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21 kun oldin

  1. Andy Fox

    Andy FoxDaqiqa oldin

    Beak, the Queens AI been fixed, she won't walk past a gap in the wall anymore! ✌

  2. TengMan Liau

    TengMan Liau4 daqiqa oldin

    HEYA GANG 🐰✌️😎

  3. Jethro Georfo

    Jethro Georfo5 daqiqa oldin

    Remember when you have to manually train each of your troops in each barracks

  4. Jethro Georfo

    Jethro Georfo7 daqiqa oldin

    Remember when putting your townhall outside for free shields.

  5. NautiCal

    NautiCal14 daqiqa oldin

    I lost all my progress due to the update I didn't have my supercell ID yes :(

  6. Cayean

    Cayean28 daqiqa oldin

    Cant be the only one triggered by the 99 percent

  7. EstGamez

    EstGamez31 daqiqa oldin

    When he did a count down from 3 to 1 AS SOON AS HE FINISHED IT A F-ING AD STARTED

  8. keZ

    keZ35 daqiqa oldin

    There’s like 200 more walls

  9. Vivek Patel

    Vivek PatelSoat oldin

    Judo taking notes on how to spend resources on next Town Hall 15

  10. Dani Boykov

    Dani BoykovSoat oldin

    Fan rly said it 80 stair, you would die😂😂😂😂

  11. Silver Commando

    Silver CommandoSoat oldin

    The ultimate flex is having max walls.

  12. Dominace

    DominaceSoat oldin

    N yup.. Clickbait as always..

  13. Mohamed Rizan

    Mohamed RizanSoat oldin

    Beaker :we got one of everything Everyone: that DAMN WALLS My brain: so anyone upgrading the builder huts

  14. Aryan Gajula

    Aryan GajulaSoat oldin

    He pridicted pets

  15. Pizza sniff

    Pizza sniffSoat oldin

    How coincidental watching a th14 ad in a th14 vid

  16. Leaker’s Lab

    Leaker’s Lab2 soat oldin

    Day 1 of telling beak we love his videos.

  17. Vee Jay

    Vee Jay2 soat oldin

    Nice video

  18. Deldrel

    Deldrel2 soat oldin

    did he got the fountain?

  19. Nigward

    Nigward2 soat oldin

    6:33 this is just painful to watch

  20. Nigward

    Nigward2 soat oldin

    6:35 this is just painful to watch

  21. Proff

    Proff2 soat oldin


  22. MrNobody

    MrNobody2 soat oldin

    yoo beak i have an idea for the queen's pet it should be the yak

  23. Rink

    Rink2 soat oldin

    Idea for new hero: (don't have a name yet) Looks like a goblin with golden wings or sum els to fly, can throw golden coins that dont deal much damage but chain to other buildings. Ability: (idk) throw bag of coins that deals large damage and then rips open to let coins scatter to buildings behind.

  24. SpooK

    SpooK2 soat oldin

    Imagine coming home from supercell headquarters and being banned

  25. Bogart Boogle

    Bogart Boogle2 soat oldin


  26. •_•

    •_•2 soat oldin

    He just maxed the walls and the update arrived 😂😂

  27. Fionn Dowling

    Fionn Dowling3 soat oldin

    Beak uprades something also beak 👏👏👏

  28. Dawson Ballard

    Dawson Ballard3 soat oldin

    Hey beak why don’t you use your wall rings?

  29. Oscar Sillas

    Oscar Sillas3 soat oldin

    Why won't he use his wall rings?

  30. Patrick Bonfim

    Patrick Bonfim3 soat oldin

    Why can't you upgrade more walls? I'm TH11 now.

  31. Electro

    Electro3 soat oldin

    Day 87 of thanking Beaker Lulu and Melly for being here every day.

  32. HyGyLi

    HyGyLi3 soat oldin

    you might wanna out the mighty yak with the queen since it busts the walls open for her and tanks very well. Also the unicorn doesn't heal the queen that much since the heal reduction the more healers you have. The unicorn is the best with the king since the king then stays alive for the whole raid and cleans up the side better.

