As we prepare for another group of lambs, the last step is to clean their pen. So today we clean.
But before we clean, I have to move ewes around...
LUCY wasn't aware of this plan, and I wasn't aware she was still in the barn.
AND I was reminded how quickly and innocently accidents can happen.
#sheep #farming #cleanout

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  1. Susie D.

    Susie D.Kun oldin

    SANDI please wear (cotton) MASK. Not for covid. I used to help clean my friends horse stall. I still remember the potent ammonia forced into our lungs with every breath. Still can't ever use ammonia as a cleaning agent in my home. Vinegar or Bleach depending.. Absolutely LOVE your Bobcat helper. Your such a pro!!!.

  2. Connie Maniaci

    Connie Maniaci3 kun oldin

    You are the first U Tube video I go to. I never tire of watching your days. You have a beautiful personality that adds so much to the video. There are many many of us out there that are hooked. Keep it up.

  3. Linda Doggett

    Linda Doggett5 kun oldin

    Why am I sitting here entranced by a machine picking up the dirty straw?

  4. Awake And Rising

    Awake And Rising6 kun oldin

    Just wondering do the sheep ever go outside to a field?

  5. Ellen Goodrich

    Ellen Goodrich11 kun oldin

    Does the pile of stinky electric blankets get used as fertilizer for her husbands crops?

  6. Ev Palfy

    Ev Palfy11 kun oldin

    You work so hard, please take care of yourself.

  7. Hydrian Queen

    Hydrian Queen12 kun oldin

    Lucy "Did you see that, I was beast mode. Now pick me up and snuggle me"

  8. Sue Bambenek

    Sue Bambenek12 kun oldin

    That attachment is amazing. Just estimate how many man hours that saves. Mind blowing. I just found your channel today. Addicting.... babies!!!!

  9. Judith Robertson

    Judith Robertson12 kun oldin

    I love the way u r so kind to all ur sheep. I grew up on a small farm. I loved it. Good job.

  10. christina newcomb

    christina newcomb13 kun oldin

    I own a business. For birthday and Christmas I always ask for something for our store. Made me laugh when you said your purchase for yourself

  11. Dale Shoshanah Kirkland

    Dale Shoshanah Kirkland14 kun oldin

    Look at Lady Bobcat go lol..handling like a pro cleaning out the pens 👍🏼🌸💕🌸

  12. Candace Bex

    Candace Bex14 kun oldin

    I couldn’t figure out why you weren’t spreading the bed out more to cover the bare spots but when the ewes were let in I saw their stampeding about spread that bed perfectly.

  13. shadowgirl34

    shadowgirl3414 kun oldin

    poor Lucy so cute love your vids

  14. Roger Berry

    Roger Berry14 kun oldin

    My old man always said I watched so much crap on TV that I'd prob. Watch a dog take a shit on the boob tube an here i am watch them clean up sheep shit lol you were right old man you were right lol lol

  15. Tracy Bagwell

    Tracy Bagwell14 kun oldin

    11:08 60×60 woven ploy tarp. With 6 post 12ft high 3 post that are 18 ft high in the middle. Build a canopy there for the sod In the winter. Just Temporary. In summer you can park your equipment there. Keep them cool. That is how I would do it.

  16. Tracy Bagwell

    Tracy Bagwell14 kun oldin

    16:31 ... wow, electric blanket. That makes sense. 👌

  17. Amy Mamabear

    Amy Mamabear14 kun oldin

    That was super close! You could tell she was HORRIFIED, she did good! Brave Bork Bork

  18. Tracy Bagwell

    Tracy Bagwell14 kun oldin

    21:01...upper body issues. Like your ears. I need head phones and AC/DC to the rescue. That's loud.

  19. Shontrell Anderson

    Shontrell Anderson15 kun oldin

    You're a pretty good bobcat driver lady lol. Happy Easter to you all

  20. Jamye Brezall

    Jamye Brezall16 kun oldin

    You r the happiest morning 🌄 person I've ever seen. Keep up the great job 👍

  21. Cathy Moran

    Cathy Moran16 kun oldin

    Lucky Lucy. It didn’t seem to bother her. I have never lived in the snow nor lived on a farm so this is so interesting. I am retired and this definitely has taught me some new stuff. Love this channel.

  22. Old southern white lady

    Old southern white lady17 kun oldin

    Admire a boss that does all jobs and works with employees all doing the same jobs!

