Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald
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4 oy oldin

  1. diana baker

    diana baker2 soat oldin

    2021. So weird seeing you without all the ink 🙊 much love 🖤🖤

  2. Enderman 677

    Enderman 6772 soat oldin

    Never have I audibly cringed at a song. Except to this one.

  3. David Fox

    David Fox2 soat oldin

    Tommy Nova and Brandon thank you very much for creating the album as far as the Stars there are songs that are on this album that have helped me understand more don't let nobody change the three of you there are people that care and you're helping a lot of people with your music thank you again God bless

  4. Jessie Gerdes

    Jessie Gerdes2 soat oldin

    This is hard

  5. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson2 soat oldin

    bwahahaha, needs more whacky inflateable arm waving tube man though hahaha

  6. Frisco Strangler

    Frisco Strangler2 soat oldin

    Tom this song has possibly saved my life. Thank you if you somehow read this.

  7. Tim G

    Tim G2 soat oldin

    Another banger! Thanks.

  8. Matt Newbold

    Matt Newbold2 soat oldin

    This guy is for real! Damn I’m not a fan of much but I be feeling every song and getting laughs and smiles Tom is a consistent legend gladiator just slapping the competition

  9. C0NM4N 1132

    C0NM4N 11322 soat oldin

    Finally good rap.

  10. Ellen Gomez

    Ellen Gomez2 soat oldin


  11. Fred Rex

    Fred Rex2 soat oldin

    and Who are you? Mr. Sparkles?

  12. Matt Newbold

    Matt Newbold2 soat oldin

    This guy gets it and he’s so consistent it’s crazy I don’t think I will listen to anything but Tom for a while. I love that people try to hate fucking hate him. It so fire. Love this shit tell I have to listen to an ad waiting for the next one of his. True fan for life

  13. gano

    gano2 soat oldin

    He's the new nirvana

  14. Staying Hyped

    Staying Hyped3 soat oldin

    The Truth Has Been Spoken, Can You Handle It?

  15. Sascha Komsi

    Sascha Komsi3 soat oldin

    Cardi never said she is a role model. So stfu✨

  16. CryptoViking

    CryptoViking3 soat oldin

    Nova trying to hold it together made my day 😂😂😂

  17. PiTCHBLaCK

    PiTCHBLaCK3 soat oldin


  18. Chris Escue

    Chris Escue3 soat oldin

    I love this song. I used to be an addict, and I always will be. But I hear this and I can deal again.

  19. Epic Rivers

    Epic Rivers3 soat oldin


  20. David E

    David E3 soat oldin

    Tom is a lyrical GENIUS!!!!

  21. White John

    White John3 soat oldin

    Gotta do a collaboration with Ben Shapiro. Facts don't care about your feelings 🙂😃

  22. d-ez-mond- jew-ell

    d-ez-mond- jew-ell3 soat oldin

    What's with the drag queen with the Adam's apple beside him? Tom on the devil side


    EL CHUPRA NEIBRE3 soat oldin


  24. Matt Newbold

    Matt Newbold3 soat oldin

    Yo Tom McDonald your shit is the gonnna be all I listen to your like a god compared to these dogs if you read this it doesn’t matter you know what time it is and the haters make you fucking fire I would hate just to make you make you better but I can’t bro as much as I want you to throw out new shit I can’t hate your a legend better than any rapper.

  25. Krystal Bostinto

    Krystal Bostinto3 soat oldin

    I'm PROUD to LISTEN to Tom MacDonald and I play his 🎵 MUSIC🎶 LOUD AND PROUD wherever and whenever!!!🎶 IDGAF who likes it or NOT.. He's my Favorite Artist hands Down 💯❣️⁉️❓

  26. Jacob Mcbride

    Jacob Mcbride3 soat oldin

    I am the darkness yeah i got nightvision pure savagery this song is straight 🔥🔥🔥 i can relate to this the inner demon talking tom dude you are a legend in the making RESPECT 💪💪✊✊

  27. Far Fetched

    Far Fetched3 soat oldin

    Ryan Upchurch would have been a nice addition🙂

  28. David Gregorovic

    David Gregorovic3 soat oldin

    He has fuc u money now n just clownin having fun!!!! Lov it

  29. Ashley Koertze

    Ashley Koertze3 soat oldin

    This is amazing music tell the truth and tear the industry apart

  30. Brock D

    Brock D3 soat oldin

    So can you not stream the album?

  31. cisewskidavidl

    cisewskidavidl3 soat oldin

    Love it, Tom. Good work, man.

  32. Deviant Spawn

    Deviant Spawn3 soat oldin

    Was this the video from the scary stories video?

  33. David Gregorovic

    David Gregorovic3 soat oldin

    This dude is bringing back good rap with meaning!!!! He is a genius

  34. J Ale

    J Ale3 soat oldin

    Id have this goofy character without face tattoos. And then tom back and forth tossing mcdougle out a tour bus or something. However it goes down needs to end tossing out of something then cut to landing somewhere completely random. This will happen and tom you will give me a free mask or else I’m wrong phaq that lame sauce.

  35. Eric Clausen

    Eric Clausen3 soat oldin

    Keep going 777

  36. Bryan Rador

    Bryan Rador3 soat oldin

    Tom, nf and tech....need to hear it

  37. gamer 2005

    gamer 20053 soat oldin

    This dude is awesome I love how he doesn't care what anybody says or thinks

  38. Bryan Rador

    Bryan Rador3 soat oldin

    Yo....hes canceling the industry as a whole...and doin it

  39. Eric Clausen

    Eric Clausen4 soat oldin

    Yeah Mac don't stop 777

  40. Dean Jones

    Dean Jones4 soat oldin