2021 NCAA Football Edward Waters vs Jackson State

February 21, 2021 NCAA Football: Edward Water Tiger vs Jackson State Tigers. This is the first historic Football for Coach Prime, Deion Sanders for Jackson State. The game was streamed live on ESPN3 and I do not own the rights to the game.


  1. LOM Mac

    LOM Mac4 kun oldin

    Prime time coming

  2. LOM Mac

    LOM Mac4 kun oldin

    The DB

  3. LOM Mac

    LOM Mac4 kun oldin

    @Alex Hines yes

  4. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines4 kun oldin

    @LOM Mac You are talking about the QB #4 or the DB?

  5. LOM Mac

    LOM Mac4 kun oldin

    @Alex Hines I’m a lackawanna college alumnus huge fan of JSU #4, huge fan of Gram History so I hope both ready

  6. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines4 kun oldin

    And the G-Men will be ready.

  7. zimbasexy1

    zimbasexy16 kun oldin

    That QB #8 is very exciting to watch, he should be starting imo cuz he's can throw and run plus he reads the defense very well he's got some growing to do but he looks very promising

  8. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines6 kun oldin

    Looked pretty good throwing the ball.

  9. JuCity JT

    JuCity JT7 kun oldin

    I already watched the game but I stopped by to add you another view

  10. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines7 kun oldin

    Thank you so much for the support!

  11. Unique Enterprises

    Unique Enterprises8 kun oldin

    No halftime band?!?! WHAT UP WIT' DAT?!?! if ESPN gonna cover HBCU's they betta recognize the band is part of the show fa sho!!!

  12. Scott Brezee

    Scott Brezee7 kun oldin

    There wasn’t a halftime show because of covid restrictions

  13. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines8 kun oldin

    ESPN has been doing that for years to HBCU Coverage!

  14. Maverick Jordan

    Maverick Jordan8 kun oldin

    When did they start playing games this early?

  15. Maverick Jordan

    Maverick Jordan7 kun oldin

    @Alex Hines thanks! It just had me going in circles.

  16. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines8 kun oldin

    Last week. This is for the missed 2020 season.

  17. SJ

    SJ8 kun oldin

    LOVE seeing my HBCU dominate 😌.

  18. Cody Quandt

    Cody Quandt9 kun oldin

    I hope JSU will be better

  19. IRON5

    IRON510 kun oldin

    What is this horse shit like really Jackson State?

  20. DK1

    DK110 kun oldin

    There are High Schools in Jacksonville, Florida that are better than Edward Waters and that's no exaggeration

  21. Quinton Knight

    Quinton Knight10 kun oldin

    23k views already... the ripple effect of Prime.

  22. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines10 kun oldin

    I see.

  23. Antbeast23

    Antbeast2310 kun oldin

    And not even the best players dor jsu not playing lol

  24. Top Authority

    Top Authority10 kun oldin

    How many games are they playing?

  25. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines10 kun oldin

    Should be about six.

  26. J. G

    J. G10 kun oldin

    17:24 That Ref 👀👀👀

  27. Top Authority

    Top Authority10 kun oldin


  28. Kevyon Brown

    Kevyon Brown11 kun oldin

    The quarterback for EWC need to stop playing football try tennis 😂😂

  29. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines11 kun oldin

    Tennis is not easy either. Man on man sport!

  30. ZombaHenry garrotKomp

    ZombaHenry garrotKomp11 kun oldin


  31. Lvplack Bussy

    Lvplack Bussy11 kun oldin

    Edward Waters?? Who da hell? Deion might as well be playing Redman's alma mater, Muddy Waters University.

  32. Adrian Hawkins

    Adrian Hawkins11 kun oldin

    I'm glad a HBCU is finally on ESPN on a national level.. Now we have to climb to be National Rank. GO DIEON but now get better competition

  33. Adrian Hawkins

    Adrian Hawkins8 kun oldin

    Next Prime time. I get tired of seeing the prime teams. Thi

  34. Vee Vee Mo

    Vee Vee Mo10 kun oldin

    @Christopher ADOS Rosette correct, i watch HBCU games all the time. Hopefully other people will start watching and give these guys some visibility.

