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  1. The poor Sultan

    The poor Sultan21 soat oldin

    Nutral numbers start from 1 not 0

  2. Taterds

    Taterds21 soat oldin

    I dont understand how that choice thing works and my brain is melting

  3. YaYeetus

    YaYeetus21 soat oldin


  4. fella

    fella21 soat oldin

    Me: *watches video* UZnick’s context tab: flat earth

  5. Hunter Bell

    Hunter Bell21 soat oldin


  6. Les Gnorfuls

    Les Gnorfuls21 soat oldin

  7. madi

    madi21 soat oldin

    If earth was a sphere ye but it's flat

  8. Shark Tooth

    Shark Tooth21 soat oldin

    Nice green screen in the beginning...

  9. Rob Likozar

    Rob Likozar21 soat oldin

    That's it? THAT'S IT?!?!

  10. Nosc8pe

    Nosc8pe21 soat oldin

    guys, we will miss the year 69420

  11. Michael Andersetti

    Michael Andersetti21 soat oldin

    Can we have a updated version

  12. samir malky

    samir malky21 soat oldin

    i counted to 8000 in 30 minutes and it felt like a lifetime

  13. TheLurkingRage

    TheLurkingRage21 soat oldin

    This is cool and all, but I think current generations might benefit more from a "How to Talk to Girls" episode.

  14. Pus Grey

    Pus Grey21 soat oldin

    My Name Is Kent

  15. BOB McMuffins

    BOB McMuffins21 soat oldin


  16. Rees Davidson

    Rees Davidson21 soat oldin

    Okaaayyyy....that's coinkydinky

  17. 247MrtWurtleguy

    247MrtWurtleguy21 soat oldin

    “What’s halve of nine?” Me:4.5

  18. ikey shuster

    ikey shuster22 soat oldin

    So entertaining

  19. Gaming with Jerom

    Gaming with Jerom22 soat oldin

    Its lighting up for me

  20. MC25quared

    MC25quared22 soat oldin

    What in the

  21. Roxanne

    Roxanne22 soat oldin

    -no dont eat it -Noo please dont -wonderful. It was inevitable I se.

  22. Tal A.

    Tal A.22 soat oldin


  23. niki

    niki22 soat oldin

    It depends on how , where and when we will meet the other lifeforms.

  24. Daniel Spicer

    Daniel Spicer22 soat oldin

    well if heaven is what it seems like, we would probably be able to watch it at heaven. And UZnick for example the humans during those times could see the solar eclipses and stuff like that on UZnick so that would be cool

  25. GoldenMunk

    GoldenMunk22 soat oldin

    That is so true

  26. Fabian Perez

    Fabian Perez22 soat oldin

    Today colour Is Orange

  27. AntoninLorenzi-Comics

    AntoninLorenzi-Comics22 soat oldin

    And now we have lockdown...

  28. Terri kim

    Terri kim22 soat oldin

    Heart rate: 70 Heart rate 20 seconds into the video 70, but i can feel it

  29. Nedu A

    Nedu A22 soat oldin

    Too much for my brain

  30. Gayson Jason, the God of atheism

    Gayson Jason, the God of atheism22 soat oldin

    I actually have no memory of my first grade even though I'm only 12, all I know is I went to another school

  31. Tim Idi

    Tim Idi22 soat oldin

    Hey Vfoof

  32. NP

    NP22 soat oldin

    sandwich - cambridge ?? idk

  33. joaquin beltran

    joaquin beltran22 soat oldin

    0:00 CLASSIC

  34. Londondude

    Londondude22 soat oldin

    Question: If the motion of the earth and sun around the galaxy is at such a blistering speed, wouldn't that make space travel IMPOSSIBLE? As soon as a spacecraft has left the earth's atmosphere and reached outer space then they would simply be left behind in the great emptiness of space. Taking this into consideration then space travel to the moon and beyond should not be possible at all unless they could travel at similar speeds to the motions described. Now if you say that the spacecraft is moving at the same speed as the motion of the sun and earth in the galaxy then space must be moving as well? So are we saying that space has some sort of an atmosphere or maybe a vacuum can move as well? Is it even possible for space to move? Something is just not quite right.

  35. Paul Miller

    Paul Miller22 soat oldin


  36. Brandoman5000

    Brandoman500022 soat oldin



    JUST-A-SKEPT1C22 soat oldin

    My head Hurts now thanks

  38. WyvernXskullS

    WyvernXskullS22 soat oldin

    I don’t know why, but the word “Event Horizon” scares the shit out of me. Like, it doesn’t have to be the meaning itself, it’s just the word that is scary to me-

  39. fella

    fella22 soat oldin

    “maybe, but probably not” ah thanks chief, much appreciated

  40. Slurpbzs

    Slurpbzs22 soat oldin

    I'm from finland, and you know the rest...

