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The official UZnick channel of Atlantic Records artist Kodak Black.

2017 saw Kodak rack up certifications including: gold-certified album ‘Painting Pictures’, 2x platinum single “Tunnel Vision”, and gold-certified track “Too Many Years (feat. PnB Rock)”. In 2017, Kodak Black was on both Rolling Stone’s and Complex’s “Best of 2017” lists, as well as Billboard’s “21 Under 21” list. As well, he released ‘Project Baby 2’ with the single “Codeine Dreaming”.

His 2018 mixtape ‘Heart Break Kodak’ went on to reach #15 on the US Top R\u0026B/Hip-Hop chart. Kodak later revealed his studio album ‘Dying to Live’, debuting #1 on the Billboard 200. The album featured “Testimony” and “Zeze (feat. Travis Scott \u0026 Offset)”, which earned #1 on the Top R\u0026B/Hip-Hop Songs and Billboard 200 charts.

He has also collaborated with major artists such as Gucci Mane and Bruno Mars on “Wake Up In The Sky” and XXXTentacion on “Roll In Peace”.

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  1. Valak Kalav

    Valak Kalav4 soat oldin

    Big up from Paris🗼 my bro

  2. Yugi

    Yugi4 soat oldin

    yooo fish head 2:20

  3. yp g

    yp g5 soat oldin

    I like watching it playback in 25x the videos dope and for those who want to hear him a bit more clear lol he do make up a lot of his own lingo though don’t forget this is Kodak

  4. yp g

    yp g5 soat oldin

    2:03 🙏🏽 continue staying on toes thank you for the music 🎵 goated

  5. Angel Quintana

    Angel Quintana5 soat oldin

    He’s talking bout the streets not a female duh

  6. RTV the Cosmic King

    RTV the Cosmic King5 soat oldin

    DAMN THEY PLAYING YALL, That's Kodak and his clone in the same video 😭 look closely !!!!!

  7. JOHNSERGIO Cesario Off

    JOHNSERGIO Cesario Off5 soat oldin

    Kòmante an kreyòl pou yo wè ayisyen avèk blak lan🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹💯💯

  8. Sircal Records

    Sircal Records5 soat oldin


  9. Johann Penaloza

    Johann Penaloza5 soat oldin

    I was goin thru shit when I was hearing dis

  10. Neckashi 69

    Neckashi 695 soat oldin

    Nigga got out an started spazzing even better 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚔️

  11. Darius Waddell

    Darius Waddell5 soat oldin

    Wear my size but u can't 🚶dese shoes 7.5...

  12. Ëm ン

    Ëm ン6 soat oldin


  13. XxSolidGrinderxX

    XxSolidGrinderxX6 soat oldin

    I listen to this when my head stressed to it's last nerve.💯💯💯😔😔😌

  14. Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis6 soat oldin


  15. Million Dollardream

    Million Dollardream6 soat oldin

    Whats the song in 0:18 ???

  16. Lazy 6ix

    Lazy 6ix6 soat oldin

    If u here in 2021 like dis 💫

  17. Manny Gill

    Manny Gill6 soat oldin

    The Triple Entendre with Fully Paid, Patek Philipe, and Felipe .... 🔥🔥🔥 this guy had timeeeee in jail

  18. Nisha Charley

    Nisha Charley6 soat oldin

    who here in 2021?

  19. Zasu

    Zasu7 soat oldin

    Who here in 2021

  20. Man Lee

    Man Lee7 soat oldin

    When i listen to this song i remenber lost series But i Don't now why

  21. joey 5555555

    joey 55555557 soat oldin


  22. Jesus Lopez

    Jesus Lopez7 soat oldin

    beat go hard afff

  23. Damares Costello

    Damares Costello7 soat oldin

    Shawty say she want credit card. I ain't even got no email

  24. Alan borges

    Alan borges7 soat oldin

    Xxx Tentación

  25. Jaydenterrell123 keiajay

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  26. Dj Deffy Montana

    Dj Deffy Montana7 soat oldin

    And another one 🔥⛽

  27. Esail Morales

    Esail Morales7 soat oldin

    I like the first part but when black singing this dog

  28. Rachel Kelly

    Rachel Kelly7 soat oldin

    " When you been thru what I been thru it be hard to pray " 💯💯💯💯

  29. top lillxx10

    top lillxx107 soat oldin

    Top 💯🔥💥

  30. xXxAdrian

    xXxAdrian7 soat oldin

    Real fans noticed xxxtentacion on 1:49

  31. Michael Heider

    Michael Heider7 soat oldin

    0:35 why so ugly? His parents didn't teach him manners. Problem with today's society.