  35. Christopher ADOS Rosette

    Christopher ADOS Rosette11 kun oldin

    It always have been. They always show games on ESPN3

  36. Astro Bear

    Astro Bear11 kun oldin

    I didn't know college football still going on I thought season was over

  37. Astro Bear

    Astro Bear8 kun oldin

    @Tony Carter right because of the covid pandemic

  38. Tony Carter

    Tony Carter9 kun oldin

    They're making up for not playing in the fall last year

  39. Astro Bear

    Astro Bear10 kun oldin

    @haiji hunt oh ok spring ball

  40. haiji hunt

    haiji hunt10 kun oldin

    Spring ball

  41. Rizza Rizzo

    Rizza Rizzo11 kun oldin

    I’m 38 from Jackson and I’ve never saw them win like this ... good job

  42. TURKEYKING337 Gaming

    TURKEYKING337 Gaming10 kun oldin

    😂 well Rizza my boi you get what you pay for 300k payday for Junior High Football team you get these type of outcome but congratulations on the huge win 👋👋👋 💙Southern.U💛 see y'all April 3th We Coming Through it should be a good

  43. Christopher #51 Theus

    Christopher #51 Theus11 kun oldin

    I Luv BLACK UNIVERSITY'S, I had my Experience many years ago summer 1987 With Tuskegee UNIVERSITY.

  44. C Holla

    C Holla11 kun oldin

    Why didnt Jackson State take a knee towards the end of the game. It was 53-0 and they were still throwing the ball with 10 seconds left.

  45. Thexgamingchannel

    Thexgamingchannel8 kun oldin

    Deion is there to dominate, make them quit, cry, and stop playing football

  46. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox10 kun oldin


  47. Brandi Duckworth

    Brandi Duckworth12 kun oldin

    Jsu A.D. gonna run him out of jacktown they keep robbing him

  48. harold Denton

    harold Denton12 kun oldin

    Hell their opponent was nothing but a high school level team in Edward waters.

  49. JSU Tigers

    JSU Tigers11 kun oldin

    Tuneup game - they wasn't on the Spring Schedule....

  50. Brain Scott

    Brain Scott12 kun oldin

    Walter Payton is rolling in his grave....stealing from the coach?...really?

  51. JSU Tigers

    JSU Tigers10 kun oldin

    @Fitzgerald Marche Because Deon put it out there... He jumped the gun..... Locker room area has State Troopers - Deputies -JPD & JSU Police stationed around it - behind the South End zone.. I wouldn't be surprised he's doing it for the Reality Show that he had been talking abt .... If not he need to check his click... Inside job....

  52. Fitzgerald Marche

    Fitzgerald Marche11 kun oldin

    @JSU Tigers And it didn’t make national news. Only because it’s at a HBCU ...

  53. JSU Tigers

    JSU Tigers11 kun oldin

    He also had his jewelry stolen from him at Florida State & while playing PRO BALL in Atlanta.... Guess he hasn't learned that he is a target....if it did happen at JSU....

  54. T Rushings

    T Rushings12 kun oldin

    Yall didnt do this many comments when Alcorn, Southern and Prairie View played this same damn team, its some really hating folks on here, This team practiced one time all week due to snow that started Sunday and started melting Friday, its the first game yes you will see sloppy play, I cant wait till each of your first games this week, I want all the JSU folks to go on their videos and talk about them as well.

  55. Thexgamingchannel

    Thexgamingchannel8 kun oldin

    @TURKEYKING337 Gaming plus swac has always had more resources, so talking about all the championships yall got is fucking irrelevant this season, we know you got a big azz problem and youre shitting on JSUs past cuz youre scared that they gonna dominate S.U all that talk gonna end real soon boy calm your ass down

  56. Thexgamingchannel

    Thexgamingchannel8 kun oldin

    @TURKEYKING337 Gaming you gonna learn when JSU blows yall trash team outt...

