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Genshin Impact is an open-world action game proudly presented by miHoYo. In the world of Teyvat - where all kinds of elemental powers constantly surge - epic adventures await, fearless travelers!

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  1. Maria

    Maria7 soat oldin

    this hits real different when childe still hasnt come home 😭😭😭😭🤘🤘

  2. phxbrd123

    phxbrd1237 soat oldin

    so what were the words he said?

  3. Felix Evan

    Felix Evan8 soat oldin


  4. jp lends

    jp lends8 soat oldin

    seria muito loco se genshin fosse um anime

  5. shimercakes blanker

    shimercakes blanker8 soat oldin

    Hi have dowloaded is my laptop, thanks i love genshin impact

  6. RealGirlChip

    RealGirlChip8 soat oldin

    Idk why it's so funny how Amber was like "Xiao a hand" as if they literally knew each other Like yes this cute outrider knows the conquer of demons

  7. RealGirlChip

    RealGirlChip8 soat oldin

    If only she knew the amount of reddit hate she'd get a year later

  8. はここにありますアルジョイッシュ

    はここにありますアルジョイッシュ8 soat oldin

    Should have been a 5-star tsk tsk*

  9. Cathleen Ivana

    Cathleen Ivana8 soat oldin

    i get goosebumps even on my 49th time watching this

  10. Guilherme Leite

    Guilherme Leite8 soat oldin

    2:56, that guy took the lire from windblume festival to a whole another level

  11. Gustavo Sierra

    Gustavo Sierra8 soat oldin

    1:33 DB GT vibes?

  12. Alien13xd 17

    Alien13xd 178 soat oldin

    They should put the game on xbox

  13. William Nguyen

    William Nguyen8 soat oldin

    am i the only one who actually wants to see venti and venessa relationship. Like were people wondering why the grand master was hanging out with a bard?

  14. xXAssassinXx

    xXAssassinXx8 soat oldin

    So that was the Destruction of Khaenri'ah

  15. Naxus Nexus

    Naxus Nexus8 soat oldin

    do you guys think cyno is electro, pyro or geo?

  16. Kiorii-Chan

    Kiorii-Chan8 soat oldin

    This trailer hits different after the new archon quest 😔


    GAE FUJOSHI8 soat oldin

    Hawkmoth looking real good

  18. Maddie

    Maddie8 soat oldin

    I wish I got her please make her banner come back!

  19. Maddie

    Maddie8 soat oldin

    Omg she needs to come back for Halloween PLEASE

  20. Ruby Bby

    Ruby Bby8 soat oldin

    Elegantly cries tears of joy He's coming back for those who didn't get him

  21. Maddie

    Maddie9 soat oldin

    Please let Hu Taos banner come back. I want her so badly.

  22. Sabbath The Chicken

    Sabbath The Chicken9 soat oldin

    SPOILERS: If Khaenri'ah is destroyed, then how the Traveler will get there ? Perhaps a return in the past ? I mean, if we return to a past Khaenri'ah, it would explain why Khaenri'ah act is not the seven act in the timeline, but a unknown act ? Yes, there's the final act with the sea of flowers who have not number, but I think the final act will be... well, the ending of the game. And the name of the Khaenri'ah act is "The Dream Yet To Be Dreamed", so maybe Dainsleif dream is to save Khaenri'ah from destruction and rewrite history ? Also, Dainsleif will probably fail again because of another antagonist ? Let's not forget the fact that Dainsleif say "But I say that we humans have our humanity. We will defy this world with a power from beyond", or maybe Dainsleif's gonna pull off a Thanos and eradicate gods with a powerful type of Khemia (well Thanos in the MCU don't want to kill gods but you know what I want to say). Well, that's just a sketchy theory and I have no actual prove to my theory. I'm probably overanalyzing this trailer because I'm hype for the story. Sorry for my bad english !

  23. Genocidal Maniac

    Genocidal Maniac9 soat oldin

    So basically, we are murdering the mutated people of Khaenri'ah for ascension materials... Neat.

