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Nooky | Bars of Steel
A.GIRL | Bars of Steel
  1. A Really Bored Individual

    A Really Bored Individual13 soat oldin

    Absolutely annihilates the original, this shits amazing.

  2. Madi Dring

    Madi Dring13 soat oldin

    please I need this on Spotify desperately

  3. Michael Lui

    Michael Lui13 soat oldin

    The cute little dances from Simon and Emma bring me so much joy I'm about to OD on happiness.

  4. 無糖

    無糖13 soat oldin


  5. Shaun Holmes

    Shaun Holmes14 soat oldin

    What a banger

  6. Rosie Tohu

    Rosie Tohu14 soat oldin

    I've listened to artist sing live and don't have there heart in it at all. This chick is singing with HEART and SOUL and I'm loving it 100% so pure, her voice is amazing. Keep it up FOLLOWING you 100%

  7. Anna Palmer

    Anna Palmer14 soat oldin

    So uniquely talented. Tones can sing anything and turn it into a masterpiece.

  8. ropy89

    ropy8915 soat oldin

    I'd probably just cry troughout the whole thing if ever given the chance to see them play live, this band is packin mega vibes

  9. Vinicius Pescador

    Vinicius Pescador15 soat oldin

    Everyone else has left now I bet that disc got you stressed out Wondering, what can we do now? Maybe let it burn out Where I can't feel my face Hmm, minds twisted in weird ways Wondering, what can we do now? Maybe let it burn out Glitter sparkling on your heart Now, darling, wont you stay? I'm here wondering what to say All good, then we err'ing I know it's getting late now, baby Maybe you should stay here with me Let's just make it our own party Stick together like Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, Glitter Race against the sunlight Wanna have a long night Night mysteries, tight mysteries Under spotlight Don't let me out of your sight Two energies, two energies Glitter sparkling on your heart Now, darling, won't you stay? (ooh) I'm here wondering what to say All good, then we err'ing I know it's getting late now, baby Maybe you should stay here with me Let's just make it our own party Stick together like Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, Glitter I know it's getting late now, baby (late now!) Maybe you should stay here with me Let's just make it our own party (party!) Stick together like Glitter, Glitter, Glitter, Glitter Everyone else has left now I bet that disc got you stressed out Wondering what can we do now? Maybe let it burn out

  10. Jonathan Watts

    Jonathan Watts15 soat oldin

    Good God! The second half of that, monstrous groove and how can she sing all over it? Feels like another level for them!

  11. Dizma

    Dizma15 soat oldin

    <3 <3 <3

  12. Michael Gould

    Michael Gould16 soat oldin

    The Set is the best thing the Australian Government has funded. Don't @me!

  13. Oxana Gogoľ

    Oxana Gogoľ16 soat oldin

    so happy ur back guys! <3 music4soul

  14. __

    __16 soat oldin

    In the car, triple J announces jk-47 *turns volume to max

  15. Alex KLJ

    Alex KLJ16 soat oldin

    Reminds me of Amy Lee's version.

  16. Monica Humphries

    Monica Humphries16 soat oldin

    Such an amazing cover! Hope D made it THEIRS and nailed it

  17. Wez

    Wez16 soat oldin

    I liked it cos i didn't go in like Judge Dredd

  18. Charles Eugee Lim

    Charles Eugee Lim16 soat oldin

    Thought she had tunnels?

  19. Mad Viney

    Mad Viney17 soat oldin

    I think I’m like 5000 of these views, they killed it!

  20. F Br

    F Br17 soat oldin

    So good. Totally got the Nirvana vibes. My favourite like version all year!

  21. ALMARS

    ALMARS17 soat oldin

    Go back to your day job

  22. eraser

    eraser17 soat oldin

    Jesus Christ O_O

  23. TheDalekProject

    TheDalekProject18 soat oldin

    Got damn I love these people

  24. GladForTodayOfficial

    GladForTodayOfficial18 soat oldin

    Ace Ventura had always been such a cool guy. 🤍

  25. Branden Kreil

    Branden Kreil18 soat oldin

    she look like the dude who play spiderman

  26. Jack Fran

    Jack Fran19 soat oldin

    Best band from Australia regardless if Australia acknowledges it or not

  27. VogtTD

    VogtTD19 soat oldin

    I thought I voted for Bernie Sanders but it turns out I actually voted for Trump. I guess you learn something new about yourself every day.

  28. Lakshmi M

    Lakshmi M19 soat oldin

    Is it just natural for my cat to wake up from slumber to look into the laptop screen to see the goddess and hear her better?

  29. Rodrigo Antonio Morell

    Rodrigo Antonio Morell20 soat oldin


  30. casey chitambira

    casey chitambira20 soat oldin


  31. Landon Peckham

    Landon Peckham22 soat oldin

    Mommy! The Wiggles said 'hell'!!!

  32. King

    King22 soat oldin

    Australia is the most racist country on earth just have a look when it comes to changing the date of “Australia day” and changing the “Australian flag” ohh can’t forget the “National anthem” nearly 80% of the country shows their true colours when it comes to changing these things which disrespects our people, yet they can only see one side of things (The white side)

  33. Lauren Raziz

    Lauren Raziz22 soat oldin

    I cant stop playing it h e l p

  34. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos22 soat oldin

    YAAASSS 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Liam Haslam

    Liam Haslam23 soat oldin

    Damn, man actually killed it.

