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  1. valerie sweat

    valerie sweat10 soat oldin

    I like the boy. Blak

  2. Snapped axel Media

    Snapped axel Media10 soat oldin

    I would off cut off the top and back

  3. Javier Alexander

    Javier Alexander10 soat oldin

    Shit is so fake 💀💀

  4. Spontaneouspixel66

    Spontaneouspixel6610 soat oldin

    Imagine how ling the thing has to charge

  5. Kobe Martinez

    Kobe Martinez10 soat oldin


  6. Matt Galluch

    Matt Galluch10 soat oldin

    Is it just me or does his spider jump off his face at the end of the first scene

  7. king cobra the revealer of love and loyalty

    king cobra the revealer of love and loyalty10 soat oldin

    I really want a pet snake

  8. Supyae Moo

    Supyae Moo10 soat oldin

    Me: **tries to get up at least one** **ends up falling**

  9. Toxic Grapes

    Toxic Grapes10 soat oldin

    We’ll technically speaking if they saw the way the silly string landed they could’ve concluded that the silly string that landed on their head wasn’t by someone without anything in his hands minding their own biz

  10. Thanos

    Thanos10 soat oldin

    Pretty sure this is fake. Why wouldn’t he actually show him getting hit by a bat? Seems to me like that would be great content

  11. Deborah Bullock

    Deborah Bullock10 soat oldin

    Did anyone else cry

  12. Krista Nosek

    Krista Nosek10 soat oldin

    I want to see what happens with that tarantula did it jump off of your face?

  13. anime_freak

    anime_freak10 soat oldin

    Why is nobody here complaining srsly like what an asshole I would have been pissed if someone did that to me I would have beat they're ass

  14. Rocco And fam

    Rocco And fam10 soat oldin

    I keep resetting when the spider is on his head it scares me but idk...👁👄👁

  15. Kaitlyn Bandy

    Kaitlyn Bandy10 soat oldin

    I want that laser, I need that laser, so much power😈

  16. Joe Moreno

    Joe Moreno10 soat oldin


  17. Dimy Flach

    Dimy Flach10 soat oldin

    Foi inteligente

  18. Legendary War

    Legendary War11 soat oldin

    You prank the twinsfromrusia

  19. Ashley de Witt

    Ashley de Witt11 soat oldin

    Did he burn the second guys hand!

  20. Тася Меркулова

    Тася Меркулова11 soat oldin

    Жалко что мне такого компьютер огромная девочка которая получилось Она тебе привет ты где так научились намути меня присылай пожалуйста где знаю одну иллюзию тебе фотку пришлю обещала врать я тебя я поставлю лайк Развивай свой талант побольше Кстати у меня сегодня День рождения исполнении мне исполнилось сегодня 7 лет Поздравляю тебя целую Пока👍💗😍

  21. gacha candy gril cutie

    gacha candy gril cutie11 soat oldin

    Bro i am scared of spiders

  22. Gracias

    Gracias11 soat oldin


  23. Alexander Villalba

    Alexander Villalba11 soat oldin

    Brooo the first guy was bit pissing you can see he put his hand behind with a water bottle and the water was not yellow I. The toilet 🚽

  24. †{midnight}†

    †{midnight}†11 soat oldin

    Bruh hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Sxnflxwer_Vxbez

    Sxnflxwer_Vxbez11 soat oldin

    My thoughts: CU46: see you for s3x RUH: are you home? Could be wrong just what popped into my head

  26. Seahawksmania 1

    Seahawksmania 111 soat oldin


  27. Drake Antolin

    Drake Antolin11 soat oldin

    Pls give me laser mr colty

  28. wolfy gamingYT

    wolfy gamingYT11 soat oldin


  29. Sxnflxwer_Vxbez

    Sxnflxwer_Vxbez11 soat oldin

    That is the cutest, sweetest, adorablest (I know that’s not a word but whatever) baby deer ever! Have you come up with a name?

  30. admiralbutthead

    admiralbutthead11 soat oldin

    bro yr boy doesn't lift the seat to pee

  31. manon tessier

    manon tessier11 soat oldin

    U *****

  32. B. Chaney

    B. Chaney11 soat oldin

    That piece of gum was gross.

  33. Sxnflxwer_Vxbez

    Sxnflxwer_Vxbez11 soat oldin

    Just me or anyone else notice the SNAKE on his neck?? Like wut

  34. Caleb Eli Flores

    Caleb Eli Flores11 soat oldin

    This would have been I great prank idea if only he didn't fake it

  35. Bonnie Playz And chica

    Bonnie Playz And chica11 soat oldin

    I saw twins

  36. Chase!

    Chase!11 soat oldin

    I love how fake this is I mean is the cameraman invisible

  37. joao nunes

    joao nunes11 soat oldin

    Can't americans do a real prank?

