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Hey all, Scott here.

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  1. Lil Leo

    Lil Leo35 daqiqa oldin

    I’m sorry did he say TWO G R A N D

  2. Diego G

    Diego G35 daqiqa oldin

    I allways wanted the virtual boy games to be released on the 3DS virtual console. It was too perfect to ignore

  3. TheOriginalRyukUK

    TheOriginalRyukUK37 daqiqa oldin

    Wow, a video uploaded on my birthday! Thanks Scott for the present!

  4. SkylerCrouse

    SkylerCrouse40 daqiqa oldin

    TIL I'm older than Scott

  5. Siggy Harnoff

    Siggy Harnoff41 daqiqa oldin

    The “Before my conception” joke made wrinkles appear on my face

  6. Some Weeb

    Some Weeb45 daqiqa oldin

    Babe wake up... New scott the woz upload

  7. Daniel Hull

    Daniel Hull45 daqiqa oldin

    I actually enjoyed it when I was a kid... looking back I do not see why

  8. Hannah Hägg

    Hannah Hägg46 daqiqa oldin

    Virtual boy has badly implemented 3d and it hurts the eyes and makes a lot of people motion sick from watching the games you try to play. You can't turn the 3d off either, so almost no one bought it.

  9. Girafarig Appreciator

    Girafarig Appreciator46 daqiqa oldin

    So this is your favourite console

  10. Advanced Game Brothers

    Advanced Game Brothers46 daqiqa oldin

    My friend Jeremiah is also A☆

  11. TUGAZU

    TUGAZU47 daqiqa oldin

    7:33 This is way too accurate and unespected.

  12. Benjamin Schmitt

    Benjamin Schmitt48 daqiqa oldin

    From now on I will put funky after every possessive noun, so get ready for Yoshi’s Funky Island.

  13. Wario's Gold Coin

    Wario's Gold Coin49 daqiqa oldin

    Wario approves; Virtual Boy Wario Land! Make a bloody remake of it to New 3DS.

  14. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama49 daqiqa oldin

    This is why his color blind

  15. gelfrecs

    gelfrecs51 daqiqa oldin

    I love you Scott

  16. NoFriendo Switch

    NoFriendo Switch53 daqiqa oldin

    *scott I'm still waiting for the music used list*

  17. conner bok

    conner bok55 daqiqa oldin

    Now we know why Scott said he was sick recently

  18. R C

    R C56 daqiqa oldin

    "It's like my eyes are being waterboarded." ~Scott 2021

  19. SayLess

    SayLess56 daqiqa oldin

    Hey Cousin Betty . You should give me a call sometime

  20. emojo1990

    emojo199056 daqiqa oldin

    my next platformer will be titled x axis antics. thank you

  21. This Commenter

    This Commenter57 daqiqa oldin

    I wonder when he’ll get to games like Mario kart tour, tomodachi life and miitopia. Kind of doubting they’ll ever be their own video now

  22. Saucepanlidman

    Saucepanlidman57 daqiqa oldin


  23. Jaxter

    Jaxter58 daqiqa oldin

    reeeeemakes, are actually called reimaginings

  24. cigarettefairy

    cigarettefairySoat oldin

    Enjoying the Super Mario Land music used during the section about Gunpei Yokoi, deep cut!

  25. Locten4

    Locten4Soat oldin

    The virtual boy was basically Nintendo's love child they murdered in an attempt to hide it.

  26. Cardfight!! Casual

    Cardfight!! CasualSoat oldin

    An ad for the mobile port of GTA V popped up right before the GTA 3 part of the video. Go figure

  27. lh9591

    lh9591Soat oldin

    I played virtual boy once, and wow my head hurt in less than one minute

  28. BassRemedy

    BassRemedySoat oldin

    why so mean to betty :c

  29. Oliver CALLOW [07S1]

    Oliver CALLOW [07S1]Soat oldin

    thanks for the contect

  30. Dylan Maguire

    Dylan MaguireSoat oldin

    I hope the controller works with other consoles. Sounds funny

  31. Does this smell like chloroform?

    Does this smell like chloroform?Soat oldin

    138 dislikes???? Wtf humanity???

  32. Xeroxthebeautiful

    XeroxthebeautifulSoat oldin

    It had Jack bros so all is forgiven

  33. Serse

    SerseSoat oldin

    2k!? Oh god

  34. Carl Jackson

    Carl JacksonSoat oldin

    9:01 This is the Nintendo Virtual Boy. It's red.

  35. Memescular

    MemescularSoat oldin

    7:34 Scotthew The Woz *DIES*

  36. Froggievilleus

    FroggievilleusSoat oldin

    I got the Virtual Boy brand new at Electronics Boutique for $25 and a bunch of games for $5 each. Sold off years later for a tidy profit. Good times.

  37. Teemu Christensen

    Teemu ChristensenSoat oldin

    why are the subtitles dutch?

  38. Remilia Scuntlet

    Remilia ScuntletSoat oldin

    Is Scott even legally able to drink alcohol?

