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Welcome to the Official Simple History Channel. Simple History visualizes the past, bringing history to life through animation.

Witness how people lived throughout history: their culture, developments in technology, epic battles and events.

Explore what it was like to be in the trenches of the First World War, a plundering pirate in the Caribbean or a factory worker in the Industrial Revolution!
Created by Daniel Turner (B.A. (Hons) in History, University College London)

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Simple History started in September 2013 with its first book title 'Simple History: WWI'.
Some titles include:
Simple History: WWI
Simple History: World War II
Simple History: The Vietnam War
Simple History: The Cold War
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  1. bman madd

    bman madd17 soat oldin

    the next thing i know battle ship turrets/main batteries are going to be cemented into the ground

  2. Varun rai

    Varun rai17 soat oldin

    Brave man God bless his soul

  3. Mining Pixels Studios

    Mining Pixels Studios18 soat oldin

    Bro! I saw that plane with rhe badges in a mesuem jn arizonaaa!!

  4. Vincenzo Cilli

    Vincenzo Cilli18 soat oldin

    Marcos steal the treasure found by this guy and keep it for themselves

  5. Tormented Ice cube

    Tormented Ice cube18 soat oldin

    Well he had a choice at that time and he never had the foresight that the man he saved will turn to be one of the most villainous people in history. Maybe in an alternative universe where tandy shot well no point in thinking about it.

  6. kakashi sentai

    kakashi sentai18 soat oldin

    it was a dirty cia coup to try and infect china with the wests fake form of democracy. it was quickly squished though. i hope all the evil subversive colonizing scumbags get stomped out. we can tell a tree by its colonizing evil history when we simply look back at history.

  7. Damn Buddy

    Damn Buddy18 soat oldin

    People's heads were being fucking blasted off-


    GUN_NERD18 soat oldin

    Can you imagine the Buffalo Bills? Lmao 😂

  9. Just Watching

    Just Watching18 soat oldin

    Thing is that the Golden Buddha was pictured

  10. ray mendez

    ray mendez18 soat oldin

    It took 2:41 to even mention USA had missiles in Turkey. Never mentioned that USSR sending missiles to Cuba was a REACTION to USA having missiles in Turkey. Never mentioned that those missiles were nuclear. Instead, he calls them by their name [PGM-19] "Jupiter" but calls Soviet missiles "nuclear missiles" instead of their name "R-12 Dvina". This is what biased history looks like :)

  11. Algeria mapper

    Algeria mapper18 soat oldin


  12. Bell Uh-1 Huey

    Bell Uh-1 Huey18 soat oldin

    If schools used this channel more kids will actually enjoy history

  13. keystone yager

    keystone yager18 soat oldin

    Someone should use its 'uncharted' potential.

  14. 21st Century Humor

    21st Century Humor18 soat oldin

    0:01-My Fortnite squad

  15. saul forrest

    saul forrest18 soat oldin

    Hearing Raid Shadow legends on every channel I'm subscribed to is starting to annoy me now.

  16. Igor Lech

    Igor Lech18 soat oldin

    "meet the pyro"

  17. Ventris Gaming

    Ventris Gaming18 soat oldin

    Punji Stakes Vietnamese: they wont find our traps Later on... The Americans: Let's go and kill them The booby trap: Are you sure The Americans: dafuq

  18. sagar

    sagar18 soat oldin

    gorkha NEPAL

  19. Millkshake

    Millkshake18 soat oldin

    1:00 end if ad

  20. Javier Antonio

    Javier Antonio18 soat oldin

    A History Channel should know that the Aztecs died out and turned into different civilizations, with the most important being the Mexicas (Not Mexicans). It's sort of how people of the United States is not called English people.

  21. FlamesOfJihad

    FlamesOfJihad18 soat oldin

    He was hired by one of the biggest criminal organisations on earth.

  22. William

    William18 soat oldin

    Why do the drawings of the students make them appear like psychopaths, whereas the soldiers just look like they're sitting doing yoga?

