after 1 year later...
Fortnite... please watch
  1. Switch _BaileeM69

    Switch _BaileeM692 soat oldin


  2. Noah Sagrillo

    Noah Sagrillo3 soat oldin

    Du hast da bischen Video in deiner Werbung

  3. Fade Decent

    Fade Decent3 soat oldin

    soft aim?

  4. EliSupertramp

    EliSupertramp3 soat oldin

    Sorry Randumb but that facial hair just AINT IT❤️

  5. snoww

    snoww3 soat oldin

    Getting Famous off the comments Day 30, So I can be living the dream later 🎙


    DAK0TA_IDK3 soat oldin

    I am erlay.yay

  7. Justin T

    Justin T4 soat oldin

    bruh i don't even know who this is and I never even liked Fortnite so im wondering why I'm subscribed??

  8. Levi T

    Levi T4 soat oldin

    Oh yeah yeah

  9. Haider Ali Zahid

    Haider Ali Zahid4 soat oldin


  10. SheAbusedMyAW

    SheAbusedMyAW4 soat oldin


  11. Darius King

    Darius King4 soat oldin


  12. Belky Veliz

    Belky Veliz4 soat oldin


  13. Anya Yarde

    Anya Yarde4 soat oldin

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. Forgxt flex df

    Forgxt flex df4 soat oldin

    My hero academia

  15. cosmic yeet

    cosmic yeet5 soat oldin

    Me the only one who watched randumb when he had no moustache 😂

  16. TTv_Samurai JKC

    TTv_Samurai JKC5 soat oldin

    My birthdays is tmmrw and my only wish is for Coryxkenshin to post a video

  17. Da_ Gio_type

    Da_ Gio_type5 soat oldin

    What happend to red randumb

  18. V01dz ._.

    V01dz ._.5 soat oldin

    Bro that craft purple pump one is so true i hate when i die when i just made it

  19. Naseri Talaia

    Naseri Talaia5 soat oldin

    you look old you look 20

  20. Levi Walker

    Levi Walker5 soat oldin

    My favorite UZnickr

  21. David Swan

    David Swan5 soat oldin


  22. 1 Sub before 2069?

    1 Sub before 2069?5 soat oldin

    Literally 99% wont see this but Who ever sees this have a good day and stay safe

  23. 1 Sub before 2069?

    1 Sub before 2069?5 soat oldin

    Only people Who didnt Come From tiktok are worthy liking this

  24. 1 Sub before 2069?

    1 Sub before 2069?5 soat oldin

    A person Who subscribes to me will be richer than randumb guaranteed

  25. 1 Sub before 2069?

    1 Sub before 2069?5 soat oldin

    Only people Who didnt Come From tiktok are worthy liking this

  26. 1 Sub before 2069?

    1 Sub before 2069?5 soat oldin

    I pray Who Ever reads this becomes succesful in Life

  27. Csanád Ézsiás

    Csanád Ézsiás5 soat oldin


  28. Mona Hamdi

    Mona Hamdi5 soat oldin


  29. Carson781

    Carson7815 soat oldin

    100k come on man

  30. Axis Jax.

    Axis Jax.6 soat oldin

    1:09 is 69

  31. Toger

    Toger6 soat oldin

    I got 24 in arena (div 5)

  32. The Man In The Mirror

    The Man In The Mirror6 soat oldin


  33. Anime Liger

    Anime Liger6 soat oldin

    Random are you hacking

  34. Nintendude Gaming

    Nintendude Gaming7 soat oldin

    After 2.5 years, I've finally lost interest completely. I'm pretty sure it was NOT bringing back the old map, the constant collabs, the lack of fun items in pubs, skill based and bots that ruined the game for me. I don't even check story stuff anymore. Zero interest.

  35. tiktok drizzleorgage

    tiktok drizzleorgage7 soat oldin

    Randumb ai can’t be in ltms only real players

  36. Cyclusionn

    Cyclusionn7 soat oldin

    9:20 in one of your other videos Jarvis and Kay edited you out of a fortnite tik tok thumbnail too

  37. Kenney FC

    Kenney FC7 soat oldin

    Randumb shave

  38. Quiksy Clan

    Quiksy Clan7 soat oldin

    U stole from mcreamy


    NE0NRETRO7 soat oldin


  40. Arena Tweb

    Arena Tweb7 soat oldin

    I won a game on grey yesterday.

