🇮🇶 Barca

  30. Mikey Richnavsky

    Mikey Richnavsky6 soat oldin

    The best goal I’ve ever seen! 😆

  31. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa6 soat oldin

    From iraq with love 🇮🇶 برشا برشا يمدلل ♥️🇮🇶 💙

  32. To ReĐa

    To ReĐa6 soat oldin

    From iraq with love 🇮🇶 Barca♥️

  33. Deiv A

    Deiv A6 soat oldin

    Jajajaja. 4 minutos. Y se keja encima q quiere 10 a 20 minutos , ningun equipo tiene Jugadores mas. Teatreros. Y. Caraduras , ya ni se acuerda seguro del Escandalo en Stanford Bridge y versus el PSG

  34. Ernesto Padilla

    Ernesto Padilla6 soat oldin

    Barcelona are in desperate need of a new striker and defenders of they want to ever win a clasico

  35. BISK KJ

    BISK KJ6 soat oldin

    Barcelona = complaincelona.

  36. Mohammad Iqbal Na'imy

    Mohammad Iqbal Na'imy6 soat oldin

    Pique is an OK defender but whinning too much

  37. FirstName LastName

    FirstName LastName6 soat oldin

    Keep crying u little bitch lol good job to Modrić for fooling him


    JUNED AHMED RUMON6 soat oldin

    Pique is king of talking nd complain

  39. M 870621345

    M 8706213456 soat oldin

    Can't be football without him complaining. They could win 6-0 and he would complain.

  40. GL

    GL6 soat oldin

    Ray 🐐son

  41. Win Ro

    Win Ro6 soat oldin

    Para pique .I.

  42. German Carrasco

    German Carrasco6 soat oldin

    Vamos defensa! Felicidades! Árbitro malísimo, como hacían tiempo los de palmeiras

  43. EDP445's Dick and Balls

    EDP445's Dick and Balls6 soat oldin

    Anyone else hear Ray say that Tigerwood should learns corner from Messi?

  44. Esteban

    Esteban6 soat oldin

    Y le dije escoja

  45. Boer Abrego

    Boer Abrego6 soat oldin


  46. 7 PAL

    7 PAL6 soat oldin

    Best soccer commentators in English, Spanish or any language!!! A joy to listen to. Knowledgeable and poetic!!!!

  47. Lay Lay

    Lay Lay6 soat oldin

    I came right when the game was about to end at 80 something minutos and damn what a game 😳 👏 congrats to defensa y justicia

  48. bryan orellana

    bryan orellana6 soat oldin

    GaNaN pOr La aLTuRa

  49. Jorge Cauri

    Jorge Cauri6 soat oldin

    Grande independiente,orgullo del Ecuador.

  50. Flaming Basketball Club

    Flaming Basketball Club6 soat oldin

    Can someone clip that long range goal?

  51. PRanxter is Gaming

    PRanxter is Gaming6 soat oldin


  52. Carlos O

    Carlos O6 soat oldin

    Montevideo City crest looks like those Fifa crest the game makes cause they don't have the rights to the team

  53. default doppelganger

    default doppelganger6 soat oldin

    Shakira's husband/boyfriend really epitomizes Farca, use skill, cheating, or whining to work the angles. Hala Madrid!!

  54. Jor Bit

    Jor Bit6 soat oldin

    and tigres were thinking they were better then conmebol even defensa and justicia would trash any mexican club easily

  55. ooocc104

    ooocc1046 soat oldin


  56. Priyam Awasthi

    Priyam Awasthi6 soat oldin

    The goalies and his bodies must have switched...

  57. Victor Q

    Victor Q6 soat oldin

    Everyone knows palmeiras lost to River plate. They just stole the game

  58. Milton González

    Milton González6 soat oldin

    Muy bien por otro de los Gigantes del fútbol ecuatoriano, Independiente junto a Liga son los dos mejores equipos de todos los tiempos, con hechos y no con palabras. Felicitaciones Independiente del Valle, con humildad se logra grandes cosas.

  59. Kevin

    Kevin6 soat oldin

    Idk why but you just can’t hate on Modric

  60. Raul Aguirre

    Raul Aguirre6 soat oldin

    Palmeiras are such a fraud


    PARIS SOUTH6 soat oldin

    Pique Quejandose no importa cuando leas esto

  62. jorlndo crz

    jorlndo crz6 soat oldin

    Pique le hubiera dicho, sácate a la verga duende .😂😂😂😂😂

  63. GolTube TV

    GolTube TV6 soat oldin

    Canal de youtube: HOY SE COME FAMILIA

  64. Federico Ferreira

    Federico Ferreira7 soat oldin

    Lo veo muy estático, pesado. Soy uruguayo, no me gusta verlo así 😔

  65. Marlihno Pac

    Marlihno Pac7 soat oldin

    Mañana va ganar Bolivar

  66. Vamsi Kanneganti

    Vamsi Kanneganti7 soat oldin

    Modric is pure class.


    ELKIN EGUIS7 soat oldin

    Libertad: estamos clasificados Nacional : es culiable

  68. Keveen

    Keveen7 soat oldin

    Lmao 🤣 Cry Baby Pique

  69. Sergio Velazquez

    Sergio Velazquez7 soat oldin

    Árbitro comprado

  70. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben Rivera7 soat oldin

    Todo es lindo,.hasta que llega Tolima 😞!

  71. Flaming Basketball Club

    Flaming Basketball Club7 soat oldin


  72. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel7 soat oldin

    Classic Barca

  73. Juan David Gaviria

    Juan David Gaviria7 soat oldin

    Vamos con Humildad

  74. Jordan M.T

    Jordan M.T7 soat oldin

    queria tiempos extras pique JAJAJAJA

  75. Adityaveer00

    Adityaveer007 soat oldin

    When you know Madrid has a refree who has got their back ,what can one expect from them.....

  76. 1320 Posts

    1320 Posts7 soat oldin

    POR BOCONES🤣🤣🤣🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  77. 1320 Posts

    1320 Posts7 soat oldin

    POBRE HINCHAS DE LIBERTAD🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