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  1. aditya nagwanshi

    aditya nagwanshi35 daqiqa oldin

    Rob Parker .. how did he become a journalist

  2. aditya nagwanshi

    aditya nagwanshi44 daqiqa oldin

    Curry whooped Durant's ass every time🖕

  3. sobai77

    sobai7747 daqiqa oldin

    Rob Parker is a Lebron hater

  4. Rick Wheeler

    Rick Wheeler56 daqiqa oldin

    Prolly why he wants out of Houston.....

  5. Young Skyler

    Young SkylerSoat oldin

    Rob 2 in 2 is 4 Parker 😂😂

  6. gr8filibuster

    gr8filibusterSoat oldin

    Without a doubt Dan Patrick (DP = Don't Pass, Double Puff'N) spent several days elevated, lift'd, faded, etc on and off air during his ESPN tenure.

  7. Henry Ortiz

    Henry OrtizSoat oldin

    Stack working on his interview game watch out media world for the takeover.

  8. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge HernandezSoat oldin

    Lol everyone picking Mitchell because his team is better. If you switch teams with Booker and Mitchell everyone would say the opposite. Booker has been playing with below average players and is his fault he hasn’t make the playoffs. I understand the argument of Booker maybe not being the best on the team, but the same can be said for Mitchell with Gobert. Gobert is higher in the MVP race than Mitchell. But hey if you don’t want to take Booker because he played with a bunch o no names for his whole career thats fine. I will take Book everyday and its not even close. I know my boy will be fire come playoffs now that he finally has some help.

  9. Jose Romero

    Jose RomeroSoat oldin

    The packers are too attached to getting that "signature" QB.

  10. Kool Man

    Kool ManSoat oldin

    He is never going to seemly have the Lebron type of effect - able to go to a team without them being like Golden State or like the assembled Nets team now, then helping the team get into the playoffs and the championship game numerous times. He had the opportunity to get more praise while with the Thunder, but for reasons wasn't able to get to the championship game again. Now he's got plenty of help - not just one all-star but two recent all-stars and former all-stars. Stacked for real. The Brooklyn Nets better win the title this season, which a much stacked team than what the Heat or Cleveland was with James, etc.

  11. Jeremy Lassiter

    Jeremy LassiterSoat oldin


  12. King Macio

    King MacioSoat oldin

    Timeline: 1. Barkley, Malone, Miller, etc gets half ass praise regularly for not winning a chip BY MEDIA 2. Lebron enters and shows to be All-Time great. 3. Lebron gets half ass praise regularly (regardless of how inept cavs FO were) for not winning a chip BY MEDIA 4. Lebron decides not to be the next Barkley, Malone, Miller, etc and took power into his own hands. Wins chips. 5. Lebron/MJ conversation starts BY MEDIA. MEDIA counts chips and chips only. 6. Lebron chases chips. 7. KD chases LeBron. 8. Everybody chasing everybody. 9. Now MEDIA doesn’t understand why everybody chasing chips.

  13. StillAboveGround

    StillAboveGroundSoat oldin

    Astros won 1 championship by cheating. The Pats won 6 by cheating. No contest which is more despicable.

  14. OneManGSG

    OneManGSGSoat oldin

    The minute Jordan left Scottie demanded a trade? U should at least said the 2nd time MJ left. Then u said Scottie rode the MJ train. It’s crazy how ppl see sports different than others.

  15. Chad Alahio

    Chad Alahio2 soat oldin

    How the hell can you take a plea deal when you haven't even been charged?

  16. OneManGSG

    OneManGSG2 soat oldin

    Rob hates Bron so much that he’ll accept KD saying this & he’ll defend it. Sad. Imagine Bron saying that.

  17. Doug fresh Fresh doug

    Doug fresh Fresh doug2 soat oldin

    Hell yeah ..chad 85 baby Fred Taylor

  18. Mike C

    Mike C2 soat oldin

    Dam Deshaun is a sick nasty man

  19. hypocritical cynic

    hypocritical cynic2 soat oldin

    4:15 Watson deserves transparency. Fox legal analyst does not appreciate the transparency that The State of Texas courts demand.

  20. RD AB

    RD AB2 soat oldin

    Where's Chris?

  21. ZappakeR

    ZappakeR3 soat oldin

    Dray needs to take one for the team and give rapinoe the nigga D she so desparately needs.

  22. Ode B

    Ode B3 soat oldin

    Zeke was a elite perimeter defender

  23. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith3 soat oldin

    Curry averaging about 43 a game sense this episode

  24. Lance Fondren

    Lance Fondren3 soat oldin

    Rob you can't find it cause it's not a homicide. She said she accidentally shot him so she going to get man slaughtered if anything

  25. Ricky george

    Ricky george3 soat oldin

    I can’t stand Jasons perspectives lol

  26. Sam S

    Sam S3 soat oldin

    Well Col, he’s literally better at shooting than any other human could hope to be.... may cause resentment if you are also a professional basketball player

  27. Sam S

    Sam S4 soat oldin


  28. Antónia H.

    Antónia H.4 soat oldin

    You said girl was the best in the boys team, 3 mins later you said girls have no chance

  29. JP 25

    JP 254 soat oldin

    As a Suns fan this is easy. Mitchell

  30. Betelgeuser

    Betelgeuser4 soat oldin

    The season doesnt matter already For the season to matter, you have to make it like the world series or something, The finals should be the two highest records in the nba, let them battle it out And youll see the season matter a LOT, then



    My niggas 🔥



    Dan trying catch these guys off but boys are to quick. Lethal combo 🙌🏽🔥

  33. justaction

    justaction4 soat oldin

    What is Bonzi talking about?!? Zeke is the 2nd/3rd pure PG in recorded history.

