10 Of Katy Perry's FAVOURITE Auditions And Contestants On American Idol!

#Idol #AmericanIdol #KatyPerry Check out the top 10 best auditions and contestants that are judge Katy Perry's favourite on American Idol!


  1. Lea Sabina Casibang

    Lea Sabina Casibang12 soat oldin

    Yung pangalawa parang si Adele yung boses nya💖

  2. Josh Fowler

    Josh Fowler23 soat oldin

    robert taylor is a true inspiration in attitude and way of being

  3. Mrbigp59

    Mrbigp596 kun oldin

    robert has an great voice. I hope he goes far

  4. KATHY Humphrey

    KATHY Humphrey8 kun oldin

    Michael, this is my favorite performance on American Idol, ever! It was "drop the mic" good!

  5. Ellis Bermudez

    Ellis Bermudez9 kun oldin

    The three best judges the American Idol ever had they should have been the judges from day one.. they have the best vibes

  6. michael ougarezos

    michael ougarezos12 kun oldin

    i so much love these three judges

  7. synnc

    synnc13 kun oldin

    how is laine not here

  8. Katherine Robbins

    Katherine Robbins16 kun oldin

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  9. Jitendra Kumar Behera

    Jitendra Kumar Behera18 kun oldin

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  10. Josh Walker

    Josh Walker18 kun oldin

    Michael Woodard is destined for Broadway, not pop stardom. His personality and voice are a combination that would shoot him to the top on stage.

  11. Hadia's Life

    Hadia's Life20 kun oldin

    Noah has the personality and the voice , that’s all that matters ya’ll👏💕✨🥺

  12. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ21 kun oldin

    I'd kill to have those sunflower pants

  13. Davis Yokley

    Davis Yokley21 kun oldin

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  14. Velvet Tears

    Velvet Tears11 kun oldin


  15. randal gibbons

    randal gibbons23 kun oldin

    Proud of you sis. ❤️

  16. Jeanine Pickett

    Jeanine Pickett23 kun oldin

    Robert Taylor you are a star and I have 2 lesbian daughters and a bisexual boy and I'm proud of you being yourself. My son was afraid to come out to me and I'm soo proud of him AND you!!!

  17. Jeanine Pickett

    Jeanine Pickett23 kun oldin

    Julia you made me tear up...your emotion is palpable... I LOVE YOUR VOICE. You are going to be a Starr. I cannot wait to hear who you turn into!!!!

  18. Jeanine Pickett

    Jeanine Pickett23 kun oldin

    Michael J Woodard you are reminiscent of the 50's iconic singer!!! I love your sound. You're amazing!!!

  19. Jeanine Pickett

    Jeanine Pickett23 kun oldin

    Shannon Gibbons you mad me cry... Your emotion is aww inspiring!! You are a star. Always remember that!!!

  20. Arob Ali

    Arob Ali24 kun oldin

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  21. busterbrown7771

    busterbrown777127 kun oldin

    Dont fatter Katy Perry...she's too smart!!!!

  22. Jaishema James

    Jaishema James27 kun oldin

    Why they have to talk about their pathetic lives ...it's an audition and should be professional

  23. Joanne Butski

    Joanne Butski29 kun oldin

    These judges are the best... show true concern.couldnt ask for better and they are why I watch.

  24. jacque Ku

    jacque KuOy oldin

    Young woman with the Sunflower 🌻 pants has an AWESOME 👏🏻 VOICE..her name is Shannon❗️

  25. Deadbattleboy

    Deadbattleboy18 kun oldin

    how the hell you suicidal in kindergarten, not like i had a great life then, but at the time i didn't even know what suicide was, maybe that's just me but that seems TOO young

  26. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ21 kun oldin

    Those pants are so lovely it makes me tingle

  27. Riah Elizabeth

    Riah ElizabethOy oldin

    "So the alpaca can experience the rest of it with me.." Dude that's the best thing ever said.

  28. Nelly Björkung

    Nelly Björkung27 kun oldin


  29. Nelly Björkung

    Nelly Björkung27 kun oldin


  30. Nelly Björkung

    Nelly Björkung27 kun oldin


  31. David Franklin

    David FranklinOy oldin

    Noah's personality is wow

  32. Gabe and Alex Clausen and Mandel

    Gabe and Alex Clausen and MandelOy oldin

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Lionel Richie: “Very Good.”

  33. Friar Rodney Burnap

    Friar Rodney BurnapOy oldin

    Katy Perry, in the name of Jesus the Christ... I rebuke your backsliding, and command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come back to your first love... to repent of your sins, and put your faith in Jesus like you would a parachute, if you jumped out of an airplane, you can't just look at the parachute....you have to put it on...by faith put on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved! In the name of Jesus Christ... Amen!

