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  2. dr.nazish khalid

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  3. dr.nazish khalid

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  4. KeysyJunior

    KeysyJuniorSoat oldin

    I like trains

  5. The1AndOnlyShaddi K!ngShad

    The1AndOnlyShaddi K!ngShadSoat oldin

    Dreams like why did they ever know my name?

  6. Rashid Alaleeli

    Rashid AlaleeliSoat oldin

    6:15 get rickrolled

  7. Rashid Alaleeli

    Rashid AlaleeliSoat oldin

    Imagine your pet balloon is watching this with you?

  8. Portia Greenacre

    Portia GreenacreSoat oldin

    nice nail polish karl!!! love it

  9. szym444

    szym444Soat oldin

    hi i from poland and i polish

  10. CRS12

    CRS12Soat oldin

    I am from Dubai :)

  11. The special kid Asmr

    The special kid AsmrSoat oldin

    Chan chan

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  13. GT Gaming

    GT GamingSoat oldin

    peperoni and sausage :D

  14. kylie Darlington

    kylie DarlingtonSoat oldin

    You haven’t been on the Aussie wet’n'wild kamikaze

  15. Aron Atg

    Aron AtgSoat oldin

    Think what would the guy be like when Beast Reacts his video

  16. OloxFN

    OloxFNSoat oldin

    1:10 pozdrawianko

  17. Yatharth Jain

    Yatharth JainSoat oldin

    why is it age restricted

  18. Swag Bag

    Swag Bag2 soat oldin

    The last one is also in Australia but there is two loops

  19. Rani Kirti

    Rani Kirti2 soat oldin

    “Dogs are the happiest creatures alive” Come to India some time.

  20. Gurjav Batdelger

    Gurjav Batdelger2 soat oldin

    pls react to dream vs mr beast pls

  21. Ezykiel Pabalan

    Ezykiel Pabalan2 soat oldin

    Wheres jimy?

  22. patrick marcial

    patrick marcial2 soat oldin

    the tires

  23. Sumayyah waseem

    Sumayyah waseem2 soat oldin

    I m a cod gamer

  24. Aar Player

    Aar Player2 soat oldin

    7:07 is what you came here for

  25. Scottsgang05

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  26. Baris Klausen

    Baris Klausen2 soat oldin

    Perfect way to end the video and it comes reklam

  27. Maya _bananas

    Maya _bananas2 soat oldin

    You got the vaccine ?! Why

  28. Maya _bananas

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    NEON DRAGON2 soat oldin

    Chocklet cake is groes

  30. PDXmelon

    PDXmelon2 soat oldin

    You missed Oregon’s plane water slide

  31. tentacion _xxx

    tentacion _xxx2 soat oldin

    I never knew this channel existed??

  32. Maciek Majszak

    Maciek Majszak2 soat oldin

    I love chocolate cake

  33. stan wood

    stan wood2 soat oldin

    we use washing up lines

  34. Rapid Dowling

    Rapid Dowling2 soat oldin

    This is more like Chris reacting compilation

  35. 0.Xradio.girlX.0

    0.Xradio.girlX.03 soat oldin

    9:28 Karl reminded me of the seen in Harry Potter when snape goes to hit Ron and Harry on the head XD

  36. Trevvor Butler

    Trevvor Butler3 soat oldin

    Instead of matches you put -no. Chris and Viking words

  37. 3lias

    3lias3 soat oldin

    Yes we in Germany can do very good waterslides!

  38. Sharon Kay

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  39. Marten Mina

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    4:12 yes they let people jump of the largest building in the world burj khalifa

  40. Fishy boy12543

    Fishy boy125433 soat oldin

    Im from Poland 🥵🥵

  41. King Pepe

    King Pepe3 soat oldin

    0:28 i have been on that one before

  42. poppy da puppy

    poppy da puppy3 soat oldin

    What happened to chandlers neck??


