10 MOST VIEWED Auditions On American Idol 2020!

#Idol #AmericanIdol #KatyPerry Check out the top 10 most viewed auditions on American Idol 2020! Who was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


  1. harlie brooke

    harlie brooke2 kun oldin

    dillon james is still my all time favourite artist to ever be on american idol

  2. TragicHero

    TragicHero2 kun oldin

    Just Sam is so sweet...what a wonderful little heart she has. I love her to death.

  3. Wendy Weger

    Wendy Weger3 kun oldin

    "And my grandmother said' ... "Believe in God, believe in yourself...and forgive everybody"' ..... went straight to my soul, now I know what to do. Bless you precious little one singing on the trains and bringing joy and love and hope to all you touched...you just changed my life, you were the messenger I have been asking for

  4. Lathira Crawford

    Lathira Crawford9 soat oldin


  5. Sharma Wade

    Sharma Wade3 kun oldin

    Dillion, so proud of you turning your life around.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Continued Blessings throughout your life. Thanks for honoring your parents for all that they have done. You Are A Winner Big Time!!! Glad you’re still here in Jesus name

  6. fabio s

    fabio s3 kun oldin

    Arthur Gunn and spiritual cowboy, great!

  7. Preston Britton

    Preston Britton3 kun oldin

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  8. Julie McCumbers

    Julie McCumbers4 kun oldin

    To “Just Sam”.... My Dear: You ARE the GOLDEN TICKET. You are so genuine. I believe in you .

  9. EatPrayLash GTA

    EatPrayLash GTA5 kun oldin

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  10. Classix 21

    Classix 215 kun oldin

    The 1st guy is bringin the church to idol goodjob brother

  11. Brig Harden

    Brig Harden5 kun oldin

    Arthur Gunn Dibesh is certainly the light of all the eternal truth in him as a soul I can see for myself whst he had within is high born divine harmony amd his voice reflects his essence from the soul level out A relic and wonderful musician Id love to know he will go far amd wide and expand for his future sure looks bright to me. Just when you think Bob Dylan is going out of style someone brings even the past reflected light he brang to us in deep truthful melodies not found elsewhere whatsoever as unique as he remains the musical prophet he always was and apparently truth is full round as we can hear if we cant see and thats enough to get the heart in union with our head thanks to the sweet sounds these talented people demonstrate so we can hear indeed all truth vibing on a wavelength a harmony a cadence we familiarize with in our own souls its no mistake if anything instantly felt recognized for the goodness it brings continually since creation was an idea they had and made it real raw unfiltered mystical and proverbial as well as defined eternally and that is exactly how it sounds to me when I hear the songs that hit you like a New York Subway wakes you straight up keep the coffee I got something stronger trust you wont need a double shot but hey one cant know until they try it by applying its wisdom so if you cant play or sing we can still turn a record play a cd listen to streams and experience is the grand teacher Im thankful for it dont let it be misunderstood music is the truth on many levels without which many of us wouldnt have endured as long as we have until we knew how to embrace by choice and let go of chances and odds A power long forgotten that music awakens us of somehow a magical power flows through many chords Therapy not really more than it is strong medicine much needed and much inspiring for us inside becomes higher born a real cause to seek and find the expansions and growths were looking for working hard to hang on a little longer just to see us through and have what we sought after be our reality. I hope it becomes what everyone has dreamed of looking for and is found above from within. Stay up listen to old songs and new ones Stay the light that we are

  12. Deon MCcoy

    Deon MCcoy6 kun oldin

    Loved this...They were amongst my favorite auditions......🥲

  13. smith

    smith6 kun oldin

    The garbage man was amazing. The way he just listened and got it right away

  14. Santosh Karki

    Santosh Karki6 kun oldin

    Love 💖 dipesh

  15. Wade Giffin

    Wade Giffin6 kun oldin

    Alex and Sierra ... Never heard of a couple this good Lionel? Pull your head out of your fog.....

  16. Victor Aguirre

    Victor Aguirre6 kun oldin

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  17. Mistin Lewis

    Mistin Lewis6 kun oldin

    I can feel Dillon James' story as a recovering addict! Man, he is amazing! Hope his story will inspire many! 5 years 5 months clean here!