  24. awandhaway

    awandhaway9 soat oldin

    My brain couldn’t handle all the lores and theories for now, so I’m just going to cry over the music that plays in this video. It sounds epic and bitter at the same time. 😢 Also please don’t tell me that we still have to wait for 5-10 years for this one particular soundtrack to be released. 😭

  25. Turtlstick

    Turtlstick9 soat oldin

    i love how this game came out faster on the PS5 than the switch, money hungry devs maybe?

  26. Larry Poppins

    Larry Poppins9 soat oldin

    Ypu want to know what pisses me off? I'm getting ads for a game that *ISN'T COMPATIBLE WITH MY MOBILE DEVICE*

  27. roseate

    roseate9 soat oldin

    I could probably loop this and fall asleep to it

  28. Kekuruvin

    Kekuruvin9 soat oldin

    The fragile fantasy man TT

  29. Qiqi Xky

    Qiqi Xky9 soat oldin

    Emmmmmm. Aether is the real canon !


    HANATE GASUKI OSANA9 soat oldin

    みほよ だれですか

  31. Racine XG

    Racine XG9 soat oldin


  32. PharaohMTF

    PharaohMTF9 soat oldin

    There’s something about her that I like I just don’t know what ................................

  33. sean gabriel cortiguerra

    sean gabriel cortiguerra9 soat oldin


  34. Falan Jaiklangduk

    Falan Jaiklangduk9 soat oldin

    (me) crying and re-visit here again after playing 1.4 storyline

  35. Kitsune

    Kitsune9 soat oldin

    69 noice

  36. Alice Yuan

    Alice Yuan9 soat oldin

    omg that bank gbm is so freaking good *chef kiss*

  37. Jason Cornelio Effendi

    Jason Cornelio Effendi9 soat oldin

    Spoiler alert. i came here after the latest archon quest (We will be reunited quest) and the Abyss is doing some stuff with the keyword "Loom of Fate". and dain says "Defeat me, command me to step aside. Show me that you are worthier than i to rescue her. Then, the threads of all fate will be yours to re-weave"... idk but i think its some how connected to the end of our Journey, and also in the character screen, in Lumine/Aether profile, theres "Loom of fate" maybe this project will be a big plot for the end of the story

  38. Ziheng Chen

    Ziheng Chen9 soat oldin

    I wish to attend a concert by this orchestra on Genshin impact songs. Can anyone tell me if they sell any tickets?

  39. clouden the kid

    clouden the kid10 soat oldin


  40. Filbert Hita Kumaro

    Filbert Hita Kumaro10 soat oldin

    Thanks for creating such great songs.. Literally breathless when listening this..

  41. Alezzkun V

    Alezzkun V10 soat oldin

    0:40 khaenri :(

  42. natx

    natx10 soat oldin



    DOUGHBOI10 soat oldin

    We finally know the place that was getting destroyed

  44. Amber XV

    Amber XV10 soat oldin

    Please rerun wheeeen?

  45. Ana Maria Okropiridze

    Ana Maria Okropiridze10 soat oldin

    How does this have less views than qiqi cheese promotional teaser

  46. Alyssa Marie

    Alyssa Marie10 soat oldin

    I'm coming back here now because of the latest archon quest, and I just have soooo many questions. - If this story is about the twins, then are they from Celestia? Or are they from a different kingdom on par with Celestia or something? - Assuming the first mentioned crowned heir is Lumine/the other sibling (I chose Lumine as my traveller so this would be Aether on my part), the part in the latest quest about the other sibling waking up first checks out (and that part about them "[travelling] this world once"). But then again, SO THEY WEREN'T TRAVELLING? THEY ACTUALLY HAD A MISSION? - "This is a story of your journey, a tale to be told", so it's right, this is us. Which means first and foremost, even before the game, we actually had something to do with the Abyss Order. But what? I SOOO LOVE the lore of this game. I keep on revisiting old videos to check which parts check out. But it's also soooooooo frustrating knowing we won't know the end of this maybe for at least 10 years or so hahahaha

