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My PC:
Case: Define S2 Vision Blackout
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU Cooling: Iron Tundra Hardline [CPU Only]
Motherboard: ASUS Prime x570-PRO
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
M.2 Storage: Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 1TB
Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB HDD
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Super
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x 850 Watt 80 Plus GOld
Networking: Standard Onboard Ethernet
System: Windows 10 64-Bit

  1. Krishna Rohira

    Krishna Rohira19 soat oldin

    In 4:15 he is literally breaking hay bales with gold when he already has an stone hoe

  2. Jake Locke

    Jake Locke19 soat oldin

    This is all I have left after GG

  3. JV Horror customs

    JV Horror customs19 soat oldin

    Babe wake up Paul uploaded!

  4. King Silver

    King Silver19 soat oldin

    ... am i missing something? WHY IS THE MOON A CIRCLE?!

  5. TommyCrafted

    TommyCrafted19 soat oldin

    I'm super excited for 300 days


    SÜAV3KXÑG19 soat oldin

    NANI isn't Minecraft sun suppose to be square🤔🤔🤔🤔


    ONURITO PLAYZ19 soat oldin

    Hey Paul how u got my seed 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Markjello Goula

    Markjello Goula19 soat oldin

    5:59 wtf he's breaking it with a stone pickaxe

  9. oofidroppedmyegg

    oofidroppedmyegg19 soat oldin

    U should do this one with skratch

  10. Matthew Walach

    Matthew Walach19 soat oldin

    You should do this with Skratch or cookie

  11. Arts&Crafts Edits

    Arts&Crafts Edits19 soat oldin

    Come on guyssss WE MUST BEAT ACOOKIEGOD subscribe to NotPaulGG!!!!!! I support you Paul :)

  12. Eternity Prevails

    Eternity Prevails19 soat oldin

    What shader is he using to make the sky look like that?

  13. Elias Schuler

    Elias Schuler19 soat oldin

    Instead of op Paul it is op mods

  14. Jeet Leake

    Jeet Leake19 soat oldin

    Whyyyy dont you enchant ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. Toby Lester

    Toby Lester19 soat oldin

    I like the hardcore stuff they are fun to watch :D

  16. Darknessdwell

    Darknessdwell19 soat oldin

    Wow the design of the sky is gorgeous

  17. wouter doornewaard

    wouter doornewaard19 soat oldin

    In my survival world i spawned really close to the fortress but it doesn't has any nether warts 😑😔😿

  18. Genau so

    Genau so19 soat oldin

    Why is his Voice like Brendon Urie's?

  19. Da Uhloweme

    Da Uhloweme19 soat oldin

    I mean this with the upmost respect, these "minecraft but" videos that are not challenging you are boring as fuck, your a good minecraft player and videos like this are far more entertaining than your previous two of chests give op loot and crafting gives op enchants

  20. Basem Legend - باسم الاسطورة

    Basem Legend - باسم الاسطورة19 soat oldin

    👁️ 👁️⁩ 👄

  21. EDM POP

    EDM POP19 soat oldin

    Paul has an heo breaks hay with hand Me:that's illegal

  22. JuJu Krys

    JuJu Krys19 soat oldin

    This was an awesome video.

  23. Keenan Domingue

    Keenan Domingue19 soat oldin

    What happened to gg you guys haven’t posted in a long time

  24. Manchild0_0

    Manchild0_019 soat oldin

    When you gather terracotta instead of smelling clay

  25. Zeenat Ullah

    Zeenat Ullah19 soat oldin


  26. Rowen Samuel

    Rowen Samuel19 soat oldin

    paulgg go to the dubel house thes a chest

  27. Supercrafter 22

    Supercrafter 2219 soat oldin

    Why didn't you dig down.

