.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop at 170,000 FPS - Smarter Every Day 169

I'm going to walk it up until I can find the limit.
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I shot a .22 Magnum and a .38 Special bullet at the Prince Rupert's Drops made by Cal at Orbix Hot Glass.
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  1. PeteBeast

    PeteBeast4 yil oldin

    I was left open-mouthed at the first shot... then the second, I just copied the link and sent it to my friends. Keep these coming Destin! You've got fans in Venezuela!

  2. Andre A

    Andre AYil oldin

    Not for long

  3. ·.· ·.·

    ·.· ·.·2 yil oldin

    should he be skipping over and picking that thing up...

  4. Taylon Haldane

    Taylon Haldane2 yil oldin

    PeteBeast hhh

  5. Chris

    Chris2 yil oldin

    Can they afford youtube videos in venezuela?

  6. MarCov

    MarCov2 yil oldin

    PeteBeast is it true y'all Venezuelan niggas eating rocks for food

  7. Air Drexel

    Air Drexel5 soat oldin

    The bullet shattered wow😮

  8. محمد زائد

    محمد زائد2 kun oldin

    سبحان الله

  9. Ali Alhussaini

    Ali Alhussaini18 kun oldin

    What about using the drop as a bullet

  10. Gamer Woman

    Gamer Woman18 kun oldin

    Did.. Did the bullet break? 3:56

  11. [Deus] [Laxus]

    [Deus] [Laxus]22 kun oldin

    I came from My Wife is. A demon Queen


    TEGVEER GILLOy oldin

    Hes been using the same camera for 4 years

  13. pinospin

    pinospinOy oldin

    The prince Rupert drop is real life Achilles

  14. Avon Heatz

    Avon Heatz2 oy oldin

    how to record the bullets

  15. Perry Zheng

    Perry Zheng2 oy oldin

    Smash it with a Nokia 3310

  16. Joelynn Carter

    Joelynn Carter2 oy oldin

    The second one you should put on display in your house

  17. Tim Horton

    Tim Horton2 oy oldin

    Now, for posterity's sake you have to try a 50 bmg.

  18. Mary Lagua

    Mary Lagua3 oy oldin

    The 38 caliber was better but I think you need a stronger one.

  19. Knarf Trakiul

    Knarf Trakiul3 oy oldin

    I just saw PRD withstand 68000 Kilograms on hydraulic press

  20. Adrian Untalan

    Adrian Untalan3 oy oldin

    (1:51)... I'm surprised there was no explosive cascading failure when the tail broke.

  21. Jonathan Mallett *JT*

    Jonathan Mallett *JT*4 oy oldin

    Bullet proof glass

  22. 胡高平

    胡高平4 oy oldin

    So, if we could make prince rupert's drop panels with no tail, the car's glass would be much, much safer

  23. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson4 oy oldin

    Wouldn't this be good as a bullet proof vest.. If the head is that strong

  24. christopher Buehler

    christopher Buehler4 oy oldin

    Wow- Next step now is figure out how to shoot prince Rupert drops at a bullet- or a at a tank.

  25. Mike Waters

    Mike Waters4 oy oldin

    The music tho

  26. Chicken Noogets

    Chicken Noogets4 oy oldin

    Hate guns hate this, and the bible thumping at the end is unnecessary religion has no place in science, goodbye

  27. sekitto joseph

    sekitto joseph5 oy oldin

    No just no.

  28. Cool Shift

    Cool Shift2 kun oldin


  29. Ron Disanto

    Ron Disanto5 oy oldin

    How hard is a Prince Rupert compared to a diamond? I asked this on another one of your videos too.

  30. Phantonym

    Phantonym5 oy oldin

    Nokia: you Want to challenge me?

  31. HKGoldenMrA

    HKGoldenMrA5 oy oldin

    1:44 .22 vs PRD 3:25 .38 vs PRD

  32. First Last

    First Last5 oy oldin

    That’s incredible footage, unreal the bullets just shattered against glass.

  33. Mureithi Kivuti

    Mureithi Kivuti6 oy oldin

    I can hear the prd laugh as Destin brags about the full metal jacket

  34. おれおれお

    おれおれお6 oy oldin


  35. Chainsaw Circumcision

    Chainsaw Circumcision7 oy oldin

    my jaw dropped when the BULLET shattered against the prince rupert's drop


    ЯЏSSЇДЙ ДҜS74Џ7 oy oldin

    Could a drop be made in a vacuum and it be perfectly round

  37. Cristian

    Cristian7 oy oldin

    I saw the miniature as a rat

  38. Kod Adı TÜRK

    Kod Adı TÜRK8 oy oldin


  39. Zachary Kaleb

    Zachary Kaleb8 oy oldin

    I have no words to explain this.

