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I make minecraft videos lol

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  1. Danielle Brown

    Danielle Brown26 daqiqa oldin

    “Thank you for watching tomorrow I will cheat again it has be so fu ruining these poor people lives”

  2. William Cedrick Munar

    William Cedrick Munar28 daqiqa oldin


  3. SpookyBouns475

    SpookyBouns47534 daqiqa oldin

    it is perfect

  4. Johann Rääts

    Johann Rääts34 daqiqa oldin

    Power 5 and sharp 5

  5. Jim Webb

    Jim Webb37 daqiqa oldin

    hi im new lol

  6. Lea Trending

    Lea Trending37 daqiqa oldin


  7. Gabriel Sliz

    Gabriel Sliz46 daqiqa oldin

    Its very good

  8. Talha Majid Khan/SICAS Boys

    Talha Majid Khan/SICAS Boys47 daqiqa oldin

    get billy a willy ;-;


    SCOTT SCOTTYSoat oldin

    4/15-I Personally liked this video! Here is a list of why -Funny -Cheaty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Good channel!

  10. Levan Tskipuri

    Levan TskipuriSoat oldin

    Billy why don't you just get netherite

  11. Emerald man

    Emerald manSoat oldin

    wouldnt he just get diamond ore to get more creative

  12. Abugamer4321 Ahmed

    Abugamer4321 AhmedSoat oldin

    I WOULD’VE GOTTEN DIAMOND OREEEEEEE bc if u mine them infinite creative mode

  13. Youssef Faisal

    Youssef FaisalSoat oldin

    Suggestion: everytime when you look at a player the die (another Suggestion: everytime you die the player that kill you the players bed will die and he will not have any items

  14. Lunalove

    LunaloveSoat oldin


  15. Armando Aguirre

    Armando AguirreSoat oldin

    Who remember crazy crafting time? Only OG fans will know

  16. Kohen Hemsley

    Kohen Hemsley2 soat oldin

    The sam

  17. Brilliant B’s

    Brilliant B’s2 soat oldin


  18. Andrew

    Andrew2 soat oldin

    I can't join :(

  19. Jask

    Jask2 soat oldin

    billy: what do you have me: i have cake billy: exsactly so get out of here me: :( but the cake

  20. Abdur_rahman Itani

    Abdur_rahman Itani2 soat oldin

    If I was instead of you I will get diamond ore and have infinite creative mod or get lots of chicken spawn egg. XD

  21. melon

    melon2 soat oldin


  22. Qawiem Rizal

    Qawiem Rizal2 soat oldin

    I caught that in Billy inventory has bedrock

  23. P2W PJ

    P2W PJ2 soat oldin

    4:47 missed diamonds

  24. Dyl Bettinson

    Dyl Bettinson2 soat oldin


  25. Eternal Moonlight

    Eternal Moonlight2 soat oldin


  26. Exhtxn

    Exhtxn2 soat oldin


  27. X_Shadow_Slayer_X

    X_Shadow_Slayer_X2 soat oldin

    2:44 *NOICE*

  28. Rob Zier

    Rob Zier2 soat oldin

    Netherrite dud

  29. Jask

    Jask2 soat oldin

    billy: why do you hate me me: im already subed and who i sub to i dont hate billy: why dont you subscribe me: I ALREADY DID

  30. Mr.egg679

    Mr.egg6792 soat oldin

    10:25 super swag

  31. Fishi XY

    Fishi XY2 soat oldin

    Billy says I mean no harm to turtles 🐢 then kills half of the people

  32. Airin Febriana

    Airin Febriana2 soat oldin

    why not get full netherite in uhc

  33. Hæçkér The among us character ???

    Hæçkér The among us character ???2 soat oldin


  34. Laksh Adventures

    Laksh Adventures2 soat oldin


  35. Toodeeyo

    Toodeeyo2 soat oldin

    Piiiinkk swags 10:25

  36. TripleAVia

    TripleAVia2 soat oldin

    i love how shadow seemingly threw the ball down the hill when doing minecraft content like this since alot of people enjoy it then never watch other peoples videos similar to billies.

