1 meme from every episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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  1. The Shuckmeister

    The ShuckmeisterYil oldin

    Which is your favorite? Which ones did I miss? Let me know!

  2. Mamafif

    Mamafif2 oy oldin


  3. Gibson Lopez

    Gibson Lopez3 oy oldin

    Turtle polnareff rule 34

  4. Jhon Josef Caluya

    Jhon Josef Caluya4 oy oldin


  5. Iron Giordy

    Iron Giordy4 oy oldin

    NIGERUNDAYOOO is my favorite. But you miss the WRYY of Dio

  6. Da Peanut

    Da Peanut4 oy oldin

    Okay master lets kill da hoe, beeeeeeetch

  7. Adino Abia Danadyaksa

    Adino Abia Danadyaksa54 daqiqa oldin

    Bruh :p

  8. poompus

    poompus3 soat oldin

    damn you shoulda done the part where josuke says its just a piece of paper

  9. Spirou

    Spirou4 soat oldin

    13:09 this isn't a meme, this is straight up depressing

  10. eee eee

    eee eee8 soat oldin

    stop reminding me of ceaser salad

  11. Chesnok

    Chesnok8 soat oldin

    Ah yes, recap

  12. Mia Andjelkovic

    Mia Andjelkovic9 soat oldin

    They really lost the chance to put "SpeeedwaGONnnn mmm"

  13. StayHigh

    StayHigh10 soat oldin

    0:31 Dang Zepelli just tricked Jonathan.

  14. i am a idiot Dude

    i am a idiot Dude12 soat oldin

    Ya gotta say 9:00 on another level

  15. Burnok Mayi

    Burnok Mayi13 soat oldin

    2:38 to 2:41 simps when they get cougth in discord or ect:

  16. Lilac Starlight

    Lilac Starlight16 soat oldin

    When I watched this video, I haven't seen the anime yet so I was confused. After watching, I am still confused

  17. Just A Guy.

    Just A Guy.20 soat oldin


  18. Aflay

    AflayKun oldin

    The D’arby episode alone has 3 memes, not even including “Go Ahead Mr.Joster” You got “Okay, open the game” “R-R-R-R-R-R-R!!! R-RAISATO!!” “CALL CALL CALL CALL CALL”

  19. Aflay

    AflayKun oldin

    Luck! But for your sake... PRUCK.

  20. Samuel Jenkins

    Samuel JenkinsKun oldin

    The amount of mid roll ads here is a crime

  21. Red plus blue Equals Purple

    Red plus blue Equals PurpleKun oldin

    2:42 the vacuum cleaner

  22. Andreas

    AndreasKun oldin

    Jojo is the best change my mind (idk if i saw it somewhere its not my commend)

  23. Данилов 47

    Данилов 47Kun oldin

    I think that the ROAD ROLLER now a meme of his madness(there a lot crazy).

  24. Olly _

    Olly _Kun oldin

    My brother: breaths Me: 13:39

  25. Zeiv

    ZeivKun oldin

    Daga kotowaru

  26. Kenneth Anson Lee

    Kenneth Anson LeeKun oldin


  27. Inosuke

    InosukeKun oldin

    me when caesar died: 1:52

  28. Michaël Croteau

    Michaël Croteau2 kun oldin


  29. Kenny's Bizarre Channel

    Kenny's Bizarre Channel2 kun oldin

    When you can't finish your homework: 10:38

  30. A normal account

    A normal account2 kun oldin

    Where is Hell 2 You?

  31. GameDoggs MC

    GameDoggs MC2 kun oldin

    9:00 “I’ve won.” *Immediately gets obliterated*

  32. caljackal

    caljackal2 kun oldin

    10:42 6 year old me when my mom asks what I want to watch on TV

  33. Vioneko

    Vioneko2 kun oldin

    I completely forgot Silver Chariot could copy itself. Why did Polnareff never never use that again lmao

  34. Falcon. Exe

    Falcon. Exe2 kun oldin

    All memes aside NOBODY jokes on Caesar he is the 3 best character battle tendency

  35. GayJayy

    GayJayy3 kun oldin

    9:51 is very relatable.