  18. Cecy Ortiz

    Cecy Ortiz7 kun oldin

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  19. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    I am groot

  20. Cecy Ortiz

    Cecy Ortiz7 kun oldin

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  21. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    I am groot

  22. Frieda Falke

    Frieda Falke7 kun oldin

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  23. rose jeudy

    rose jeudy7 kun oldin

    I watch American Idole because the have good kids dream big plus Luke give a boy his own Boost because the boy buy clothes no money to buy shoes he barrow a shoe from the security American Idole so Luke do a very good things by giving someone really need smething doesn't have money to buy/ happy for the boy call that human.🎶🎶🎶🎤

  24. Tracy Lewis

    Tracy Lewis7 kun oldin

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  25. Tyler Jerabek

    Tyler Jerabek7 kun oldin

    People don’t realize Lionel was 70 when these happened- he’s experienced almost everything in the business

  26. Dawson Demontiney

    Dawson Demontiney4 kun oldin

    The man is full of wisdom and as I watched this, I sure learned love and respect Lionel.

  27. atamagashock

    atamagashock7 kun oldin

    I personally think Julia gargano should have made it further than she did. She writes her own music, is very talented and not so hard to look at either.

  28. Tyler Cheung

    Tyler Cheung7 kun oldin

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  29. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    i am groot

  30. Giovanni Echeverria

    Giovanni Echeverria8 kun oldin

    What a crappy season this must’ve been

  31. Braiden Yid

    Braiden Yid9 kun oldin

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  32. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    TF are you talking about mate?? I could learn chinese in two days rather than understand what you are talking.. XD :D

  33. Jenna K

    Jenna K9 kun oldin

    how i love luke bryan😩

  34. BA B

    BA B9 kun oldin

    Love your voice Dwayne! Beautiful voice!

  35. Jacob McCain

    Jacob McCain9 kun oldin

    Like father like son lol. I love when Francisco and his dad’s heart are both racing!

  36. OrganicHealer

    OrganicHealer10 kun oldin

    Katy Perry winking at him causing him to do some hip thrusts

  37. Jam Gart

    Jam Gart10 kun oldin

    Arthur Gunn was (for me) the best from this season, by far

  38. Massive pump 305

    Massive pump 30510 kun oldin

    Francisco could probably rock some kings of Leon

  39. Miles Salivio

    Miles Salivio10 kun oldin

    I think the 2nd guy is a Filipino.

  40. Johanna Ruth Flores

    Johanna Ruth Flores10 kun oldin

    He is. 🙂

  41. JErmis 101

    JErmis 10111 kun oldin

    Ok. Just Sam should not have won. Just being honest, the isn't that good.

  42. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal2 kun oldin

    @JErmis 101 exactly... 😎

  43. harlie brooke

    harlie brooke2 kun oldin

    That is very accurate. iI was either Dillon or Arthur Gunn for me. But I'm leaning more towards Dillon just because i love him soooo much

  44. JErmis 101

    JErmis 1016 kun oldin

    @Prometheus Satyal I thought he was the best

  45. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    What about Arthur Gunn ?

  46. John Choat

    John Choat11 kun oldin

    For me, THIS Trio of judges is THE MOST caring, helpful, concerned AND empathetic in listening to NEW voices.

  47. Ropilou

    Ropilou2 kun oldin

    Totally agreed!!!!!

  48. Hellen Moore

    Hellen Moore3 kun oldin

    John Choat- I absolutely agree with you, and Ryan Seacrest as well!

  49. Platinum Pineapple

    Platinum Pineapple5 kun oldin

    i miss them allowing bad auditions in

  50. Sittingstraight12

    Sittingstraight1211 kun oldin

    Love LoVE LOVE... that Lionel did this for Grandma!! You are truly a sentimental human!!

  51. Two crows

    Two crows11 kun oldin

    That kid with the black cowboy hat belongs somewhere in the entertainment world. He's got a cool swag about him

  52. Two crows

    Two crows11 kun oldin

    Katy got it going on cmon

  53. Else Marie Strangesen

    Else Marie Strangesen11 kun oldin


  54. i'm Groot

    i'm Groot11 kun oldin

    Francisco's audition is too funny. And now he's releasing his own music. Proud of Him

  55. bill croft

    bill croft12 kun oldin

  56. carbear

    carbear12 kun oldin

    O My Gaaaaaaaa that worship leader is AMAZIIIIING

  57. John Puckett

    John Puckett10 kun oldin


  58. Melissa Glinn

    Melissa Glinn12 kun oldin

    Just Sam was awesome she grew SO much during idol last year. Thats what the Show is all about... JUST Awesome!!!

  59. Sarah Robertson

    Sarah Robertson12 kun oldin

    2nd guy is serious kings of leon vibes

  60. Penny Houser

    Penny Houser12 kun oldin

    The keyboardist rocked, love this kid I hope it was a launch for a good carrier.

  61. Stevee Dempsey

    Stevee Dempsey12 kun oldin

    Dabesh (i think that was his name) was my overall favorite. I could listen to his singing for the rest of my life

  62. Cat Lady858

    Cat Lady85812 kun oldin

    yikes cat and alejandro :( that was awful what were they listening to? ofc that song is awful and sounds off key so maybe its just the choice of song.

