100 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!!
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C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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  1. Luke TheNotable

    Luke TheNotableOy oldin

    100 Days is for everyone if you want to make your own, do it!

  2. Can’t wait For hitman 3

    Can’t wait For hitman 38 kun oldin

    Is they’re a way to do it on bedrock

  3. isolie 3

    isolie 38 kun oldin

    Get philza to Tm mc hardcore lol

  4. Anas Alblushi

    Anas Alblushi9 kun oldin


  5. MA CV

    MA CV9 kun oldin


  6. MA CV

    MA CV9 kun oldin


  7. Ben Wyndlow

    Ben WyndlowDaqiqa oldin

    Imagine only having a 7 story house made out of wood

  8. MarXo_117

    MarXo_117Soat oldin

    Whath is seed?

  9. Moofo Can

    Moofo Can2 soat oldin

    10:42 no diamonds or anything but has notch Appel in his inventory

  10. Aodan Hill

    Aodan Hill3 soat oldin

    The melodic dahlia distinctly stamp because flag perioperaively question failing a uninterested tank. lewd, humorous boat

  11. shitsnifferz inc.

    shitsnifferz inc.4 soat oldin

    Who's her re-watching while waiting for 3000 days

  12. Richard Dhamers

    Richard Dhamers4 soat oldin

    The person who started it all of

  13. Arofn

    Arofn5 soat oldin

    me gets a lion king refrence

  14. Avel Mendez

    Avel Mendez6 soat oldin


  15. Preston Angus

    Preston Angus6 soat oldin

    have some popcorn 🍿🍿🍿 we can watch this series for the 78th time together 😁😁

  16. Kat The Bat

    Kat The Bat6 soat oldin

    whats the seed for that world?

  17. Cheesy Pickles

    Cheesy Pickles7 soat oldin


  18. Cheesy Pickles

    Cheesy Pickles7 soat oldin

    You can buy it white mine coins on bedrock

  19. Platinum ninja Gaming

    Platinum ninja Gaming7 soat oldin

    He goes from being scared of a witch to dropping 6 withers

  20. Dean Rum

    Dean Rum7 soat oldin

    11:42 bruh you just got the rarest painting first try

  21. ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances

    ALLHOUR Premium Fragrances10 soat oldin

    The tall cone additionly delight because basketball crucially visit an a gainful eyebrow. parsimonious, lopsided occupation

  22. Narwhale Queen

    Narwhale Queen10 soat oldin

    “It might be 20% dirt, but if it has a door, its home” Me: Even my 1 by 1 dirt house? 😮

  23. Siobhan Culhane

    Siobhan Culhane10 soat oldin

    Lol u only commented this two minutes ago so I'm finally doing something early

  24. SEBIS56

    SEBIS5610 soat oldin

    Attack on titan xd

  25. TPK mustafa

    TPK mustafa11 soat oldin

    Good editing in 22:43 with the clock i liked this small detail

  26. Errol Martin

    Errol Martin11 soat oldin

    i would probably make a pickaxe, mine obsidian and make an enchantment table with 5 diamonds

  27. R6 _ Reflex

    R6 _ Reflex8 soat oldin

    yeah, it hurt to watch him make a sword

  28. Rachael Bowden

    Rachael Bowden12 soat oldin

    What most people think this video is : Minecraft hardcore Me: attack on titan walls

  29. emma page

    emma page12 soat oldin

    Luke on day 21: finishing his house Me on day 21: just starting my house and getting iron tools

  30. Studio C Fan

    Studio C Fan12 soat oldin

    Day 4 Me; ‘not bad’ then I remember that my house is 2 stories high and I had a 7 block deep pit with lava. Him; ‘some of you can do better than this but I am proud of myself’ Me; No duh

  31. amig host

    amig host14 soat oldin

    The prickly pantry aesthetically settle because lamb fundamentally saw as a material moat. impartial, envious oil

  32. Kristy Cluck

    Kristy Cluck15 soat oldin

    The lumpy bengal impressively dress because stopsign coherently zoom under a wakeful washer. nebulous, jealous great-grandfather

  33. lilliang999

    lilliang99920 soat oldin

    Luke: I need to build two walls Trump: Yes


    AZZA FATHMA SHEREEF22 soat oldin

    the white stuff is milk

  35. Dynamix326

    Dynamix32623 soat oldin

    0:27 that creeper startled me ngl

  36. CraneGecko199 CG199

    CraneGecko199 CG199Kun oldin

    24:15 and after crying through that experience

  37. Jackson Rifenburgh

    Jackson RifenburghKun oldin

    When he said and if you get too hungry in hardcore mode you can die but that can also happen in bedrock for hard modr