  23. Brandon Michaels

    Brandon Michaels19 soat oldin

    The Fire that doesnt burn

  24. Gunni Clardy

    Gunni Clardy19 soat oldin

    I wouldn’t care for the treasure or gold I just want the artifacts outfits in weapons lol

  25. Vanick GM

    Vanick GM19 soat oldin

    I would grab the Japanese uniforms off the bodies I'd grab the guns in the katanas in the bayonets then I would steal all the gold and then move to America and become the richest man on earth

  26. Gus Cord

    Gus Cord19 soat oldin

    R U on tiktok?

  27. Robbin Shen

    Robbin Shen19 soat oldin

    My grandparents said that during the great leap forward people ate clay and dirt to fill their bellies or just sesame seed oil in water to give them some flavour...those were certainly horrible times.

  28. Friendly Catachan

    Friendly Catachan19 soat oldin

    Is no-one I'm going to talk about that introduction?

  29. Κώστας Λιακούλης

    Κώστας Λιακούλης19 soat oldin

    Ancient Greeks also playd ball games similar to football, basketball volleyball or even hokey

  30. Millkshake

    Millkshake19 soat oldin

    1:24 end of ad

  31. Jsilky64 _

    Jsilky64 _19 soat oldin

    my grandmother hid in the mountains in the Philippines hiding from the Japanese forces

  32. Victor Herrera

    Victor Herrera19 soat oldin


  33. Atilliator

    Atilliator19 soat oldin

    I won't judge you too harshly on how you spell Rogelio Roxas

  34. Ben Patrick

    Ben Patrick19 soat oldin

    Killing hitler is not a good thing, its only good if you knew how the people would suffer if you didnt kill him

  35. A Human

    A Human19 soat oldin

    I came here to comment; It’s a penis.

  36. Kevin Hernandez-Rives

    Kevin Hernandez-Rives19 soat oldin

    About the teddy bear thing, the portrayal in the animation is a little inaccurate. The hunt had been going badly, so people took a bear cub and tied it up to a tree for Teddy to kill so that he could leave with at least a single kill. But shooting a cub tied to a tree just for the sake of it was pretty pointless and just defeats the purpose of hunting for sport, so he didn't do it. It wasn't some great moral or compassionate thing. But it served as great PR afterwards.

  37. jerome jagonia

    jerome jagonia19 soat oldin

    drugs?! just rice and sweet potato.

  38. PluG

    PluG19 soat oldin

    Yeah, that's me. You propably wonder how I got here? I will tell you the story (watch the video)

  39. Muhamad Galang

    Muhamad Galang19 soat oldin

    Who have watch "the lost gold of ww2"?

  40. Anthony George

    Anthony George19 soat oldin

    7:11 that's some view "Yes, it is."

  41. Alex Aleksandars

    Alex Aleksandars19 soat oldin

    Who killed Yamashita americans or jappanese?

  42. Clark Daryll Omasdang

    Clark Daryll Omasdang19 soat oldin

    My Grandma always say that yamashitas treasure is not buried in one place only its all around the Philippines just hiding

  43. salma sbitri

    salma sbitri20 soat oldin


  44. King Of Sludge

    King Of Sludge20 soat oldin

    This is the funniest ending yet

  45. Anthony George

    Anthony George20 soat oldin

    3:40 "I'll see you on the beach!"

  46. VanaraCody

    VanaraCody20 soat oldin

    Shiver my timbers! Shiver my soul! . . .

  47. sassy the sasquatch

    sassy the sasquatch20 soat oldin

    one of the many reasons I hate the Japanese

  48. pida siouy

    pida siouy20 soat oldin

    ship in the world

  49. Jestone Flores

    Jestone Flores20 soat oldin

    I just laugh

  50. THEeggster

    THEeggster20 soat oldin

    i think the gold is in Raid shadow legends

  51. KaboosOnX1

    KaboosOnX120 soat oldin

    I’d rather wipe my behind with a rock rather than a communal sponge.

  52. Savillx Navm

    Savillx Navm20 soat oldin

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  53. john doe

    john doe20 soat oldin

    Put your adds at the end or I dislike every video no matter how good

  54. Hans The German soldier

    Hans The German soldier20 soat oldin

    “Oh my god Charles I told you don’t give your intel to the Russians” -James

  55. Jenos playz

    Jenos playz20 soat oldin

    I heard marcos took the money and hid it on a bank, in Europe

  56. yes

    yes20 soat oldin

    Hunger Games

  57. Ariq Muhammad

    Ariq Muhammad20 soat oldin

    Why he is known as the tiger of malaya ?