  40. Jack

    Jack8 oy oldin

    man's got skills

  41. Libby [BS]

    Libby [BS]8 oy oldin


  42. Espectro98

    Espectro989 oy oldin

    Que onda todo bien jaja un pive hablando español

  43. codeGoblin

    codeGoblin9 oy oldin

    I love "Prince Rupert's guitar theme" :D

  44. maral2014

    maral20149 oy oldin

    m1 abrams secret composite armor has finally been found!

  45. NeMolodoy

    NeMolodoy10 oy oldin

    Кто из 2020?)

  46. думать иначе

    думать иначе10 oy oldin

    I am being like a flat earther: even with images that prove it, I still can’t believe it

  47. Vatsal Sethi

    Vatsal Sethi10 oy oldin

    Imagine Rupert drops as ammunition for handguns.

  48. williamlee0

    williamlee010 oy oldin

    A mattress advert? Are you kidding me?

  49. Jose Alejandro Llanez pulgarin

    Jose Alejandro Llanez pulgarin10 oy oldin

    would be useful as a bulletproof vest is very resistant

  50. pInk leAf iS hoT

    pInk leAf iS hoT10 oy oldin

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail smoke look like a hamster?

  51. Big Solid Boss

    Big Solid Boss11 oy oldin

    .22 magnum,what an ironic name.

  52. Malte Almroth

    Malte Almroth11 oy oldin

    Feet per second... yeah can you say that again but in real measurements? like kilometers per hour or meters per second... you know real stuff

  53. Ciaran_oneill

    Ciaran_oneill11 oy oldin

    4:30 you can see the wheels turning

  54. Заебись Вода

    Заебись Вода11 oy oldin


  55. Flargarbason

    Flargarbason11 oy oldin

    Who would win? A solid piece of lead traveling 1700 MPH Or some glass that was dropped in water

  56. Vov4ik- TV

    Vov4ik- TVYil oldin

    Пуля в лепёшку, да ну нах... 😳

  57. udonwadon

    udonwadonYil oldin

    what about the distance destin? could it have broken if you had let the bullet travel further and achieve it's maximum acceleration?

  58. 이정우

    이정우Yil oldin

    다른건모르겠고 저유리가지고싶음.

  59. Peter Bardum

    Peter BardumYil oldin


  60. Vermillion Stallion

    Vermillion StallionYil oldin

    The bullet just break... (put on sunglasses 😎) LIKE GLASSES...

  61. Sofia A

    Sofia AYil oldin

    You didn’t take your hat off coming inside house and you didn’t take your dirty shoes off even standing on the bed. Do you think it's hygienic

  62. Аман Садыров

    Аман СадыровYil oldin

    Наебом попахивает

  63. Fruttis

    FruttisYil oldin

    Ruperts its hack!

  64. Merix Style

    Merix StyleYil oldin

    Should try Underwood Ammo and see if which of the projectiles will break it. XP or the XH should do it.

  65. Егор Лисовой

    Егор ЛисовойYil oldin

    Пиздешь или нет?

  66. ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

    ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫Yil oldin

    Toughest sperm ever

  67. Алекс Вэйн

    Алекс ВэйнYil oldin

    Its a MEGA drop of prince Rupert

  68. murty dasari

    murty dasariYil oldin

    Next nokia phones will be made of prince Rupert's drop

  69. Jupiter One

    Jupiter OneYil oldin

    теперь ты обязан выстрелить в неё с 50 БМГ

  70. ALiEN Men

    ALiEN MenYil oldin

    Спасибо за перевод (за сабы) кто бы ты не был))

  71. Arturo Salgado

    Arturo SalgadoYil oldin

    Lol aren't those grey things that look like strings are for the woman to go in there py not going to say it. I'm not trying to be rude or any of that just saying because my friend showed me one and I fought it was just a string so he showed me where it goes and I was like your so fcking disgusting.

  72. Nikolay Zagorov

    Nikolay ZagorovYil oldin

    You should try cooling the drop in oil and then shoot it

  73. The Lazy Crazy Brain

    The Lazy Crazy BrainYil oldin

    I think Cody Don needs a Prince Ruperts Drop to dissolve the tail to see if it would shatter but he wasn't able to make one.