  41. Ondrej Volecek

    Ondrej Volecek22 soat oldin

    I did the test and got 28

  42. Akirelya

    Akirelya22 soat oldin

    As a Finnish person, perkele.

  43. Jimbo37706

    Jimbo3770622 soat oldin

    Anybody get an eerie feeling when reading youtube comments that are 10 years old?

  44. Myron Cabali

    Myron Cabali22 soat oldin

    This is how to cancel fall damage with water in real life

  45. chromeboi

    chromeboi22 soat oldin

    The video without name

  46. Napkin Knows

    Napkin Knows22 soat oldin

    No im red green color blind

  47. Alexander P

    Alexander P22 soat oldin

    My BFF made names for us like mine is Prosemi Pro= my real name and Semi = half and I searched it and they are so many Yutebers with the name Prosemi nad they're is even a company with that name wth

  48. Free Time

    Free Time22 soat oldin

    0:37 that sound...o my god

  49. john lemon

    john lemon22 soat oldin

    failing tests ranks higher than nuclear war

  50. Agasha Rafly XD

    Agasha Rafly XD22 soat oldin

    I’ll name my Child YT_Creeper Playz

  51. h

    h23 soat oldin


  52. tornado O.o

    tornado O.o23 soat oldin


  53. Michael Dizon

    Michael Dizon23 soat oldin


  54. RapierMike

    RapierMike23 soat oldin

    That's actually pretty cool

  55. Confused Carrot

    Confused Carrot23 soat oldin

    Oh noe is the scary wary

  56. CF Nudel

    CF Nudel23 soat oldin


  57. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä Lölli23 soat oldin

    Jei Finland spotted

  58. Brody Hudak

    Brody Hudak23 soat oldin

    What if the earth spun the other way

  59. a e i o u

    a e i o u23 soat oldin

    I saw the same mug at ikea

  60. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä Lölli23 soat oldin

    A person Once Said that a puukko IS swedish... That triggered me hard

  61. Ken P

    Ken P23 soat oldin

    Vuja de is that distinct feeling you get when you know that this has not happened before. Devu ja is knowing that this experience will not happen in the future.

  62. LudaeusAlt

    LudaeusAlt23 soat oldin

    As a non finnish person living in finland and trying to learn finnish I too shall rally the call of my adoptive nation.

  63. Rushyy YT

    Rushyy YT23 soat oldin

    I learned more than 1 month school

  64. Bilal Multani

    Bilal Multani23 soat oldin

    Mom Michel's in a pool

  65. weird sad meh

    weird sad meh23 soat oldin


  66. Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken23 soat oldin

    7:32 orbital vsat on standby

  67. Tom Freeman O'Rourke

    Tom Freeman O'Rourke23 soat oldin

    The cosmos is unbeginning unending beginnings and endings: perpetually incomplete, perpetually indeterminate, perpetually uncertain. Perpetual motion. Cosmos - o)(o unbeginning unending [infinity] Existence Earth - o)*(o - beginnings and endings [infinitely finite] (c) Tom O'Rourke 1953-? Perpetual Motion. There is more...Love always

  68. Goku 4

    Goku 423 soat oldin

    Important fact is that negative terms are mainly used in visual media stuffs like movies,vlogs,games etc to give it a boost which is difficult for me to understand if it helps the viewer to gain anything from it rather making that viewer's head with negative thoughts. Satan right.

  69. Benas Tauteris

    Benas Tauteris23 soat oldin


  70. BoomKittey

    BoomKittey23 soat oldin

    y tho

  71. Jozef Bravo

    Jozef Bravo23 soat oldin

    Vsauce: Is All Fair In Love And War? Weebs: Love is war

  72. Walter Wang

    Walter Wang23 soat oldin

    It was all fun and games. He told us it was just a trick. And then he got dead ass serious and started explaining the properties of mirrors. This man is certifiably insane.

  73. Minecraft TomaTo

    Minecraft TomaTo23 soat oldin


  74. Dagreansloth Jr

    Dagreansloth Jr23 soat oldin


  75. something darkish idk lol

    something darkish idk lolKun oldin

    1:38 HE SAID THE WORD 😳😳😳😳😳

  76. Rini Brijkaushly

    Rini BrijkaushlyKun oldin

    Discord light mode: Pathetic.

  77. Diamond in VR

    Diamond in VRKun oldin

    I can't imagine the lag this would incur

  78. iiBxzzare’s Shenanigans

    iiBxzzare’s ShenanigansKun oldin

    So nobody is going to point out how he nailed the ‘say whaaaat?’ perfectly?

  79. Lilly

    LillyKun oldin

    Am i the only one who just now realized he filmed this in Romania? And this is the second time I watched the video :)))

  80. Al44.09

    Al44.09Kun oldin

    Me: turns on Xbox My lil bro: 0:01