This video channel, by Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) is dedicated to entertaining viewers with world-class feats of strength while humbly teaching others to become stronger in body and mind so that they can achieve whatever they believe in.

We will visit popular topics like strongman diet and nutrition, strongman workouts and routines and go thoroughly into proper form, technique equipment.

We'll talk about professional and amateur strongmen coaching and instruction. Brian Shaw prepares year-round for strongman competitions in the USA and around the world. Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and is dedicated to be an ambassador of the strongman sport.

  1. Erik Whitmire

    Erik WhitmireSoat oldin

    Should of got Everyman to try it w yall

  2. Sam Lifts

    Sam LiftsSoat oldin

    Love all your content. Super helpful. Thank you Brian!

  3. blake

    blakeSoat oldin

    kill em with kindness brother

  4. Kuro Ryu Dai Ryu

    Kuro Ryu Dai RyuSoat oldin


  5. Joseph Paoo

    Joseph Paoo2 soat oldin

    I hope Brian does a follow up to this vlog

  6. TortillasAreNotBiceps

    TortillasAreNotBiceps2 soat oldin

    When you're able to hoist an NFL lineman overhead with one arm.

  7. kunyu bunana

    kunyu bunana2 soat oldin

    He just had a khabib wrestling flash back when brian was at top of him lol

  8. SNP 94

    SNP 943 soat oldin

    This was the one of the coolest videos ever!

  9. sampurna dutta

    sampurna dutta3 soat oldin

    I am 16 and just joined the gym but still seeing him press my deadlift working sets with thomas inch dumbbells is demotivating 😂

  10. Raging Warrior

    Raging Warrior3 soat oldin

    P4P Dustin won... :)

  11. Louis Hoey

    Louis Hoey3 soat oldin

    great training b your getting ready that's for shore 👍🏼💪🏽. and the music choice r I p dmx we lost a legend in the game.

  12. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas3 soat oldin

    When in Rome....

  13. Prince Duncan

    Prince Duncan3 soat oldin

    Dana whites been on that gear

  14. tonyhickq

    tonyhickq3 soat oldin

    If you are his size you have to buy 2 seats, sorry that's life. He didn't just get that big on the way to the airline. Even his mate " yeah I'm Okay, but maybe he isn't ".

  15. Aunty Viral

    Aunty Viral3 soat oldin

    DMX playing in the background... hats off Mr Shaw.

  16. Rlasco25

    Rlasco253 soat oldin

    How much diabetes?

  17. Abdallah Abdallah

    Abdallah Abdallah3 soat oldin

    do you cry everytime you watch or remember when big boy put you to shame with them dumbbell presses? lol

  18. Jacob Freeman

    Jacob Freeman4 soat oldin

    Imagine you’re a thief and you pick this house to rob, you break in all sneaky, creeping around middle of the night and you see 6’8” 400lb Brian Shaw at his fridge eating a greasy half live chicken leg. Also I really think she can’t wait to get furniture.

  19. steven muller

    steven muller4 soat oldin

    Arm triangle did nothing

  20. The Boi Who Kraves Krave

    The Boi Who Kraves Krave4 soat oldin

    14:13 bicep slice sub

  21. Madison Bradford

    Madison Bradford4 soat oldin

    Them UFC fighters ain’t ready for CrossFit bench marks

  22. Rebo2bsk

    Rebo2bsk4 soat oldin

    I saw Brian working on the arms. Look down at my phone . Then I hear song at 11:00 I was like oh snap. I’m watching DDE. Then I saw Brian was still working out. What a brain fart. Lol

  23. Paul Rollins Jr.

    Paul Rollins Jr.6 soat oldin

    I think it would be awesome for you to do a training video with Braun Stroman ex strongman and current Wrestling champion if it doesnt interfer with schedules

  24. Soniya Kashyap

    Soniya Kashyap6 soat oldin

    Please Brian Dont let me down on this... I want u to see with 5x title....

  25. Martin Ramirez Mi5

    Martin Ramirez Mi56 soat oldin

    I like the Spice Girls too Eddie!

  26. Gerad Vindicating

    Gerad Vindicating6 soat oldin

    Gentle giant and a beast at the same time

  27. Jimmie Lee 3

    Jimmie Lee 36 soat oldin

    I like how he is listening to dmx while training

  28. MoleQle

    MoleQle6 soat oldin

    Later that night they stripped the paint off a picnic table with their farts.

  29. J H

    J H6 soat oldin

    Imagine that shit dropping on your foot

  30. C.ell

    C.ell6 soat oldin

    When his wife set down the shake, Shaw looked like a sad, jealous puppy and it is hilarious. Also, Shaw is WSM, but is taken down by brussel sprouts. Just terrific

  31. Nestor Ramirez

    Nestor Ramirez6 soat oldin

    Looking great bruh

  32. Lostpause Jr

    Lostpause Jr7 soat oldin


  33. Edragyz

    Edragyz7 soat oldin

    Go get 5 and at least tie for strongest over time.

  34. sou saelee

    sou saelee7 soat oldin

    Breaking news. Dustin got 20 bones broken playing with a real life giant

  35. skyler kendall

    skyler kendall7 soat oldin


  36. UDK BUSH

    UDK BUSH7 soat oldin

    That was a great Hack Trick....Thanks Shaw

  37. TheModer8ter

    TheModer8ter7 soat oldin

    John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven.

  38. I Am Real Eyes

    I Am Real Eyes8 soat oldin

    Man...that's a spicy poor but man this was great to watch ...ughh I could just imagine passing it the next morning 💩💥

  39. I Am Real Eyes

    I Am Real Eyes8 soat oldin

    They barely fit side by side in the camera

  40. Dean Smith

    Dean Smith8 soat oldin

    Your looking amazing Brian and clearly training soooo hard for this, lets see it B!