  32. Kriston Sanon

    Kriston Sanon8 soat oldin

    Y’all don’t under stand what tf they saying

  33. Tommany Hayes

    Tommany Hayes8 soat oldin

    This beat screams ross

  34. Jason Don't Care

    Jason Don't Care8 soat oldin

    Whos here in 2030 lmao

  35. 727Burg boi Cabado

    727Burg boi Cabado8 soat oldin

    Im hungry its time for dinnnaaaaa

  36. Moizenvelli

    Moizenvelli8 soat oldin

    One of my favs off this album

  37. OxyDaTechnician

    OxyDaTechnician8 soat oldin

    this was my first kodak song in 2017

  38. Zachary Miller

    Zachary Miller8 soat oldin

    Syko went dumb

  39. Stanley Samedi

    Stanley Samedi8 soat oldin

    Site solèy wap vini kodak 🤣✌️

  40. Rell Alexander

    Rell Alexander8 soat oldin

    Okay kodak zzzzz i see you pop out alil bit

  41. SumayyahAK

    SumayyahAK9 soat oldin

    All but one has free form locs.

  42. Adam Vinglass

    Adam Vinglass9 soat oldin

    race batters

  43. Evan Captain Zoe

    Evan Captain Zoe9 soat oldin

    Heart made it eda

  44. Evan Captain Zoe

    Evan Captain Zoe9 soat oldin

    Sound in the heArt then no ocean and me low I care no

  45. Evan Captain Zoe

    Evan Captain Zoe9 soat oldin


  46. Evan Captain Zoe

    Evan Captain Zoe9 soat oldin

    Yes like the way I'm bored I tried u by saying fuck u I do drills and g checking

  47. Evan Captain Zoe

    Evan Captain Zoe9 soat oldin

    Fuck I made chi chi boys lol

  48. dadla oficial

    dadla oficial9 soat oldin

    Kodak black

  49. v splash

    v splash9 soat oldin

    No play play

  50. Legendary Billionaire

    Legendary Billionaire9 soat oldin

    Waiting for the man with the culture vulture bird tatted on his head so can b box , waiting on this ledge like I got reroc,tell him swoop down,I'm in the town I'm the culture crying, booted up I got by I had to slide,I can't ride with just any guy, I'm with this ghost I need something like I'm tryna fly like a eagle in the skies and I found a lil piece 🤔

  51. Call Me Greasy

    Call Me Greasy9 soat oldin

    1:25 where men fought BO2

  52. Joshua Hensel

    Joshua Hensel9 soat oldin

    Why this shit go so hard when u high

  53. v splash

    v splash9 soat oldin

    All day

  54. gameingwithjayy1

    gameingwithjayy110 soat oldin

    2021 comon

  55. v splash

    v splash10 soat oldin

    All day

  56. Andreah Mendez

    Andreah Mendez10 soat oldin

    At 0:40 - 0:42, love that sound

  57. Thegamergod Thegamergod

    Thegamergod Thegamergod10 soat oldin


  58. gameingwithjayy1

    gameingwithjayy110 soat oldin

    i love dis boi

  59. Dude Lonely Gaming

    Dude Lonely Gaming10 soat oldin

    Yooooo🥶. Play this at 1.25 speed 🤯😱 joint boomin📣📣

  60. dario jean

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  61. Tyler Gibson

    Tyler Gibson10 soat oldin

    Why the hell is this song not on iTunes ???

  62. Richie Escobar

    Richie Escobar10 soat oldin

    I really fuck with this fo real

  63. John Nelson

    John Nelson10 soat oldin

    I love this beat!!

  64. Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson10 soat oldin


  65. Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson10 soat oldin

    I love this kodac is one the best rappers I ever listened to

  66. Chris Clash

    Chris Clash11 soat oldin

    She know a ni**@ stuntin like a power ranger!

  67. Diana

    Diana11 soat oldin

    Amazing Kodak Black

  68. Allincia Nicholas

    Allincia Nicholas11 soat oldin

    Playing suduku

  69. Ty Ty

    Ty Ty11 soat oldin

    2021 in the fed chillin.

  70. Norris

    Norris11 soat oldin

    Still rockin this is 2021

  71. Maggy GAMING

    Maggy GAMING11 soat oldin

    Why tf didn’t they put a beat over

  72. Jared Rego

    Jared Rego11 soat oldin

    Went off should do more with the same peeps 🔥

  73. Armando Answers jr

    Armando Answers jr11 soat oldin

    hope you beat them demons kodak, im fighting them too. love peace, and many blessings!

  74. AD00 0

    AD00 011 soat oldin

    huge miami vibe to this

  75. N&M L&M

    N&M L&M11 soat oldin

    This song really brings memories

  76. Drippy

    Drippy11 soat oldin

    Blacks, Hispanics and native Americans are Israelites

  77. Drippy

    Drippy11 soat oldin

    Blacks, Hispanics and native Americans are Israelites

  78. Drippy

    Drippy11 soat oldin

    Blacks, Hispanics and native Americans are Israelites

  79. 509Yuhgeen Boy

    509Yuhgeen Boy12 soat oldin

    2021 Ole KickBacc Song Aye 🌴💰💯🔥 gettin high ass hell!! Vibein doe 💪🏽💨