Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback

My name is Eddy Burback and I make content. Whenever I go to sleep I wake up as a small Vietnamese boy and live his life. Then I go to sleep and wake up as me again.

  1. Captain Napkin

    Captain NapkinDaqiqa oldin

    "Not movies they're so bad that they're good" ah so you mean spaceballs good man? *doesnt mention the movie* I am disappointed

  2. Genevieve Wilkinson

    Genevieve Wilkinson31 daqiqa oldin

    i have all the old but good vines memorised in my head like the free shavacadoo um CHICKEN STRIPS um the kevin kevin watch the light man i wont hesitate bitch theres more but i dont feal like saying them (also i am physicoly not able to spell have a good day)

  3. Mima TaTa

    Mima TaTa34 daqiqa oldin

    My thing is... if this movie was meant for kids.... WHY IS THIS MOVIE SO DARK!! I mean there’s no light?

  4. lazer gamer

    lazer gamer46 daqiqa oldin

    the shamwow guy reminds me of scout tf2

  5. Darth Memeious

    Darth Memeious52 daqiqa oldin

    its cause there are alpha waves in them... ur literally forced to think about them, because its in deep

  6. pink

    pink54 daqiqa oldin

    Eddy voted for Trump twice. Stop eating your own kind dude.

  7. pink

    pinkSoat oldin

    I think the experiment would have been better if they'd only fed *one* of the twins paint chips. Now you're stuck with two broken ones. What's the point? I mean it's funny, but come on.

  8. AOUA Association

    AOUA AssociationSoat oldin

    the hundreds are cursed at the time Im watching this also I mean views 1,666,929

  9. Fezezen

    Fezezen3 soat oldin

    I'm a twin as well. I have a twin sister, and of course that means we're fraternal because I am male. People don't seem to get this, so I usually have to explain it every time I tell someone I met that I have a twin sister. NO WE AREN'T IDENTICAL THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH HER BEING THE OPPOSITE SEX. No I can't read her mind, no I can't feel when she's in pain. I get dumb questions like this all the time. The worst question I've ever gotten was, "Have you ever had sex with your twin". 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 I've also known several identical twins, and I can tell you it's really weird when they do things like share clothes or talk at the same time, or basically just live their lives as if they're the same person.

  10. Fezezen

    Fezezen3 soat oldin

    I never understand arguments like this. Why would I care what a millennial is wearing, why should I care what's cool to other people, why would a millennial care what I think is cool? It's just pathetic

  11. Rylee G

    Rylee G4 soat oldin

    Omg you look like a baby

  12. Yveszdyk

    Yveszdyk4 soat oldin

    Sometimes in the world you find people who grew up the same time as you but also retained all the same information you did. It’s weird like you’re my brother. Cause he watched all that shit with me.

  13. Max O. Drive

    Max O. Drive4 soat oldin

    I had to pause with Wendy's. The meme-r is something that makes me physically nauseous

  14. Rylee G

    Rylee G4 soat oldin

    gus looks like slater in this

  15. TravOn 2Wheels

    TravOn 2Wheels4 soat oldin

    The shamwow was actually good. But its just a regular chamois that youd dry a car with.

  16. Dell12 16

    Dell12 165 soat oldin

    I just don’t care about the awards

  17. r goodfellow

    r goodfellow5 soat oldin

    I know they’re jokes, but sad Eddy makes me sad.

  18. Outlaw Rip-off artist

    Outlaw Rip-off artist5 soat oldin

    Kids don’t like being told what to do. So if you told kids take drugs they might not take drugs, and yes this is a really bad joke.

  19. r goodfellow

    r goodfellow5 soat oldin

    IM SORRY. UZnick DEMONETIZES YOUR VIDEO IF YOU TALK ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST? The FUCK is that about UZnick? Like you think it didn’t happen? And we can’t talk about it? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU UZnick?

  20. Henry Hansen

    Henry Hansen5 soat oldin

    40 seconds in and u earned a like dawg

  21. F5 Noobie

    F5 Noobie5 soat oldin

    I actually bought a Shamwow, but it wasn’t exactly a Shamwow, it was the same thing by a different company from a dollar store. I liked it, it actually held a good amount of water.

  22. Outlaw Rip-off artist

    Outlaw Rip-off artist5 soat oldin

    I love how the program trying to tell kids not to do take drugs. Is named dare. Like I dare you to take drugs.