  41. Connor Isham

    Connor Isham8 soat oldin

    Last year he looked massive, this year he still looks massive but defined and leaner! Hope you kill it Brian!

  42. Pat55

    Pat558 soat oldin

    F^cking jacked! Damn this video got me hyped up! Looking forward to this years WSM!!

  43. Pat f

    Pat f8 soat oldin

    What a baki character looks like in real life

  44. Horacio Zimmer

    Horacio Zimmer8 soat oldin

    This guy will be the new champion

  45. 5koby4

    5koby49 soat oldin

    First I find out about wonderboy and Kentucky ballistics now I see Dustin and Brian can't believe I'm seeing all these great crossovers.

  46. Zimmer Stone

    Zimmer Stone9 soat oldin

    Thats a tight shirt. Oh wait its a 5xl =O

  47. Fovoz

    Fovoz9 soat oldin


  48. liam drew

    liam drew9 soat oldin


  49. Daniel Galloway

    Daniel Galloway9 soat oldin

    What does a grip shirt do and how does it help? Is it just like compression shorts but a shirt?

  50. Tt Ss

    Tt Ss9 soat oldin

    should collab with Demolition Ranch??? It would be cool to see Matt get strongman advice as well as see you try to shoot the gold Barrett 50. one handed..

  51. Reaper Grimm

    Reaper Grimm9 soat oldin

    Definitely enjoyed watching this collab!!! Was fun to watch

  52. pordoncojinhoeface totardio-millsniffius

    pordoncojinhoeface totardio-millsniffius9 soat oldin

    How are either of them going to do it? He's going to waste away to nothing and she is going to have to liquify the food.

  53. Victor Ham

    Victor Ham9 soat oldin

    I remember being 22 and doing flys with 100’s. And working out with Trey Brewer at 26 doing 130’s for 12. Oh the good ole days.

  54. Angel Canarte

    Angel Canarte10 soat oldin

    Khabib flashbacks


    VYLH HDWQ10 soat oldin

    I feel sorry for the toilet

  56. BR Big Ben

    BR Big Ben10 soat oldin

    Hot take re: Shaw Classic. It should always be Brian's best events, because he is the standard of strength and the objective should be to beat him at his own game. Hehachi from Tekken did it- so should Brian Shaw.

  57. Inmys1ghts0

    Inmys1ghts010 soat oldin

    Imagine a BJJ blue belt Brian Shaw!!!!

  58. Jonathan Barnes

    Jonathan Barnes10 soat oldin

    Nice to hear Brian listening to dmx 😎

  59. DJ UwU

    DJ UwU11 soat oldin

    Literally 1/2 of the submissions they teach you in BJJ doesn't work on Brian....just cause he's too big for you to get a grip around him! And my takeaway is don't even try submissions if he's on top of just stay on the feet....and running like its a cardio workout! lol


    AVERAGE GAMER11 soat oldin

    Brain started to sound like thor


    AVERAGE GAMER11 soat oldin

    Watching this while drinking a ice cold glass of milk

  62. christian

    christian11 soat oldin

    i love this episode

  63. DJ UwU

    DJ UwU11 soat oldin

    David and Goliath....all I could think about!!! 😂😂😂

  64. James Chanbonpin

    James Chanbonpin11 soat oldin

    You're a great sport man

  65. Kcrumz

    Kcrumz11 soat oldin

    First this comment section is hilarious!!! Second I wish strongman talked openly about ped’s I’d love to know what you’re running.

  66. Drixxles Blvs

    Drixxles Blvs11 soat oldin

    Why did they get kicked out?

  67. Jonathan Lyons

    Jonathan Lyons11 soat oldin

    I need some 4xl sleeves for evolution athletics and they still outta stock. And my birthday poster came in wrinkled and wadded 😢, but at least you signed it for me. I still think you’re the man though. Good luck! I’m cheering for you bud.

  68. Daniel J. McCloud

    Daniel J. McCloud12 soat oldin

    When the dude was on his back, couldn't the Mountain just have jumped onto his own back, crushing him?!

  69. Justdre_ _

    Justdre_ _12 soat oldin

    Dude in the hat was super annoying. Much better video without him. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️

  70. Callumrook24

    Callumrook2412 soat oldin

    Great interview two amazing athletes and down to earth guys

  71. King James

    King James12 soat oldin

    My back hurts watching this

  72. Shaolin M

    Shaolin M12 soat oldin

    U cant get up when Brian have side control Lmao

  73. Spence B

    Spence B12 soat oldin

    That training sequence at the end with the music fired me up! Time to go train💪🏼

  74. TheDreno33

    TheDreno3312 soat oldin

    @22:22 - 2 years later and Eddie still makes me yawn. Mfer contagious

  75. Veronika Strickler

    Veronika Strickler12 soat oldin

    Change the title to Dustin poirier not UFC fighter

  76. Chubby Joe

    Chubby Joe12 soat oldin

    You don’t want to drop that on your foot

  77. Defiant1 King

    Defiant1 King13 soat oldin

    Carolina reaper time !!!

  78. DysfunctionalBubble

    DysfunctionalBubble13 soat oldin

    I mean, he is Demetri Rex after all.


    ABOTTSTORMGOD13 soat oldin

    You got DMX screaming at you for extra power. Yes sir!!

  80. Alex omelanczuk

    Alex omelanczuk13 soat oldin

    Brian Shaw during lift 👺😈👹😤😡🤬 Brian Shaw post lift 🤗🧚‍♂️👨‍🍼😊😎😛