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  1. George Colombo

    George Colombo17 soat oldin

    I laughed my you-know-what off when I saw this last night. In my mind, it instantly became an all-time Jeopardy! classic... and was even funnier than last week's Final Jeopardy! moment about who called for the field goal in the playoffs. I really didn't know what to expect from Aaron Rogers' stint as co-host but it's been outstanding.

  2. Norah Liu

    Norah Liu17 soat oldin

    I saw this last night

  3. E Will

    E Will17 soat oldin

    Didn't quite know what to think when first seeing Aaron Rodgers on JEOPARDY! Now, I do know what my thoughts will be when he's no longer there and they will include a bit of sadness. Please return again and again, Mr. Rogers.

  4. Jeffrey Bate

    Jeffrey Bate17 soat oldin

    I like the clues, but Green Bay Packers is soon to go silent if white woman don't win on jeopardy. 1. Price is right (thanks to dsw.) 2 let's make a deal 4. Jeopardy

  5. Woody Allen

    Woody Allen17 soat oldin

    An alternate category could be: Aaron Rodgers and all of his devastating playoff loses. Slip in a double jeopardy to make it interesting.

  6. Valley Home Inspectors

    Valley Home Inspectors17 soat oldin

    My knee. Sorry cant help it


    CSLGSKS17 soat oldin

    Imagine if someone buzzed in and said the Bears.

  8. Woody Allen

    Woody Allen17 soat oldin

    One of the answers should be: The only nfl head coach combination who are not on speaking terms bc of the former’s super inflated ego. That could also be a final jeopardy clue.

  9. Woody Allen

    Woody Allen17 soat oldin

    The final jeopardy should’ve been: The only nfl quarterback capable of hamstringing his entire team with an outrageously bloated contract thus making it impossible for the team to every sign much needed free agents. End the show with a bang!! Ehh?

  10. Woody Allen

    Woody Allen17 soat oldin

    The answer should’ve been: which nfl quarterback has lost 4 nfc championship games and several humiliating overtime playoff loses the most in recent years? All 3 would’ve buzzed in for that one.

  11. Lynne Anthony

    Lynne Anthony17 soat oldin

    He has my vote for Jeopardy host.

  12. Billy Pike

    Billy Pike17 soat oldin

    Rogers can become full time Jeopardy Host for my vote.

  13. Hugh MacDonald

    Hugh MacDonald17 soat oldin

    Skip. A master narcissist at work. Ask his teammates.

  14. stylus850

    stylus85017 soat oldin

    If he’s offered the position of full time host, he’s taking it. Honestly he might be ready to call it a career even though he has 2-3 years still left.

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  16. Charles Lumia

    Charles Lumia18 soat oldin

    Sad! Very sad!


    DEGOLYER FILMS18 soat oldin

    jeopardy the family game show is beyond desprerate hiring a 🤡 that hates 🤬his family that is a womenizer that has anger issues that is clearly stiff & nervous on camera he's body language is clearly showing that he'a def hidding his real phony self not being real on camera

  18. jcorona984

    jcorona98418 soat oldin

    I was half expecting a contestant to troll Aaron by saying the Chicago Bears.

  19. DAD 4ever-c90

    DAD 4ever-c9018 soat oldin

    I thought William Bridgeman was one of the three people who have never been in Cliff Clavin's kitchen.

  20. Dreadog

    Dreadog18 soat oldin pick the culprit.

  21. Kevbo Kev

    Kevbo Kev18 soat oldin

    I saw the thumbnail and said to myself, "Wait! When did Steve Carrell host Jeopardy!?!"

  22. Naitsix

    Naitsix18 soat oldin

    Aaron is really a well spoken man and took it really well.

  23. beth thompson

    beth thompson18 soat oldin

    I really like him. ☺️

  24. Joseph Torres

    Joseph Torres18 soat oldin

    Go packers

  25. Rami Shalati

    Rami Shalati18 soat oldin

    I’m really sad that Alex died, but I can’t imagine how different Jeopardy is gonna be when the announcer dies, he’s really old😣

  26. Nostrodumbass

    Nostrodumbass18 soat oldin

    🤣 "I guess."

