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10 oy oldin

  1. jelu bee

    jelu bee5 soat oldin

    You're an inspiration ammar. Yes theory has made a massive impact in my life and I've never been the same since 4yrs ago when i first came across their video.

  2. Tony915

    Tony9155 soat oldin

    I wish I had funding to do stuff like this.

  3. You_want_some_gamer

    You_want_some_gamer5 soat oldin

    6:52 still waiting for P2...

  4. K!ng Of Spades

    K!ng Of Spades5 soat oldin

    I can imagine the camera man thinking *i didn’t sign up for this*

  5. jelu bee

    jelu bee5 soat oldin

    Love over fear 🥺

  6. Joshua Greenwood

    Joshua Greenwood5 soat oldin

    Hearing that man sing nearly made me cry, it reminded me of my Armenian Family who have also suffered so much. The world is beautiful, people are kind, we only need the strength to see it.

  7. kim leon

    kim leon5 soat oldin

    Fooling a big news reporters was sooo much going to be fun 😝😝😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Arturo Villegas

    Arturo Villegas5 soat oldin

    You guys should go around offering to cook for random people 😋

  9. Benjamin Payson

    Benjamin Payson5 soat oldin

    get a yes dog!

  10. Taufiq Zin

    Taufiq Zin5 soat oldin

    Awesome feeling, that 25,000 feet jump gave me goosebumps! Congrats Ammar!

  11. Rollie Quizon

    Rollie Quizon5 soat oldin

    My dead ass brain thinking he splat on the ground @12:30.

  12. DUB AA

    DUB AA6 soat oldin

    This is our guide “google maps took us the wrong way” 😂

  13. Starstrike

    Starstrike6 soat oldin

    3 days o: kino no tabi vibes

  14. Drew Zergrey

    Drew Zergrey6 soat oldin

    Meet people. make memorys!

  15. Drew Zergrey

    Drew Zergrey6 soat oldin

    How much you think it's going for now?

  16. Big J

    Big J6 soat oldin

    Who got out to shoot the shots of the van driving by😂😂🤔

  17. Moses Garcia

    Moses Garcia6 soat oldin

    My dream is quite similar to yours! Growing up my father took my brother and I to skydiving zones to watch it all happened, as a kid I knew nothing but excitement and doing dangerous things. He took us almost everyday and one day he decided to jump with my older brother and told me that when I turn 18 he would take me on my first jump. I dreamed of the day and anticipated for that moment when I feel the breeze flow right past me as I’m speeding closer and closer to earth. At 15 my father passed away and till this day I never got to go skydiving, I dream of jumping almost every day, in honor of him and the life he gave my brother and I. It’s honestly a dream to get my license for skydiving, my father was half way into the course when he passed away. I want to one day finish it not only for me, but for him as well!

  18. Barry Aldred

    Barry Aldred6 soat oldin

    Did he ever come back?x


    CHOPPER GIRL6 soat oldin

    Dang, send me the contact info for the 61 year old millionaire. She shoulds like she could give this poor super smart and creative goddess of air war a whirl wind tour of LA. Might be fun. I passed through it on a bus, got off at Rockaway Beach and was like... oops heck no, war zone! And got back ont he bus and kept going. Maybe that was San Fancisco. Dunno. It's all Metropolis jungle to me.

  20. Teehee

    Teehee6 soat oldin

    I betcha someone’s using some of those abandoned containers for illicit drugs

  21. Colten Yoder

    Colten Yoder6 soat oldin


  22. Korpz

    Korpz7 soat oldin

    You should come to merritt

  23. itsphoenix

    itsphoenix7 soat oldin

    This was completely amazing. First video I’ve seen of y’all so it kinda set the bar high but I’m gonna see what else you got. I’ve been watching President Chay and he’s underrated ASF you should check him out he does 24 hour challenges that blow my mind

  24. jomarie dayao

    jomarie dayao7 soat oldin

    Can you guys make a family dinner and invite a random stranger and their family to partake? Just suggesting

  25. Blue Planet

    Blue Planet7 soat oldin

    Kurdistan and Kurdish people are truly very special. Generous and kind! Thank you for the amazing Video!!