    ΝΕΠΗ ΧΑΤΖΗΧΑΛΗΛ3 soat oldin

    Pls help me I'm poor

  44. noice noice

    noice noice3 soat oldin

    You got age restricted on the world tallest tower

  45. DreamSMP compelation

    DreamSMP compelation3 soat oldin

    In belgium we always have waterslides with lights

  46. Kevin McCallum

    Kevin McCallum3 soat oldin

    I’ve seen cast away When the ball floated away 😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Noor

    Noor3 soat oldin

    The classical music was blackpink

  48. Aisha Al Kharusi

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  49. ShaSha Cruz

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  50. EHT Invincible

    EHT Invincible4 soat oldin

    5:00 that dog it’s sad for that dog 😭😭😭😭

  51. Hollós Marcell

    Hollós Marcell4 soat oldin

    Jokes aside, but Poland has very good poles!

  52. Rashid Alaleeli

    Rashid Alaleeli4 soat oldin

    7:21 those are motors

  53. Abel RJ

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  54. Marianthy Asimina

    Marianthy Asimina4 soat oldin

    Can we take a minute to appreciate the editing

  55. prosoli treder

    prosoli treder4 soat oldin

    Polska gurom 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  56. ahmad alshallakh

    ahmad alshallakh4 soat oldin

    who saw chris's blue teeth lol

  57. kamaljeetsingh mandavi

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    Please please please give me a smart phone 😭😭😭😭

  58. kamaljeetsingh mandavi

    kamaljeetsingh mandavi4 soat oldin

    Please please please please give me a smart phone 😭😭🙏🙏🙏

  59. kamaljeetsingh mandavi

    kamaljeetsingh mandavi4 soat oldin

    Please give me a smart phone

  60. kamaljeetsingh mandavi

    kamaljeetsingh mandavi4 soat oldin

    Please please give me a smart phone 😭😭😭😭

  61. kamaljeetsingh mandavi

    kamaljeetsingh mandavi4 soat oldin

    Can you please give me a smart phone 😭😭😭

  62. Kroz Eichel

    Kroz Eichel4 soat oldin

    ''Giant toilet bowl thingy'' 😂😂😂😂

  63. Sniper27 Gaming

    Sniper27 Gaming5 soat oldin

    Amazing water slide hahaha😌

  64. Tyson

    Tyson5 soat oldin

    It's all fun and games until Karl's grandma is insulted...

  65. Fernando Jiames

    Fernando Jiames5 soat oldin

    My mom tries to understand me when I talk like session legger

  66. Fernando Jiames

    Fernando Jiames5 soat oldin

    Chris I do that too

  67. Fernando Jiames

    Fernando Jiames5 soat oldin

    You're just like me

  68. mmyyaahh

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  69. ashar Siddiqui

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  70. alfiethemonster

    alfiethemonster5 soat oldin

    Age restrictions whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  71. CrunchWorks

    CrunchWorks5 soat oldin

    The first one taste like diabetes

  72. Bruno Martino

    Bruno Martino5 soat oldin

    1:37people who've played sonic unleashed: :/

  73. Ishant Yadav

    Ishant Yadav5 soat oldin

    Is this official channel of chris


    DOMINANT PLAYS5 soat oldin

    7:38 im so fat i got stuck in the middlo of the slide🤣 JK haven't try that yet

  75. Kayden Robertson

    Kayden Robertson5 soat oldin

    In dubia people are jumping off of buildings all the time i speak from expirience

  76. alfiethemonster

    alfiethemonster5 soat oldin

    So Satisfying!

  77. megabuilder plays

    megabuilder plays5 soat oldin

    Im a cod gamer

  78. Piers

    Piers5 soat oldin

    @10:14 I like how badly the anti-hand sanitiser commentary aged :D


    ALUCARD GAMING5 soat oldin

    the camera man is part of the beast team

  80. Hdthebest25

    Hdthebest255 soat oldin

    This confirms that Mr.Beast hasn’t gone down any good slides