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  1. 737215

    73721515 daqiqa oldin

    0:11 Aww, she made it back to the brig, her favorite place!

  2. Shareif Moore

    Shareif Moore19 daqiqa oldin

    The CHALLENGE SENIOR ADDITION had me fucking crying yo 🤣😭😭🤣😭🤣

  3. Plush Hunter

    Plush Hunter58 daqiqa oldin

    The pilot did also have comedy iyam. With Data trying to whistle on the holo deck and everything that ensued.

  4. Steve B

    Steve BSoat oldin

    Can't wait for Q to show up in Picard season 2. Great to have these guys back together.

  5. Plush Hunter

    Plush HunterSoat oldin

    He still got it.

  6. John Miller

    John Miller2 soat oldin


  7. C M N

    C M N2 soat oldin

    I think it's very bad that Spanish subtitles are not included and exclude the Latino community

  8. DieLoveDie Film

    DieLoveDie Film2 soat oldin

    Loved it, I wish there was a season 3

  9. mr ballz

    mr ballz2 soat oldin

    >allstars Bum squad

  10. Walter Houghton

    Walter Houghton3 soat oldin

    Started watching it tonight. I still do not like Kevin, he's so Rist. I totally understand why Becky was upset. I agree she wasn't listening to him & appeared as though she kept cutting him off. I say it that way, to acknowledge it but also with the understanding that editing "might" have made it worse then it was. However, that aside ... Becky was getting picked on by Kevin. Go back and watch it again and you'll see ... Kevin kept saying YOU do what racists do. YOU do what white women do. Had Kevin had "listened" to Becky and kept his issues specific to her and what she was doing, behaving ... I think it would have played out differently. But Kevin can't see past race. That's a shame.

  11. Ruturaj Daware

    Ruturaj Daware3 soat oldin

    Free Sample!

  12. tyquan fleming

    tyquan fleming3 soat oldin

    Kakashi vs piccolo

  13. mason the monke

    mason the monke3 soat oldin

    Is this stop motion or amazing animation

  14. Pumpkin The Panda

    Pumpkin The Panda4 soat oldin

    Lt thinking he did something by beating ace when he’s skinny is crazy to me. And Lt literally almost drowned that’s the only reason they kept him cuz he’s not a threat

  15. Fan He

    Fan He4 soat oldin

    That’s a good episode

  16. B M

    B M4 soat oldin

    So sad

  17. zahra FKYH gacha

    zahra FKYH gacha4 soat oldin

    0:49 kuntilanak

  18. jackie williams

    jackie williams4 soat oldin

    I never laughed this hard watching one episode. Teck is funny as hell def my fav.

  19. 8CountLife

    8CountLife5 soat oldin

    Missing CT

  20. Amon-Gaara- Cirice

    Amon-Gaara- Cirice5 soat oldin


  21. Joe Hanick

    Joe Hanick5 soat oldin

    No mention of rods mother? Majel Barrett, nurse chapel, only her and nimoy were in original pilot and she was the voice of the computer in every series. Wow.

  22. Andre E

    Andre E5 soat oldin

    Damn, this was middle school, junior high, and high school for me..Mark, Syrus, Laterrian, Derrick, Alton and RUTHIE...damn. I was hoping Big E would come back ripped and more in shape tho.

  23. Lavette G.

    Lavette G.5 soat oldin

    A lot of mom and dad bods out there, which is cool, cause I can relate.

  24. Rider

    Rider6 soat oldin

    14:33 can this dude not do math or what... this challenge isn't looking so good for him

  25. Rider

    Rider6 soat oldin

    Damn everyone got old and fat

  26. Jessica Jones, Series of Paintings

    Jessica Jones, Series of Paintings6 soat oldin

    Shame on Patrick for trying to scare you. Alice was an excellent Borg Queen. You guys were all fantastic. Thank you!

  27. Sterling Kesler

    Sterling Kesler6 soat oldin

    Music is: Dauntless by Audiomachine.

  28. Wayne Smith

    Wayne Smith6 soat oldin

    What a fantastic insider back story, Brent Spiner. Really makes me appreciate what you did, all the more.

  29. Evan Bartelt

    Evan Bartelt6 soat oldin

    Where’s CT

  30. Minotaur92

    Minotaur927 soat oldin

    They casting losers like Jemmye? lol. Jonna? The females are so underwhelming. I hope Mark's future dreams of Emily, Evelyn, Coral, etc come to fruition.

  31. Joe Hanick

    Joe Hanick7 soat oldin

    Enterprise was better than anything that came after tng and since

  32. Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby7 soat oldin

    Getting good

  33. Lisha Litty

    Lisha Litty7 soat oldin

    This was the saddest shit I ever watched lmao challenge seniors fr 😂❤️

  34. Cheryl Williams

    Cheryl Williams7 soat oldin

    Why isn't this on MTV? I love the challenge and I have watched every season but I don't have Paramount+😢😖😫

  35. Mescha Hayes

    Mescha Hayes7 soat oldin


  36. bandittweintraub

    bandittweintraub7 soat oldin

    now for you fans too young to remember, Q is the character that inspired Discord from MLP

  37. Cynthia Falcon

    Cynthia Falcon7 soat oldin


  38. Alexandria Kinnally

    Alexandria Kinnally7 soat oldin

    Alton is a specimen!

