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  1. Jimuel Andal

    Jimuel AndalDaqiqa oldin

    11:40 for real this one scare me

  2. RUM Jungle

    RUM Jungle3 daqiqa oldin


  3. Sufia Khatun Uddin

    Sufia Khatun Uddin10 daqiqa oldin


  4. Jenna K

    Jenna K12 daqiqa oldin

    Have tutorial in the cafeteria

  5. Hozo Hoco

    Hozo Hoco13 daqiqa oldin

    I would like to have all of theyre power

  6. Vimelyn Pahilanga

    Vimelyn Pahilanga15 daqiqa oldin

    Why did snowball kill sandy if he has a crush on her?

  7. Tomw1983 cyborg

    Tomw1983 cyborg20 daqiqa oldin

    8:34 oh no

  8. Christina Ravnholt

    Christina Ravnholt23 daqiqa oldin

    36:18 it was banana then your mom!

  9. ZMDE fan

    ZMDE fan25 daqiqa oldin

    The worst animation ever

  10. Vimelyn Pahilanga

    Vimelyn Pahilanga30 daqiqa oldin

    I think sandy is cheating on snowball.

  11. Ragil1650

    Ragil165039 daqiqa oldin

    7:46. *Ora ora and Muda muda intestified*

  12. gubug rasa

    gubug rasa41 daqiqa oldin


  13. Anton Raghudas

    Anton Raghudas55 daqiqa oldin

    Lemon is so cute

  14. EXP’Hassan Channel

    EXP’Hassan Channel56 daqiqa oldin

    Lemon what is wrong with you

  15. Daniel

    Daniel56 daqiqa oldin

    Skeld then poulos

  16. luis miguel

    luis miguel56 daqiqa oldin

    💖💖👅 thank

  17. Sarwat Yaqoob

    Sarwat Yaqoob59 daqiqa oldin

    spider man spider man can web

  18. Aarohi kaship

    Aarohi kashipSoat oldin

    A cool videos

  19. Michael Gibbons

    Michael GibbonsSoat oldin


  20. Liv does sports

    Liv does sportsSoat oldin

    the animation is sooooooooooo good

  21. Doc Ym

    Doc YmSoat oldin


  22. Orion’s Fun House

    Orion’s Fun HouseSoat oldin

    Snowball:nooooooooooooooooo Sandy: AAaaaaaaa why do pepole always vote crewmates.

  23. A S H W I N yt

    A S H W I N ytSoat oldin

    We are so close to 600k let's gooo

  24. Jacob

    JacobSoat oldin

    Make a imcrew a imposter that does tasks and the crew mates kill the imcrew

  25. Radhabai Bendre

    Radhabai BendreSoat oldin

    Mr grits is blue and sandy is purple nice colors noiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  26. Nestor Venerando

    Nestor VenerandoSoat oldin


  27. Marjan Khan

    Marjan KhanSoat oldin

    yes that is good

  28. Marjan Khan

    Marjan KhanSoat oldin


  29. Marjan Khan

    Marjan KhanSoat oldin

    Why is your finger pink Chester

  30. Sufia Khatun Uddin

    Sufia Khatun UddinSoat oldin

    I love STA studios


    SHAMPA SAHASoat oldin

    it would be better to do 9 Chester Mafia vs Jeff the Detective mod in Among us

  32. Rayan Plays

    Rayan PlaysSoat oldin

    I subscribed and what

  33. Alien Destroyer

    Alien DestroyerSoat oldin

    History happened to the dinosaurs two times over

  34. Popopo Golf blitz

    Popopo Golf blitzSoat oldin

    How so you make these animations?

  35. Jodie Tilley

    Jodie TilleySoat oldin


  36. arijit ganguly

    arijit gangulySoat oldin

    My favourite among us pet is the UFO 🛸

  37. White GamingYT

    White GamingYTSoat oldin

    6:40 Why Training School Maybe They Will Kill The Teacher Train Them In E Sport XD

  38. Sadasivarao Timmasarthi

    Sadasivarao TimmasarthiSoat oldin

    Oh no poor ms potato and mr grits are stuck

  39. Vuk Stević

    Vuk StevićSoat oldin

    Henry Stickmin should have done the distraction dance

  40. Troy Jackson

    Troy JacksonSoat oldin

    Oh, boy! Loved it! Subscribed 10 minutes ago

  41. SMToon Philippine

    SMToon Philippine2 soat oldin

    Aww man I wanted to kill lex Luther Me, wait what did u just say?