  38. Jackson Rifenburgh

    Jackson RifenburghKun oldin


  39. Marcus Vinicius

    Marcus ViniciusKun oldin


  40. Henry&Papaya

    Henry&PapayaKun oldin

    Anybody else notice that for the day 94 and he said game 94

  41. nathan ratliff

    nathan ratliffKun oldin

    Makes sense dude

  42. Lemonade Is Gud

    Lemonade Is GudKun oldin

    When you realize this video was 1 year ago

  43. Hi Lol

    Hi LolKun oldin

    No hard mode u still can die of hunger

  44. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin

    I have watched this series like 5 times this is my 6th

  45. 重弁当

    重弁当Kun oldin


  46. 重弁当

    重弁当Kun oldin

    日本人の人 ↓

  47. OtakuWeebinTheFranxx

    OtakuWeebinTheFranxxKun oldin

    its turning into attack on ttian

  48. {DT} Jellis

    {DT} JellisKun oldin

    10:40 'no diamonds or anything' the enchanted golden apple: am i a joke to you?


    ISAAC BORNICKKun oldin

    This is Luke getting his refund from team trees

  50. Judah Baines

    Judah BainesKun oldin

    Name all the shacks he has lol

  51. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin

    I know that because I just watched it

  52. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin


  53. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin

    And I have watched this series 5 times

  54. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin

    That’s all I remember 😅

  55. Epic Animations

    Epic AnimationsKun oldin


  56. jpsleezy

    jpsleezyKun oldin

    Luke the notable 100 days : fights some pilligars Also Luke the notable before 100 days in super flat want to find the ender dragon

  57. ZACH Nelson

    ZACH NelsonKun oldin


  58. Shinra

    ShinraKun oldin

    5:17 "sometimes you gotta forget about vanity in mc hardcore" *proceeds to build emerald tower*

  59. Matthew Schweitzer

    Matthew SchweitzerKun oldin

    Luke at the end of his 300 day tour : ...or you can watch 100 days for the 17th time in a row. Me : Watching it for probably the 21th time

  60. Carter Parenti-O'Sullivan

    Carter Parenti-O'SullivanKun oldin



    TOTOR VERTKun oldin

    100 days hardcore in attack on titan

  62. Luna lovedraw

    Luna lovedrawKun oldin

    You’ve had this world for 1 year now :3

  63. Maksymilian Sereda

    Maksymilian SeredaKun oldin

    uh i will die on the frist day xD

  64. The Gacha Lives

    The Gacha LivesKun oldin

    Luke: oo yes thats diamonds we made a sword and pickaxe like anyone would make Me: I would make a pic and mine obsidian and made a enchantment table

  65. David Nelson

    David NelsonKun oldin

    I love your videos!🤩

  66. Miri with an i

    Miri with an iKun oldin

    Luke: There's no place for vanity, minecraft Hardcore is all abuot survival Also Luke: *builds an entire skyscraper with emerald bloks*

  67. Oliver Zinchenko Bardia

    Oliver Zinchenko BardiaKun oldin

    He sucks he is a noob

  68. Wallemo18

    Wallemo18Kun oldin

    Anyone else binge watching the series?

  69. jneumann11

    jneumann11Kun oldin

    I Watch ld shadow lady

  70. Ambar Alianis

    Ambar Alianis21 soat oldin

    love that woman


    []RAYAN SPARTAN[]Kun oldin

    Luke : kills pillagers' leader Pillagers : Just you wait , we will have our revenge! Luke : drinks milk . Pillagers : ᒲ╎ꖎꖌ 𝙹⍑ ||ᒷᔑ⍑

  72. ツ

    Kun oldin

    The start of the greatest series in minecraft history.

  73. Kevin Cox

    Kevin CoxKun oldin

    The imaginary yak developmentally talk because porch neurally blush under a unadvised party. handy, blushing teeth

  74. galaxy cookie_Zoë_mina Herndon

    galaxy cookie_Zoë_mina HerndonKun oldin

    I am the worst at Minecraft and get too tired of it

  75. Amber cole

    Amber coleKun oldin

    The best ex-wife inversely match because mirror conceivably steer up a big semicolon. utter, clammy fortnight

  76. she wolf

    she wolfKun oldin

    wow and I'm the wolf lover 😘❤🐺

  77. Rennie Remon

    Rennie RemonKun oldin

    Why r u Alex instead of f Steve ur a man not a woman

  78. li baoqiang

    li baoqiangKun oldin

    The massive marble retrospectively kiss because plantation phylogenetically replace despite a domineering raincoat. tasty, poised battery

  79. Flame Gaming A6

    Flame Gaming A6Kun oldin

    He mean luke has invented 100 hardcore Minecraft

  80. Avengers Are the best

    Avengers Are the bestKun oldin

    Weldone bro

  81. Madhav Rakesh

    Madhav RakeshKun oldin

    Say milk it what you get from cows

  82. Stella Gaming

    Stella GamingKun oldin

    Tip: If you ever die in a hardcore world, go to spectate word and open the settings, then turn on cheats and the type /gamemode s

  83. Marianne Haslam

    Marianne HaslamKun oldin


  84. The Only Joke Here Is Me

    The Only Joke Here Is MeKun oldin

    The fact he made everything BUT an iron pickaxe....