  33. TheLuckyBall ofPoop

    TheLuckyBall ofPoop3 soat oldin

    Lol idk why but it feels really disturbing when Beak wasted a million elixir lol

  34. Appelflap

    Appelflap3 soat oldin

    6:40, i was spectating😏

  35. haval kurdi

    haval kurdi3 soat oldin

    fucking be a man, u upgrade only 1 one u be like ohhhhhhh 3 2 1 go wtf

  36. Amber Nicholson

    Amber Nicholson3 soat oldin

    First time I’ve watched you in. A while

  37. haval kurdi

    haval kurdi3 soat oldin

    i unsubbed becouse u say 3 2 1 all the time

  38. tomifil

    tomifil3 soat oldin

    hello beak i am a sub since 2019

  39. Gaming With SB

    Gaming With SB3 soat oldin

    imagine him attacking a base and reacting very hard and fnny , and talking .................................................thn he forgot to record

  40. StarShock Gaming

    StarShock Gaming3 soat oldin

    501 Wall rings....

  41. Advay Kapoor

    Advay Kapoor3 soat oldin

    You can upgrade 99 more overpriced

  42. Poke son

    Poke son4 soat oldin


  43. Nixon

    Nixon4 soat oldin

    How come you can only upgrade 100 walls?

  44. stefanos politis

    stefanos politis4 soat oldin

    can u upgrade the builder guys?

  45. Jerome Garcia

    Jerome Garcia4 soat oldin

    Lol 700,000,000 gold for 1 wall, that must be like TH20 to be that expensive

  46. SpooK

    SpooK4 soat oldin

    13:35 they call him the eminem of clash

  47. Lucky Leprechaun Gaming

    Lucky Leprechaun Gaming4 soat oldin

    I remember when you maxed TH10

  48. Dean Demarest

    Dean Demarest4 soat oldin

    Has coc jumped the shark not allowing low lvl guys max troops?

  49. arun bhai

    arun bhai4 soat oldin

    enjoyed the video dude

  50. Scorey Ayee

    Scorey Ayee4 soat oldin

    Use your wall rings all at once

  51. Aaron Rios

    Aaron Rios4 soat oldin

    What level can you use battle builders

  52. Zaken

    Zaken4 soat oldin

    8days until max clash of clans: oops sorry I ruiend Your progress English isnt my first language

  53. STRT the DIRT

    STRT the DIRT4 soat oldin

    Who knew Beak watched TP boys!!!

  54. PoetsOf Fall

    PoetsOf Fall4 soat oldin

    Its like a little bit warcraft vibe

  55. Maroun Najm

    Maroun Najm4 soat oldin

    hey beak why dont you upgrade builder hut

  56. Sam Marvil Abratique

    Sam Marvil Abratique4 soat oldin

    Your the best

  57. onninno

    onninno5 soat oldin

    Beaker you did it you made me do it when i have all of my builders back after upgrading my final barracks i will upgrade 5 cannons at the same time

  58. Ethan ?edesma

    Ethan ?edesma5 soat oldin

    Can you go !ive

  59. BigBrainTime

    BigBrainTime5 soat oldin

    My favorite thing is the music at the start I’m sorry I love it a lot

  60. Laurence Jay Banga

    Laurence Jay Banga5 soat oldin

    and another hey beak you have a bunny right? well i have a question is the bunny yummy?

  61. Sp19 Philippines

    Sp19 Philippines5 soat oldin

    I think I will reach townhall 14 next year or 2 years

  62. Andrew Tupu

    Andrew Tupu5 soat oldin

    00:52 since when did Athena play coc????

  63. Ej salga

    Ej salga5 soat oldin

    where is the guy who does his shoes glasses on ritual thing?

  64. Susan Ryrie

    Susan Ryrie5 soat oldin

    U know what beak and lulu imma subscribe

  65. blanca 9228

    blanca 92285 soat oldin

    6:46 Beak: My dudes got level 1 walls

  66. Akarshit Chhabra

    Akarshit Chhabra5 soat oldin

    Who wants judo and beak Collab

  67. Karl Leslie

    Karl Leslie5 soat oldin

    Try the yak with the archer queen and the unicorn with the king

  68. Daryl Alday

    Daryl Alday5 soat oldin

    Mid a pubg veidou

  69. Crexon Yt

    Crexon Yt6 soat oldin

    I just love shades on shoes off who else like this?

  70. Dhushyanth . S

    Dhushyanth . S6 soat oldin


  71. Manthan Agrawal-65

    Manthan Agrawal-656 soat oldin


  72. Sukanta Das

    Sukanta Das6 soat oldin

    How many days did you spent in clash of clans

  73. Tobert

    Tobert6 soat oldin

    And just when I didn’t think beak could be better, he throws in a trailer park boys reference

  74. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson6 soat oldin

    Beak did you hear the world largest bunny is missing they think it’s stolen