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  1. Lord of Despair

    Lord of Despair13 soat oldin

    That histamine

  2. Split Dragon

    Split Dragon13 soat oldin

    If deadly why kinda attractive? I must now draw Corona-Kun

  3. Rachael Beaver

    Rachael Beaver13 soat oldin

    I loved it!!! I love the part where you throw the box, delivered! LMFAO well made, well acted, hats off to you sir!!

  4. MarsTheBug

    MarsTheBug13 soat oldin

    Can you do an enhanced metabolism one?

  5. DeathMastro

    DeathMastro13 soat oldin

    the ENDING it's like he had a stroke! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣👌

  6. Wake up Emma

    Wake up Emma13 soat oldin

    Valuable education right here

  7. Poland

    Poland13 soat oldin

    All coffee knows is “start the body”

  8. Kyle Gardner

    Kyle Gardner13 soat oldin

    Those bars are mad fire 🔥🔥🔥

  9. FabianC44

    FabianC4413 soat oldin

    Poor peanut man :(

  10. Mento

    Mento13 soat oldin

    Well this makes sense because I'm allergic to strawberries and chocolate

  11. Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo

    Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo13 soat oldin

    They should show his vids in science class

  12. Emily Mendoza

    Emily Mendoza13 soat oldin

    Day two of asking to do a video about “what happens when your concipated”

  13. Carter Kwakye-Safo

    Carter Kwakye-Safo13 soat oldin

    This guy is on par with TheeBlackBadger.

  14. Neon Paladin

    Neon Paladin13 soat oldin

    Okay so we have Broadway for History class, this guy for Health class, and what else?

  15. Evil Potatos

    Evil Potatos13 soat oldin

    He forgot natural killer cells

  16. •Red Roses•

    •Red Roses•13 soat oldin

    Idea: what really happens when your in a roller coaster

  17. Ethan the Pro

    Ethan the Pro13 soat oldin

    I fricken love this yt :>

  18. King Ki

    King Ki13 soat oldin

    Thas a weird tree😹

  19. • Lunar •

    • Lunar •13 soat oldin

    This man never fails to make me laugh 😩❤️

  20. Ben Aldridge

    Ben Aldridge13 soat oldin

    Who is this guy XD

  21. SevenOfBillie

    SevenOfBillie13 soat oldin

    Why do you look like my coach from high school, you also sound like him.

  22. Xander Guerrero

    Xander Guerrero13 soat oldin

    Me when I see bread

  23. Kaleb Crusoe

    Kaleb Crusoe13 soat oldin

    Ong y do I think about tv static when my foot fall asleep

  24. Danielle Carpenter

    Danielle Carpenter13 soat oldin

    This be exact 😂

  25. Spotless

    Spotless13 soat oldin

    But he was eating chocolate 😐😅

  26. Fletch Poosk

    Fletch Poosk13 soat oldin

    Bro this is how I learn about the human body

  27. Mr Worst

    Mr Worst13 soat oldin

    Wanna do an animation together?

  28. Batbutter

    Batbutter13 soat oldin

    You the best boi

  29. Some Fucking Retard

    Some Fucking Retard13 soat oldin

    As someone with allergies, I've always felt like this is what happens in my body. Allergies are so annoying

  30. Turtle Dude

    Turtle Dude13 soat oldin

    I want this guy to be my doctor

  31. FNAF Family

    FNAF Family13 soat oldin

    Raise your hand if you saw hardstoplucas ✋

  32. Imvu gang

    Imvu gang14 soat oldin

    I actually have allergies

  33. jack Langton

    jack Langton14 soat oldin

    They always come back


    MAURA BRIGHT14 soat oldin

    *Man, there be a whole apartment in my head?!*

  35. jack Langton

    jack Langton14 soat oldin

    The end of them...

  36. jack Langton

    jack Langton14 soat oldin

    The trees

  37. icem113

    icem11314 soat oldin

    Reminds me of Cory when he was younger

  38. Thorhit 25

    Thorhit 2514 soat oldin

    Yes that is what happens when I eat a peanut

  39. TheWhiteHouse

    TheWhiteHouse14 soat oldin

    I am allergies of peanuts if I eat a handful I'm instantly dead or have an EpiPen or I go to a fun 2-hour fun trip to to the ER in Peoria. 😊🔫

  40. Greninja Gamer

    Greninja Gamer14 soat oldin

    Anyone else noticed at the very beginning this dude was playing smash bros

  41. Just Symphony

    Just Symphony14 soat oldin

    You look like young Will Smith

  42. kudda B

    kudda B14 soat oldin

    i know yoiu havent been doin mixcraft videos lately but can you do a vid on how to dl asburn graillion to mixcraft cause it have no .dll files

  43. Njasang Nji

    Njasang Nji14 soat oldin

    Love this dude yo 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  44. FaZe Kd

    FaZe Kd14 soat oldin

    I died when he pulled out the chip😂😂😂

  45. Andrew Babcock

    Andrew Babcock14 soat oldin

    idk why, but this was actually really entertaining. if only schools taught like this.