  28. Ori Lisaey

    Ori Lisaey19 soat oldin

    Pls do 600 days minecraft hardcore in an only ocean world

  29. Kavitha Hawaldar

    Kavitha Hawaldar19 soat oldin

    You obvs gonna beat cookie

  30. Miguel Nunes

    Miguel Nunes19 soat oldin

    please paul put portuguese subtitles 🇵 🇱 🇸 🇸 🇸 🇸

  31. Alison Davies

    Alison Davies19 soat oldin

    Why are there soo many creepers Naruto running

  32. Gabriel Brendel

    Gabriel Brendel19 soat oldin

    Why did he crafted a hoe but used his fist for the hay bales 🤨

  33. Haiden Coble

    Haiden Coble19 soat oldin

    *nobody noticing he has a hoe in his inventory but still breaks the wheat with his hands

  34. 3y313ss YT

    3y313ss YT19 soat oldin


  35. Fazeblood

    Fazeblood19 soat oldin

    Pall makes stone hoe but the use gold ingot to brake hay

  36. Perez Famailia

    Perez Famailia19 soat oldin

    next paul should have someone code when you break a block you get random op effects

  37. it's yagirl Angelina

    it's yagirl Angelina19 soat oldin

    You have done one when you get taller and bigger every minute you should do one where you shrink

  38. Ërîçå Štîłłš

    Ërîçå Štîłłš19 soat oldin

    stopped my job application to watch this. much more important use of my time.

  39. Afif AffanD

    Afif AffanD19 soat oldin


  40. Little Sleeepy

    Little Sleeepy19 soat oldin

    he could have said what hoppin every time he sees something with jump boost

  41. wee woosad

    wee woosad19 soat oldin

    alternative title name: 17 minutes of Paul fearing for his life

  42. flamesquad llamas

    flamesquad llamas19 soat oldin

    Y the hell is the sky so realistic????

  43. Aariz Marufi

    Aariz Marufi19 soat oldin

    pls continue planet craft

  44. Mikolaj Srodka

    Mikolaj Srodka19 soat oldin

    Imagine the creeper that can EXPLODE! That would be terrifying.

  45. Ajax MK6

    Ajax MK619 soat oldin

    u can buy lapis from cleric villagers

  46. Chunkymonke Bob

    Chunkymonke Bob19 soat oldin

    Fish out of water

  47. Future Healer

    Future Healer19 soat oldin

    Who else was hoping kb

  48. Matte 04

    Matte 0419 soat oldin

    Bee with jump boost be like

  49. Mattix Parson

    Mattix Parson19 soat oldin

    Bigg fan bro keep up the great work

  50. Craig McPherson

    Craig McPherson19 soat oldin

    7:41 The Apocalypse XD

  51. Jennifer Wolf

    Jennifer Wolf19 soat oldin

    You can get podzol from wandering trader‘s and then you can turn it into dirt

  52. Shaurya Yadav

    Shaurya Yadav19 soat oldin

    What if someone had invisibility

  53. Joe Asmar

    Joe Asmar19 soat oldin

    Love you love everything you do 💗

  54. Rawan Almudahki

    Rawan Almudahki19 soat oldin

    Paul with another spicy video 🔥

  55. Ruben Smit

    Ruben Smit19 soat oldin

    I can feel the SPICEYNESS just feom the intro

  56. GabrexRealm

    GabrexRealm19 soat oldin

    3:28 OMG i never noticed the texture pack before, that's actually beautiful.

  57. Nathaniel Waggoner

    Nathaniel Waggoner19 soat oldin

    Why was the moon circular?!?!? Hello....

  58. Azmi Halim

    Azmi Halim19 soat oldin

    That dragon is 1000% much more OP

  59. Timothy Fuller

    Timothy Fuller19 soat oldin

    Paul if you love Pokemon and minecraft so much why don't you do a pixelmon 100 day?

  60. Fitse Bling

    Fitse Bling19 soat oldin


  61. Falcon Art

    Falcon Art19 soat oldin

    Plz do it again

  62. QARNAX

    QARNAX19 soat oldin

    Are you Jake Paul GG? because I watch you "EVERYDAY BRO"

  63. Jackson Roche

    Jackson Roche19 soat oldin

    I figured out if you did a little bit then put 4-5 tnt in a 2x2x3 box, there is almost an 80% chance of finding ancient debris.

  64. Wizard Tunic

    Wizard Tunic19 soat oldin

    I love that he has 3 stacks of diamond blocks and iron tools in the intro

  65. ThE MiCkEy ChAnEl

    ThE MiCkEy ChAnEl19 soat oldin

    Pls more

  66. Aaryan Datta

    Aaryan Datta19 soat oldin

    Wait is paul using a texture pack? MY PRAYS FROM REDDIT HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!

  67. Gabriel Leaf

    Gabriel Leaf19 soat oldin

    Omg this is why you should trust the enderdragon, just: FALCON PUNCH