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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM


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Dance a lot, STUDIO CHOOM

  1. Ivana Belinda

    Ivana Belinda3 soat oldin

    my thursday anthem.

  2. Оленька Хорошая

    Оленька Хорошая3 soat oldin


  3. ayjfr88

    ayjfr883 soat oldin

    Video: *4k* My internet connection: haha bish not today Me: *almost got in a car accident because the driver infront of me and my mom was sleepy and just 30 minutes ago I saw a scorpion in the bath room* whyyyyyy 😭

  4. Heavy Wave

    Heavy Wave3 soat oldin


  5. GFD GDF

    GFD GDF3 soat oldin

    This choreography is sooooo good that I'm preferring to watch the performances that way, without close-ups. I also love to see their beautiful faces, so I go for 2 with no focus on the face and 1 with it.

  6. Nina Fontes

    Nina Fontes3 soat oldin


  7. afroza akther

    afroza akther3 soat oldin

    No expression 😐😐😐 Disappointed 😔😔😔

  8. Kim Phuong

    Kim Phuong3 soat oldin

    When Yeji hits 10M tomorrow, she will have achieved this in less than a month! Thanks to everyone who helped achieve this for ITZY’s amazingly talented leader

  9. Nina Fontes

    Nina Fontes4 soat oldin

    Here : )

  10. Alyssa Granger

    Alyssa Granger4 soat oldin

    12M let's go~

  11. 류류류류

    류류류류4 soat oldin

    여자친구 투바투 둘이 같은 안무가인걸로 아는데....;;;;; 두그룹 전부 안무가를 바꿔야 할 필요가있음;.... 진짜 안무 이상하게짜

  12. Aynur Kahrimanova

    Aynur Kahrimanova4 soat oldin

    love u guys

  13. Daisy Helo

    Daisy Helo4 soat oldin

    The best boy 😍

  14. Daisy Helo

    Daisy Helo4 soat oldin

    I love you

  15. Daisy Helo

    Daisy Helo4 soat oldin


  16. Daisy Helo

    Daisy Helo4 soat oldin


  17. autumn 3

    autumn 34 soat oldin

    Idk how many times I watched this but I keep coming back again & again, it's too good🤩

  18. Lana Savoli

    Lana Savoli4 soat oldin


  19. Catalina Sepulveda

    Catalina Sepulveda4 soat oldin

    2:58 rocky omg

  20. C H A DOUBLE D

    C H A DOUBLE D4 soat oldin

    KINGS! I just reacted to a lot of their songs

  21. Rekha ekka

    Rekha ekka4 soat oldin


  22. ammar aziiz

    ammar aziiz4 soat oldin

    Minju deserve to be part of big 4 company 😔😔😔 aspecially bighit bc she have the energy that big hit artists have and it will be so magical if she part of the first GG under big hit

  23. summer sylva

    summer sylva4 soat oldin

    my bias

  24. Alexander Mazon

    Alexander Mazon4 soat oldin

    From SNSD MAMAMOO TWICE RED VELVET ITZY to Stray kids real quick

  25. justjenniexxitic

    justjenniexxitic4 soat oldin

    I'm alive but im dead-

  26. Julie

    Julie4 soat oldin

    너무자란다 미모 노래 퍼포 다

  27. Giuliii Un

    Giuliii Un4 soat oldin

    I can't wait anymoreeee this will be sooo good

  28. Hin lida

    Hin lida4 soat oldin

    2:27 is 🔥

  29. Yunji Ya

    Yunji Ya4 soat oldin

    슬로우로 보니까 더좋다

  30. سالي ونون

    سالي ونون4 soat oldin

    ذابويز حوبي وأزوجي ⁦❤️⁩🌺👰🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵🤵

  31. سالي ونون

    سالي ونون4 soat oldin

    أنهم أزوجي مفهوم 👰🤵🤰⁦❤️⁩🌹أنا سالي ونون لهم وهم لي وحدي😎🌺⁦❤️⁩🌹

  32. 췡ᄏ

    췡ᄏ4 soat oldin

    단발에 핀?ㅋㅋ 이건 못 참지 진짜 개최고다 ㅅ부ㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜ

  33. 타이엇씩앤

    타이엇씩앤4 soat oldin

    뭐냐 얘네 뭔데 섹시하냐 미소가 절로 나온다

  34. cat

    cat4 soat oldin


  35. xxiuk : 미디작곡 비트메이킹

    xxiuk : 미디작곡 비트메이킹4 soat oldin

    이런 퍼포먼스가 가능하다니 퍼포먼스가 정말 멋있네요


    LOVE HATE4 soat oldin

    The best performance

  37. sanii payne

    sanii payne4 soat oldin

    ASTRO SAID THEY ARE COMING BACK AND THEY ARENT COMING TO PLAYYYY !! stepping on necks already, we love to see it.

  38. xxiuk : 미디작곡 비트메이킹

    xxiuk : 미디작곡 비트메이킹4 soat oldin

    어떻게 이렇게 춤을 잘 추시는지

  39. Bloom

    Bloom4 soat oldin

    오늘 안에 천 만뷰 가겠네 조금만 더 파이팅 합시다!