  34. mais ait

    mais ait4 soat oldin


  35. Alone Again

    Alone Again4 soat oldin

    Green Bay had two franchise quarterbacks and flopped on both of them. Rodgers career in Green Bay was a failure. Some of that was his fault. The most fault lies on Packer’s front office.

  36. G

    G4 soat oldin

    zeke didn't have a HOFer?? so what's Rodman? chuck daly was already an established coach and HOF as well - giving zeke waaaaay too much credit

  37. Rule

    Rule5 soat oldin

    Man these dudes water down everything that has to do with he a scrub or sumthn

  38. AbsentRegard24

    AbsentRegard245 soat oldin

    Gary Payton>Steph Curry

  39. Mix Master

    Mix Master5 soat oldin

    If it wasn't for Edelman pats don't win there last 3 superbowls . Hes the best in the playoffs . He was the key piece to there success . Might of not of won probowls . But he won the biggest achievement in the nfl Lombardi trophy 3 times . Alot of the guys people be mentioning only have 1 or none. The man's a 3 time champion an superbowl mvp! How many people remember problems over superbowl champion and superbowl mvps . Those stats override any regular season stats. This y u become an nfl professional player to be a winner and being the best winner on the field those individual stats are overrated. The man was one of the biggest key pieces to the pats organization for success . And solidified wat a wideout is all about . Probly the toughest 5'9 and clutch reciever I've see play this game in the last 12 years facts. Man played like he was 6'4 230 and unstoppable every down go back and look at the seeattle superbowl and the rams superbowl . He was beating double teams in the rams supebowl even getting jammed . It was unreal . Maybe he don't make it in my eyes he's an hof champion

  40. Maurice Taylor

    Maurice Taylor5 soat oldin

    The other day rob said curry is not that guy And called him overrated


    SUPER KAT5 soat oldin

    Rob talks double standards and flip flops when it's Lebron. His relevancy is based upon LBJ Hate! KD is Rob's kryptonite for the King. Not working! KD wants analysts calling him the Goat so he keeps writing these responses. He's hoping to play many years like LBJ

  42. james warren

    james warren5 soat oldin

    I think at the end of the season the best team in each conference should get the conference title, then have a top 16 team playoff with the conference champions get a first round by.

  43. Dauid Zion

    Dauid Zion5 soat oldin

    These clowns said lakers will fall to 7th WRONG!!

  44. Demarcus Jackson

    Demarcus Jackson5 soat oldin

    If LeBron said something like this rob would be crying like a newborn

  45. Matt

    Matt5 soat oldin

    Rob is the biggest hypocrite sports analyst in sports.

  46. Reg Ice

    Reg Ice5 soat oldin

    Look at the teams that allow the players to do these things. Mostly 2nd tier franchises. Clippers, Nets, it’s like life the established group who has a real culture that aint happening. The group that came across a couple dollars and there trying to buy a ring or championship they can’t control the environment everyone walks over then suck them dry then bounce. So I’m not surprised

  47. Eddie P

    Eddie P5 soat oldin

    Chris "Harden might have missed too many games to win it" The dude dogged it in Houston , forced a trade, and missed a bunch of games and Chris still has him a MVP candidate. This might be the most lenient ive ever seen media be with a superstar.

  48. Brandon Fentress

    Brandon Fentress5 soat oldin

    Every former player ain't built for media 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️. He put Curry #3 then said Zeke didn't play defense

  49. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)5 soat oldin

    The Pistons do not deserve anything. Their tactics ruined it for their legacy. It was not basketball.

  50. Eddie P

    Eddie P6 soat oldin

    Na CP3 is so damn good. Put some respeck on his name

  51. elmore 292

    elmore 2926 soat oldin

    Russ trash cause he works harder not smarter

  52. Bdag TheSauceGod

    Bdag TheSauceGod6 soat oldin

    I pray kawhi come to gstate

  53. Bdag TheSauceGod

    Bdag TheSauceGod6 soat oldin

    Top 20 yeah, but if he wins 4 rings um YEah why wouldn't it, it's an accolade, there's a difference between best player of all time and greatest player off all time One uses accolades and post season success and the other uses Stats and numbers and records So hakeem is the best, jordan greatest but also could be bron since he could be best and greatest especially now tha he got a jumpshot

  54. Tavin Wallack

    Tavin Wallack6 soat oldin

    How does McIntyre have a job talking sports. Sounds like a dude that never played sports a day in his life

