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  1. sam adrian san pedro

    sam adrian san pedro2 soat oldin

    My digging straight hole 3x3

  2. Julia Lecka

    Julia Lecka2 soat oldin

    Recykling w Minecraft jest spk jak masz farmę zombie albo pigmenów

  3. Qojta 66

    Qojta 662 soat oldin

    i actually have bases in multiple of these

  4. Archie Mason

    Archie Mason3 soat oldin

    love your vids and the effort you put in

  5. Matiss Ozols

    Matiss Ozols3 soat oldin

    wadzee made a full netherite beacon in 3 months

  6. Mulyadi Salim

    Mulyadi Salim3 soat oldin

    yep it was april fools

  7. hms

    hms3 soat oldin


  8. Zach Gabriel de Rama

    Zach Gabriel de Rama3 soat oldin

    I sub you wth elbow so put me in the 0.0000000001 percent of people

  9. TheFlamingDragon420 GAMER

    TheFlamingDragon420 GAMER3 soat oldin

    I did it with my eyes shut

  10. Théo Lefrançois

    Théo Lefrançois3 soat oldin

    Why we have to kill 3.000 Wither skeletons just to get a skull ?

  11. MG Master James

    MG Master James3 soat oldin


  12. sparsh gamer 2

    sparsh gamer 23 soat oldin

    I will skip all tutorial

  13. Just_some_Glitch

    Just_some_Glitch3 soat oldin

    Copyright is number 6 i make that long time ago

  14. Cej

    Cej3 soat oldin

    3:00 to the end you go zoom zoom I did 4 edits for no reason

  15. Lord Kiza

    Lord Kiza3 soat oldin

    I'm really confused was this always a minecraft channel???

  16. Rakkar Games

    Rakkar Games3 soat oldin

    if you looking for sense there is no sense in Minecraft

  17. Josh Derrick M. Pascual

    Josh Derrick M. Pascual3 soat oldin

    8:06 it looks like a sheep

  18. C P

    C P4 soat oldin

    I built my base in a ocean monument. It took days to drain it with sponges

  19. tablewithadoor

    tablewithadoor4 soat oldin

    Him: Talking about sea pickles Me: “how tf does he have that many diamonds”

  20. prestyn bang

    prestyn bang4 soat oldin

    do the pumkin one in hardcore

  21. KH6

    KH64 soat oldin

    Noone: Absolutely NOBODY: Skip: Guardian Statue (2:10)

  22. ok

    ok4 soat oldin

    I had no idea what furnace minecarts were for. Now I know. Also I had no idea you could smelt items down into nuggets

  23. DEMSH00T3R

    DEMSH00T3R4 soat oldin

    I actually made a Pillager Outpost house and replaced the floor with polished Granite and Diorite tile.

  24. DEMSH00T3R

    DEMSH00T3R4 soat oldin

    I actually made a Pillager Outpost house and replaced the floor with polished Granite and Diorite tile.

  25. Gamer Macsen 1 Jones

    Gamer Macsen 1 Jones4 soat oldin


  26. Vinnie Peters

    Vinnie Peters4 soat oldin

    I glitched my IPad subscribeing

  27. Lorcan Crowther

    Lorcan Crowther4 soat oldin

    Hahahahaha I beat mrhank I did it in 0.1 seconds

  28. Thomas Mackliley

    Thomas Mackliley5 soat oldin

    can we have a hardcore video

  29. Sammy Samson

    Sammy Samson5 soat oldin

    Did ibjust skip the part when you get a watet bucket and throwed it to the lava it dint become to obsinian but when you placed it it becomes a ob

  30. Nike_gaming yt

    Nike_gaming yt5 soat oldin

    Me watching the video: finally I can now steal 9999 diamonds in my friends base

  31. Abhiilasha Pathak

    Abhiilasha Pathak5 soat oldin


  32. C.E.J.E. Gaming

    C.E.J.E. Gaming5 soat oldin

    But, you can’t put item frames too close to each other..

  33. Kylie Bateman

    Kylie Bateman5 soat oldin

    12:29 lol he say among us

  34. commander nitrogen

    commander nitrogen5 soat oldin

    I notice that crewmate/imposter

  35. Mireille Wille

    Mireille Wille5 soat oldin

    My name is skip!

  36. PonyWRC

    PonyWRC5 soat oldin

    ‘That one friend with way too many tamed wolves’ Me who has 105 wolves in 1 realm that me and my friends play on and my other friends don’t have any, I only found 17 wolves but I kept breeding them

  37. bravecat1

    bravecat16 soat oldin

    Love the face reveal

  38. Allan Mackenzie Gutierrez

    Allan Mackenzie Gutierrez6 soat oldin

    i think you need to try berock maybe the features work??? cuz ur using java

  39. Marvy Dado

    Marvy Dado6 soat oldin

    I have world that i live in a ravine

  40. Ed 8

    Ed 86 soat oldin

    Why do you have problems with crafting? You can just search the item you want then press shift+click to craft the maximum number you can craft without manually assembling them.