  26. Where Is Gelo

    Where Is Gelo7 soat oldin

    YES THEORY: Can i take a video of our food before we eat? Family: Sure.

  27. Adrian 075

    Adrian 0757 soat oldin

    They should do a part 2

  28. Turquoise

    Turquoise7 soat oldin

    This man doesn't age!

  29. mcgeeranch03

    mcgeeranch037 soat oldin

    Breaking the sound barrier in a plane !

  30. Garrett Brooks

    Garrett Brooks7 soat oldin


  31. Panzer Ace89

    Panzer Ace897 soat oldin

    Y’all always talk about overcoming fear, yet you are so damn terrified of the coof. You are going to Afghanistan, the coof is the last of you worries lol.

  32. Alexandra

    Alexandra7 soat oldin

    hello there

  33. kingslayer44

    kingslayer447 soat oldin

    i was like no way its that George omg it is

  34. Scorpielle

    Scorpielle7 soat oldin

    So crazy!! I want to live in a castle!

  35. Amanda Boynton

    Amanda Boynton7 soat oldin

    It would be epic just to meet y’all.

  36. Tushar Bhardwaj

    Tushar Bhardwaj7 soat oldin

    This channel should have 50 million subscribers

  37. Harley Burton

    Harley Burton8 soat oldin

    Anything you do that starts with "this is *ing insane" and doesn't end with anyone dead or seriously hurt is a good thing.

  38. Sir Jimmy Newton XVI

    Sir Jimmy Newton XVI8 soat oldin

    I loved this! ♥️

  39. Vallero Graphics

    Vallero Graphics8 soat oldin

    how the heck did you guys get the drone to work in that heat? i ruined two batteries to my Mavic 2 zoom, living here (Indio) close to palm springs in the summer.

  40. Logan Stuebner

    Logan Stuebner8 soat oldin

    disney should make it a crazy amusement park and that would sell.

  41. holly china

    holly china8 soat oldin

    the ruler of dubai imprisoned his daughters princess latifah and shamsy, shamsy wanted to go to college and latifah wanted to be skydiving instructor. UN has asked for proof of life, they are presumed dead. also princess haya escaped with her 2 children. human rights disaster, stay away

  42. James Paul De Vera

    James Paul De Vera8 soat oldin

    Please make a video about asian-americans you'll learn a lot about them.

  43. Half-Blind

    Half-Blind8 soat oldin

    Ohhhh, I didn’t know you were the guy in Mr.Beast!!

  44. Berlina Tolentino

    Berlina Tolentino8 soat oldin

    There are too many spam follower generators that I cannot believe people fall for those tricks. The only site that works 100% is Quickfollowz, tried it myself.

  45. I am Kyle Keith

    I am Kyle Keith9 soat oldin

    Beautiful place !

  46. Jonathan Del Real

    Jonathan Del Real9 soat oldin

    The way that Omar looks at Thomas 😌😏😂❤️

  47. Alfie Miller-Sharp

    Alfie Miller-Sharp9 soat oldin

    Tommy had to edit this video

  48. MommiDonni1

    MommiDonni19 soat oldin

    What a beautiful place! Looks like Elsa's castles!!

  49. Alfie Miller-Sharp

    Alfie Miller-Sharp9 soat oldin

    So no one's gonna talk about the money involved? Dude they had a 3 wheeled bike, two motorcycles and a BMW probably just for this event! Im just guessing though

  50. Jonathan Del Real

    Jonathan Del Real9 soat oldin

    Anyone else miss Matt? 🥺😢

  51. Augusto Iglesias

    Augusto Iglesias9 soat oldin

    let me get that hun'

  52. Tatiek Bokings

    Tatiek Bokings9 soat oldin

    Wish all ur friendship stays longest

  53. N.

    N.9 soat oldin

    This was amazing to watch guys, i hope to see so many more.

  54. Ken Kaneki

    Ken Kaneki9 soat oldin

    Guy looks like friggin Pinochet yet is the kindest person to ever meet

  55. Nennine1

    Nennine19 soat oldin

    Quite interesting. Thank you so much for your findings. Good luck and keep it up

  56. donato leopoldo

    donato leopoldo9 soat oldin

    Subscribed! Seems like you guys are fun to travel with

  57. Drew Armstrong

    Drew Armstrong9 soat oldin

    Stuff like this does not just STOP... someone buys it from bankruptcy and finishes it... Where are things in terms of this happening?