  55. Ran Dagod14

    Ran Dagod146 soat oldin

    CP3 One of the best PG ever G.O.A.T TOP 5 EASY ‼️

  56. Bdag TheSauceGod

    Bdag TheSauceGod6 soat oldin

    Looking to chase rings without steph, that's dumb

  57. Bdag TheSauceGod

    Bdag TheSauceGod6 soat oldin

    Steph without shooting would be rondo

  58. Bdag TheSauceGod

    Bdag TheSauceGod6 soat oldin

    The skip bayless to lebron, steph without his weapon is nothing who remembers that, he would most like be a slasher, but because he can shoot is why he didn't have to work on athleticism, he got drafted bcuz of his shot so when he made that take it was so stupid, but steph would be good even if he a 83-86 3 point rating

  59. Wayne Brockwell

    Wayne Brockwell6 soat oldin

    FACT: Kobe never won a title and led his team in Win Share...

  60. hi ali

    hi ali6 soat oldin

    The thing is if you look at julian as just a receiver than no not a hof.. but he was way more than that.. the dude was a sold ount returner and blocker.. was a huge part in playoff time..not first ballot but like 10th ballot

  61. Lil Penny

    Lil Penny6 soat oldin

    Why was he fired??

  62. DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)

    DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals)6 soat oldin

    You cannot call what the "Bad Boy" Pistons did defense. You can call it disgusting.

  63. jason robbins

    jason robbins6 soat oldin

    Donovan Mitchell has constantly been on a much better squad than Devin Booker that's just facts Devin Booker has never played with an All-Star until this year Devin Booker has never played with a two-time defensive player of the year. Devin Booker for the first time actually has a team in a little bit of depth behind them and you see what they're doing. The Utah Jazz core really hasn't changed over the last 3 years. Swap Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker the Suns still aren't making it to the playoffs till this year.

  64. DONALD Jean-Jacques

    DONALD Jean-Jacques7 soat oldin

    Buzzbee did a bad move by summoning the social media world to put Deshaun Watson on Blast to favor him and now unfortunately Rusty Hardin is about to the same to these so called accusers. Both ways this is going to be ugly!!!

  65. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier7 soat oldin

    Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are MVP candidates Baker Mayfield got his team to the playoffs even Joe Burrow outplayed Sam Darnold last year . FACE IT THE PROBLEM IS SAM HE JUST ISNT THAT GOOD

  66. bcroz76

    bcroz767 soat oldin

    Mitchell. The stats and the record are clear.

  67. Jabrony

    Jabrony7 soat oldin

    When sterling sharpe,Hines Ward,and Reggie Wayne make the HOF then We can talk about Julian

  68. 313drepeso313

    313drepeso3137 soat oldin

    I have Magic, Zeke, Big O and then Chef

  69. Lance Fondren

    Lance Fondren7 soat oldin

    Rob, you stay Hating on Curry

  70. Hyse Nur

    Hyse Nur7 soat oldin

    loooooool chris paul lost three 3 - 1 leads in the playoffs are you kidding me isiah steph magic jason kidd are better then steph, heck lemme ask you guys this; who's better chris paul or westbrook, they're both failures when it matters but guess what westbrook went to a finals and Chris paul hasnt

  71. Grayline Odell

    Grayline Odell7 soat oldin

    People need to do a lil more research when it come to point guard cause John Stockton was a 5 time all defensive team Lead the league in assist 9 times and steals 2 times John stock is that guy. And he made the playoffs every year for 19 straight seasons.

  72. Karim Wood

    Karim Wood7 soat oldin

    Depending on how you evaluate Rudy Gobert the answer is easily Donovan Mitchell. Though I do think Rudy Gobert is the Jazz's most valuable player, as Chris Paul is to the Suns. So yes, Donovan Mitchell has had success in the playoffs and Devin Booker has not. But the Jazz were a playoff team prior to drafting him. So I suppose, depending on how you evaluate Gordon Hayward, the answer could lean more towards Devin Booker.

  73. M AA

    M AA7 soat oldin

    Oh how we forget... If being a pg is about winning and impact, its the following: Magic, Cousy, Isiah, Curry. Kidd, Oscar, Nate are next Stockton, Payton are next Nash, Westbrook, Harden are next Paul, Frazier, Gus Williams are next

  74. Cyrus Pejante

    Cyrus Pejante7 soat oldin

    Westbrook is still better than all ring chaser

  75. Clarence Gipson

    Clarence Gipson7 soat oldin

    The disrespect to Steve Nash 🤦🏾‍♂️. Chris Paul career not even better than Nash.

  76. Abshir Rageh

    Abshir Rageh7 soat oldin

    We were cheated of OKC vs Warriors in 2015. Over the years we saw good teams had bad start and despite a late run missed on playoffs. 7-8 seeds will never win a championship anyways. I hope they keep play-in tournament.

  77. Yahs Way

    Yahs Way7 soat oldin

    I’d be done with sports if men play woman

  78. Jakeem

    Jakeem7 soat oldin

    So sensitive...he said that a player is allegedly not a maniacal worker...I don’t see how that’s racist

  79. jason robbins

    jason robbins8 soat oldin

    Nothing but nonsense a waste of your time if you read this comment just turn off the video now