  36. tekaishii leaf

    tekaishii leaf3 kun oldin

    2:39 What the hell was that transition xD

  37. Miguel Argos Dinasthus

    Miguel Argos Dinasthus3 kun oldin

    14:11 - 14:14 Golden experience shall now become requeim

  38. Kerem Duyar

    Kerem Duyar3 kun oldin

    Hol Horse: *nigerundayo* Joseph immediately after: This is how I do things

  39. spleebo the 1st

    spleebo the 1st3 kun oldin

    mr jersterr

  40. yoda valid yall

    yoda valid yall3 kun oldin

    6:38 ...do i even need to commentate?

  41. Luxianox

    Luxianox3 kun oldin

    1:58 bruhkamuruga

  42. Kavin animates

    Kavin animates3 kun oldin

    12:58 Trish: "No, Abbacchio, no one else is going to get hurt" 13:10 *Abbacchio freaken dies and ofcourse they animated this scene REAL GOOD*

  43. Sad Panda

    Sad Panda4 kun oldin

    Wait, no "H a y a t o"?

  44. I Am Gat

    I Am Gat4 kun oldin

    14:13 I like how giornno just looked at requiem arrow and snapped his finger and boom ,became requiem

  45. Jameson Mays

    Jameson Mays4 kun oldin


  46. Jameson Mays

    Jameson Mays4 kun oldin


  47. TheXtremeSOS

    TheXtremeSOS4 kun oldin

    shizaaaaaaaaaaaa made me cry

  48. Mr. Bam

    Mr. Bam4 kun oldin

    10:49 Wait what?!

  49. Lightning Beatbox

    Lightning Beatbox4 kun oldin

    4:10 hol horse is a true joestar

  50. Lightning Beatbox

    Lightning Beatbox4 kun oldin

    Ahh stardust crusaders, that was good

  51. Lebowski

    Lebowski4 kun oldin


  52. The Holo-Cast

    The Holo-Cast5 kun oldin

    5:55 Oh! That's a dogball!

  53. Mister Dumb

    Mister Dumb5 kun oldin

    wait- 4:12 whats wrong with his nose?

  54. Goji Titanus 54

    Goji Titanus 545 kun oldin

    In the final battle of Stardust Crusaders there is so much memes XD

  55. Goji Titanus 54

    Goji Titanus 545 kun oldin

    Jotaro : Catch the Iggy

  56. Alesio2

    Alesio25 kun oldin

    7:24 - 7:27 lag be like

  57. Maria April Joy Muyuela

    Maria April Joy Muyuela6 kun oldin

    6:51 *My respect of hol horse* 📈📈📈📈📈

  58. Ryan Arconada

    Ryan Arconada6 kun oldin

    Wait jotaro burning was a meme ?

  59. aj the game boi

    aj the game boi6 kun oldin

    I like how as star platinum is about to throw iggy he is smiling with joy

  60. Who took the blow of heresy

    Who took the blow of heresy6 kun oldin

    9:51 perfect

  61. 42tai

    42tai6 kun oldin

    14:14 for one second i thought that was jojo style pikachu-

  62. Supavech Sranark

    Supavech Sranark6 kun oldin


  63. Equinox main

    Equinox main6 kun oldin

    u forgot NICE!

  64. xo

    xo6 kun oldin

    Polnareff is such a Himbo damn...

  65. Nitro

    Nitro6 kun oldin

    2:33 *guitar noises* 6 seconds later AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAÆ

  66. AjPlayzGamez

    AjPlayzGamez7 kun oldin

    2:21 o k b o o m e r

  67. Reset

    Reset7 kun oldin

    “Caeser.” Joseph said calmly.

  68. Mayo mayo

    Mayo mayo7 kun oldin

    Kars: one second playing guitar Kars the very next moment: I N D U S T R I A L R E F R I D G E R A T O R

  69. L Mations

    L Mations8 kun oldin

    POV: ur in music class and you didn’t bring ur instrument but there’s the teacher 2:32

  70. turtle man turtle

    turtle man turtle8 kun oldin

    Ween ween weeen. Weenweenweeeeeeen.

  71. -Nicolas- -Costa-

    -Nicolas- -Costa-8 kun oldin

    Make One Piece 29 hours of video

  72. Amaranth

    Amaranth8 kun oldin

    15 minute video...takes 30 to watch due to ad density. FFS

  73. ashwini raich

    ashwini raich8 kun oldin

    4:34 out of context is the funniest thing

  74. Panda

    Panda8 kun oldin

    10:42 9:01

  75. Crowe

    Crowe8 kun oldin

    2:32 ok what the fuck

  76. Breastius Flatius

    Breastius Flatius7 kun oldin

    u havent watched JoJo?