  23. oxin

    oxin17 kun oldin

    this is the best sheep holding space I've seen! the sheep look happy and healthy and they arent terrified of people, and they have enough space and its light and clean in there. I haven't been to a lot of sheep farms, but my uncle had one and .. it was not of this quality let's just put it like that. it was dark and small, but they did get to go outside in the summer, and when he needed food he'd just bring one sheep out back and do the job. so tl;dr I like your farmhouse (I think that's what its called)

  24. sharon Visini

    sharon Visini18 kun oldin

    love cleanup videos

  25. Cynn's Life

    Cynn's Life18 kun oldin

    That cant smell to good. Thats a lot of steam. U hot a new sheep dog. So brave

  26. amandaslaw81

    amandaslaw8121 kun oldin

    Just found your channel a few days ago. Love the videos. Was wondering if you could make one explaining some things. I hear you say sheep, lambs, and ewes. What's the difference? They all look the same to me. Also do u have more than 1 barn you keep them in I saw a video alot a sheep barn and a lamb barn but no ewe barn and again they all looked the same to me lol. Sorry these are probably dumb questions.

  27. April_Towerheart

    April_Towerheart18 kun oldin

    Sheep is the general animal , a lamb is a baby sheep and an ewe is a female sheep 😊 Hope this helps x

  28. SHSS

    SHSS21 kun oldin

    Now there is something that can't be said enough, this work feeds and clothes us so R-E-S-P-E-C-T. to all. There is also something in your posts that makes me really proud and that is the number of women in this area. Being a woman I am impressed!

  29. SHSS

    SHSS21 kun oldin

    O.K. so I am sooooooooooo Not a farmer of any kind just so you know I am not experienced in this but I came across this and found myself amazingly interested.

  30. Rose Eckstein

    Rose Eckstein21 kun oldin

    Do your sheep ever get to go out on grass? I just started watching and wondered.

  31. Cheri Grubbs

    Cheri Grubbs21 kun oldin

    You all work so hard! Shows how dedicated you are to your life choice. I think you are all wonderful!

  32. Soaring Kite

    Soaring Kite21 kun oldin

    Can you show us how the rams are taken care of?

  33. Joy Tillotson

    Joy Tillotson21 kun oldin

    Have you ever counted how many back and forth passes you have to do just for fun? lol

  34. Swusie Quesie

    Swusie Quesie22 kun oldin

    Lucy's like, "did you see me?! I herded dem in awll by maself!" But she literally pinned herself up against the wall. 😆😆 She's so sweet! Now that she's had a taste of the action, she wants in lol

  35. Darragh O' Brien

    Darragh O' Brien24 kun oldin

    Would they not attempt to jump the fence ?

  36. Zinou Redjem

    Zinou Redjem26 kun oldin

    Hi girl i like what u doing carry on ❤️❤️

  37. Håvard S. Nisja

    Håvard S. Nisja27 kun oldin

    How long did this pile of... Well, shit... pile up fore?

  38. Lops Of Love Rabbitry

    Lops Of Love Rabbitry27 kun oldin

    Super cool to watch. I have a small rabbitry so I watch videos to see if I find anything ideas. Thanks for a great video.

  39. Moise Bistrian

    Moise BistrianOy oldin


  40. Vahab Güngör

    Vahab GüngörOy oldin

    DFLİ. Yüalrk

  41. Jennifer Tupper

    Jennifer TupperOy oldin

    First time viewer. Why square bales of straw and round? I'd think using the bobcat to roll out a round inside the pen would be less work on the body.

  42. Ana Martínez Casado

    Ana Martínez CasadoOy oldin


  43. Ana Martínez Casado

    Ana Martínez CasadoOy oldin

    Like cool

  44. High Density Apples kashmir

    High Density Apples kashmirOy oldin

    How often is this type of floor cleaning done (after how many days or months)

  45. Brazil Memory

    Brazil MemoryOy oldin

    When you lie on your sheepdog application

  46. TheDustBunnyMaiden

    TheDustBunnyMaidenOy oldin

    How much straw do you go through each month to maintain pack like that? How many square feet of pack do you maintain through the winter months?

  47. The Aussie Repair Guy

    The Aussie Repair GuyOy oldin

    1:46 - close call

  48. Emmy McLaughlinn

    Emmy McLaughlinnOy oldin

    We had some very early lambs bc r ram got in early

  49. Lisa Willyard

    Lisa WillyardOy oldin

    I absolutely love your videos. I’m hooked!

  50. Friday

    FridayOy oldin

    One sheep at 20:08 is not supporting on its hind leg, is it alright?

