Dude Perfect Plus
  1. Evie Evelyn

    Evie Evelyn9 soat oldin

    It literally went in the bounced of the dang freaking thing

  2. Pranshu Sodhani

    Pranshu Sodhani15 soat oldin

    Thanks for this bonus and bloopers dude perfect 👍❤️❤️👍👍 love your videos

  3. TheBoltimus

    TheBoltimus15 soat oldin

    Y’all better cherish these editors

  4. sujith rs175

    sujith rs17516 soat oldin

    If ty quits dp almost 70 to 80 percent watch will not be there

  5. Özgür Acar

    Özgür Acar16 soat oldin


  6. Frank Welch

    Frank Welch17 soat oldin

    Never quit Garrett!! You are too good for that man! Every defeat will make your inevitable future victory all that much sweeter and more glorious. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

  7. Iluminal Fn

    Iluminal Fn19 soat oldin


  8. Charles Salazar

    Charles SalazarKun oldin

    5:40 what are those called my childhood hit me like a truck

  9. Somasundar M

    Somasundar MKun oldin

    Poor tt

  10. Hallie Warner

    Hallie WarnerKun oldin

    Tys face looks like he just wants to scream

  11. Anish Korrapati

    Anish KorrapatiKun oldin

    It is Importical!! When it is very BLOOPIES!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Trace Tharpe

    Trace TharpeKun oldin

    Ty is a good Tiger King

  13. Trace Tharpe

    Trace TharpeKun oldin

    Do yall think Cory is a good Harry Potter becuase I dont

  14. Trace Tharpe

    Trace TharpeKun oldin

    So Funny Tyler Toney HAHA

  15. PikachuJaden

    PikachuJadenKun oldin


  16. Goaty Gaming

    Goaty GamingKun oldin

    2:34 Who do you think would win? Goku from dragon ball Z/Super or all of Harry Potter?

  17. Grayson Grzybowski

    Grayson GrzybowskiKun oldin

    It’s not yoda it is a species of

  18. Lalene Ebbesen

    Lalene EbbesenKun oldin

    Nice voice Cory

  19. SamD2010

    SamD2010Kun oldin

    And i like BTSER"S as our name not bounsers.

  20. SamD2010

    SamD2010Kun oldin

    don't quit.

  21. William Stevens

    William StevensKun oldin


  22. Sophie Eckwood

    Sophie EckwoodKun oldin

    congrats TY you did it!!!!!!!

  23. Mike Tan

    Mike TanKun oldin

    Every 10 secs a commercial?

  24. Johanna Mulder

    Johanna MulderKun oldin

    Purple Hoser!

  25. dolita windo

    dolita windoKun oldin

    be a youtube star" So cute

  26. asim khan

    asim khanKun oldin

    yo garrett ma man, bro most of us r here to be entertained and let me tell u we r highly entertained with everything u guys do. so take it easy on urself

  27. JRB Drums

    JRB Drums2 kun oldin

    anyone know the intro song?

  28. Kobe Rock

    Kobe Rock2 kun oldin


  29. Matt Vivo

    Matt Vivo2 kun oldin

    its kinda weird seeing them pretend to be kids when most of them have beards

  30. LuGoGaming

    LuGoGaming2 kun oldin

    Work smarter not harder Garret

  31. Jame Mai

    Jame Mai2 kun oldin

    Is that Table made out of candy 🍭 wood? Candy 🍭 Wood is probably a thing like Candy Glass.

  32. Nate K

    Nate K2 kun oldin

    Heinies is way better than bts'ers or inside crew

  33. Lexi Rodriguez

    Lexi Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    Try harder Garrett!! You've got this. 👊🏼

  34. ToxxSick Lemons

    ToxxSick Lemons2 kun oldin


  35. BlitzGaming

    BlitzGaming2 kun oldin

    Helicopters for egg drop part 2 gonna be amazing

  36. Hee Yun

    Hee Yun2 kun oldin

    I love it When ty rages my fav part is ty RAGING and hitting on the blue trampoline 😂😂😅🤣🤣😹😹😹

  37. Mandy Baker

    Mandy Baker2 kun oldin

    you guys are the absolute best. garret if you quit dude perfect wont be a thing any more. every single member makes it count. one thing can you make a paint ball battle

  38. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi2 kun oldin

    I'm curious how many people will be first again🤔

  39. Grebenchuk Family

    Grebenchuk Family2 kun oldin

    Me huge fan

  40. Tianyia

    Tianyia2 kun oldin

    You should add : The bad explaining game guy

  41. Sean Parks

    Sean Parks2 kun oldin

    I’m still Tram Purple Hoser! He’s the every man

  42. Tessa Hime

    Tessa Hime2 kun oldin

    “They’re stuck in my undies!” Ty

  43. Mark Jurilla

    Mark Jurilla2 kun oldin


  44. Suraiya Jabeen

    Suraiya Jabeen3 kun oldin

    Blooper is longer that the episode

  45. doliio volay

    doliio volay3 kun oldin

    To Garret :Don't give up you will reach your goal

  46. Biana Vacker

    Biana Vacker3 kun oldin

    Question? What is up with them and BTS?!?!?!

