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Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum is dedicated to the exploration and presentation of the automobile and its impact on American life and culture using Los Angeles as the prime example. Encompassing more than 300,000 square feet, its exhibits and lifelike dioramas feature more than 150 rare and classic cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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Wed-Sun | 10AM - 5PM

  1. Proof na

    Proof na5 daqiqa oldin

    a bit ugly ....😒😒😒😒

  2. Harlan Emil Gruber

    Harlan Emil Gruber26 daqiqa oldin

    The absolute worst commentary I've ever heard!!!

  3. daniel howard

    daniel howard52 daqiqa oldin

    So he complains about things being boring. Which is funny because I am bored so Im out.

  4. daniel howard

    daniel howardSoat oldin

    ok hes on the 3rd car. He complains too much.

  5. jared price

    jared priceSoat oldin

    Northern CA? Scotts valley isn't north anything. It's almost Santa Cruz which is central almost exactly

  6. Jason Gerrard

    Jason GerrardSoat oldin

    Worst camera work ever

  7. Doug

    Doug2 soat oldin

    I am so glad I caught these two vids. Tim allen made me laugh so hard I literally would roll on the floor. Great memories thanks to Tim. That 70 Falcon, Wow! I am guesing that is a 70 because I had the same 70 Torino Gt that shared that body. Made for high speed 4 wheel drifts, ah the old days. I realize these days it was the driver, not so much the car...

  8. david bohannon

    david bohannon3 soat oldin

    There is no one there and its closed. Why are you wearing a mask? Virtue signaling?

  9. peralez2383

    peralez23833 soat oldin

    She's the only reason I subscribed

  10. Steven Jennings

    Steven Jennings5 soat oldin

    Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙌🙏

  11. 56 Century

    56 Century5 soat oldin

    Love that Olds. GM fastbacks of that era rule

  12. keelan middleton

    keelan middleton5 soat oldin

    Absolutely fantastic explanation of all the cars in the museum!! 👍

  13. Coz McWillie

    Coz McWillie5 soat oldin

    Thanks. However, as watchable as you are, I would have really enjoyed to see under the bonnet/hood plus more of the inside, the dashboard, view from the back seat, all the little finishing touches; also you could've opened one of the suitcase's to show us the craft involved...all in the same amount of time. I think this car is right up Edward&Mrs Simpsons' street. Why you think the King would only be chauffer driven is a mystery to me: even the present Queen used to drive herself from time to time. Her maj had a Rover P5B 3.5 litre: later on a Range Rover.

  14. Steve Paige

    Steve Paige5 soat oldin

    Bunch of junk for the elite. Ironic.

  15. Steven Jennings

    Steven Jennings5 soat oldin

    Awesome informative Video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙌🙏

  16. Barbermilton

    Barbermilton5 soat oldin

    This was kinda weird to watch and then the voice over was like OK ?? Was he drunk?

  17. Giuseppe Badalamenti

    Giuseppe Badalamenti5 soat oldin

    I wanted to give this video a thumbs up but that lanky autistic gay guy just kept talking why wouldn’t you have just showed the results of the drag races

  18. jeffsmithist

    jeffsmithist6 soat oldin

    Wonder what battery tender he has hooked up to all the cars?

  19. John Ehteshami

    John Ehteshami6 soat oldin

    The GT350 R mustang what year is it?

  20. thermite345

    thermite3457 soat oldin


  21. Albert Myers

    Albert Myers7 soat oldin

    Good job

  22. mickster boone

    mickster boone7 soat oldin

    Interesting subject, I enjoyed that.

  23. The Commentary

    The Commentary7 soat oldin

    Dont tell anyone where you are... You said Burbank police stopped you. Then airplanes made noise and you mentioned that as well. So its safe to assume you in burbank next to the burbank airport or maybe even IN the airport.......

  24. Jason Reynolds

    Jason Reynolds7 soat oldin

    That convertible maroon ford is my favorite out of that awesome collection

  25. Biggus Doggus

    Biggus Doggus7 soat oldin

    Thank you for the tour Tim. Great collection and great stories. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your time at your hobby, great fan of your work. Be anonymous best you can and enjoy life.


