"Hardcore Mode" Minecraft enthusiast who survived in a world for over 5 years. I stream over at

I deserved this...
  1. DEMSH00T3R

    DEMSH00T3R41 daqiqa oldin


  2. Aykut AB

    Aykut AB45 daqiqa oldin

    The best mcyt

  3. Pepijn Boxem

    Pepijn Boxem46 daqiqa oldin

    Were going tommy style

  4. vinithashanet

    vinithashanet55 daqiqa oldin

    131487.5 days you survived so you should be happy as many youtubers have done 100 200 300 1000 2000 but yo did 131487.5 days I did the math for you

  5. Fudge

    Fudge59 daqiqa oldin

    When your just mining chorus fruit and the ender dragon spawn Me: **i guess i die**

  6. DEMSH00T3R

    DEMSH00T3RSoat oldin

    I legit almost cry every time he talks about his old things and what he always did.

  7. Rien Van De Voorde

    Rien Van De VoordeSoat oldin

    13:39 Dammm this dude is so cool he where’s Batman pants

  8. IEatTurtles

    IEatTurtlesSoat oldin

    died to a spider

  9. o•Cheese Playzo•

    o•Cheese Playzo•Soat oldin


  10. Pumpkin PieCrafter

    Pumpkin PieCrafterSoat oldin

    big Pog

  11. BL4Z3 Gaming

    BL4Z3 GamingSoat oldin

    Tell techno tommy has the axe of peace he wil kill him instantly

  12. Triple A73

    Triple A73Soat oldin

    The End has come The King has fallen The Kingdom came to its demise but what remains of it shall never be forgotten. Salute

  13. Pud Kbs

    Pud KbsSoat oldin

    I call you ph-1-l-za

  14. Triple A73

    Triple A73Soat oldin

    The End has come The King has fallen The Kingdom came to its demise but what remains of it shall never be forgotten. Salute

  15. •Tinted Vanilla•

    •Tinted Vanilla•Soat oldin

    DanTDM: *Well you survived 5 years i survived 1!*

  16. Nedas Griškevičius

    Nedas GriškevičiusSoat oldin


  17. Nedas Griškevičius

    Nedas GriškevičiusSoat oldin


  18. o•Cheese Playzo•

    o•Cheese Playzo•Soat oldin

    Philza need insurance or he will drown and loose his last canon life oh no

  19. o•Cheese Playzo•

    o•Cheese Playzo•Soat oldin

    ‘Zero Deaths Pog?’ Me: *Thinks about the ending where everything blows up*

  20. Hexagonal Pineapple

    Hexagonal PineappleSoat oldin

    me, who watches the outros ;-; but completely understandable have a nice day

  21. ThePyro22

    ThePyro22Soat oldin

    Hey Philza I really enjoy the content and I would watch the streams but I live in Australia

  22. BL4Z3 Gaming

    BL4Z3 GamingSoat oldin

    Its a sea serpent

  23. Baguette

    Baguette2 soat oldin

    47:28 hello Willy_DP

  24. Instinct

    Instinct2 soat oldin

    Philza: Redstones easy Philza a few minute before: Redstone is hard

  25. paul colendres

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  26. mirage the fox

    mirage the fox2 soat oldin

    My fricking gosh Philza is so cute I can't I just csnt

  27. Primax

    Primax2 soat oldin

    The helmet hurts to look at


    VAIROKS2 soat oldin


  29. Tu

    Tu2 soat oldin

    ngl, when he reached the end and that warning, external temperature rising at abnormal rate bit came on. the voice freaked me out cause of its use in another game


    SOLOGUY3 soat oldin


  31. Akira A.G.

    Akira A.G.3 soat oldin

    1:40 megalovania intensifies

  32. Reversal

    Reversal3 soat oldin

    "Climb into my hole"

  33. Mo HaTaB

    Mo HaTaB3 soat oldin

    That right there is worth every tear i dropped

  34. Shadowr4th

    Shadowr4th3 soat oldin

    get 1 pumped

  35. Shadowr4th

    Shadowr4th3 soat oldin

    I like fortnite

  36. Dillon Meyers

    Dillon Meyers3 soat oldin

    Did he die ?