  34. mrdougeran1

    mrdougeran127 kun oldin

    You can always tell when a person sings a religious song it really bothers her and she tries to hide it, maybe she thinks she does but it's too easy to read her

  35. mummideerist

    mummideeristOy oldin

    The Robert Taylor audition needs to be known by all.

  36. wocky slush

    wocky slushOy oldin

    “y’all ready ? “ “wig” “wig”

  37. tony castillo

    tony castilloOy oldin

    Have you ever almost cried while taking a s**t? It just happened to me 😭💩

  38. Kristi Fleischman

    Kristi FleischmanOy oldin

    michael j woodard is soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  39. Black Money

    Black MoneyOy oldin

    Why Luke lookin like he is disgusted those faces he be making lol.

  40. RobbyDG

    RobbyDGOy oldin

    only good music gives you the stank face !

  41. Heather Garrett

    Heather GarrettOy oldin

    You so funny ! Amazement and jealousy , he always looks that way when he is stunned . Loving it !!!

  42. ZOKOZZ G&K

    ZOKOZZ G&KOy oldin

    Iluminati katy

  43. MatiasNougues

    MatiasNouguesOy oldin

    7:00 adeleee!!

  44. C Sandford

    C SandfordOy oldin


  45. Snow Kol

    Snow KolOy oldin

    ... he reminds me of Bob Marley.... Mr . Lionel said ... I love Bob Marley

  46. danilo vergara

    danilo vergaraOy oldin

    Turner' you are the best '!!! She is talented girl' she is Amazing!!! Song!

  47. Lynne Furman

    Lynne FurmanOy oldin

    Love the judges Lionel has been my favorite from the 70s

  48. Maria Whittaker

    Maria WhittakerOy oldin


  49. AB V8

    AB V8Oy oldin


  50. Morocco Tv

    Morocco TvOy oldin


  51. Roseline Jean Philippe

    Roseline Jean PhilippeOy oldin


  52. hashim hussan

    hashim hussanOy oldin

    “مسئلہ جوناگڑھ: حال اور مستقبل” جانیئے دیوان ریاستِ جوناگڑھ صاحبزادہ سلطان احمد علی کی زبانی👇uznick.info/up/video/pmSqiGqXnZNmnok

  53. Rachelle Desjardins

    Rachelle DesjardinsOy oldin


  54. Morocco Tv

    Morocco TvOy oldin


  55. Stephanie Meadows

    Stephanie MeadowsOy oldin

    Catie is good too its sad that most music company's want you to have the look and all that

  56. Stephanie Meadows

    Stephanie MeadowsOy oldin

    He does remind ya of Bob Marley

  57. Stephanie Meadows

    Stephanie MeadowsOy oldin

    Shannon was awesome and Arthur is my favorite I love his voice did he ever make a record I don't watch tv just watch it on here I can't stand commercials lol

  58. Igabod Dobagi

    Igabod DobagiOy oldin

    I think he just recently released a record, but it isn't quite the same style as he sang with in the show. But if you want some of his originals in that style then he does have several good ones on his UZnick channel. Just search for Arthur Gunn and you should find his channel pretty easy. I'm not a fan of the rap-ish style he uses for his album, but I do love his originals in the Bob Marley / Bob Dylan combination style. Definitely worth a listen.

  59. Рыбалка с Александром Таракановым

    Рыбалка с Александром ТаракановымOy oldin

    Hi, great video !!! Everything is amazing! Good luck and health !!! The prosperity of your UZnick channel !!! 😇👍👍👍

  60. Three angel of mylife

    Three angel of mylifeOy oldin

    Thank you🥰🥰🥰

  61. Three angel of mylife

    Three angel of mylifeOy oldin

    uznick.info/up/video/mIaukZp7aLamqZc ❤️❤️❤️

  62. Dania Army

    Dania ArmyOy oldin

    Wow 💜💜💜💜💜

  63. Game life

    Game lifeOy oldin

    The Goosebumps just keep coming

  64. Game life

    Game lifeOy oldin


  65. oybekoff

    oybekoffOy oldin


  66. ItzLightningPlays

    ItzLightningPlaysOy oldin


  67. ItzLightningPlays

    ItzLightningPlaysOy oldin

    @Dagmawi Yoseph hi

  68. Dagmawi Yoseph

    Dagmawi YosephOy oldin


  69. Mad About Norwich

    Mad About NorwichOy oldin

    Ooh I’m fairly early lol

  70. ItzLightningPlays

    ItzLightningPlaysOy oldin


  71. Cherish Edits

    Cherish EditsOy oldin

    woah in first 😂

  72. Sarhng Alone

    Sarhng AloneOy oldin