  74. Mauricio Moreno

    Mauricio MorenoYil oldin

    How dangerous is that for you considering the bullet shatters? Could a shard fly back and strike you?

  75. Allen Yudistira

    Allen YudistiraYil oldin

    what the dog even your dog can make my day better

  76. Kostas Kostas

    Kostas KostasYil oldin

    Not an original Ruperts drop because the tail snapped but the bubble did not explode

  77. Никита Челпанов

    Никита ЧелпановYil oldin

    Кто русский

  78. kerambit найс

    kerambit найс7 oy oldin

    Комент был оставлен 8 месяцев назад

  79. Диана Кучма

    Диана КучмаYil oldin


  80. Frosty Yt

    Frosty YtYil oldin

    Русские лайк

  81. а а

    а аYil oldin

    Это не фотошоп я видел это в горах краснодарского края

  82. Игрок Free Fire

    Игрок Free FireYil oldin


  83. Олег Ярошенко

    Олег ЯрошенкоYil oldin

    Больше похоже на сперматозоид руперта

  84. ッSaviorッ

    ッSaviorッYil oldin

    Tanks using this as spaced armor

  85. SoraWisdom

    SoraWisdomYil oldin

    now shoot a lead plate at a prince rupert drop

  86. Carrot

    CarrotYil oldin

    Soo glass is stronger then a bullett

  87. Mike Johnson

    Mike JohnsonYil oldin

    Your videos are fantastic - I wish they weren't because I have things to do.

  88. Arsenal Arsoona

    Arsenal ArsoonaYil oldin

    Hmmm. Is this rupert using the long stail from big head like the matter of some item to Fk

  89. Khanes

    KhanesYil oldin

    Prince rupert's drop looks like a sperm hahahaha

  90. The Imperfection

    The ImperfectionYil oldin

    Im not doubting the legitness of this video but how come the drop didnt shatter after the tail broke multiple times

  91. The Imperfection

    The ImperfectionYil oldin

    nevermind they explained later on. I love this channel.

  92. Mach III

    Mach IIIYil oldin

    according to a hydraulic press, the bullet would have to exert over 30 thousand tons at the head to break it

  93. Ry Ry The Science Guy

    Ry Ry The Science GuyYil oldin

    Prince Rupert drop body armpit vs prince Rupert drop bullet

  94. Octoslav Productions

    Octoslav ProductionsYil oldin

    I feel like these could be used instead of Kevlar

  95. Michael Reynolds

    Michael ReynoldsYil oldin

    Wow, they are so hard.

  96. Максат Галимжанов

    Максат ГалимжановYil oldin

    Whale sperm vs bullet

  97. Suvadeep panthy

    Suvadeep panthyYil oldin

    Can you do a slowmo video of water hammer effect

  98. Я Я

    Я ЯYil oldin

    надо такую каплю, впаять в кончик пули

  99. Evan Yoohoo

    Evan YoohooYil oldin

    "Why don't they make bulletproof vests etc. out of this stuff?" "Because it's too heavy. 1 gram of prince Rupert's drop weighs something like 15 grams."

  100. Exttendo Beats

    Exttendo BeatsYil oldin

    Bullet proof glass should be made of this , would be way more efficient


    OTM DAMIENYil oldin

    Looks like a mf sperm cell

  102. Lars Wust

    Lars WustYil oldin

    How to beat any game: Step 1: Make a crafting table Step 2: Collect 24 Prince Rupert Drop ingots Step 3: Make Prince Rupert Drop armor Step 4: Profit

  103. random stuff

    random stuffYil oldin

    Well I'll be. Who would have thought that a regular glass can be stronger than a bullet. I thought only bullet proof glass can stop bullets and not regular glass.

  104. Bill Kinsman

    Bill KinsmanYil oldin

    This is so very interesting! Thanks for the really nice work!

  105. 三軒茶屋寧世

    三軒茶屋寧世Yil oldin

    ガラスや鉛の破片土の上にまき散らされちゃうんじゃないかな これ敷物敷いた室内とかでやったら実験として結果に悪影響あったのかね

  106. pup •

    pup •Yil oldin

    1:44 3:25

  107. Артур Пирожков

    Артур ПирожковYil oldin

    До 3:26 пиздежь

  108. lonelyPorterCH

    lonelyPorterCHYil oldin

    0:32 wtf, they have very flat heads... the ones that I shot (swiss army rifle and pistol) were very pointed / very round for the pistol