  23. Kameron Valdivia

    Kameron Valdivia6 soat oldin

    Stumbled across this video. After the first 30 seconds i was sold on your channel

  24. ooerca

    ooerca6 soat oldin

    "online courses can be a totally useful way to learn" eddy why did you jinx us like this

  25. Audrey Bailie

    Audrey Bailie6 soat oldin

    I've been through the Leap of Filth into a stinky dumpster, The Shower of Slime underneath a dripping snail, The See Through Sack of Sweaty Cheese, The Sounds of Suffering, and Hector's grimy toe just to forget the Cash Now advertising, only to be reminded again of the tortures I went through therapy for 💔

  26. Aaron Frederick

    Aaron Frederick7 soat oldin

    Damn I feel old listening to this. Both groups are kids to me and my generation. Stop fighting. Find something cool about every generation.

  27. camy m.

    camy m.7 soat oldin

    i said this last week.. are we soul mates?

  28. OddSpaceGhost

    OddSpaceGhost7 soat oldin

    My wife is gonna be pissed she’s with the wrong man, we didn’t meet online from a magic profile...we’re doomed!

  29. Bloodyblade num1

    Bloodyblade num17 soat oldin

    I have things to say about the beard and stache combo you've chosen but will hold my tounge

  30. Kolby Sholly

    Kolby Sholly7 soat oldin

    this whole video feels like one long fever dream lmao

  31. Kolby Sholly

    Kolby Sholly7 soat oldin

    my parents got a shit load of shamwows one day without telling us kids (which is weird bc my parents are VERY stingy and that’s the ONLY time they have bought shit from TV) and then they came in the mail and we went APESHIT over them for about a week but we still have them and they’re not even bad tbh

  32. Kolby Sholly

    Kolby Sholly7 soat oldin

    “F-R-E-E THAT SPELLS FREE, CREDIT REPORT DOT COM BABY” plays in my head about 100 times a day lmao

  33. HawkingEngineer 19

    HawkingEngineer 197 soat oldin

    I haven't heard that JG Wentworth song in ages.

  34. Bob R

    Bob R7 soat oldin

    1996 is mostly gen z then a millennial

  35. Feather

    Feather7 soat oldin

    Kinectimals, my god, the nostalgia bomb that just hit me

  36. GraniteJet

    GraniteJet7 soat oldin

    The abstract idea of monsters deceptively turning people into plants to eat them is, in concept, kind of scary. The execution, however, is endlessly laughable.

  37. Geo Winchester

    Geo Winchester7 soat oldin

    my grandpa bought the slap chop which mr shamwow vince also advertised and ofc he got another one free bc...infomercials and yeah it fucking sucked. in the commercial he was like "u can chop w barely any force! do it w a finger! so easy!" that was the hardest thing to push down ever, esp on some hard ass shit like carrots or nuts

  38. Owen Harding

    Owen Harding8 soat oldin

    I have a headache after you played a pit of the show

  39. Antelope

    Antelope8 soat oldin

    Brent makes me want to commit self die

  40. dip doop

    dip doop8 soat oldin

    Ricky Gervais roasting Hollywood celebrities while being a Hollywood celebrity is pretty cringy imo

  41. Owen Harding

    Owen Harding8 soat oldin

    Him: I have a ps4 want to play! Me: fuck off ps4 is gay and I own my own switch fucking loser lmao

  42. Isaac Roland

    Isaac Roland8 soat oldin

    "The Germans always make good stuff" Something's wrong here I can feel it

  43. Morgan Hoover

    Morgan Hoover9 soat oldin

    I think you are technically gen z lol

  44. Fernanda Durán

    Fernanda Durán9 soat oldin

    i’m also late 96 girlie here and the division depends a lot on you preferred marketing book, i call the ppl from 95-98 “generational limbo” bc we’re too old to enjoy jake paul and too young to hate new things. this war is so stupid lol

  45. Some Guy On His Phone

    Some Guy On His Phone9 soat oldin

    The second the Wendy's ad played I actually said "oh no I don't wanna watch that" out loud TO MYSELF

  46. dr. Carmichael

    dr. Carmichael9 soat oldin

    Never bring race into an argument. No matter how much of an asshole that person is. Nobody wants to defend an asshole. Everybody wants to defend someone against a racist.