  47. Dina Fuselier

    Dina Fuselier3 kun oldin

    I love the part where coby was naming random things and then someone throws an egg into his hair!!!😂🥚

  48. Ava Cline

    Ava Cline3 kun oldin

    1:30 where did you get that whistle

  49. MrSaxophonist

    MrSaxophonist3 kun oldin

    “LARRY” - Joe

  50. River Star

    River Star3 kun oldin

    I agree with Tim 100% Harry Potter abilities are better but Star Wars is kinda more cool

  51. River Star

    River Star3 kun oldin

    Cory...wtf are you doing for your Harry Potter voice? Just do a British Accent, not whatever you've been doing🤦🏻‍♀️

  52. Dumby48

    Dumby483 kun oldin

    Purple Hoser Nation. The battles were not your skill set. no offense. and this obviously isn't and excuse.

  53. Madalynn Fletcher

    Madalynn Fletcher3 kun oldin

    I keep watching this multiple times and I can't stop watching it so funny. LOL , “The Rage Monster”

  54. Hudson Jones

    Hudson Jones3 kun oldin

    Great video! Maybe you guys should do a pizza stereotypes!


    MINECRAFT GAMER3 kun oldin

    0:37 ty are you okay



    1:01 oh please don't say that

  57. Raphael Poch

    Raphael Poch4 kun oldin

    Purple Hoser... the trick is to eat more donuts and ease into the battles with a full stomach and not "too many mind" - (The Last Samurai)

  58. Darey Alvarado

    Darey Alvarado4 kun oldin

    Hi how are yall

  59. ishaan gill

    ishaan gill4 kun oldin

    What is the name of the drone guys?

  60. Captain Chaos 91

    Captain Chaos 914 kun oldin

    2:54 Cody’s face 😂😂😂

  61. Janna Williams

    Janna Williams4 kun oldin

    Harry Potter is a lot times better then Star Wars

  62. Dawn Beller

    Dawn Beller4 kun oldin

    my name is roxy and i am 8

  63. Dawn Beller

    Dawn Beller4 kun oldin

    i love your videos i went to met you i have your mech

  64. Wildcat

    Wildcat4 kun oldin

    Noooo we love your vids

  65. Ethan Ruiz

    Ethan Ruiz4 kun oldin

    This summer ..... comes a horror movie like no other ..... The panda attacks watch your back coming summer 2022 : The panda attack

  66. Jeff and Christy Williams

    Jeff and Christy Williams4 kun oldin


  67. Jeff and Christy Williams

    Jeff and Christy Williams4 kun oldin


  68. Ty Phillips

    Ty Phillips4 kun oldin

    new idea or overtime dp goes back to school to see who is the smartest

  69. Avery Nelson

    Avery Nelson4 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who always wonders who is in that panda costume?

  70. Jovantas 258

    Jovantas 2584 kun oldin

    Team coby

  71. Steerpike

    Steerpike4 kun oldin

    good job tt

  72. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnr4 kun oldin

    To Garret :Don't give up you will reach your goal

  73. Ty Banta

    Ty Banta4 kun oldin

    Dp is the best

  74. Leila Frazier

    Leila Frazier4 kun oldin


  75. Weston Heeren

    Weston Heeren4 kun oldin

    I can replace you Garrett. I love purple, I am balding, I have a beard, and I have a masters degree

  76. Sarah T Thomas

    Sarah T Thomas4 kun oldin

    I love u guys

  77. misuyy fong

    misuyy fong5 kun oldin

    To Garret :Don't give up you will reach your goal

  78. faisal sayed

    faisal sayed5 kun oldin

    I support you Purple Hoser !! Just 2 no podiums cannot weaken your Purple Hoser Fam, do not loose faith and train hard and perform your best, don’t worry about the podiums!

  79. Ricky Rosales

    Ricky Rosales5 kun oldin

    Modern day rock stars. I hope the band never breaks up.

  80. Storm Alexa

    Storm Alexa5 kun oldin

    Did Coby keep the mouse though 😂