  57. TURKEYKING337 Gaming

    TURKEYKING337 Gaming10 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox 😂 aww how cute you remember when y'all was relevant but since you asked in the History of 💛 Southern.U 💙 we have 11 Black National titles 19 SWAC Championship. To Jsu 3 Black National titles 16 SWAC Championship 😂 survey said S.U. is All time better than Jsu so get y'all weight up before y'all try to come for a HBCU Titan like 💙 Southern.U💛 but since you try to be funny we don't count division titles at 💙 Southern.U.💛 but if you must know we have won SWAC WEST 13 14 18 19 so in passed 9 years we Won 4 Division titles to y'all 1 Division title in 13 just to lose to WHO That's right 😂💙 Southern.U 💛 in dramatic fashion double OT 😂 good times remember it like it was yesterday all them sad Jsu fans and Players cry 😭 as Human Jukebox blowing gangster b loudly as confetti fell from the sky as my Jag's brothers celebrate all over H-Town

  58. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox10 kun oldin

    @TURKEYKING337 Gaming what fun facts. Since SU inception, how many swac champoinship have they won? JSU last one was in 2013. I am asking you about the Total.

  59. TURKEYKING337 Gaming

    TURKEYKING337 Gaming10 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox 😂 aww just like a typical jsu fan big bark but little bit all talk but know acting and maybe if you wasn't too busy celebration beating a Junior high school football you would have noticed when I'll said keep that same energy April 3th 💙 Southern.U💛 we coming through and I'll never said we didn't lose but that barely happens here at S.U. and when we do lose it's to the best of SWAC but y'all on the other hand can't say that cause y'all use of getting your brains beating in year after year so is that substance enough for you Mz.Fox oh here a fun fact when is the last time jsu beat S.U. how about you do some research on that and let me know 😂 carry on 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛✌

  60. antonio Williams

    antonio Williams12 kun oldin

    Jackson State played a great game and they have players that are ineligible right now for spring and cant play until the fall and that's when their players they recruited will be playing and they are going to be dangerous!!!

  61. David Magiskan

    David Magiskan12 kun oldin

    1:35:57 B.S Call right there~! LOL Jackson State O Line was moving at least 2 of them they could have called it on. Than Edward Waters get flagged for not agreeing the call. Damn refs That is the only thing I hate about Football. But we need them in the game! lol

  62. BestToDoIt7

    BestToDoIt712 kun oldin

    2:22:25 on the flip side Jackson got robbed out of a touchdown

  63. antonio Williams

    antonio Williams12 kun oldin

    That was a nice punt return by #29 Clark in the 4th but he got fatigued and couldn't score.. It's only spring and their conditioning will get to where they will not get gassed and not run out of steam.

  64. Bigg Playa

    Bigg Playa12 kun oldin

    She screaming nigga at 42:08 lol

  65. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 kun oldin

    Sanders could have kept that lil bit inside the building.I know he just creating all this attention in a negative way.Them folks know nothing was stolen, now the media looking at the city of Jackson, JSU, students,staff,alumni, and fans look bad.Just look at what their saying.Im gonna tell y'all this,he won't be there maybe 2 more years and off to fbs level.

  66. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis11 kun oldin

    Anybody that had some sh.t stolen twice,he supposed to be tearing sh.t off the wall,throwing chairs, cursing out security.All them Jackson police out there and I know d.m well nobody gonna go in them facilities and take something.Now my lil niece can understand that and she 14, 😂. Now I done toleja lol

  67. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox12 kun oldin

    I begg the differ. Sanders does not have a reason to lie. Apparently there was a witness. So since you were not there, your take is not needed.

  68. Jermaine Carter

    Jermaine Carter12 kun oldin

    The Linebacker for Edward Waters number 33 is a good LB! Somebody needs to take a look at this kid!!!!

  69. Jermaine Carter

    Jermaine Carter7 kun oldin

    @Marcus Adams he can transfer to the best HBCU in the land...! The LANGSTON UNIVERSITY 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿😄😄😄😄

  70. Marcus Adams

    Marcus Adams8 kun oldin

    He should come to JSU

  71. Ryan Elliott

    Ryan Elliott8 kun oldin

    Yes he is

  72. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown10 kun oldin

    Exactly what I said

  73. rickybobo

    rickybobo12 kun oldin

    Thanks bruh! Appreciate this. Go Grambling! Go JState!

