Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana | Utlimate Highlights (Problem Solved!)

"Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana" was a boxing match between American Adrien Broner and Argentine Marcos Maidana. The match was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Maidana won the fight by a unanimous decision.


  1. Justdissin

    Justdissin22 soat oldin

    Gotta give it up to broner tho..dude kept going forward didn't back down..ill like to see rematch for sure

  2. Чегавара

    ЧегавараKun oldin

    Чет у черных актёров много ...ему тоже Оскар дайте как тому артисту Стерлингу кто с Петром дрался

  3. Rudy Perez

    Rudy PerezKun oldin

    1:30 the STANKY LEGS

  4. Am

    Am2 kun oldin

    6:00 Maidana definitely has a killer instinct 🤣 amazing boxer

  5. CFe Society

    CFe Society3 kun oldin

    After the fight, Broner ended up with a fractured jaw and urinating blood for days xD

  6. Emmanuel Olea

    Emmanuel Olea3 kun oldin

    Ganó el chino

  7. Ryan Mateo

    Ryan Mateo4 kun oldin

    broner sus

  8. Raul Parra

    Raul Parra4 kun oldin

    7:48 hahahahahah chino

  9. Rolando Chavez

    Rolando Chavez4 kun oldin

    The only thing mayweather did better than broner was hold on!!! I guess mayweather did not teach him that lol

  10. GEE SIDE

    GEE SIDE4 kun oldin

    Maidana deserved the victory so bad , great guy 👍🏼

  11. Richard Robertson

    Richard Robertson4 kun oldin

    Fucking useless boxer there a career 4 him at tesco absolutely shit boxer

  12. ШЕРХАН -

    ШЕРХАН -4 kun oldin

    Смотри мейвезер как бьются не жалея живота настоящие бойцы, а ты боялся, чтобы личико твое осталось цело. И людям по фиг, что у тебя ноль стоит. Тебя вспоминать не будут. А в историю войдут вот такие как эти двое. Это бокс, а не фигурное катание.

  13. Ilham gaming

    Ilham gaming4 kun oldin

    Mulut adrian broners idak sesuai dengan tenagonyo

  14. Annabel Velasco

    Annabel Velasco4 kun oldin

    That is why boxing is still great because of fighters like Maidana 😊

  15. 02phenom

    02phenom4 kun oldin

    Poll question: which fight was a more satisfying beat down... Maidana V Broner or Barrera V Hamed?

  16. 02phenom

    02phenom4 kun oldin

    Anyone know where I can watch the full fight?

  17. Eleazar Leybag

    Eleazar Leybag5 kun oldin

    5:19 reminds me of that NBA player who always Flop ... are they cousins? lol

  18. Pablo Barron

    Pablo Barron5 kun oldin

    Keep talking shit my ninja 💯 te los comiste todos weii hahahaha

  19. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga5 kun oldin

    I like how he faked the "headbutt" injury. What a wuss!

  20. Hector Cruz

    Hector Cruz5 kun oldin

    Como se dice acá "le voló la raja al negro"... Un guerrero Maidana, boxeo puro. Broner, busca trabajo en Hollywood. Saludos desde Chile.

  21. Pekerja Biasa

    Pekerja Biasa6 kun oldin

    After that fight they call 🐔broner🤣🤣🤣

  22. Javier Lopez

    Javier Lopez6 kun oldin

    Que perron maidana

  23. Adolf Corbyn

    Adolf Corbyn6 kun oldin

    Well done the white boy!

  24. Dan Torres

    Dan Torres7 kun oldin

    Maidana's unbelievable upper punch

  25. Ben tagoe

    Ben tagoe7 kun oldin

    They had to send captain Floyd Mayweather to avenge his death... His soul is at peace...R.I.P Broner we still love you.

  26. Alejandro Decoff

    Alejandro Decoff7 kun oldin

    Supongo que brorner despues de eso tiene pesadillas y obvio no se va agrandar mas va supongo

  27. Fitness Finessed

    Fitness Finessed7 kun oldin

    Maidana probably my favorite Mexican boxer, problem solved without a provlem


    GROW MUSIC7 kun oldin

    It was a good fight

  29. Julio Aleman

    Julio Aleman7 kun oldin

    Congratulation argentina. You show this clown. A good lesson.

  30. Tshiamo Rangaka

    Tshiamo Rangaka7 kun oldin

    Wait for it.............. "and the NEW!!!!!

  31. Jonathan Lumpkin

    Jonathan Lumpkin7 kun oldin

    Broner should be more respected in this classic that will go down in history as a great fight.