  51. TERAba

    TERAbaOy oldin

    Hi Sandi!! I graduated my Farming course at the sheep farm in December, I got a rare achievement/certificate only 1 person gets a year :) I couldn't do it without your help with the videos and teaching me through videos

  52. Rebecca Sumby

    Rebecca SumbyOy oldin

    In Australia we have to worry about it catching fire and it does actually get pretty cold in winter obviously not snow at least not where I live but it does get cold

  53. Snowy Dragons

    Snowy DragonsOy oldin

    All I could think about while watching u clean up was.... that would make for a great compost pile. Think of the great fertilizer it would make. U could sell it to local farmers to help with their fields or even sell smaller bags of it for gardens.

  54. Pierre Combrink

    Pierre CombrinkOy oldin

    Your ewes will be much more relaxed without the dogs there. The dogs really don't have a function in the sheds.

  55. deirdre maguire

    deirdre maguireOy oldin

    Imagine doing that by hand like without a machine ugh to much

  56. Jimmy Nicolson

    Jimmy NicolsonOy oldin

    What you do is AMAZING! So jealous of your setup!

  57. Pamela Skwat

    Pamela SkwatOy oldin

    They sound not very happy sheep

  58. Pamela Skwat

    Pamela SkwatOy oldin

    The dog in the sheep

  59. Edward Hall

    Edward HallOy oldin

    Ok. Looks like I'll be fabricating our own gates. Wondering if I should use galvanized or alunimun. We can weld either.

  60. Ella Heath

    Ella HeathOy oldin

    Hey guys I’m new I was just wondering if she uses them for food or no? Just wondering

  61. Jackie Fris

    Jackie FrisOy oldin

    Sandi. I have been rewatching videos from the last month. You mentioned something about community. Is this a group of some sort.

  62. TW Arthur

    TW ArthurOy oldin

    Next barn put water pipes in the floor an get the heat off that and heat the air.

  63. Julia Ferguson

    Julia FergusonOy oldin

    I saw one ewe limping in that new clean pin. Check into that

  64. Rodney Zurek

    Rodney ZurekOy oldin

    I can’t believe I am watching this and enjoying the operation! Really efficient! How many ton do you think your moving?

  65. Summer Foley

    Summer FoleyOy oldin

    I totally understand why you are on concrete in there, but what you are doing is called deep litter and if it were on a dirt floor you likely wouldn't ever have to clean it because the worms come up from the ground and will pull it down into the ground. It still breaks down on concrete (where the steam comes from) but it has nowhere to go.

  66. Auremin

    AureminOy oldin

    Wow that part where Lucy almost got trampled reminded me of the Lion King where Simba almost gets trampled by the wildebeast. Scared the crap out of me

  67. Lia Mssi

    Lia MssiOy oldin

    17:00 Hello . There is water leakage in the ground

  68. Christine Roerty

    Christine RoertyOy oldin

    I can’t see where Lucy was glued to the wall. Would someone tell me at what time this happens. Thanks

  69. Cricket 2731

    Cricket 2731Oy oldin

    The "angle of inclination indicator" is an incredible handy little gadget! It looks like Lucy is going to be a good sheep dog someday!

  70. Kirsten Scholz

    Kirsten ScholzOy oldin

    Hello from Germany :-))).... what are all those birds picking up from everywhere ???

  71. Marinus Verwey

    Marinus VerweyOy oldin

    Do you sanitize the floor with something like Hydrate Lime to kill off the bacteria?🍁😎

  72. Angelique McDonald

    Angelique McDonaldOy oldin

    Love your show, you're amazing.

  73. dprrescue

    dprrescueOy oldin

    I find this so inspiring.

  74. Dawn Cooper

    Dawn CooperOy oldin

    Do you show your sheep at ont fair li like your bran and your sheep what kind are they

  75. Carol Osterhoudt

    Carol OsterhoudtOy oldin

    Does it smell?

  76. Barking from New Mexico

    Barking from New MexicoOy oldin

    Happy ending from a dangerous situation. Both Lucy and the sheep should have been rewarded. I've watched and laughed at all of the videos that show the baby lambs running and jumping. Who would have thought that playing would help save Lucy's life. Thank you sheep for jumping over Lucy and Lucy for laying up against the wall and not moving.

  77. Tina Branch

    Tina BranchOy oldin

    Imagine what lambing would be like if you weren’t tall enough to walk over gates. See things can always be worse.

  78. Tina Branch

    Tina BranchOy oldin

    What is the average time it takes to clean out one lambing run.