  39. J S

    J S8 soat oldin

    LMAO This crap is into its 4th season? No wonder Paramount Pictures have been losing market shares and waning ticket sales for the last 7 years.

  40. rick smith

    rick smith8 soat oldin

    Bruh, these people can't swim or what?

  41. Michael Metzler

    Michael Metzler8 soat oldin


  42. DarthFunkNinja

    DarthFunkNinja8 soat oldin

    Patrick seems to love John's contributions to any filming. Amazing.

  43. RT 66

    RT 669 soat oldin

    Looks like the pre ordered second season of a failed series has arrived.

  44. Katie Storey

    Katie Storey9 soat oldin

    how is it an all stars cast without CT, Bananas, Laurel, etc?

  45. Drone District

    Drone District9 soat oldin

    I have never gotten a headache from watching a trailer, this is a first.

  46. Syd Maker

    Syd Maker10 soat oldin

    I just want the spin off with Hilary Duff

  47. hobbs1701a

    hobbs1701a10 soat oldin

    When idiots attempt to write Star Trek, we get this garbage!

  48. Mitch Binkins

    Mitch Binkins10 soat oldin

    Can’t wait

  49. Gary Turbo

    Gary Turbo10 soat oldin

    They gave Frakes the right amount of comedy

  50. lauren lipkin

    lauren lipkin11 soat oldin

    everyone is so old now :/

  51. Emperor Constantine 1.

    Emperor Constantine 1.11 soat oldin

    Season 4 of suck, suck, fake-Spock “emotional “ and whamen being in charge/only we are smart. Doomcock’s review will be most amazing and I would love to be a fly on the wall when Kurtsman hears him tear apart his shit of a show yet again!!!! LONG LIVE RODDENBERRY, DOWN WITH KURTSMAN TREK!!!!🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  52. Lifēs Prøtøtypē

    Lifēs Prøtøtypē11 soat oldin

    Can't believe their not going to continue it! 😥😭😭😭😭

  53. Rob

    Rob11 soat oldin

    I'm thinking this will be the final season, it's no longer the same type of show as in season one either, which I liked.

  54. TheLavlishus

    TheLavlishus11 soat oldin

    I swear best season since cutthroat 😅

  55. John Ballard

    John Ballard11 soat oldin


  56. Heart Warrior

    Heart Warrior11 soat oldin

    This should be name the old people( grandpa's and grandma's editionLol ,way more easy than survivor. Don't have to deal with lack of food and comfort, and not having that will drain you out quick....

  57. B

    B12 soat oldin

    Ace seems like a really good guy... A great guy.

  58. theGREAT 1

    theGREAT 112 soat oldin

    Welcome to the Challenge: Old People

  59. Renina Smith

    Renina Smith12 soat oldin

    Damn Darrell is fine 😌

  60. AzelRavenWood

    AzelRavenWood12 soat oldin

    2022!?!! But I need this in my veins now!!!!

  61. l l

    l l12 soat oldin

    Trash. SJW gaye club.

  62. l l

    l l12 soat oldin

    This show is dead. Nobody is wayching this gaye night club in space. Hey old white boomer , you cant write for shit

  63. l l

    l l12 soat oldin

    Lol..its a gaye night club. Nobody is gonna watch this trash.

  64. Archerfan101

    Archerfan10112 soat oldin

    If Q is the Queen card then who is the King card or the Ace card

  65. Shemeka meemee Beamon

    Shemeka meemee Beamon12 soat oldin

    Is it me or do some of them look sick? I know this is 20 years later but Kendall and Arissa look totally different from when they were in their 20's. I love jisela on here

  66. Kevin Lawson

    Kevin Lawson13 soat oldin

    No Bannanas = Not the best of the best.

  67. NextWorldVR

    NextWorldVR13 soat oldin


  68. NextWorldVR

    NextWorldVR13 soat oldin

    CENSORSHIP IS STRONG HERE! LOL Can't be honest...

  69. Woody Allen

    Woody Allen13 soat oldin

    If this latest series is a success then the next one will be titled: Star Trek: We’re just pulling these out of our asses!!

  70. Joe Goudeau

    Joe Goudeau14 soat oldin

    This show surprised me. Breath of fresh air that had me cracking up on the first season.

  71. belair90210

    belair9021014 soat oldin

    I don’t remember Teck being this annoying. Loved seeing my love Yes again 🤩 Laterrian is also hot but his personality ruins everything. Wow @ Kelly Anne’s body!

  72. Katy D

    Katy D14 soat oldin

    Loving it so far!

  73. Abby Rose

    Abby Rose14 soat oldin

    WHY MUST THIS BE ON PARAMOUNT PLUS 😭😭😭😭 I’m not made of money y’all!! But wanna watch this so bad 🥺

  74. Athena parks

    Athena parks15 soat oldin

    can't wait for the whole season to be out so I can binge with the free trail!

  75. TimeTravelling Toad

    TimeTravelling Toad15 soat oldin

    Would his sacrifice manifest most as a borg host or would the simplicity of his duplicity with humanity compromise his sanity? If insanity consequently results in banality, then Data as a debater, should expressly and freshly say: "Shut up Wesley!"...

  76. Marsha

    Marsha15 soat oldin

    I'm only here to be nosey about the Vegas cast. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  77. sydney szmuc

    sydney szmuc16 soat oldin

    this is by far the worst challenge I have ever seen in my life