  39. Cole Frazee

    Cole FrazeeSoat oldin

    Predicting Scott's 200th Episode: All of Scott's pasts enemies, (Chet Shaft, Steel Wool, Liza Lots, and the Supreme Overlord of Dick Vitale), will break into Scott's home and kidnap him in his own house. They tell Scott that they want revenge for all the things Scott has caused them and decide to torture him to death by making Scott play, Madden 09. Scott sees the box art and screams so loud he causes an earthquake which then cuts to others feeling the impact. After talking about the history of Madden and what led to Madden 09, Scott is forced to play Madden 09 and nearly dies from how bad it is. Scott's enemies celebrate their success, however, Scott is rescued by his friends with the power of Madden 08. Scott's enemies then combine into a giant robot with all of Scott's least favorite things, while Scott and his friends combine into a giant robot with all of Scott's favorite things. The two sides then fight Mighty Morphing Power Rangers style and Scott ends up winning. All of Scott's enemies are sentenced to death and all is right, expect all of Scott's copies of Madden 08 got destroyed in the fight. Thankfully, Scott's good pal calls him and says that his insurance covers giant robot attacks and the compensation is all versions of Madden 08. Scott then celebrates, thus concluding Scott's 200th Episode. Congratulations Scott, you deserve it all.

  40. Zwindler Neeg

    Zwindler NeegSoat oldin

    the first time i saw a virtual boy in a nintendo power magazine i thought it was a grill

  41. NickyG

    NickyGSoat oldin

    Scott spent as much money finding and buying these games as I spend on tuition. What a legend

  42. Ethan Micallef

    Ethan MicallefSoat oldin

    *_VIRTUAL FISHING_* "it's not tennis"

  43. Ethan Micallef

    Ethan MicallefSoat oldin

    Love the Scott character-break when he realized he's got no games left for the first year

  44. jintie

    jintieSoat oldin

    ayo captions please bro, i can’t lip read game footage :(

  45. 18matts

    18mattsSoat oldin

    Too bad Nintendo didn't put these games on 3ds

  46. ryan Topdog

    ryan TopdogSoat oldin

    I love the ps3 thanks to games like uncharted and how mw2 multiplayer servers are still up but both are amazing the 360 had halo 3 and gears of war

  47. That Defacer 404

    That Defacer 404Soat oldin

    Good thing us Canadians still have toysrus, lol

  48. david _

    david _Soat oldin


  49. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew HuntSoat oldin

    Panic Bomber looks like Tetris Blast, still my favorite version of Tetris to date. And as a Wario fan, I didn't even know there was a game for the VB...

  50. Ethan Micallef

    Ethan MicallefSoat oldin

    Okay but where can I get my hands on X-Axis Antics???

  51. TBBoomer

    TBBoomerSoat oldin


  52. Killroy

    KillroySoat oldin

    This was my first scott video

  53. camy205

    camy205Soat oldin

    You made a good point, what parent in 1995 would of bought their kid a VR headset lol

  54. Purple BatDragon

    Purple BatDragonSoat oldin

    I'd say "fuck Betty", but then complications would arise.

  55. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage KiraSoat oldin

    Jack bros

  56. David Del Pozo Filíu

    David Del Pozo FilíuSoat oldin

    And Jesus wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer! - Virtual Reality pioneer, Craig Pelton

  57. PuffyGuitarist

    PuffyGuitaristSoat oldin

    I had another gun one that came with a zombie kid friendly shooting game

  58. Andrew Carnborn

    Andrew CarnbornSoat oldin

    The first thing I think of when replaying the original Sonic is: "Wait you can't spin dash in this?"

  59. Vega Yagami

    Vega YagamiSoat oldin

    Where is he getting the money for all of this?

  60. Requiem

    RequiemSoat oldin

    As a European I can be proud that it never got released here


    DEFAULTSoat oldin

    Scott sounds like he has puberty

  62. Armin_2100 Official

    Armin_2100 OfficialSoat oldin

    Who lives in Austria and has recognised the ORF 2 Logo?😂

  63. Nerd Tuga

    Nerd TugaSoat oldin

    Well... at least it wasn't the R-Zone

  64. -Dethroned-

    -Dethroned-Soat oldin

    i know that buying it would be a disappointment but. i still want one.



    2021 still waiting for Nintendo 64 classic. Thanks for nothing Nintendo.

  66. Isabella Justice

    Isabella JusticeSoat oldin

    25:24 Yeah Mine

  67. manny zozaya

    manny zozayaSoat oldin

    Dammit Scott, you had to hit me in the age. I love ya, but stop makin me remember I was born in November of 92' for God's sake!

  68. Requiem

    RequiemSoat oldin

    SD gundam is the rarest and most expensive vb game

  69. Lord Frosty

    Lord FrostySoat oldin

    8:36 Me to my brain when a new steam sale starts

  70. Zayn Mitchell

    Zayn MitchellSoat oldin


  71. Andrew Carnborn

    Andrew CarnbornSoat oldin

    I wonder if anyone has ever thought of somehow remaking these games in full color or something (without Nintendo trying to murder their family for it)

  72. J4MZ

    J4MZSoat oldin

    11:39 i cant tell if he’s acting or is this just how he plays

  73. Matthew Rease

    Matthew Rease2 soat oldin

    I'm still pissed there were never Virtual Boy games on the 3DS e-shop

  74. GrievousD2

    GrievousD22 soat oldin

    Scott: "My body is ready." 7:33 Virtual Boy: "Your face wasn't."

  75. Ryan G.

    Ryan G.2 soat oldin

    Overuse of the adjective "iconic".

  76. Con S

    Con S2 soat oldin

    Kind of a shame none of these games came back for the 3DS VC

  77. iEggSavior

    iEggSavior2 soat oldin

    These tax write-offs are getting more and more strange as time goes by.

  78. Alfonso

    Alfonso2 soat oldin

    Man, someone told me once that one can't have too much money. But you totally have, Scott, if you are willing to pay such an amount of money for old failures of videogames. Seriously. You must be really rich.

  79. Requiem

    Requiem2 soat oldin