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  1. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha13 soat oldin

    Please Madara vs someone

  2. Classic Sonic Blue blur hero

    Classic Sonic Blue blur hero13 soat oldin


  3. SargentGhost 761

    SargentGhost 76113 soat oldin

    What about ultra instinct

  4. Dr. Density

    Dr. Density13 soat oldin

    Hope Heihachi wins this Edit: A Pokémon comparison was made with Heihachi, I hope Geese wins

  5. Mr . hooded butter

    Mr . hooded butter14 soat oldin

    i like butter

  6. kutaki Zukari

    kutaki Zukari14 soat oldin

    HEAR ME OUT.............Venuzdnonoa Anos vs Superman

  7. Lofty

    Lofty14 soat oldin

    Fun Fact: the Swan bit is a reference to someone on the Death Battle team actually having the last name “Swan”

  8. Toasty Haymaker

    Toasty Haymaker14 soat oldin

    Geese is leese

  9. Riley Duncan

    Riley Duncan14 soat oldin

    They need characters like kyo Iori and k’ in death battle.

  10. The Charming One

    The Charming One14 soat oldin

    I’m hoping that for the fight Heihachi sicks Kuma on Geese.

  11. Vladymir Lugo

    Vladymir Lugo14 soat oldin

    Cap broke at the end

  12. lol

    lol14 soat oldin

    0:51 oh so he has lithium mines too?, that's not very ethical

  13. Amos Maka

    Amos Maka14 soat oldin

    This man has cheated death, faced off against demons, devils, machines, animals and highly skilled martial artists, etc. All the while doing this *BY HIMSELF!!!* Also mastering ki??!! Say what you want, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore Heihachi's Will to Fight. After all, he IS a King of Iron Fist.

  14. John Desm

    John Desm14 soat oldin

    What game geese came from again?

  15. Tito Odierna

    Tito Odierna14 soat oldin

    Is that heihachi? He already kicked his ass!! It's in the footage!!!

  16. Tawanda Nyoni

    Tawanda Nyoni14 soat oldin

    Geese and Heihachi are both on Tekken 7 I honestly feel like this is a waste of a DeathBattle

  17. こうさか

    こうさか14 soat oldin


  18. Vishal Kalicharan

    Vishal Kalicharan14 soat oldin

    Tee hee. Very funny joke. Boomstick already made a poultry joke in 'Ken vs Terry' and I'm pretty sure he's gonna do more in the actual analysis.

  19. nobledonkey17

    nobledonkey1714 soat oldin

    Damn 10 years! death battle has been around as long as game theory. ..that's nuts to me

  20. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman14 soat oldin

    I love how boomstick said poor man when it was heihachi, who geese was launching

  21. exodouse 123

    exodouse 12314 soat oldin

    This can't be right

  22. bboybucoy

    bboybucoy14 soat oldin

    Raven vs Scarlett Witch

  23. Gerardo Santana

    Gerardo Santana14 soat oldin

    This might just be a really close fight...they are both very tough and strong.

  24. kutaki Zukari

    kutaki Zukari14 soat oldin

    The Like to dislike shows the controversy LMAO

  25. Martin Gamez

    Martin Gamez14 soat oldin

    If you really think about it this fights Jeff Bezos fighting an underground rapper

  26. Anime Frontier

    Anime Frontier14 soat oldin

    now that is what i call old classic

  27. Flamin Rage

    Flamin Rage14 soat oldin

    Terminator:throwing hands Robocop:takes every blow and does not die

  28. Goose-Motion

    Goose-Motion14 soat oldin

    As a Goose myself, I'm offended

  29. King Tigers

    King Tigers14 soat oldin

    Its almost time for a Death Batttttttttlllleeee

  30. Quipaquip 1

    Quipaquip 114 soat oldin

    Death battle finally spittin :)

  31. Wesley Brookman

    Wesley Brookman14 soat oldin

    Geese Howard...I’m assuming his name is a nod towards Howard The Duck?

  32. Ninja Master

    Ninja Master14 soat oldin

    Broly can kill hulk with one punch or destroy the planet

  33. Godzilla fan 2021 productions 2.0

    Godzilla fan 2021 productions 2.014 soat oldin

    I’m just gonna say it nemesis predicted this!

  34. kutaki Zukari

    kutaki Zukari14 soat oldin

    So baaasically if it wasn't for Her nonsensical time stop Gray is Superior

  35. Geelang Ade

    Geelang Ade14 soat oldin

    Here s the logic king of fighter beat street fighter, street fighter beat tekken. So king of fighter>tekken😅

  36. SIX BLIX

    SIX BLIX14 soat oldin

    pls do Giorno Giovanna from jojo vs ?????????????????