  37. Aedan Ritch

    Aedan Ritch2 soat oldin

    You lost both Billy

  38. Ethan Haldane

    Ethan Haldane3 soat oldin


  39. JustmeMark

    JustmeMark3 soat oldin

    Player: Why ob? Me: How do you make an enchanting table.


    AB-KRRISH FF3 soat oldin

    Get billy to 1 milly!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Gaming pro

    Gaming pro3 soat oldin

    You need lapis

  42. MysticBeast

    MysticBeast3 soat oldin


  43. Tristan Blackwell

    Tristan Blackwell3 soat oldin

    SPAWN EGGS, NETHERITE, idk thats all i thought of lmfao

  44. Noah Meyer

    Noah Meyer3 soat oldin


  45. David & John Haddad

    David & John Haddad3 soat oldin


  46. Thomas Reeves

    Thomas Reeves3 soat oldin

    Imagine not being subscribed 🤡🤡🤡

  47. Conor Pillay

    Conor Pillay3 soat oldin

    One of these days billy will remember netherite.

  48. Charlie Devaney

    Charlie Devaney3 soat oldin

    Plankton's restaurant but there's no bucket and the h is silent

  49. michael cruz

    michael cruz3 soat oldin

    U know hes lazy cuz he just uses the similar thumbnail

  50. jessie tsui

    jessie tsui3 soat oldin


  51. Aravind Santhosh Kumar

    Aravind Santhosh Kumar3 soat oldin


  52. Arnav Music

    Arnav Music3 soat oldin


  53. Markus Mütter

    Markus Mütter4 soat oldin

    Im a new subscriber

  54. pro boss

    pro boss4 soat oldin

    takes mob spawn egg in creative

  55. Benjy Eversberg

    Benjy Eversberg4 soat oldin

    when he went into creative he should've gotten diamond ore to get infinite creative

  56. Aron van Veldhuizen

    Aron van Veldhuizen4 soat oldin

    make scorpion armor and/or sword please let him see this. it is a good idea

  57. Yen16kitty

    Yen16kitty4 soat oldin

    5:23 that skeleton try to do 360 bow shot

  58. Kian johnson

    Kian johnson4 soat oldin

    I was not happy when you said this was your last minecraft vid but when you said your actully not I celebrated

  59. Coolishtomcat 74

    Coolishtomcat 744 soat oldin

    Yeah it was rather good pose rather crisp You probably have a really nice new PC

  60. meme wise

    meme wise4 soat oldin

    SO CLOSE TO 1000000 :D GL

  61. Gethin Woods

    Gethin Woods4 soat oldin

    Hey im new sub 😀

  62. Victor Bonte

    Victor Bonte4 soat oldin

    make a team bedwars video with that block like and aboneer!!!

  63. Laxmi Maring

    Laxmi Maring4 soat oldin

    I love how Billy dint see netherite armor

  64. Rushabh Chheda

    Rushabh Chheda4 soat oldin

    Do minecraft uhc but nothing happens

  65. Karen Kershaw

    Karen Kershaw4 soat oldin

    You did

  66. Cathlates

    Cathlates4 soat oldin

    This is the best channel on UZnick like shadow apples videos and sub to his channel

  67. pheonix gaming

    pheonix gaming4 soat oldin


  68. NightmareJason

    NightmareJason4 soat oldin

    3:50 someone said i can smell your tors

  69. Manhar Rejith

    Manhar Rejith4 soat oldin


  70. Bowen Davies

    Bowen Davies4 soat oldin

    Your amazing

  71. mine-pro -22

    mine-pro -224 soat oldin

    what is your bedwars server ip i love it please??????????

  72. Duck Dream

    Duck Dream4 soat oldin

    4:46 everyone thinking about the flowers: me:why are the gold so big

  73. vivek Roy

    vivek Roy4 soat oldin

    4:47 u missed diamonds

  74. Laura Lindley

    Laura Lindley4 soat oldin


  75. Chazz Sumague

    Chazz Sumague4 soat oldin

    do more creative

  76. Micey lowe

    Micey lowe4 soat oldin

    New setup looks nice content