  74. BI 51

    BI 5112 kun oldin

    Jackson State beat Burger King University, they really believe this is SWAC football. Sanders should stop making a mockery out of Black college football. Why didn't (Florida State) hire him, hmmmm? Wake up Black folk.

  75. Big Hurt

    Big Hurt4 kun oldin

    😆 😆. U sound stupid homie!.... But for some reason, I dnt even thnk ur black!. Just commenting trying to divide Blacks frm goin HBCU. LOL, not gne work!... But for #1, Deion didn't have a certain degree you need to coach.!

  76. Ryan Elliott

    Ryan Elliott8 kun oldin

    60s & 70s FSU was a toilet Bowl full of Shit. FSU didn't have the talent during Segregated Schools. SWAC was far better than the SEC & ACC

  77. Veronica Thomas

    Veronica Thomas11 kun oldin


  78. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin

    Nick Riley my poin ecactly

  79. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 kun oldin

    You see folks like you keep up a bunch of bullsh.t.My homeboy Marcus Woodson coach the secondary at FSU and he worked for that position.Sanders wasn't hired at FSU because his resume is small compared to Marcus,who coached cbs and safeties over the last 16 years.Had Sanders started coaching after retirement,he would be a hc at a big time college.

  80. HR

    HR12 kun oldin

    People in Mississippi will steal the draws Off of a dead body.

  81. Nick Riley

    Nick Riley12 kun oldin

    @harold Denton yeah ask your grandparents about it...

  82. harold Denton

    harold Denton12 kun oldin

    Chitlins and pigs feet is a feast in Mississippi.

  83. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin


  84. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 kun oldin

    And people on youtube don't know a publicity stunt when they hear about it

  85. Nick Riley

    Nick Riley12 kun oldin

    Didn’t know you had your PH.D from HU. Congrats @Hater University....

  86. Cornelius Ingram

    Cornelius Ingram12 kun oldin

    Whoever that #16 for Edward Waters is the only thing they got going for them.

  87. Suave Rico

    Suave Rico9 kun oldin

    33 on Defense also

  88. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines12 kun oldin

    #3 also when they could get him out in space.

  89. Dsand ProductionsTM

    Dsand ProductionsTM12 kun oldin

    JSU is basically a D1 team playing NAIA teams which is equivalent to D2 or D3 they should run the table. There the modern day Last Chance U there gonna get some 4 and 5 star recruits plus D1 transfers like the running back from FSU

  90. Ryan Delaine

    Ryan Delaine9 kun oldin

    I wouldn’t say they’re equivalent to D2

  91. Nick Riley

    Nick Riley12 kun oldin

    JSU is Kappa Klean

  92. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin

    JSU Back in Buissness

  93. TURKEYKING337 Gaming

    TURKEYKING337 Gaming12 kun oldin

    @I'm Justice 😂 all the little prime tigers think they doing something because they beat up on SWAC little cousin can not wait to see y'all soon Southern 💙⚜️💛 U

  94. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin

    You must be from Grambling

  95. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines12 kun oldin

    We will see in two weeks when they play Grambling that is real school!

  96. Taylor Jah

    Taylor Jah12 kun oldin

    PrimeTime for some, CrimeTime for others....Troy Aikmen won't be back, lock your doors, and tuck your chain when you in Jackson, Mississippi...

  97. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox10 kun oldin

    @Michael Davis No, you shutup and pay attention! I will say it again. DEION DOES NOT NEED STUNTS. He is already in the news with JSU and not just ESPN. This did not start at JSU. He was news worthy long before that. I think we need to be a support path for him, not jumping on someone elses band wagon going in the other direction. What is it you want me to learn? From where i sit, you haven't learned a damn thing. So miss me with that bs!!! Just saying💖💖💖💖💖

  98. Asha Verse

    Asha Verse10 kun oldin

    @Nick Riley 💪🏽💪🏽💯

  99. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis11 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox shutup and pay attention, might learn something.

  100. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox11 kun oldin

    @Michael Davis REALLY!!!! Deion does not need stunts.

  101. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox11 kun oldin

    @Nick Riley Thank you!!!!