  63. Marianne Fong

    Marianne Fong12 kun oldin

    Francisco Martin from Francisco is so nervous its hard to believe that someone that good looking would be nervous. Studying pre law says he's really smart too. His parents must be so proud of him. I also agree he's top 5.

  64. Troy D

    Troy D13 kun oldin

    The garage man do it for me, he not even know he can sing.. Wow 🤔

  65. liagate4

    liagate4Kun oldin

    Exactly ❤️


    NEVER GIVE UP13 kun oldin

    I really love american idol's judges they are Amazing ❤️♥️

  67. Suman Magar

    Suman Magar13 kun oldin

    Top 2= Dibesh pokhrel ( Arthur gun) 🇳🇵


    KLICKSSS KLUBBB13 kun oldin

    Douglas Kiker, I hope he shows up for 2021. I bet there is so much more in that voice for sure.


    KLICKSSS KLUBBB13 kun oldin

    Just Sam, she can sang. Period.

  70. 951 Will

    951 Will12 kun oldin

    I love her.

  71. Melody McCormack

    Melody McCormack13 kun oldin

    I can relate to Dillon

  72. Mohd Tajuddin

    Mohd Tajuddin14 kun oldin

    Black live matter,Asian live matter, hi love from Malaysia

  73. Gods Child

    Gods Child14 kun oldin

    Arthur Gunn, north country fair was insane!!

  74. Snail 27

    Snail 2714 kun oldin

    78 and wearing high high heels 👠 and able to dance in them -- I can barely walk without heels.

  75. Sittingstraight12

    Sittingstraight1211 kun oldin

    Right!!! It hurts looking at that!

  76. Alexandria Ritter

    Alexandria Ritter14 kun oldin

    The kid that was soo scared could hardly talk and then he could just singgg

  77. Whinnie

    Whinnie14 kun oldin

    Dwayne was the best

  78. ————

    ————15 kun oldin


  79. Cassie Rose

    Cassie Rose15 kun oldin

    Melted my heart when Lionel sang “Lady” & danced with the Great Grandmother😍😘🥰♥️

  80. blueyedangel1

    blueyedangel112 kun oldin

    Oh I teared up! So super sweet!

  81. Lisa Clark

    Lisa Clark15 kun oldin

    I love the comment are you people real!😆

  82. Video TT

    Video TT15 kun oldin


  83. Jean Yani Panman

    Jean Yani Panman15 kun oldin

    "You Make Me Feel My Love "👍👍👍😘

  84. Eharper3

    Eharper39 kun oldin

    Make You Feel My Love, actually.

  85. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood15 kun oldin

    First guy gave me goose bumps! Wow

  86. Ingrid Grattidge

    Ingrid Grattidge16 kun oldin

    Absolutely love what you do!

  87. Sorin David

    Sorin David16 kun oldin


  88. Iceman cometh

    Iceman cometh16 kun oldin

    The one that was singing and his eyes rolled back in his head, yeah, they wanted that to go away for his stage presence but he couldn't help it he was possessed and was channeling! The other one come in and on a garbage man salary you don't make very much, between the three of them "Rich Folk" someone could have bought him some teeth - just saying!!!

  89. alaa sabbagh

    alaa sabbagh16 kun oldin

    The third one ...her voice look likes adele

  90. Elizabeth Seals

    Elizabeth Seals18 kun oldin

    I love when Katy winks at Just Sam. It melts my heart.

  91. christina Eh!

    christina Eh!19 kun oldin

    "Doug the garbageman" is so nice. & I like Paul Arthur Gunn. My 2 favs

  92. Warriors 金州勇士 Golden State

    Warriors 金州勇士 Golden State22 kun oldin

    I respect American Idol judges most as they full heartly find talent from bottom, from down to the earth level. These judges are angels, to the subway singing girl, and to the garbage man, and to ……

  93. Alice Agravante

    Alice Agravante15 kun oldin


  94. 見城信子

    見城信子23 kun oldin

    可愛い猫の坊や 上がってるね でも 可愛いから ESA うふふ いい声 普通に 坊やじゃん 頑張れ 頑張れ 僕ちゃん

  95. Kevin Walters

    Kevin Walters25 kun oldin

    She calls him Alex??? lol They never saw a couple that good. lol. Lookup Alex and Sierra uznick.info/up/video/sGyse6WeZLR1h2g

  96. Vasek Fotbal

    Vasek Fotbal25 kun oldin

    OH my that Is very very good

  97. Dragon Lady

    Dragon Lady26 kun oldin

    so the better your sob story, depends on if you get a ticket. This is pathetic. I don't like this new kind of American Idol. They should rename this show.