  32. Edwin W

    Edwin W8 kun oldin


  33. Oswaldo Alvarez Chapilliquen

    Oswaldo Alvarez Chapilliquen8 kun oldin


  34. oscar mendoza

    oscar mendoza8 kun oldin

    6:16 Broner looking at the ref to save him

  35. Nicolás Gerarduzzi

    Nicolás Gerarduzzi8 kun oldin

    Maidana said this is the problem ? Un flan Broner

  36. 0Shane13

    0Shane139 kun oldin

    Broner finished that fight well. Showed character

  37. Alejandro De Castro

    Alejandro De Castro9 kun oldin

    No llegan cuando lo necesitas pero sus retenes son prepotentes

  38. Juan David

    Juan David9 kun oldin

    humility always gentlemen.

  39. riaño burgos

    riaño burgos9 kun oldin


  40. Dimn situmorang

    Dimn situmorang9 kun oldin

    Fuck you manyweder

  41. Dimn situmorang

    Dimn situmorang9 kun oldin

    Maida winn..not mayweder...

  42. Music_ collection

    Music_ collection10 kun oldin


  43. Oliverio Cab

    Oliverio Cab10 kun oldin

    jajajajaja grasias por este buen bideo me a echo reir bastante felisidades maidana saludos desde mexico grasias tambien ati negrito estas listo para payaso del sirco soley

  44. Jeffrey Wong

    Jeffrey Wong10 kun oldin

    Kopal ka broner yabang mo

  45. Edwin

    Edwin10 kun oldin

    same result if Pacquiao fights Mayweather during in his prime.

  46. Daniel Carrasco.

    Daniel Carrasco.11 kun oldin

    En el minuto 1:30 el bocon se mando un tremendo paso polveado Jajajajajajajajaj

  47. Joshua Michael Ascaño

    Joshua Michael Ascaño11 kun oldin

    Broner looks like Bambi learning to walk for the first time

  48. Jrm fishing Rodriguez

    Jrm fishing Rodriguez12 kun oldin

    Problem solved so satisfying

  49. Attackon Kb

    Attackon Kb12 kun oldin

    The fight was just good because of the beef they had but u got a A skill fighter that was doing all this parting vs A brawler that just be throwing shi and at the end of the day

  50. Attackon Kb

    Attackon Kb12 kun oldin

    Idk how y’all really think he won that much how u hitting that hard and broner clapping his shi he should be knocked out it just show u how tough he was and how u should always focus on boxing

  51. Attackon Kb

    Attackon Kb12 kun oldin

    He never was parting he would of fuxked him up but hey that’s wht happens

  52. monroe murchison

    monroe murchison12 kun oldin

    I like seeing Adrien broner get his ass whipped

  53. amit chandel

    amit chandel13 kun oldin

    7:42.most satisfying moment of the match he will never forget this. Hats off to Marcos

  54. Oliverio Cab

    Oliverio Cab13 kun oldin

    se levanto bailando disimulando la caida baila muy chistoso mejor k el payaso del circo soley jajaja

  55. Roberto María López

    Roberto María López13 kun oldin

    como le garroteo al negro

  56. Richard Salova

    Richard Salova13 kun oldin

    Ang sarap lompuhin ni broner

  57. plantation Free

    plantation Free14 kun oldin

    That 6:26 thump got my man off the ground.

  58. Prodbykobe

    Prodbykobe14 kun oldin

    The best fight ab ever had

  59. Even Kevin

    Even Kevin15 kun oldin

    Aside for pacquiao, maidana is another my favourite boxer

  60. footwolf54

    footwolf5415 kun oldin

    This brings a huge smile to my face. Groaner (pun intended) at his very best was never anywhere near as good as he thinks he is.

  61. King Zeno

    King Zeno15 kun oldin

    W title

  62. Jawuan Johnson

    Jawuan Johnson15 kun oldin

    Ricans will never let this one go wen Mayweather done spanked every top rican y’all got 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Maximus Meridius

    Maximus Meridius16 kun oldin

    It's fun watching this clown get smacked around.

  64. Eko Ko

    Eko Ko16 kun oldin

    The problem ..fuck you😁

  65. Brett Seriba

    Brett Seriba16 kun oldin

    Broner what a loser kant hahaha . Maidana buddy too good

  66. Ceddy Alarcon

    Ceddy Alarcon16 kun oldin

    After the paquiao vs broner I literally searched for "Adrian Boomer" lmao

  67. Gabriel

    Gabriel16 kun oldin

    Like si cuando estás depre vienes y miras este video y el de Barrera violando a hammed y quedas hecho una nueva persona :)

  68. suraj oraon

    suraj oraon16 kun oldin

    Good fight wow

  69. Gaspar Sito

    Gaspar Sito17 kun oldin

    7:43 cochino jajajajjajajajajja ese Maidana 😂🔥

  70. Abraham Jackson

    Abraham Jackson17 kun oldin

    AB took a beating but kept coming, mad respect for that fighting spirit. Godspeed on your come back.....