  47. Majestic

    Majestic10 soat oldin

    There is so much more content and this game is already doing so good! Maybe we should get some more free wishes... 🥺😳

  48. zhongli _

    zhongli _10 soat oldin

    My mom : it’s just a phase she’ll grow out of it Me : it’s not a phase it’s a lifestyle I am aware that I am not the first person to say this

  49. Justin Erguiza

    Justin Erguiza10 soat oldin

    1:10 ruin guard laser

  50. Zeckio

    Zeckio10 soat oldin


  51. Isolated Anonymous

    Isolated Anonymous10 soat oldin

    I need to know the ost names 😐

  52. LimHX -

    LimHX -11 soat oldin

    1:17 my parents when they yell at me

  53. 海浪

    海浪11 soat oldin

    I love Tartaglia's voice soo much, it really suits him!

  54. qué?

    qué?11 soat oldin

    So...this is the guy who got bamboozled and tricked by a coworker and a broke grandpa? i n t e r e s t i n g

  55. Background Character J

    Background Character J11 soat oldin

    Diona's personality: Screaming sad cat meme

  56. 海浪

    海浪11 soat oldin

    This mountain must hit different if your main is Tartaglia and you know he misses his snowy homeland and this "Finale of the Snowtomb" starts to play ㅠ-ㅠ

  57. mikavamp_

    mikavamp_11 soat oldin

    day 2 of watching this up 'til his rerun. :D

  58. Gavin Vengeance

    Gavin Vengeance11 soat oldin

    Damn!... re-watching this after the latest story quest REALLY makes Dainsleif's dialogue MUCH more understandable! What a masterpiece!!!

  59. 海浪

    海浪11 soat oldin

    This is the best game I have ever played. Very interesting plot, lots of events, creators ask about players' opinions to improve game and it seems like they actually care about maintaining healthy community and keeping things easy and player-friendly, not so pay to win, one can obtain many things for free, nice pretty and handsome characters, and those stunning graphics and beautiful ost, I often just leave everything I was doing and stop for a moment to admire the view and listen to music. And what's also important for me - no PvP and no other players on map. I prefer PvE, so I can finally go on adventures and exploration and don't worry about being killed in the middle of the process or having items stolen by other people. Thank you miHoYo for this game!

  60. LuiBei1994

    LuiBei199412 soat oldin


  61. Rosereade

    Rosereade12 soat oldin


  62. Mochuuu saza

    Mochuuu saza12 soat oldin

    A New Day With Hope is like "Hm :)) :(("

  63. Mangogogogo

    Mangogogogo12 soat oldin

    14mil views lmao

  64. Reux

    Reux12 soat oldin

    If you all didn't know there's one question on nowadays exams that goes: "Will this video get to 2M Views or will the game be released before that goal?" *Now* tell me the answer, *go on I'm waiting.*

  65. ALien

    ALien12 soat oldin

    Пришла сюда для того, чтобы зардиться энергию и наконец выбить себе Розарию, а то всё луки да луки 😶

  66. Hello Internet

    Hello Internet12 soat oldin

    i wish the music played more in the game

  67. Valerie Animagus

    Valerie Animagus12 soat oldin

    *ALL HAIL THE C E O OF G E O* 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️ He's fricking awesome!!! And this music is just-👌 Mihoyo really has some skill with their characters! Although, I can't help but think of Kung-Fu Panda when I watch this XDD

  68. the kookiecat

    the kookiecat12 soat oldin


  69. 0-0 Random person

    0-0 Random person13 soat oldin

    Why am I simpin for the dude who’s scared🧍he’s mad adorable

  70. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  71. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  72. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  73. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  74. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  75. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  76. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  77. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  78. Charms

    Charms13 soat oldin

    Pls add trading characters

  79. nao

    nao13 soat oldin


  80. Dicky Wira

    Dicky Wira13 soat oldin

    I like it...