  98. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    @Lisa Clark Totally agreed.... i love how you could feel the true purpose of such sad story revealing....

  99. Lisa Clark

    Lisa Clark15 kun oldin

    Music is how people cope with life whether they are good or not, but these were very good singers. The thing is for them to sing from their pain might help others find a way to heal through music and songwriting. It gives people hope. I am sorry you feel that their stories is what got them through, but their stories is what gives them a sense of purpose and inspire others. These are great singers.

  100. Anthony Wood

    Anthony Wood15 kun oldin

    Guess we know why your name is DRAGON LADY

  101. Grwe :D

    Grwe :D20 kun oldin

    Not true. People can have sad stories and still not make it through to Hollywood.

  102. Vangie Navarro

    Vangie Navarro26 kun oldin

    The judges are so nice, inspiring and talented. I love their personal touch to every contestant! Tho nervous, they make them comfortable

  103. aspenrebel

    aspenrebel26 kun oldin

    Is The Garbage Man going to audition on AI again this season? I hope so, I like him.

  104. aspenrebel

    aspenrebel6 kun oldin

    @smith I'm a fan of the garbage man!!

  105. smith

    smith6 kun oldin

    I loved it

  106. aspenrebel

    aspenrebel25 kun oldin

    @indira kanikella what don't u like?

  107. indira kanikella

    indira kanikella25 kun oldin

    Don't like that

  108. Teckie vlogs

    Teckie vlogs26 kun oldin

    Whoever is reading this may u have a successful life

  109. Teckie vlogs

    Teckie vlogs14 kun oldin

    @Snail 27 Amen be blessed

  110. Snail 27

    Snail 2714 kun oldin

    God Bless you - May The Lord Jesus Christ protect you and guide and lead you in all things and be with you always. 💜💜✝️

  111. Teckie vlogs

    Teckie vlogs26 kun oldin

    @JoJo thanks dear...Amen

  112. JoJo

    JoJo26 kun oldin

    Blessings and Positive Vibes to you and yours 👑🙏🏽💫

  113. Lisa Lamb

    Lisa Lamb26 kun oldin

    Love the Spanish guy..Spanish men are the sexiest in the world.


    BAKTIAR SIMAMORA26 kun oldin

    ini salah satu acara yang membuat aku menangis😭

  115. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    I am groot

  116. Truth Unfolded

    Truth Unfolded26 kun oldin

    Everyone loves Lionel Richie

  117. Habiba Ahmed

    Habiba Ahmed26 kun oldin

    Can you please pin this before the vid have a millions views!

  118. Танюшка Белая

    Танюшка Белая26 kun oldin

    👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍 💃SUPER🕺 💐💐💐 BRAVO 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  119. fabian kates fly rice comedy

    fabian kates fly rice comedy26 kun oldin


  120. Janasek Małgorzata

    Janasek Małgorzata26 kun oldin

    Rozwaliło mnie,po polsku znaczy,że jestem wzruszona

  121. Prometheus Satyal

    Prometheus Satyal6 kun oldin

    I am groot

  122. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    Absolutely amazing

  123. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    Awesome thanks they are aboustley amazing

  124. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    Aboustley beautiful song she meals this God bless 🙏

  125. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    God is good all the time God bless 🙏

  126. Mistin Lewis

    Mistin Lewis6 kun oldin

    Amen! God bless you Paula Gibson!

  127. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    You're absolutely amazing and I love this song 💖💖💖💖

  128. Khmer Culture 12

    Khmer Culture 1226 kun oldin

    Good !

  129. Omer Ali

    Omer Ali26 kun oldin


  130. Renthlei Npa

    Renthlei Npa26 kun oldin

    Wow!nice voices,and look at Katy Perry😍☺️👌.........

  131. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson26 kun oldin

    Such amazing singer and thank you for

  132. Nortey Dede Berlinda

    Nortey Dede Berlinda26 kun oldin

    The couple ❤️❤️

  133. Vloging teens

    Vloging teens26 kun oldin

    I like it my dad is a pastor

  134. Iceman cometh

    Iceman cometh16 kun oldin

    That's what they mean by PK - pastor's kid

  135. TeamProxxyS

    TeamProxxyS26 kun oldin


  136. Pariton Wahengbam

    Pariton Wahengbam26 kun oldin


  137. Islam Kazal

    Islam Kazal26 kun oldin

    Who is here to comment and get some like.😋

  138. Kdog's Klips

    Kdog's Klips26 kun oldin

    That first guy tho! HOLY CRAP!

  139. Emmy Playz

    Emmy Playz26 kun oldin