  38. GWAR710

    GWAR71011 soat oldin

    You’re an idiot for even pointing that laser even remotely close to your friends and towards that mirror at the beginning... one tiny mistake and someone’s permanently blind... anything for views though, right?

  39. Tiana Crawford

    Tiana Crawford11 soat oldin

    I did not think that he can do that

  40. AnimateSomething

    AnimateSomething11 soat oldin

    The wolf from the three little pigs be like:

  41. fnaf fan1967

    fnaf fan196711 soat oldin

    ruh means are you hot

  42. Xeryus Romo

    Xeryus Romo11 soat oldin


  43. rav3two

    rav3two11 soat oldin

    They are wearing some towels on their face lul

  44. carli parhams

    carli parhams11 soat oldin

    They are stupid who does that stuff

  45. Taylor Chrisman

    Taylor Chrisman11 soat oldin

    Lol 😂

  46. XxWolfyxX

    XxWolfyxX11 soat oldin

    The spider-

  47. f f

    f f11 soat oldin

    he's become black and having money , guy's , most American thing I ever seen

  48. Angelino [Lino] Diaz

    Angelino [Lino] Diaz11 soat oldin

    You're lucky to have friends.

  49. Don Fit

    Don Fit11 soat oldin

    Make some real videos

  50. KingKongNalu

    KingKongNalu11 soat oldin

    Leave them be.. Survival of the fittest.

  51. 丅စbinαեစr J.W.A

    丅စbinαեစr J.W.A12 soat oldin

    Nice a lightsaber

  52. Steven Granados

    Steven Granados12 soat oldin

    This man is so dumb

  53. Gigi Playz008

    Gigi Playz00812 soat oldin

    The two twins were the twins from Russia

  54. Angelica Perez

    Angelica Perez12 soat oldin

    No no ya vi que es el hombre Jejeje

  55. Angelica Perez

    Angelica Perez12 soat oldin

    Lo voy a repetir

  56. Angelica Perez

    Angelica Perez12 soat oldin

    No es por mala onda Pero yo voy a la mujer

  57. Francisco Alejandre

    Francisco Alejandre12 soat oldin


  58. Angelica Perez

    Angelica Perez12 soat oldin

    No no la mujer la que se ganó la tele que tramposos


    AJ THE SPARTAN12 soat oldin


  60. Daniel_4_ Novaa

    Daniel_4_ Novaa12 soat oldin

    did he just unlock the n word

  61. Beelzebub

    Beelzebub12 soat oldin

    I probably would've done it better. But right now, I'm eating.

  62. ZGRED

    ZGRED12 soat oldin

    Aaah yes what a great way to not only lose your friend but also you eyesight

  63. Pencil Me Shark

    Pencil Me Shark12 soat oldin

    He's pissing with the toilet seat down

  64. Joshua seepaul

    Joshua seepaul12 soat oldin

    I would really love to try that

  65. Oliver

    Oliver12 soat oldin

    Wow ur SOO cool like irdc so what’s the point of uploading this?

  66. Joshua seepaul

    Joshua seepaul12 soat oldin

    So funny

  67. Intelligent Rock

    Intelligent Rock12 soat oldin

    Oof 100

  68. Francisco Alejandre

    Francisco Alejandre12 soat oldin

    Wow, somebody get this guy and Oscar

  69. Mandi Killen

    Mandi Killen12 soat oldin

    OMG 😱

  70. aaanyways animated

    aaanyways animated12 soat oldin

    That one kid: hey billy... I have something to show you... just open your eyes really wide and wait a second *reaches into pocket*

  71. JacketClanKing

    JacketClanKing12 soat oldin

    Natural selection at it's finest, no safety goggles for what looks like a higher than 5mw laser, in which just looking at the dot on the wall can cause irreversible eye damage

  72. Jeremiah Vitunskas

    Jeremiah Vitunskas12 soat oldin

    Stak balloons and just aim the lazer at them and in stak I mean blow one up than rap it in more that are slightly blown up it be ASMR XDXD

  73. Grimdogz Gaming

    Grimdogz Gaming12 soat oldin

    Bad posters bro

  74. Emma Samuel

    Emma Samuel12 soat oldin

    It's like he wants to die

  75. Bryan C.

    Bryan C.12 soat oldin

    Thats easy lol 😂

  76. Rhys Chick

    Rhys Chick12 soat oldin

    How do people take this seriously? Acting better in my sleep 😂

  77. 12 soat oldin

    Que legal eu gostei disso eu vou fazer com meu amigos

  78. Pixel

    Pixel12 soat oldin

    mm yes.I definitely heard styropyro say high power lasers are good for your eyes

  79. Riqzi

    Riqzi12 soat oldin

    Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied Brain cells denied

  80. Dominic Silvaggio

    Dominic Silvaggio12 soat oldin

    You should do a getting girls challenge then we’d finally have one where you lose