  79. Kerianne Davidson

    Kerianne DavidsonOy oldin

    as a child of a public equine boarding/training facility .... I have to say ... I like the smell when the tractor comes to remove the poop pile... Idk it's like when people say they like the smell of freshly poured asphalt .... it reminds me of my childhood i guess.... and fond memories of hard work with people I love. IDK kinda like steamed hay. LOVE that smell too

  80. Latoria Smith

    Latoria SmithOy oldin

    Luv watching you clean out the sheep 🐑 pen couldn’t help but notice @ 20:09 one of the sheep is holding her leg up as she runs

  81. delsurf71

    delsurf71Oy oldin

    Dang! I would love to have a truckload of that to finish in my garden. Thanks.

  82. MommaDeth

    MommaDethOy oldin

    I've always wondered doyou guys ever get worried about running over a dog when backing up. I know dogs are smart and eventually learn not to get behind. But is it like a constant worry or is it not even a thought?. My anxiety would have me like inching backwards going where are the bloody dogs

  83. Denise Holmes

    Denise HolmesOy oldin

    Could the dirty pack cause respiratory problems for you two ladies? That's a lot of ammonia becoming airborne. Maybe use masks or respirators when you do this?

  84. Danielle Parsons

    Danielle ParsonsOy oldin

    The life of a farm dog. Its like the ewes knew dont touch! Great video, so satisfying

  85. Zone4Gardener

    Zone4GardenerOy oldin

    I love that grappling implement so much 😍

  86. 张二晓

    张二晓Oy oldin

    Can I move your video to a Chinese website?

  87. akane1880

    akane1880Oy oldin

    Anyone else getting excited with clean outs??? All nice and new for the upcoming lambs 🤩🤩🤩

  88. Kiahanna

    KiahannaOy oldin

    Wouldn't the heat in the pack also support the breeding of bacteria and bugs that can cause disease? Would it not be better to heat the barn and clean out more often to try to keep cases of illness down? Also I know you don't use lime because of the lack of a lot of moisture but it also helps as a preventative of germ growth.

  89. Jackie Fris

    Jackie FrisOy oldin

    I guess the smell is something you get used to. Should you guys be wearing masks when working with the dung. I would be dry heaving from the smell. Lucy is so funny. She has no fear. Not sure if it is because she is a puppy or just her nature. She certainly seems to want to hang with you more. Obviously mechanics are boring to her ha ha. Sorry Mark. 🐑💩❄️🐶

  90. Nancy McDonald

    Nancy McDonaldOy oldin

    At leat you know when it its steaming outside like that that the manure is in a hot composing

  91. abq boda49

    abq boda49Oy oldin

    You are soooooo impressive! Love your energy and operation.....John S.

  92. David Lucas

    David LucasOy oldin

    What’s good Sandy keep up the good work

  93. Rebecca Grider

    Rebecca GriderOy oldin

    I need a winter glove recommendation. Haven’t found a good one

  94. Canadian Navy Wife

    Canadian Navy WifeOy oldin

    Heya Sandi. I was just thinking about the ORF.... maybie while separating the second set of lambs from the mums, give the babies a quick spray of say purple.... and then when they go to the other barn... if they don't get ORF... from the other lambs, maybie you have a resistant strain of sheep? Just a thought Also... REMEMBER To feed later, Get set up for lambing with extra heating cord, Maybie think of the heating lamp situation if the whoopsie lambs are early and have you thought about the white spray for the black lambs? Just so you have numbers..... can you tell I am rooting for getting more Billies and Bellas!?! Hugs from Esquimalt

  95. Valerie Hopkins

    Valerie HopkinsOy oldin

    Don't tell Mark about the Lucy sheep incident. First time I remember the manure steaming. First time I noticed all the colors in the manure. First time seeing cleaning from a go-pro view. Great vlog.

  96. Bruce Morgan

    Bruce MorganOy oldin

    Could you attach a camera to your dog's and do a dog day on the farm. It would be fun to see what they do

  97. Tammy Rasberry

    Tammy RasberryOy oldin

    I admire all ur hard work!u gals t amazing! Nice gates!light weight too, that will help you.

  98. Bonnie Jean

    Bonnie JeanOy oldin

    I LOVE clean-out day! Mesmerizing! (and love the music you selected)

  99. Bob Tanner

    Bob TannerOy oldin

    Congratulations on being named as one of the top 50 farmers in Canada!

  100. emmy muhimbise

    emmy muhimbiseOy oldin

    Good work there mummy

  101. Jackie Kerr

    Jackie KerrOy oldin

    I might sound stupid but do you ever clean the floors after removing hay or is it not necessary?? Doesn't it smell bad in that compact space?? I don't mean to be rude, just curious?