  46. jack Langton

    jack Langton14 soat oldin


  47. Horse Rider1123

    Horse Rider112314 soat oldin

    The peanut had a good day until this

  48. iron cristian

    iron cristian14 soat oldin

    Wait wtf i just checked this guy subs and i thought he was one those guys in like 800k to 1.2 mil how tf u only have 300k people do be dumb if they dont sub to this like wtf 300k bro u should have at the very least 800k

  49. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz14 soat oldin

    Lol if someone found that type of tree please post it online

  50. DINO Chicky Nuggs

    DINO Chicky Nuggs14 soat oldin

    Give me the antisisamean Here *Hands him a chair* Thanks *Hits the t cell with the chair* Edit:idk how to spell that

  51. Xpert577 gaming

    Xpert577 gaming14 soat oldin

    Ayy it hard stop lucas

  52. Blxck Dream

    Blxck Dream14 soat oldin

    I love how the other guy who has been there just decided to not warn him about closing the door.

  53. Parvez Chowdhury

    Parvez Chowdhury14 soat oldin

    Next series maybe inside your smartphone

  54. Reed Uhler

    Reed Uhler14 soat oldin

    Yeah, new guy is coming in today


    I WILL REAP YOUR SOUL14 soat oldin

    This guy makes tiktok 1% less cancer

  56. hello connor

    hello connor14 soat oldin

    mm yes ruffles for *✨breakfast✨*


    I WILL REAP YOUR SOUL14 soat oldin

    Ok this guy makes tiktok 1% less cancer

  58. jack Langton

    jack Langton14 soat oldin


  59. Lazar Mihajlovic

    Lazar Mihajlovic14 soat oldin

    Heart attack affects muscles of the heart

  60. Vault

    Vault14 soat oldin

    Dude got JV4’d in Smash (look at the TV when the door opens) and his heart couldn’t take it.

  61. Josue Rose

    Josue Rose14 soat oldin

    Wonder who threw the boxes at his face🤣

  62. IllumiZoldyck

    IllumiZoldyck14 soat oldin

    This reminded me of cells at work lmao

  63. RyRy

    RyRy14 soat oldin

    This one of the stupidest things i seen in... actually nevermind I stay on UZnick too much😭😭😭! The internet in general actually!

  64. stusheep

    stusheep14 soat oldin

    If this was me the bacteria would be like wow your pitiful here ill do your job for you

  65. Lyconiai-Chan

    Lyconiai-Chan14 soat oldin

    Dude I'm wearing the same pac man shirt

  66. Aura the Neon Fox133

    Aura the Neon Fox13314 soat oldin

    Idk why the accent on the “ok everybody one more time” was so perfect

  67. hi bye

    hi bye14 soat oldin

    Cells at work looks different here

  68. Rock Is Rx

    Rock Is Rx14 soat oldin

    HAHAHHAA I love this

  69. Kemuel Lott

    Kemuel Lott14 soat oldin

    Brake nah nah nah break my friend break

  70. Tom Nguyen

    Tom Nguyen14 soat oldin

    No lie I am learning so much from these shorts

  71. PieOfPies Gaming

    PieOfPies Gaming14 soat oldin

    When someone realised tiktok etc is way to crap for them and advance to a new level of origonal good short content well made.

  72. Daysri 0167

    Daysri 016714 soat oldin

    Yes! Biology! My favorite subject that i never took!

  73. Wuld Wuld Gaming

    Wuld Wuld Gaming14 soat oldin

    A.K.A cellular racism

  74. LæŃorris_Anims ಠ_ಠ

    LæŃorris_Anims ಠ_ಠ14 soat oldin


  75. Maria Cappello

    Maria Cappello14 soat oldin

    Wait Why When He Entered The Door He Was On The Right And Then When The White Blood Cell Reacted He Just Randomly Teleported On The Left

  76. Izi Wi

    Izi Wi14 soat oldin

    Is this even possible? A funny tik tok video

  77. Apple Go Brrr

    Apple Go Brrr14 soat oldin


  78. Readjusts Crown

    Readjusts Crown14 soat oldin

    A young Master William

  79. Alex Tanner

    Alex Tanner15 soat oldin

    I beg you. Never stop! Some of the best content on UZnick/TikTok. Period. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  80. Jack Mann

    Jack Mann15 soat oldin

    Did anybody notice that he got out of the handcuffs