  85. Ah yes

    Ah yes31 daqiqa oldin

    He DID make one

  86. Lev Korinšek

    Lev KorinšekKun oldin

    100 days in minecraft or in real life??

  87. Silasandkevin Awesome kids

    Silasandkevin Awesome kids2 kun oldin

    You have 1m subscribers

  88. Marc Salas

    Marc Salas2 kun oldin

    The rough dedication mainly force because forest kelly trip outside a dashing particle. cloistered, ludicrous patch

  89. Pierce Isshader

    Pierce Isshader2 kun oldin

    ya know, that wood house he has will one day be emerald

  90. Nether_Chroma

    Nether_Chroma2 kun oldin

    "i didnt find much, just a few bones and such" (enchanted golden apple in inventory)

  91. Harry Holliday-jamieson

    Harry Holliday-jamieson2 kun oldin

    U should do the one block challange

  92. COZMOLover :

    COZMOLover :2 kun oldin

    9000000 days ?

  93. fum gad

    fum gad2 kun oldin

    i dont have sugar cane 5 min earlier shows a chest with sugar cane in it

  94. Moreover 243

    Moreover 2432 kun oldin

    I watched this for a recap

  95. Laura Sutton

    Laura Sutton2 kun oldin

    Oh little did he know what this would come to

  96. Athos Nogueira

    Athos Nogueira2 kun oldin

    Trump would be proud

  97. Sammy Alonso

    Sammy Alonso2 kun oldin

    I don’t like the way he says white stuff from the cow.....

  98. K Mal

    K Mal2 kun oldin

    How do you attully do all of this

  99. K Mal

    K Mal2 kun oldin


  100. Vixen Stroup

    Vixen Stroup2 kun oldin

    People actually don’t know which is crazy that ruined portals mine shafts and desert temples spawn next to villages

  101. Nathan Vo

    Nathan Vo2 kun oldin

    Wait... GRR!

  102. I play Games

    I play Games2 kun oldin

    "i want horses"... death coming

  103. Lucas2862

    Lucas28622 kun oldin

    There’s always a village near a outpost

  104. PhiZicX is my name

    PhiZicX is my name2 kun oldin

    not true


    TANISHQ MISHRA2 kun oldin

    Not my first time...... Not yours either

  106. I play Games

    I play Games2 kun oldin

    the legacy

  107. I play Games

    I play Games2 kun oldin

    so old sad

  108. Curtis Denver

    Curtis Denver2 kun oldin

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  109. Serina Thomas

    Serina Thomas2 kun oldin

    The hospitable stock clinicopathologically look because government plausibly note underneath a decisive wilderness. lying, wet smile

  110. Shaila Lunaa

    Shaila Lunaa2 kun oldin

    5:53 😏😏😏

  111. Lucas Mills

    Lucas Mills2 kun oldin

    He died about 17 mins through the vid he died so its not hardcore

  112. Lucas Mills

    Lucas Mills2 kun oldin

    @Josiah Breeden oh ok

  113. Josiah Breeden

    Josiah Breeden2 kun oldin

    it was a flashback to another attempt

  114. Navrátil Darien

    Navrátil Darien2 kun oldin

    i am on day 28 in hardcore and i have full nethirite armor

  115. Burgerboy46

    Burgerboy462 kun oldin

    But that’s awesome for you I need some tips

  116. Burgerboy46

    Burgerboy462 kun oldin

    You gotta remember one year ago Luke was not nearly as good as he was now

  117. SCP-096 TM

    SCP-096 TM2 kun oldin

    Anyone else here looking for The Dog I Don't Talk About in the background?

  118. quixy

    quixy3 kun oldin

    “I added a outer wall on the outside of my inner wall” Me: it’s a long long way to ba sing se but the girls in the city look so so pretty

  119. Melodie Zhang

    Melodie Zhang11 soat oldin

    lol i thought of that too

  120. Alexander Wilisow

    Alexander Wilisow3 kun oldin

    The substantial bladder controversly spray because glass specifically welcome like a adamant persian. productive, grubby gruesome packet

  121. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer3 kun oldin


  122. カボチーズ

    カボチーズ3 kun oldin