  58. evjomo

    evjomo9 soat oldin

    Did they pay for their tickets?

  59. Vana Salahaddin

    Vana Salahaddin9 soat oldin

    I already know Thomas is a privileged jerk

  60. Angelica

    Angelica9 soat oldin

    Hello, my birthday is on the 26th and I’d love a gift from Seek Discomfort! I own the “Are you living a life full of color?” hoodie and a “Love Over War” hoodie, so I’m always looking to support you guys!

  61. Ron James

    Ron James9 soat oldin

    I'm sobbing.

  62. Feyden 21

    Feyden 219 soat oldin

    The camera man doing all of this stuff in the sky at like 300mph and getting no credit: 🥲

  63. Annamarie Romano

    Annamarie Romano9 soat oldin

    Do it for a week!!! 2 days 2 short! Great idea however!

  64. Annamarie Romano

    Annamarie Romano9 soat oldin

    I would expect security would ask for his boarding pass and without one he would get kicked out.....otherwise many homeless ppl would be sleeping at the terminal wouldn't they?

  65. WyomingBoy27

    WyomingBoy2710 soat oldin

    28:43 my guy dwarfs him

  66. Felix Sibel

    Felix Sibel10 soat oldin

    I love your videos! Keep it up!

  67. Zayne Gabern

    Zayne Gabern10 soat oldin

    As a Kansan I’m not offended it’s true

  68. Unforgettable Mae

    Unforgettable Mae10 soat oldin

    So sad very sad, but let us also rejoice for he had already joined his Creator and no more pains and sorrows... Your Love and care must have brought him so much joy before leaving earth. This is so heartwarming...,. whats this another “telenovela” hu hu hu hu😭😭😭

  69. George Tanner

    George Tanner10 soat oldin

    One of my favorite parts of this video is how excited and nervous Ammar’s friend group was for Ammar. The friendships this channel has created are extraordinary. One day I hope to be able to have these type of experiences with my friends

  70. Unforgettable Mae

    Unforgettable Mae10 soat oldin

    Matt You’re a warrior, too a fine young man with a genuine heart. Thank you, Unforgettable Mae 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  71. Stephan Leming

    Stephan Leming10 soat oldin

    If I had only 24 hrs, I would want to spend it with my family. My youngest son is Autistic and I would love to make that day all about him.He might not know the significance of it now, but in the future I know he would remember it for ever in his own way.

  72. Abdullah Elsoor

    Abdullah Elsoor10 soat oldin

    🇱🇾Follow you from Libya

  73. George Tanner

    George Tanner10 soat oldin

    This video can inspire me to do literally anything. Watching Yes Theory’s videos over the last 3-4 years has really changed my perspective on life, and this video was one of the best ever. My dream is to one day skydive over the Grand Canyon, or over one of the national parks in Utah. Ammar is a huge role model of mine, and this video was unbelievable

  74. Nathan Hele

    Nathan Hele10 soat oldin

    me watching this 4 years later and liking boogie🤯🤯🤯

  75. Unforgettable Mae

    Unforgettable Mae10 soat oldin

    I can’t help but cry and goes my sympathy and with so much appreciation to Yes Theory for another admirable video, you not only touched our emotions but this is such a noble calling of giving hope and aspirations to people with terminal cases. Go.... and share good vibes to humanity🙏🙏🙏. Matt, this is more than a blessing for us to hear this wonderful testimony of another kind human soul. From: Unforgettable Mae 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  76. Glenn Quagmire

    Glenn Quagmire10 soat oldin

    ok. I liked and subbed. I like seeing bizarre things.

  77. Azizurr93

    Azizurr9311 soat oldin

    Thomas personality it great. He's funny 24/7

  78. John R

    John R11 soat oldin

    I love your videos that i can stay home and make me feel as if I'm right next to you in your explorations

  79. Witness for Jesus

    Witness for Jesus11 soat oldin

    It looks uninhabited

  80. monmixer

    monmixer11 soat oldin

    You should provide a link for people to donate to the school. I'm sure many would. a little goes a long way when there is a whole bunch of little.