    EDGEDAZZA8 soat oldin

    RED my kinda guy

  27. Jerry Matthews

    Jerry Matthews8 soat oldin

    Tim you have a beautiful collection, I love any of the older automobiles. Thank you for the very nice video.

  28. Kwt800 6axe

    Kwt800 6axe8 soat oldin

    I love Ford GT best ride I had a v6 turbo

  29. Don Juan150

    Don Juan1508 soat oldin

    I enjoy these behind the scenes videos. You should have them as tours.....

  30. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey8 soat oldin

    And I remember working with Tim in Ann Arbor when we were doing comedy at the Main Street Comedy Showcase...he sure has come a long way!

  31. Michael Leers

    Michael Leers9 soat oldin

    Interesting how much detail work goes into not only the cars, but the display documentation as well. Thank, Petersen Automotive and Laura! :)

  32. Biggus Doggus

    Biggus Doggus9 soat oldin

    WOW What a career with some rough spots. And just an awesome collection. What an exciting fun and fulfilled life you have had my man. Enjoy.

  33. Biggus Doggus

    Biggus Doggus9 soat oldin

    Thank you for sharing.

  34. Ashton905

    Ashton9059 soat oldin

    Haha.... Blurrs Volvo license plate. Next scene not covered up 🤦‍♂️

  35. Ray

    Ray9 soat oldin

    Loving the cars, but let's see those rifles in the back room.

  36. Brian Fox

    Brian Fox10 soat oldin

    I made auto paint color matches back in the 80’s- 90’s for Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters with his late sister Karen, i was taken on a private tour of his garage by his right hand man Richard one day in santa fe springs Ca. It had me almost in tears ‘ green with envy ‘ the colors had to be perfect as he entered car shows. From what i remember his collection was bigger then Tim’s, not to take anything away for this great and very funny man. But i could be wrong.. love ya Tim 🙂😁

  37. Kevin H.W. Crabbe

    Kevin H.W. Crabbe10 soat oldin

    I love that Volkswagen bug but whatever car you call it I love it anyways it’s beautiful

  38. Kevin H.W. Crabbe

    Kevin H.W. Crabbe10 soat oldin

    Now that’s is a beautiful car in the year flat head Motor in it that’s cool I love the most back in the days it was the best for cruising chicks for girls for those don’t know what I mean when chicks that is so beautiful that way

  39. 213eddy

    213eddy10 soat oldin


  40. Kevin H.W. Crabbe

    Kevin H.W. Crabbe10 soat oldin

    The falcon one that’s a beautiful car back in the days

  41. Kevin H.W. Crabbe

    Kevin H.W. Crabbe10 soat oldin

    Now that is a car there

  42. Kevin H.W. Crabbe

    Kevin H.W. Crabbe10 soat oldin

    Yes I love this car you have there

  43. anonymous George

    anonymous George10 soat oldin

    You're living the dream, dude.

  44. Paul Strunc

    Paul Strunc10 soat oldin

    Amazing collection

  45. Bob Gil

    Bob Gil11 soat oldin

    I wish I was Tim Allen. Living the life.

  46. Todd WH6DWF

    Todd WH6DWF11 soat oldin

    Perhaps Tim KK6OTD will do a video of his Ham Radio collection like Joe WB6ACU has done for Ham Nation and Twit.TV, that would probably eliminate the, “Goes Like Squirt” phrase. I would be curious as to what Tim KK6OTD would come up with for Amateur Radio...😎

  47. MrSuperSativa

    MrSuperSativa11 soat oldin

    I hope Elon sent him the fastest Tesla ever made in response to this video 😂

  48. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin

    12, damn Utube!

  49. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin

    You mentioned Corvair, when I was about 12 I was going with step-dad in a white Corvair, motor of course in the back! All of a sudden the front trunk lip flip back & blocked our vision! A true fault of not being truly aerodynamic!

  50. Marco Leccese

    Marco Leccese11 soat oldin

    Lmao puts his visor down inside the car

  51. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin


  52. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin

    Camarillo, damn Utube!

  53. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin

    Loved the Dk. Green Camarillo! Sweet!