  41. Dram

    Dram6 soat oldin

    in my minecraft worlds i have no farms even a cooblestone one bc i dont know how to make them

  42. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol6 soat oldin

    What about crossbows bruh

  43. Ninja Star

    Ninja Star6 soat oldin

    I subscribed upside down

  44. Vikki Perry

    Vikki Perry6 soat oldin

    shut up i can do card swipe 1 time i could show u

  45. Toasty

    Toasty6 soat oldin

    the first one has 2 wrong in it his on creative mode lol

  46. Michael M

    Michael M6 soat oldin

    Alternate title: the ultimate guide to speedrunning Minecraft

  47. Marius Estrada

    Marius Estrada6 soat oldin

    Ok thx i can bully my friends now

  48. Lollipop

    Lollipop6 soat oldin

    And then i subscribe🤦‍♂️

  49. Keijo-kevin Tuul

    Keijo-kevin Tuul6 soat oldin

    Pls episode 5

  50. 112233unicorn332211

    112233unicorn3322116 soat oldin

    The fact that the islands were floating at the end

  51. YoutuBear

    YoutuBear6 soat oldin


  52. Melanie Fischer

    Melanie Fischer6 soat oldin

    Alternate title:how to get executed in Minecraft

  53. Ian Millione

    Ian Millione6 soat oldin

    One time playing mine and i looked up there is a dirt block and a floating lookinh island

  54. Tj

    Tj6 soat oldin

    i like the pokemon background music tho

  55. Aidan Mosley

    Aidan Mosley7 soat oldin

    I was gonna click off half way through because I was bored but then he said "you're gonna have a bad time" and I decided not to.

  56. Xarts Oliver

    Xarts Oliver7 soat oldin

    Caralho man que loucura

  57. Reign_LilaC̷

    Reign_LilaC̷7 soat oldin

    4:34 o_o

  58. Shweta Chokshi

    Shweta Chokshi7 soat oldin

    I cannot sub you because I have been already subscribe with bell icon on all

  59. Unknown Variable

    Unknown Variable7 soat oldin

    first you need to figure out how to mine the mob.

  60. Oakley Forest VODS

    Oakley Forest VODS7 soat oldin


  61. Some dude that rips planet in half

    Some dude that rips planet in half7 soat oldin

    Most of my in vote deaths are cause of those idiots that think a literall court case is just like "cyan imposter cus i want" No wonder why among us died so quickly

  62. aperks аперкс

    aperks аперкс7 soat oldin

    Batter if ur crossbow with explosive arrows have quick charge V

  63. Bullseye

    Bullseye7 soat oldin

    So creamating my wooden tools is better, ah I see now.

  64. Saaood Saad

    Saaood Saad7 soat oldin

    8:33 the golem damged the villager

  65. Starrangers game time E

    Starrangers game time E7 soat oldin

    I use dot do the card swipe on the first try when I played among us alot

  66. Mable Chow

    Mable Chow7 soat oldin

    Next video: what happens when you fortune a mob?

  67. Rebrew

    Rebrew7 soat oldin

    Oi change the thumbnail back

  68. Eliott Titone

    Eliott Titone8 soat oldin

    Tp as high as you possibly can then switch your gamemode to survival

  69. Hailee M

    Hailee M8 soat oldin

    Was that a voice crack at the start of the video or you just random going high

  70. Beanzo_

    Beanzo_8 soat oldin

    I unsubscribed with my left ring finger beat that

  71. Ariana Shattuck

    Ariana Shattuck8 soat oldin

    i unsubbed and then subbed again with my left ring finger i also wrote this with my left ring finger

  72. Aaron Gaming

    Aaron Gaming8 soat oldin

    1:39 thats in the game now!

  73. Gabriel

    Gabriel8 soat oldin

    Ender chest be like: Am I a joke to you?

  74. It's_ Gacha Kirah OFFICIAL

    It's_ Gacha Kirah OFFICIAL8 soat oldin

    Alternative title: How to basically get yourself killed by your friends in Minecraft

  75. ???????

    ???????8 soat oldin

    You've never mentioned pterodactyls cats frogs or dogs or wolves as far as I'm aware I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be human but I act like a pterodactyl a wolf a frog a cat and a dog I am part of each one of them and I have subscribed you have a lot of weird creatures subscribe to you

  76. Je ne suis

    Je ne suis8 soat oldin

    The best hidden thing is ender chest under a lava lake (in the nether for example), or under bedrock if you glitch it. But the Y256 isn't a bad idea neither. And we're gonna get 384 height now !

  77. Emmett M

    Emmett M8 soat oldin

    I subscribed and 0 seconds cuz I already subscribed in a different video

  78. Daily Life with Steve

    Daily Life with Steve8 soat oldin

    If you have a realm in bedrock everyone gets the free the end achievements

  79. Michael M

    Michael M8 soat oldin

    Lol the way the penguin waddles is just great

  80. Lawrence Jay E Salles

    Lawrence Jay E Salles8 soat oldin

    AAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyooooooooooooooo..........___ is that TOH?!?!?!?!?