  71. TAPtalk

    TAPtalk17 kun oldin


  72. TAPtalk

    TAPtalk17 kun oldin

    That was the fakest drop to the canvas I've ever seen after the headbutt. I haven't laughed so hard.

  73. alexander Molde

    alexander Molde17 kun oldin

    😃mr. Problem, butata ka ano! Subra ang yabang mo kasi!

  74. Klaus Bolvig

    Klaus Bolvig17 kun oldin

    Such an ass AB. I sincerely hope he as he did would lose. I just saw him lose to mickey Garcia. And his arrogance is misplaced as it was in this fight.

  75. Jimmy B.310

    Jimmy B.31018 kun oldin

    That was beautiful

  76. jocumar117

    jocumar11719 kun oldin

    Bien Maidana, poniendo en su lugar a ese bocon...le diste duro y hasta le devolviste la punteada....

  77. Simon Simcic

    Simon Simcic20 kun oldin

    Whatching this when havin bad day.

  78. nasir SMITH

    nasir SMITH20 kun oldin

    Peep the masonry hand shake 9:09

  79. MadD DawgG

    MadD DawgG20 kun oldin

    Here after watching the video of his arrest on RWP

  80. Oliverio Cab

    Oliverio Cab21 kun oldin

    ja ja ja ke ridicules estubo asiendo el negrito asta guey se bolvio

  81. Dani G

    Dani G21 kun oldin


  82. John Doe

    John Doe21 kun oldin

    Who else here after watching Broner get arrested 😂

  83. Amidamarobby Rodriguez

    Amidamarobby Rodriguez21 kun oldin

    this fight never fail to satisfy me for beating my nigga broner

  84. yotubers Martínez

    yotubers Martínez21 kun oldin

    No me canso de ver está pelea..ahora vamos x más con Castaño le falta un poco creo más deveria buscar un mejor entrenador de México o de EE.UU alguien qué lo haga crecer más ya que le sobra estilo de guerra..pero le pegan demasiado...sdos desde Santa fe argentina..

  85. gustavo Diaz

    gustavo Diaz22 kun oldin


  86. Tony Roman

    Tony Roman22 kun oldin

    Le dio un prestigio único al boxeo y deporte Argentino, otra leyenda.Respeto!

  87. Memphis 96

    Memphis 9622 kun oldin

    Khabib vs Mcgregor boxing version

  88. MAD speciesTv

    MAD speciesTv22 kun oldin

    This what u get when you idolized the wrong guy Gayweather

  89. Yannick Carrasco

    Yannick Carrasco22 kun oldin

    Maidana and lover'

  90. abdul smith

    abdul smith22 kun oldin

    Broner got his Ass handed ✋🏾to him lol !!! 🤦🏾‍♂️

  91. wally19

    wally1923 kun oldin

    this was so satisfying to watch and here again even better to review.

  92. Cam Munsta

    Cam Munsta23 kun oldin

    I don’t know the exact reason AB pissed so many people off but he fought a ballsy fight here.

  93. diego

    diego24 kun oldin

    Someone saw the canelo with a cap in the public? Surely he saw this fight and did not want to fight with Maidana

  94. L L

    L L25 kun oldin

    hahaha, poor ashole...

  95. kevin The woo

    kevin The woo25 kun oldin

    He deserved it, he was a humble person

  96. 390- Javelin

    390- Javelin26 kun oldin

    Broner had his Ego handed to him with a shovel, now that's a problem. Real white men don't do doggie style now he knows.

  97. Joseph w rocha Silva

    Joseph w rocha Silva26 kun oldin

    Maidana deu uma surra também no mauyte

  98. Joseph w rocha Silva

    Joseph w rocha Silva26 kun oldin

    Maidana the best.

  99. Juan Cruz

    Juan Cruz26 kun oldin

    Maidana almost killed that trash talker, what a great fight for El Chino

  100. Theodore Garlington

    Theodore Garlington27 kun oldin

    New eyes since it came out the gloves were messed with

  101. Eventos Sensoriales

    Eventos Sensoriales27 kun oldin

    Maidana lo sonó a los 10 segundos!