    IRA AMIT SABALE 2A2 soat oldin


  43. NoT_Dark ITA

    NoT_Dark ITA2 soat oldin

    I like this vide


    IRA AMIT SABALE 2A2 soat oldin


  45. The Poke Blade

    The Poke Blade2 soat oldin

    No one is supposed to have that kind of pet in among us

  46. Gilbert Basi

    Gilbert Basi2 soat oldin

    jeff is just like player

  47. little digdog

    little digdog2 soat oldin

    I love marvel

  48. Cristiano Sabella

    Cristiano Sabella2 soat oldin


  49. Galaxy Donuts

    Galaxy Donuts2 soat oldin

    0:53 Its like hyper form

  50. Aziz Ahmed Mohammed

    Aziz Ahmed Mohammed2 soat oldin

    I knew it was baby yoda

  51. Sammy Caguioa

    Sammy Caguioa2 soat oldin


  52. jz girl

    jz girl2 soat oldin

    jeef: banana is death 7:57 Me: (i saw banana )

  53. Scarly Funny

    Scarly Funny2 soat oldin

    Yeah now that I think about it there’s no colour black in the series they are all just bright colours

  54. uugn3331

    uugn33312 soat oldin

    i love how jeff turn into slime😂

  55. O U T L A W

    O U T L A W2 soat oldin

    Sad words.

  56. Ali Irfan Ozkazanc

    Ali Irfan Ozkazanc2 soat oldin



    FOX GAMER YT2 soat oldin

    I love tis vidéo evidey ""

  58. SMToon Philippine

    SMToon Philippine2 soat oldin

    Anyone else think Ninja is actually the host? I mean at the time that video was uploaded, he had seemingly disappeared and now he’s made a couple more appearances.

  59. Maja Lundgren

    Maja Lundgren2 soat oldin



    EVE CHIONG LABASAN2 soat oldin

    8:50 best part

  61. Zura Mohd

    Zura Mohd3 soat oldin


  62. Nirvana Nasi

    Nirvana Nasi3 soat oldin

    love this animation

  63. Ganni Boriboy

    Ganni Boriboy3 soat oldin

    Banana its so funny lol!😂😂😂

  64. Reva Thi

    Reva Thi3 soat oldin

    One think I don't like is it's like scaring us to sub so that feels like ... Forcing but yeah I subbed to ur channel

  65. Nathalie Reyes

    Nathalie Reyes3 soat oldin


  66. anjik mulyopriadi

    anjik mulyopriadi3 soat oldin


  67. Xiaomi MiPlay

    Xiaomi MiPlay3 soat oldin

    Please make a video with no visor

  68. Mahmut Ali Ozkuran

    Mahmut Ali Ozkuran3 soat oldin

    türk var mı

  69. Jolaade Adebiyi

    Jolaade Adebiyi3 soat oldin

    No matter what

  70. clet basiano

    clet basiano3 soat oldin

    This Stupid Lagg

  71. clet basiano

    clet basiano3 soat oldin

    Bruh I Lagg

  72. Cyan the Raptor

    Cyan the Raptor3 soat oldin

    I subscribe

  73. jimmys wife

    jimmys wife3 soat oldin

    Guys dont worry their not imposters their just american

  74. Kok Kok

    Kok Kok3 soat oldin


  75. Dark Kirby God

    Dark Kirby God3 soat oldin

    Why does sandy need more than 10 seconds to finish shields?

  76. Samsung A20

    Samsung A203 soat oldin

    Everyone when chester killed banana to blame it on jeff banana changed from banana to your mom

  77. Player

    Player3 soat oldin

    Ok lemme say that Jeff did good The ending was a plot twist And Jeff the best character his voice is just UwU UwU UwU I love accents especially Jeff’s UwU

  78. crystal thom

    crystal thom3 soat oldin

    Ward fan

  79. Candace Scribe

    Candace Scribe3 soat oldin

    It black