  58. Muhammad Hadi

    Muhammad Hadi20 soat oldin

    Mao Zedong more like MeOw Zedong because cats kills birds

  59. caseclosed93

    caseclosed9320 soat oldin

    After looking at Volksdeutsch in the 1930’s, you see the Communist government of China using the same idea with overseas Chinese today...

  60. galactica blazeblue

    galactica blazeblue20 soat oldin

    Hitler invent chad march

  61. Amar Sanaa

    Amar Sanaa20 soat oldin

    I’m starting to think simple history is racist

  62. Muhammad Hadi

    Muhammad Hadi20 soat oldin

    (Applause) GREAT CAMPAIGN MAO!

  63. Robert Hicks

    Robert Hicks20 soat oldin

    American actually most often used the 1914/1917 enfield

  64. Echo4911

    Echo491120 soat oldin

    hitler: you there guy:yes? hitler:attack france with this big gun guy:yes sir gets killed by recoil if ya know what i mean

  65. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf20 soat oldin

    We have yamashita gold in the philippines in my grandfather land the gold was so deep and very dangerous to get because there was 75 years old land mind.

  66. BlackLister

    BlackLister20 soat oldin

    Skip to 00:55 you're welcome

  67. Renegade

    Renegade21 soat oldin

    Individually even the most combat hardened legionaries don't amount to much on the battlefield, but in groups, I doubt there are other military force which can match the Legion.

  68. KenSMS 1209

    KenSMS 120921 soat oldin

    Never realized pokeballs are this dangerous when inside

  69. JC Tagorio

    JC Tagorio21 soat oldin

    Pls make the battle of Manila

  70. mrwarmind

    mrwarmind21 soat oldin

    Do a video on the sellibrate starvation by allied leadership of the the German people post ww2, it was criticized by former American president Herbert hoover

  71. DriftingPunk

    DriftingPunk21 soat oldin

    School: ❎ Simple History: ✅

  72. Cracstheidiot 69

    Cracstheidiot 6921 soat oldin

    getting sentenced to 7 years in jail for stealing 6 pairs of shoes really shows how dumb we were

  73. Kuya Lumpiang Sariwa

    Kuya Lumpiang Sariwa21 soat oldin

    hmmmmmm old land record of our place might be useful

  74. DeusVult Italy

    DeusVult Italy21 soat oldin

    Liberal left boomers : You colonizers killed enslaved and forced your religion to peaceful people Historical experts : > Meso American civilizations > Peaceful Pick one

  75. OMG Times

    OMG Times21 soat oldin

    The best way of learning.

  76. TheMadLaddTV

    TheMadLaddTV21 soat oldin

    I doubt you’ll see this but I have a story to tell. My great great uncle was one of those belly ball gunners. He went on numerous raids in Germany and made it back. But one raid he was shot down and managed to get the ball turret back into the plane before hitting the ground. He was woken up by a German farmer with a pitchfork. He was soon after captured by the Germans and was sent to a P.O.W camp. They treated the prisoners horribly. They barely fed them and when they did it was only raw potatoes that was fertilized by animal manure. They made them do hard labor and other things. One night they woke them up and marched them into the open snow. He thought they were about to get executed but turns out they had marched them to the British lines and he returned home safely. He didn’t tell his family what happened in his time in the military until he died. Before he died he had someone write a book for him and in said book it described what it was like in training, the ball turret, at base, and in the camp. They books are meant for family only. But I think it’s ok I say it here. Anyways thanks for reading if you do

  77. Starover Mnt

    Starover Mnt21 soat oldin


  78. Fable

    Fable21 soat oldin

    Communists: *Live in Weimar Germany* Freikorps: *And i took that personally*

  79. Starover Mnt

    Starover Mnt21 soat oldin

    这可能就是大陆人不能翻墙的其中原因吧~ 反正TG真的很喜欢控制舆论的~

  80. theodoros meliadis

    theodoros meliadis21 soat oldin

    I have never heard that Good work