  54. William Ramsey

    William Ramsey11 soat oldin

    Great cars but this guys fucking breathing.

  55. Bob Baker

    Bob Baker11 soat oldin

    Car collection is interesting! So show me GM muscle cars! Loved Home Improvement, Last Man Standing! Awesome man!

  56. Tim Edwards

    Tim Edwards12 soat oldin

    I found this video really relaxing with the calm music and attentive work. Really interesting but very calming too 😌

  57. Ralph Oard

    Ralph Oard12 soat oldin

    The cars and 56 f100 is dam fine rides

  58. Ralph Oard

    Ralph Oard12 soat oldin

    Could the person being any more boring. Please give a better description of the vehicles.

  59. David Gartrell

    David Gartrell12 soat oldin

    I saw Tim driving a 4 door Porsche in LA traffic. I was pretty sure it was him then I saw the Michigan plates which confirmed my suspicion.

  60. Jaycee Combs

    Jaycee Combs12 soat oldin

    Too Kool for school T. Allen!

  61. Special k

    Special k12 soat oldin

    Tim allen spent more money on trickle chargers than I did on cars

  62. Alden Haul

    Alden Haul12 soat oldin

    Doug, it's not like you are driving a piece of crap. Lol

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    Tim better get his vaccine soon! Enough waiting Tim

  64. SpatialDragon

    SpatialDragon13 soat oldin

    You sure a re a conscientious young lady. You are also multi-talented, I hope Peterson realizes what a gem you are and keeps you like one of their other treasures.

  65. Defenstrator

    Defenstrator13 soat oldin

    A very interesting collection. Some genuinely interesting pieces, not just a list of rich mans toys.

  66. Greg Brown

    Greg Brown13 soat oldin

    my God, the sound. Terrence Malick would have left those clips on the cutting room floor.

  67. Alan Poland

    Alan Poland13 soat oldin are SO MY KIND OF GUY....and of ALL you said here, the “I DONT BUY THEM TO SELL THEM BUT I BUY THEM TO (ᛕᗴᗴᑭ and) DRIVE THEM” just hits home with THAT WAS and STILL IS MY WISH FOR MY RETIREMENT!!❤️🚘 UNfortunately, my retirement (5 years and dragging🥵) has consisted of being a caretaker for my wife. A (car) guys gotta DO what a (CAR!) GUYS GOTTA DO! But I still have hope..aspirations....And you just solidify them all! Can I somehow, someway come meet you, work with/for you????? I’ll get people to TCB with my Patti..I’m just LOVIN YOUR LIFESTYLE and your common-sense approach to all those fantastic vehicles you have! I’m one helluva detailer, have made a GOOD MARGIN ON my cars I’ve detailed, cause I pay ATTENTION TO DETAIL! Looks AND sounds like you do to!! Carry ON, Sir!! ❤️WE🇺🇸 NEED MORE GUYS LIKE YOU!! Amen and BE WELL Tim!

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    Nosferatu14 soat oldin

    Hope someone uses them sometimes, it would be a shame to let them sleep in a museum !

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    Lucky-Rowe14 soat oldin

    I love old cars and motorcycles and have restored several.. but I am also "paper" collector and this is my dream job! Great video. Thanks.

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    The added sound bytes sound like garbage 😅 he seems bored of the people he is with

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    *I thought Tim had a collection more comparable (at least in terms of numbers) to Jay's ... guess not.*

  77. mcaleerjm

    mcaleerjm15 soat oldin

    4:30 in and all he's done is complain. I've seen enough.

  78. Jim R

    Jim R15 soat oldin

    I thought I would see the SHO Taurus he drove in the first Santa Clause movie before he became Santa Claus. I bet most people didn't even notice it was an SHO. But I did because it looked exactly like my 1989 gray SHO which is the first year ford made a Taurus into an SHO. I just thought it might be from Tim's collection and he snuck it in the movie. Oh well. Now I kind of wonder who owned it.

  79. haha huhu

    haha huhu15 soat oldin


  80. mikkei

    mikkei15 soat oldin

    2 car - bugatti 57sc was in late 80 in poland in colection of Tadeusz Tabencki pieces but after transformation was gone