  37. Zachary Chee

    Zachary Chee14 soat oldin


  38. Breaker X

    Breaker X14 soat oldin

    Wait. STROHEIM CASTLE? was that a jojo reference?

  39. Diki Diki

    Diki Diki14 soat oldin

    Madara vs aizen

  40. Chansen Vang

    Chansen Vang14 soat oldin

    ik that pokemon is strong and all that but why do i feel like pokemon will lose all the time

  41. Monológok a levegőben

    Monológok a levegőben14 soat oldin

    Geese is a great character but I think Heihachi is more badass and he will be the winner.

  42. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy14 soat oldin

    18:43 why tf did they have to show that scene lmao

  43. Kragock

    Kragock14 soat oldin

    Zant vs Ghirahim.

  44. Vicki Cragle

    Vicki Cragle14 soat oldin

    How did scorpion lose

  45. TruecarioZ

    TruecarioZ14 soat oldin

    That was lazy... I would have been okay with mewtwo losing if he wouldn't have died just because he stood there with the super nova like a bump on a log... and before you call me salty I am a big dragon ball fan too.

  46. SkyStorm115

    SkyStorm11514 soat oldin

    You know this isn't the first time Geese and Heihachi duking it out.

  47. TMX1138

    TMX113814 soat oldin

    I really want SNK to go dual audio. It would help make their fighting games more accessible in English speaking territories like the USA, Canada, the UK, and the European Union.

  48. Vill West

    Vill West14 soat oldin

    Please dracula untold VS Morbis

  49. Erich Finley

    Erich Finley14 soat oldin

    Yo just thought of a new death battle: Spawn vs Ghost Rider

  50. Knuxuki 101

    Knuxuki 10114 soat oldin

    That's one hot geese

  51. Thomas Brisco Jr.

    Thomas Brisco Jr.14 soat oldin

    Noelle Silva Black Clover. That is who his wifu who is.

  52. Joseph Ololade

    Joseph Ololade14 soat oldin

    In comic reality, superman can't take one saitama serious punch

  53. Jeremy Chaffin

    Jeremy Chaffin14 soat oldin

    I'm so glad it was implemented, but I'd have liked an even more spamming of FOOT DIVE!!! Aside from that, at least the man has respect for great tech. Also, we can just do Heihachi vs Geese on Tekken 7.

  54. LoserJ7

    LoserJ714 soat oldin

    That ending is just epic 🤣💀

  55. Strider Stryker

    Strider Stryker14 soat oldin

    It’s a no brainer that Geese will fall down a skyscraper again.

  56. neorenamon

    neorenamon15 soat oldin

    Android 17 and 18 are named after gems.


    JK FIRELORD15 soat oldin

    Omg I mean I knew people were gonna vote raven but that percentage tho 🤣

  58. Tristan D

    Tristan D15 soat oldin

    I love these commentary videos!

  59. New Bie

    New Bie15 soat oldin

    Lobo ban from heaven and hell

  60. Itsghostvenom GVC

    Itsghostvenom GVC15 soat oldin

    Akuma getting his ass beat by everyone is tekken 7 now 🤣🤣🤣 Eat on that.

  61. R ATD Gang 799

    R ATD Gang 79915 soat oldin

    Have you done Spawn vs Scorpion death battle ?

  62. Raiden Strife

    Raiden Strife15 soat oldin

    geese Howard vs jinpachi

  63. Rayquaoxys3846

    Rayquaoxys384615 soat oldin

    Okay. Not gonna lie. ........Fem!Geese looking kinda fine.

  64. neorenamon

    neorenamon15 soat oldin

    <looks at title> It's Geese Howard, not Howard the Duck...

  65. BuckNekked Wonder

    BuckNekked Wonder15 soat oldin

    Anyone else seeing a missed opportunity of having Geese Howard vs. Howard Duck instead?

  66. Fabián Daniel Mercado

    Fabián Daniel Mercado15 soat oldin

    why the tekken 7 matchup lol

  67. Monty Oakenshield

    Monty Oakenshield15 soat oldin

    Yo, who came here after the Godzilla vs Kong movie? I got to say, 2021 Mechagodzilla is badass.

  68. shaquille mccray

    shaquille mccray15 soat oldin

    Geese would get thrown off the cliff if he loses.

  69. ZeroDeroRero

    ZeroDeroRero15 soat oldin

    Slightly unrelated but when Machamp activates Guts his already high Base Attack of 130 at lvl 50 gets +65 more points in attack for a whopping 195 For context: the pokemon with the highest base physical attack is Mega Mewtwo X at 190, a Legendary Mega evolved pokemon and still loses to a Machamp burning alive

  70. Jake Newland-Griffin

    Jake Newland-Griffin15 soat oldin

    does this mean we get to see the roof goose animated

  71. Kayden McCallum

    Kayden McCallum15 soat oldin