  27. DAD 4ever-c90

    DAD 4ever-c9018 soat oldin

    I can't remember laughing that hard during Jeopardy since Alex's reaction to no contestants even ringing in for a full NFL category. I half expected one of these three to jokingly remark, "Oh, does Green Bay have a football team?!?"

  28. Lhhucifthh Son of God

    Lhhucifthh Son of God18 soat oldin

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    Rueda Olea Bolivar Alejandro18 soat oldin

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  30. Daisy Williams

    Daisy Williams19 soat oldin


  31. Spencer Mann

    Spencer Mann19 soat oldin


  32. Sean Mars

    Sean Mars19 soat oldin

    Wow. That was awkward. Something tells me those contestants are gonna get ribbed mercilessly by the Packer nation.

  33. Serfcity Herewecome

    Serfcity Herewecome19 soat oldin

    😂😂😂😂 WTF!?!?! They managed to find literally the only 3 idiots in the entire Milky Way galaxy who didn't know this!?!

  34. moehammondmedia

    moehammondmedia19 soat oldin

    Now I see why he is an A Hole because he is the sh!t. Aaron Rogers is a super bowl champion and MVP, a 3X’s NFL MVP, handsome, rich and he can do this so intelligently, so smoothly and so professionally too? Aaron Rodgers might be stuck up and prickly but he is one super duper talented guy!

  35. Karin Smith

    Karin Smith19 soat oldin

    Jeopardy, you have to hire him.

  36. PMM526

    PMM52619 soat oldin

    When he retires he should just become the full time host

  37. Martin Neumann

    Martin Neumann19 soat oldin

    As a lifetime Bears fan, I have sworn at him thousands of times, but he is doing very well with this hosting gig. Well played!

  38. Vicki Kirchner

    Vicki Kirchner19 soat oldin

    Hope he will be the next host

  39. Perry Stroika

    Perry Stroika20 soat oldin

    Like two questions later, someone says, "Boston Celtics." Rodgers, all smooth: "So you know that one, eh?"

  40. CatieCass

    CatieCass20 soat oldin

    He is so sexy. He's the whole package!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Jeff Weber

    Jeff Weber20 soat oldin

    AR is my favorite new host so far. I've been a fan of jeopardy for 20 years, and actually not a Packers fan. He goes fast enough to not leave unrevealed clues on the board (unlike Katie). Has a relaxed chill confidence (Ken's nervousness made me nervous). Warm friendliness to contestants(Dr Oz seemed gruff). That producer guy was ok I guess, but not memorable.

  42. Dashiell Sisson

    Dashiell Sisson20 soat oldin

    Sure as hell wasn’t the Lions...

  43. ShadowLucario7

    ShadowLucario720 soat oldin

    Be honest, who actually knew the one about Joust?

  44. Kim Daniel

    Kim Daniel20 soat oldin

    I am loving Aaron Rodgers as the host. The best so far of the guest hosts. He is great with the contestants and adds his own flare to the questions.

  45. Jac Pot

    Jac Pot20 soat oldin

    This guy is about as exciting to watch as paint drying. Lackluster, flat, no emotion, no energy, a droning monotone... in sum... a total BORE.

  46. Thomas Stewart

    Thomas Stewart20 soat oldin

    Should’ve had the second question in there cause his reaction to that was great too

  47. whyicare

    whyicare20 soat oldin

    There was a rumor brewing that when Ken Jennings was the temporary host, he sometimes would answer the questions before the contestants. Also, several times he berated the contestants for not answering the questions correctly. Ken would then say even my ten-year old son knew the answer to that question. For Aaron Rodgers, the contestants were a bit upset with him. For instance, one contestant requested " Biology for $400" and the clue would end up being this world capital city in South America is home to over 4 million people who speak fluent Portuguese. When the contestant questioned about the clue, Aaron Rodgers said he called "audible" to change the category requested

  48. Miles

    Miles20 soat oldin

    Aaron Rodgers is the QB version of Nicholas Cage

  49. Carmen Luna

    Carmen Luna20 soat oldin

    He sure is easy on the eyes!👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  50. Michael Burris

    Michael Burris20 soat oldin

    He's a good host. Keep him.