  102. Big Hurt

    Big Hurt12 kun oldin

    😠😲.. Wtf. Fair catch on a kickoff,.. On 10 yard line???..Ruffin need to GO! ASAP!!.. Need OJ Small, Guss Scott, Welton Coffey etc. Half a recruiter !! Got Alot of Fla nd city boys but not all the right ones! Tighten up E Dub president, fire dis guy!!! 1 time for Coach Bartley nd Coach Prime for E Dub tho

  103. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines4 kun oldin

    @Big Hurt But did you have to fire him now? If that was the case, fire him at the end of 2019. And then, if you have no resources, which I am hearing from people, how do you expect him to win? And did you see the talent gap between the two? The back up that JSU brought in was better than Edward Waters Starter. If he was not the guy, then fire him earlier and hire someone else.

  104. Big Hurt

    Big Hurt4 kun oldin

    @Alex Hines maybe... But like I toldju before, doesn't take 100 yrs to develop a (good) coaching sense. Either u do or u dnt have it.

  105. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines4 kun oldin

    @Big Hurt How many coaches are you going thru. Did not have time to build a program.

  106. Big Hurt

    Big Hurt5 kun oldin

    @Alex Hines I meeean yea but, idk about all that. As long as they're replaced wit another brotha,.. Not no other

  107. Alex Hines

    Alex Hines5 kun oldin

    @Big Hurt Why! Sad how our HBCU's fire coaches!

  108. Big Hurt

    Big Hurt12 kun oldin

    1 time fa #9Jaren Wilson, I see ya !✊🏾!! .. Yessir.

  109. Kameron Kelly

    Kameron Kelly12 kun oldin

    Jackson state all day especially coach prime and the sonic boom

  110. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin


  111. shawab1277

    shawab127712 kun oldin

    I love it all✊🏾 I just hate they keep Robbing coach prime mane DAMM😡

  112. I'm Justice

    I'm Justice12 kun oldin

    We do deserve hime

  113. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 kun oldin

    Publicity Stunt

  114. shawab1277

    shawab127712 kun oldin

    @B Jordan big facts

  115. B Jordan

    B Jordan12 kun oldin

    I was saying as a people that really needs to stop!! All that robbing and also killing!!!

  116. B Jordan

    B Jordan12 kun oldin

    The robbing is a inside job and it needs to stop!!! I never heard of so much robbing before.. As a people stop really needs to stop and improve our community.

  117. Jacklyn Everage

    Jacklyn Everage12 kun oldin

    ESPN needs their butt beat for not showing the halftime show. LOL!

  118. Veronica Thomas

    Veronica Thomas11 kun oldin

    Wasn't one due to covid restrictions

  119. Jarvis H

    Jarvis H12 kun oldin

    There wasn’t one. Band stayed in the stands

  120. Deeba Kwame

    Deeba Kwame12 kun oldin

    Jackson's running backs did a terrible job choosing the correct holes to run through which may be trouble when they play swac teams. of course it didn't show against a NAIA school.

  121. Asha Verse

    Asha Verse10 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox 🎯💯

  122. Deeba Kwame

    Deeba Kwame11 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox sounds like you're soooo blue and red you don't see the problems. i bleed green and gold (nsu) but im not gonna sit here and act like we don't have issues. but hey, i want to see jackson succeed that's the only reason i said that. im not talking down on the team

  123. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox11 kun oldin

    @Marcus Adams Hine sight is 20/20

  124. Jeannette Fox

    Jeannette Fox11 kun oldin

    @Deeba Kwame you can say what ever you want. So can I. My point is, it was the first game. Don't come out hitting and you are not in the coaches or the players shoes. Maybe the best decisions were not made, so what. Let the coaches do their jobs, they dont need any help. They know what to correct. MIss Valley is next. Lets see what happens. I am a Jacksonian born and raised. Grew up on JSU. Football as a child. Is that good enough for ya???

  125. Deeba Kwame

    Deeba Kwame12 kun oldin

    @Jeannette Fox they won 53-0 to a NAIA team, that's more an accomplishment on the defense than offense. why do you think youtube has a comment section? im not going to sit here and cringe over the mistakes and not say anything. arm chair critic, who are you?

  126. Deeba Kwame

    Deeba Kwame12 kun oldin

    jackson's threads are tough!