  37. MC Unknown

    MC Unknown3 soat oldin

    Anyone Watching this its 2021 now Phil

  38. gao ting

    gao ting3 soat oldin

    Hey that dream sister playing on his loptap and she did that


    SYED YAHYA BIN FAHAD3 soat oldin

    i remember so clearly the day phil died

  40. Turkish Gamer 2020

    Turkish Gamer 20203 soat oldin

    that dono tho

  41. Pirate MC

    Pirate MC4 soat oldin


  42. Pixelated Kokichi

    Pixelated Kokichi4 soat oldin

    Great stream today! I missed an hour of it because of class though :/ thanks for being my internet dad :>

  43. Riley Shea Chan

    Riley Shea Chan4 soat oldin

    i now love sand

  44. Air99 I think

    Air99 I think4 soat oldin


  45. veryana nurfatiha

    veryana nurfatiha4 soat oldin

    When you step on amethyst block,i haer megolovania sound little bit 😅

  46. Untitled Goose

    Untitled Goose4 soat oldin

    Technically it is actually hexih cuz the the is an h in enchantment table Finally I get to use my skill

  47. Tamaki

    Tamaki4 soat oldin

    Stupid swimmy horses

  48. Table Irony

    Table Irony4 soat oldin

    Is it weird back in my old uncultured days i once spawned in a badlands biome and didnt mind it It still happens-

  49. General Scar150

    General Scar1504 soat oldin

    Your story reminds me of the "this is fine" meme :)

  50. Sobria Oyunda

    Sobria Oyunda4 soat oldin

    *0:00** a legend was born*

  51. Im Ugly

    Im Ugly5 soat oldin

    The lava cauldron is how ranboo takes baths

  52. nemesis-72 YT

    nemesis-72 YT5 soat oldin

    Or snad

  53. nemesis-72 YT

    nemesis-72 YT5 soat oldin

    Mmmmm sand and sand

  54. Kai TheAnimeperson

    Kai TheAnimeperson5 soat oldin

    Also- phill doesn’t say “shut up” he just says: “SHUT.”

  55. Hyperboid

    Hyperboid5 soat oldin

    "theres no optifine" ...but there is canvas...

  56. Nathan Was Here

    Nathan Was Here5 soat oldin

    Still can’t believe people voted for re-textured swim that doesn’t even admit proper light

  57. sere gacha 21

    sere gacha 215 soat oldin

    Father hello

  58. Sam Severin

    Sam Severin5 soat oldin

    Loving all the old Philza vids. Just watched his stream today, and it was so much fun! Like always

  59. Marites Arcega

    Marites Arcega5 soat oldin

    Philza minecraft is so brave hes the bravest man I ever met

  60. Shivaar Jeeawon

    Shivaar Jeeawon6 soat oldin

    Phil u were killed by a spider dude. Bruhhh



    dude its touching

  62. The Lemon Demon

    The Lemon Demon6 soat oldin

    It's sad that he forgot the basalt deltas

  63. Msmagoogly

    Msmagoogly6 soat oldin

    I was drinking coffee while watching this, I was so close to spitting it out on my entire PC, I couldnt stop laughing!!!!!!!

  64. IMBored

    IMBored6 soat oldin

    I saw Tommy's video of it

  65. Yona Hutsell

    Yona Hutsell6 soat oldin

    If niki uses any water breathing potions or respiration, she will be able to breath on land! This was tested and proven to work! It’d be a game changer for Niki. No more tank life for her.

  66. P0IS0N

    P0IS0N6 soat oldin

    Imagine if a creeper blew him up 2 seconds later

  67. Slyfoxgamer805

    Slyfoxgamer8056 soat oldin

    70 percent of the comments are just about him playing meglovania

  68. Divided By Two

    Divided By Two6 soat oldin

    Holy shit, so I've just recently started watching Philza after first watching Tommy, only to realize this video for the start of this series was uploaded on my muhfuckn birthday

  69. salik xy

    salik xy6 soat oldin

    pil uplode origin smp vids

  70. Trashed Le Alex

    Trashed Le Alex6 soat oldin

    Eating sand or dirt leads to gastric pain and potential bleeding, eating terracotta or clay, which may cause ingesting pain,could indeed pit a person at risk for lead poisoning. Eating subjects that contains metal could lead to problems with bowel perforation.

  71. [OUTDATED]

    [OUTDATED]6 soat oldin

    Philza literally enslaved the sun in one of his caves. There is no punchline, only fear for what he'll do next.

  72. kendo ツ

    kendo ツ6 soat oldin

    he died to dababy :pensive:

  73. yunan the observer

    yunan the observer6 soat oldin

    The moment the feels returned and the music intensifies. Chills.

  74. Wolfgang Pieper

    Wolfgang Pieper7 soat oldin

    If phiza actually continue this it would be pog

  75. Notsoscarylarry

    Notsoscarylarry7 soat oldin

    As soon as phil gets an army he instantly kills them all in the end\

  76. MightyJKF

    MightyJKF7 soat oldin

    back when having sony vegas made you the coolest youtuber

  77. Luna

    Luna7 soat oldin

    Burn it

  78. hooded wolf

    hooded wolf7 soat oldin

    Apparently the sand mafia is real...


    BEYHAY YT7 soat oldin

    13:14 don’t tell ranboo