  47. Trash Man

    Trash Man9 soat oldin

    wow cant believe the ghost of the ghost of ray j actually came back to comfort his best friend eddy one last time

  48. Gabriel Romero

    Gabriel Romero9 soat oldin

    B r e a d

  49. Ultimate Alex Universe

    Ultimate Alex Universe9 soat oldin

    i got funny when got less funny its all about perspective you just got less funny and gen z stayed at the same funniez the entire time

  50. Kui Kostreba

    Kui Kostreba9 soat oldin

    Bro, that audio transition at the end scared the living hell out of me

  51. Desert Oasis

    Desert Oasis9 soat oldin

    I am enamored with the Darrell strawberry poster

  52. Diane Cherian

    Diane Cherian9 soat oldin

    I grew up about a year after ICarly. I used to watch stuff like Henry Danger ( During the first few seasons) and the beginning of the Loud House and the still good episodes of Spongebob. I think thats the edge of the end of good Nick. Now literally everything on Nick is just for money. Shows like the spongebob reboot, the Casagrandes (Mexican Loud House) and the Henry Danger Reboot and Side Hustle SUCKK. I'm 14 now, but my 8 year old brother watches this garbage and stuff on UZnick and tiktok. Yeah, he watches Tiktok. T I K T O K. I just want to delete him, he cannot be saved.

  53. a2pha

    a2pha9 soat oldin

    True fact. When even bar soap was in scarce supply because of the Covid shock the only soap left for sale on the shelf where I shopped was Old Spice. And I bought some in a panic and now I NEVER plan to use it - except in the Zombie Apocalypse. Cause zombies hate it when you smell like a fucking evergreen.

  54. Andres Eraso

    Andres Eraso9 soat oldin

    Dude it's a joke, jesus.

  55. a2pha

    a2pha9 soat oldin

    0:12 Already I'm terrified. He's gonna go down on that PINK I can just see it.

  56. Keylon Turner

    Keylon Turner9 soat oldin

    I want to give this a like cause I like it, but I want to dislike so I can be the 500th dislike...I'm not really sure what to do tho

  57. PalmQuigley

    PalmQuigley10 soat oldin

    The fact that you pored your beer into a cup instead of just drinking out of the bottle annoyes me.

  58. Desert Oasis

    Desert Oasis10 soat oldin

    This guy is the WORST

  59. greenflorn

    greenflorn10 soat oldin

    My guy doesn't know what audio description is haha

  60. Desert Oasis

    Desert Oasis11 soat oldin

    Sooooo accurate

  61. Jammiss

    Jammiss11 soat oldin

    Retro Bill looks like Robbie Rotten

  62. Andy Gaire

    Andy Gaire11 soat oldin

    fun starts at 19:18

  63. Bob bob Bob

    Bob bob Bob11 soat oldin

    That Wendy’s ad made my soul hurt

  64. Jammiss

    Jammiss11 soat oldin

    At my school we had multiple biology classes dedicated to researching and being taught how shit cigarettes were

  65. Jammiss

    Jammiss11 soat oldin

    It’s a trap is definitely still a meme

  66. Br 1

    Br 111 soat oldin

    Este hombre es mi AuronPlay americano

  67. Playboi SLATT

    Playboi SLATT11 soat oldin

    Gen z are all over the decade

  68. Ace Brodhun-Ludke

    Ace Brodhun-Ludke12 soat oldin

    did he really say nothing will go wrong?

  69. MIKE R E V I E W S

    MIKE R E V I E W S12 soat oldin

    Academy awards show eddy the 1 youtuber in the universe

  70. Just a cloaker

    Just a cloaker12 soat oldin

    vince is the embodiement of the scout from tf2

  71. Amanda Mills

    Amanda Mills12 soat oldin

    I cried during the ad read... Am I normal?

  72. Android 18

    Android 1812 soat oldin

    I noticed you looked slimmer. Good job dude.

  73. Fob Burgerson

    Fob Burgerson13 soat oldin

    "The world is dying and we're litteraly not doing anything about it" "get slimed! Are you kidding me"

  74. No No No No

    No No No No13 soat oldin

    I’m watching this at 11:16

  75. No No No No

    No No No No13 soat oldin


  76. Mr_ZeeBeastALT

    Mr_ZeeBeastALT14 soat oldin

    i can confirm that the sham wow works lol

  77. Grigori Yefimovich

    Grigori Yefimovich14 soat oldin

    Republicanism has gotten so fucking insane it's basically parody at this point

  78. Randim007

    Randim00714 soat oldin

    Had a science teacher who got the shamwow, actually worked pretty decently.

  79. oh uh ooof?

    oh uh ooof?14 soat oldin

    no people complain about it even if you arent on the sidewalk just for going past them they get mad and say why are you making so much noise when a car passes by its like 50 times louder but they never complain about that