  40. pretty savage!

    pretty savage!4 soat oldin

    Oh my Sana you rock 😭💕

  41. Vi Kartika

    Vi Kartika4 soat oldin


  42. Vi ole

    Vi ole4 soat oldin


  43. 크림빈아이수

    크림빈아이수4 soat oldin

    8.059.834 ^o^

  44. ً wisteria

    ً wisteria4 soat oldin

    Hello everyone, the singers who appeared in the video are releasing their new songs soon. If you have time, please cheer for them. Thanks a lot!

  45. Ha Ngo

    Ha Ngo4 soat oldin

    Win MCD please

  46. ً wisteria

    ً wisteria4 soat oldin

    여러분 오늘은 비디오에 출연했던 가수들이 곧 신곡을 발표한다 당신은 시간이 있으면 그들을 응원해 주세요. 정말 고마워!

  47. Tường Nguyễn

    Tường Nguyễn4 soat oldin

    i miss Soojinie :((

  48. ً wisteria

    ً wisteria4 soat oldin

    みなさん、こんにちは ビデオに出演した歌手たちが間もなく新曲を発表する。 あなたは時間があれば彼らを応援してください。 本当にありがとう!

  49. Shane Zahra

    Shane Zahra4 soat oldin

    In the comments? the video again with the captions open and read it

  50. chloe

    chloe4 soat oldin


  51. pORaneEsSIa paRRapiO

    pORaneEsSIa paRRapiO4 soat oldin

    She is dancing IN that heels OMG 💜she is amazing

  52. World Trigger

    World Trigger4 soat oldin

    Yejiii ur beautiful

  53. Hella Yu

    Hella Yu4 soat oldin

    Seonghwa REALLY looks like Sunmi!! I can’t help but tell y’all. 😆😆😆😆

  54. Joan Francisco

    Joan Francisco4 soat oldin

    OooMmmmGgggg 😱😱😱 IM SO INLOVE WITH THIS 6 ASTRO BOYS 🙌😍😍😍 WE COME AS ONE ASTROHA FIGHTING 💪😘💕💕💕💕 This Year is the luckiest for ASTRO New Era 💞💜


    MIDZY? MIDZY!4 soat oldin

    No falta mucho para los 10 mill solo 80k vistas, vamos por más y no nos cansemos!!!! <3 ITZY! MIDZY! NALJIA!

  56. ITZYofficial YouTube Hwang siblings

    ITZYofficial YouTube Hwang siblings5 soat oldin

    We will get a new thumbnail soon TT

  57. fiona -

    fiona -5 soat oldin

    almost there midzys

  58. ITZYofficial YouTube Hwang siblings

    ITZYofficial YouTube Hwang siblings5 soat oldin

    We are soooo nearrrrr

  59. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    무대나 춤에 대한 열정과 마인드가 너무 멋지고 감동임 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 춤 하면 예지밖에 생각 안나 너가 최고야

  60. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    그래요 직캠을 원했어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 예지야 세상에서 좋은 말들 다 쓸어담아서 해주고싶다ㅠㅠ

  61. Elías Calvillo

    Elías Calvillo5 soat oldin

    Those PANTS

  62. nguyễn duyên

    nguyễn duyên5 soat oldin

    Yeji is the best dancer

  63. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    그냥 잠시 소개영상이 왜 240만인데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    스춤 최초 4000만 가보자..가보는거야....

  65. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    얘들아 마인모 기대되서 어떡하지..진짜 부담 안주고 싶은데 마인모 너무....벌써..티저만 떴는데...스춤 생각이 난다...상상이 막 가...아냐..부담갖지 말고 너희가 어떤 모습이든 어떤 곡을 부르든 어떤 춤을 추든 다 좋아ㅎㅎ이번 활동도 행복만 하자 사랑해

  66. 마라탕

    마라탕5 soat oldin

    엠제이!진진!차은우!문빈!라키!윤산하! 아!스!트!로! 사랑해!!!!!ㅜㅜ💕💕💕💕

  67. cyndy hiu

    cyndy hiu5 soat oldin

    931,349 15/4

  68. Muhammad Saebani

    Muhammad Saebani5 soat oldin

    Yejily twerking

  69. zakiyaaa

    zakiyaaa5 soat oldin


  70. Zoe Ellicor Saledru

    Zoe Ellicor Saledru5 soat oldin

    ASTRO IS ❤️

  71. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa Rodriguez5 soat oldin

    this song merecía mv

  72. wy

    wy5 soat oldin

    역시는 역시다 사람들이 있지한테 퍼포먼스적으로 기대하는게 느껴질텐데 부담 하나 없이 진짜 자기 자신 온전히 보여준게 너무 멋짐 2분 36초동안 댓글 보면서 보려고 했는데 ㅈㄴ 불가능임 시선이 황예지한테만 가서 이건 꼭 전체화면+화질최고로 봐야함

  73. Bibbidi Bobbidi

    Bibbidi Bobbidi5 soat oldin

    Dua empat , enam tujuh enam

  74. GFRIEND (ジーフレンド)

    GFRIEND (ジーフレンド)5 soat oldin

    11,817,779 / 20,000,000

  75. Nica Rubiano

    Nica Rubiano5 soat oldin

    Seonghwa 🤝 Kuroo

  76. yrsrsblv

    yrsrsblv5 soat oldin


  77. Anna ,

    Anna ,5 soat oldin


  78. Thejeswini RG

    Thejeswini RG5 soat oldin


  79. Steph B

    Steph B5 soat oldin

    Solo vengo a decir ✨ PIERNAS ✨