  77. Jorge Velazquez

    Jorge Velazquez9 kun oldin

    11:38 gold diggers when you call them gold diggers

  78. Aiden Murphy

    Aiden Murphy9 kun oldin

    9:00 “Everyone’s got a face until they get punched in the plan” -Tike Myson

  79. MuN_3

    MuN_39 kun oldin

    11:03 should have been the banana gun

  80. RGB

    RGB9 kun oldin

    виинь винь виииннь

  81. Одинцов Сергей

    Одинцов Сергей9 kun oldin

    You missed "Hayato"

  82. Just Some Girl without a Mustache

    Just Some Girl without a Mustache9 kun oldin

    Boomer humor: I hate my wife Millennial humor: I hate my life Gen Z humor:

  83. Maicutul Domnului

    Maicutul Domnului9 kun oldin

    screws: go towards joseph because hes a magnet joseph: M M

  84. Torratrix

    Torratrix9 kun oldin

    2:04 aka. literally the saddest part in all of JJBA...

  85. Torratrix

    Torratrix8 kun oldin

    @Naruto Fan i have

  86. Naruto Fan

    Naruto Fan9 kun oldin

    I guess you haven't finished part 3 yet, am I right?


    NATHAN OOMMEN9 kun oldin

    Yo wtf I was watching JoJo: Diamond Is Unbreakable and this vid at the same time and I paused at 9:39 to continue watching JoJo, I go over to netflix, unpause and the same exact scene comes


    NATHAN OOMMEN9 kun oldin

    2:32 wee wew eweewe we weweeeeee -- QADFMWEIDFNISEJEFIWJFI

  89. S P

    S P9 kun oldin

    Jojo Logic: The gayer you look the stronger you are. 😂

  90. Roan the Tree

    Roan the Tree9 kun oldin

    What the heck did I just watch

  91. Roan the Tree

    Roan the Tree7 kun oldin

    Nope, but I've seen plenty of the memes

  92. Breastius Flatius

    Breastius Flatius7 kun oldin

    u havent watched JoJo?

  93. Asim Keyf

    Asim Keyf10 kun oldin


  94. O K U Y A S U

    O K U Y A S U10 kun oldin


  95. n1ggn0gg

    n1ggn0gg10 kun oldin

    Whats the song you hear in the very first seconds

  96. Ginger 2021

    Ginger 202110 kun oldin

    It feels like I’m rewatching jojo

  97. Md Minto

    Md Minto10 kun oldin


  98. ᴋᴏɴᴏ ᴅɪᴏ ᴅᴀ

    ᴋᴏɴᴏ ᴅɪᴏ ᴅᴀ10 kun oldin

    Me:*guess the answer* My French teacher:non non non non non

  99. Sebas Aguilar

    Sebas Aguilar10 kun oldin

    9:26 this 5 are in perfect order

  100. Flawi Da Flowinci

    Flawi Da Flowinci10 kun oldin

    I cant believe i watched the whole JoJo in 14 minutes

  101. kirito _4kirigaya

    kirito _4kirigaya10 kun oldin

    All of them had me dying laughing but the one where he was playing the girls legs as a guitar had me sying the most

  102. The Marquis

    The Marquis11 kun oldin

    I always forget about bridge Jotaro and it gets me every time

  103. Soupky

    Soupky11 kun oldin

    Stardust crusiders took like half a video

  104. Jasper Aura

    Jasper Aura11 kun oldin

    Me after a Spartan Beast, probably: 3:43

  105. the legend gamers

    the legend gamers11 kun oldin

    You forgot one so its the same stand as star platinum

  106. JPNN789RBLX

    JPNN789RBLX11 kun oldin


  107. JPNN789RBLX

    JPNN789RBLX11 kun oldin

    my favorite meme

  108. DarkSky

    DarkSky11 kun oldin

    safe to say that the entire jojo series is a meme

  109. Hermione Jenkins

    Hermione Jenkins11 kun oldin

    Was that a jojo reference?

  110. Versus Gaming

    Versus Gaming11 kun oldin

    Me when i see my mom coming upstairs and im trying to finish running to my room before she see's me: 0:50

  111. Flame 201

    Flame 20111 kun oldin

    before even watching im expecting at least 3 of them to be “OH MY GOD” or “HOLY SHIT”