  36. Debrina Setiawan

    Debrina SetiawanKun oldin

    I don’t usually click on ads but saw you on the Redbull ad and I immediately became a fan🔥

  37. Michael O'Byrne

    Michael O'ByrneKun oldin

    Everything is 5 years ago I understand there's a time difference but fuck there's no excuse for kinda genius not being appreciated .. But bercko still means big kettle jus sayin

  38. OP nugzz

    OP nugzzKun oldin

    She didn't even care

  39. Michael O'Byrne

    Michael O'ByrneKun oldin

    What's it these hipsters say these days hastag bump. Cudnt be a better example of like a version that is better than original version even though I know I that everyone thinks that's not possible... Well roll up your sleeves this is it..

  40. Zuchtsau

    ZuchtsauKun oldin

    Damn I thought this is a set of songs i don't know yet, but it was incredible and i got adicted to it, so i checked the date^^

  41. Caetano Rampinelli

    Caetano RampinelliKun oldin

    eu não gostava da piork até agora

  42. Junior Chiquito Gil

    Junior Chiquito GilKun oldin


  43. Timothy Snyder

    Timothy SnyderKun oldin

    Blunt honesty: amazing band--annoying vocalist.

  44. Synecdoche

    SynecdocheKun oldin

    I love this dude

  45. Peter Higgins

    Peter HigginsKun oldin

    Can you add this to spotify already?!

  46. Jamie Thynne

    Jamie ThynneKun oldin

    I may have just fallen in love

  47. Diva Clinic

    Diva ClinicKun oldin


  48. steve clark

    steve clarkKun oldin

    Wait just a minute here I believe I saw this lady perform a different video her voice is so familiar. It's been about a year or two since I heard it but I still remember it I'm going to try and find it now miss it.

  49. Eric Byler

    Eric BylerKun oldin

    Probably the hardest act to follow in all of music, and these dudes FUCKING ISEKAI’D IT

  50. MelodicChronic

    MelodicChronicKun oldin

    Really superb cover!! I've jammed this song slower like this, but what she's done with the vocals is what makes this stand out so strongly. Love it, guys!! Is there a way to make a YT video play on repeat??

  51. Tyler

    TylerKun oldin

    Stumbled across this in may 2021 and kicking myself I’ve never heard it before. What a cover.

  52. Pedro Silva

    Pedro SilvaKun oldin

    Oloko meu essa música merece Muito woww!!!

  53. Matt C

    Matt CKun oldin

    Gillard makes me sick, when things get tough just say your opponent hates you for your gender. What a low IQ argument, I'm glad Australia has seen the last of her in politics.

  54. Rebecca V

    Rebecca VKun oldin

    This is so offensive to my ears and all my senses, I had to stop it so I wouldn't throw my phone across the room to avoid the sound. . Absolute YUCK!!

  55. Esther Garcia-Tio

    Esther Garcia-TioKun oldin

    Emma has a beautiful smile... Great energy in this for both of the ladies.. beautiful ❤️

  56. Jasmin Be

    Jasmin BeKun oldin

    People need this instead of Isolation, masks and social distancing

  57. gskell

    gskellKun oldin

    Is that a FNG on guitar?

  58. Adi Saputra

    Adi SaputraKun oldin

    The sound is really good

  59. Michael Eze

    Michael EzeKun oldin

    2018 This was the first dance song for my Wife and I. Chosen by her. To all my married people keep working, building, and loving each other.

  60. Morgan Krupoviesa

    Morgan KrupoviesaKun oldin

    World class!

  61. Sofia Ortiz

    Sofia OrtizKun oldin

    this is everything I need in my life

  62. James D Pterodactyl

    James D PterodactylKun oldin

    This is the 59th comment on this video

  63. Jessica Yaima

    Jessica YaimaKun oldin

    Es grandiosa esa música

  64. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideKun oldin

    His voice is angelic

  65. Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo BagginsKun oldin

    Absolutely incredible version of this song!

  66. Danna Castro

    Danna CastroKun oldin

    I love this song

  67. L. S.

    L. S.Kun oldin

    He has much more aggression than original singer

  68. Dick Less

    Dick LessKun oldin

    I love this song

  69. Edson Acarapi

    Edson AcarapiKun oldin

    This cover is amazing!!! But as a non-Australian the accent and the slang make it hard to understand some lyrics that I would love to comprehend. Pleases please consider posting the lyrics and maybe some sort of slang dictionary, lol

  70. richiebk79

    richiebk79Kun oldin

    Straight fire. Thank you for this.

  71. Zbigniew Siwiec

    Zbigniew SiwiecKun oldin


  72. Michael Lui

    Michael LuiKun oldin

    Denzel had the opposite of "I don't know what to do with my hands".

  73. Sam

    SamKun oldin

    The bass drives this, the drums make it Also whoever at triplej mixed the levels did a fkn great job. Shows what a good studio can do.

  74. Gina Pressley

    Gina PressleyKun oldin


  75. tennified

    tennifiedKun oldin

    black jagger

  76. Золбоо Цэнгэл

    Золбоо ЦэнгэлKun oldin


  77. Andrew D. Royappa

    Andrew D. RoyappaKun oldin

    Not only is Dale a consummate frontman for energy and stage presence, his vocals sound identical to the record. Insane talent 🙌

  78. Honz Ivan lou Talaroc

    Honz Ivan lou TalarocKun oldin

    From the start smiley no comment nice I love you

  79. Simona Elena

    Simona ElenaKun oldin

    This is so bad lmao

  80. Sam

    SamKun oldin

    Sick band hope they keep the same sound and vibe for a while, very unique.