  41. Gordy

    Gordy7 soat oldin

    Bro don’t stop

  42. Angel Bennett

    Angel Bennett7 soat oldin

    not even a new pr bc it is in a mode where you co e back to life

  43. It’s Just Jase 2

    It’s Just Jase 27 soat oldin

    Clearly doesn’t remember dropping 54 kills in season 14

  44. ??? • 999 years ago

    ??? • 999 years ago7 soat oldin

    I'm rewatching code geass rn and it brings back memories

  45. Solar Clipz

    Solar Clipz7 soat oldin

    shut up old man

  46. boi drip

    boi drip7 soat oldin

    sup dr

  47. LLight

    LLight7 soat oldin

    Randumb you the goat

  48. Warp Clapz

    Warp Clapz7 soat oldin

    wtf happened Jordan lmao 10:39

  49. Kael Springett

    Kael Springett7 soat oldin


  50. MiST Smiles

    MiST Smiles7 soat oldin

    Wasn’t your acc left in 2019??

  51. JLegends

    JLegends8 soat oldin

    *What a Legend*

  52. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker8 soat oldin

    I got 22 yesterday in switch lobbies lol it’s so much fun

  53. [clipped] By]

    [clipped] By]8 soat oldin

    Ops remember yes beard

  54. Bbdking

    Bbdking8 soat oldin

    What do you call it when Batman skips Church? A Christian Bail.

  55. Vexify OT

    Vexify OT8 soat oldin

    Who else remembers when Randumb used to have a white keyboard and was in Obey

  56. Pluto

    Pluto8 soat oldin

    Randumb is killing the entire lobby

  57. NKY KIRO

    NKY KIRO8 soat oldin

    1 word Shave.

  58. Snipershooter16N

    Snipershooter16N8 soat oldin

    Don’t be dumb shave of the beard and moustache

  59. Psycho Yoda

    Psycho Yoda8 soat oldin

    But everyone has 5 lives divide it by 5 you would have 9 kills it if this was a normal game buddy. IM NOT HATING i wouldn't be able to pull this off. you better than me at Fortnite i'm just saying everyone forgets People have 5 lives.

  60. Matthew Knopf

    Matthew Knopf8 soat oldin

    1:40 Haha lol 69

  61. honeyNation

    honeyNation8 soat oldin

    "If you're under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity" 🖤🖤

  62. Josh Kutz

    Josh Kutz8 soat oldin

    9:31 If Randumb was on controller, it would be aim assist. Because he’s not, apparently it’s skill.

  63. DarkAngelsFN

    DarkAngelsFN8 soat oldin

    He's old now

  64. DaSpyro

    DaSpyro8 soat oldin


  65. Relicsss

    Relicsss8 soat oldin

    No randumb you can’t laugh

  66. Lbm504

    Lbm5048 soat oldin


  67. Brian Powers

    Brian Powers8 soat oldin


  68. AlienMan

    AlienMan8 soat oldin

    Love watching fortnite videos keep it up and I hope you get 5 mil :)

  69. Moonix_ _

    Moonix_ _8 soat oldin


  70. Moonix_ _

    Moonix_ _8 soat oldin


  71. Moonix_ _

    Moonix_ _8 soat oldin


  72. Vincent Schreuder

    Vincent Schreuder8 soat oldin

    50k ok

  73. AXL benji

    AXL benji8 soat oldin

    For real tho at 2:25 randumb be speaking henchman

  74. CryptGaming

    CryptGaming9 soat oldin

    what keyboard is that

  75. Ggclapz_Yt

    Ggclapz_Yt9 soat oldin

    9:43 i did the same thing

  76. tyler c

    tyler c9 soat oldin

    This vid almost go 400k likes

  77. Taro

    Taro9 soat oldin

    i got a gold pump from an A.I before i posted it on my yt

  78. ZyL0GoaT

    ZyL0GoaT9 soat oldin

    Yessir your verified

  79. luminious gaming

    luminious gaming9 soat oldin


  80. Edrey Robls

    Edrey Robls9 soat oldin

    if fortnite actually made the game better........... I prob wouldn't be short :)