  51. Andrew R

    Andrew R21 soat oldin

    He needs to be the host after he retires.

  52. Tyler Ensminger

    Tyler Ensminger21 soat oldin

    His reaction there I thought was good. Not sold on him being full time host but he could grow into thr role perhaps

  53. Chunky Jason Plays

    Chunky Jason Plays21 soat oldin

    Mr Rogers

  54. Glen Bard

    Glen Bard21 soat oldin

    I think Aaron is doing a great job. He's my favorite guest host at least so far. Katie Couric was the worst so far.

  55. Glen Bard

    Glen Bard21 soat oldin

    I knew as soon as Scott posted that question that it was just a matter of time before it appeared on UZnick.

  56. David Schick

    David Schick21 soat oldin

    He’s probably a little tired of getting hit.

  57. - Magenta -

    - Magenta -21 soat oldin

    Hey Everyone, Alex Trebek is still alive. Well, His Body is gone, But his soul is in Our Hearts. ♥️ ❤️

  58. - Magenta -

    - Magenta -21 soat oldin

    How could people dislike this?! Alex Trebek was The Best.

  59. Liemciemdk89

    Liemciemdk8921 soat oldin

    Take January Disappointment for $500 Oh the Packers

  60. D2RCR

    D2RCR21 soat oldin

    Ah, you should’ve included his reaction to the next clue and answer.

  61. T

    T21 soat oldin

    If I was Jeopardy host I'd accidentally read the answer instead of the question.


    KITEMAN22 soat oldin

    No one: absolutely no one: Sponge bob audience: YOU STINK

  63. Shantel R.

    Shantel R.22 soat oldin


  64. Justin Case

    Justin Case22 soat oldin

    He is the best for this job!

  65. Austin Quinones

    Austin Quinones22 soat oldin

    Honestly, I think he suits the show.

  66. Ken Arthur

    Ken Arthur22 soat oldin

    Rodgers is a natural at the show

  67. Birini

    Birini23 soat oldin

    Wish he didn’t have the day job because he should be the permanent host. So good.

  68. Isaiah Saw

    Isaiah Saw23 soat oldin

    They did that on purpose xD

  69. Graham Bradley Reads

    Graham Bradley Reads23 soat oldin

    Had my fingers crossed for Point Break, lol

  70. Vincent Crosby

    Vincent Crosby23 soat oldin

    I thought Community chest cards were blue in Monopoly, not yellow.

  71. Phil P

    Phil P23 soat oldin

    I like Aaron Rodgers and he's obviously a great football player, but he's a little too uncharismatic to be the host of Jeopardy.

  72. Langston Richardson

    Langston RichardsonKun oldin

    I need Aaron in my life. Great next step for the show.

  73. jerryy93

    jerryy93Kun oldin

    Aaron for full time host! #thankyouaaron

  74. Ken Arthur

    Ken ArthurKun oldin

    Is there anything that Rodgers isn't good at? Such a cool man.

  75. Steven Goomba

    Steven GoombaKun oldin

    This was hilarious! He might have a calmer tone but moments like this are hard to recreate. I can only think of when Kareem Abdul Jabar missed the question about himself.

  76. YouTubaholic

    YouTubaholicKun oldin

    With 10 seconds in the clue, I thought it would be significant in pointing to the correct response. I would have picked Dick Clark, known for hosting the New Years Eve countdown.

  77. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithKun oldin

    Alex Trebek was Canadian. They should audition at least one Canadian for the new host gig. Maybe Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling or Keanu Reeves? Will Arnette or Norm MacDonald, they'd both be a hoot at it. Alan Thicke, he'd probably be the closest to Trebek in terms of style.

  78. Michael Huston

    Michael HustonKun oldin

    "who are... The Vikings" Dead stare

  79. Derek Roberts

    Derek RobertsKun oldin

    Who is,"Tom Brady Still The Goat."