AMAZING Auditions From American Idol 2021! | WEEK 1 | Top Talent

Check out the best auditions from week 1 of American Idol 2021! Who was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Karolos Kalafatis

    Karolos Kalafatis10 kun oldin

    That mario is actually a youtuber lol

  2. SteppinRazorUK81 Bim

    SteppinRazorUK81 Bim10 kun oldin

    The country boy, Alex... Epic 🙃

  3. Tyler Andera

    Tyler Andera11 kun oldin

    Fuking Luke.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰

  4. Unknown

    Unknown11 kun oldin

    Mister Luitenant just walking out with a new guitar.

  5. solaydbak

    solaydbak12 kun oldin

    People who know that girls mother will look at her differently after this. How could a parent walk out on their kids... Smh.

  6. George Tonwashing

    George Tonwashing14 kun oldin

    You judges are amazing.

  7. Emma Antunes

    Emma Antunes15 kun oldin

    On grace's audition, IS IATE PERRY DRUNK?! 😂😂😂😂

  8. Mitch - Michael Mitchell

    Mitch - Michael Mitchell15 kun oldin


  9. Van

    Van15 kun oldin

    Jason Warrior.. he is telling me a story

  10. DanielG

    DanielG15 kun oldin

    Oh! that Anna Lee! Awesome!

  11. IN THE CAR WITH Alexa

    IN THE CAR WITH Alexa16 kun oldin


  12. Nepuni paul

    Nepuni paul16 kun oldin

    The best three judges in the entire history of judges...they are super fun.

  13. Hb K

    Hb K19 kun oldin

    Awwww love them all but I love Alex

  14. D R

    D R20 kun oldin

    Such great judges this season.. wow

  15. Rayraycat32

    Rayraycat3220 kun oldin

    “Why do Feel so blue?”

  16. Kelly Michelsen

    Kelly Michelsen22 kun oldin

    Dang. So amazing. ‘You make me feel...’

  17. Kugamoorthy Gajananan

    Kugamoorthy Gajananan24 kun oldin

    What is the song Luke was listening to on his phone

  18. Katie Adamia

    Katie Adamia26 kun oldin

    ...👍and i love love loooove this country boy...kiissessss💋💋💋👍

  19. Ann B

    Ann B26 kun oldin

    She could have played Aretha in Genius

  20. MURPHY 369

    MURPHY 36927 kun oldin

    17:48 this guy is a mood🥺❤️

  21. Liz Orozco

    Liz Orozco28 kun oldin



    LGU LA PAZ RHU28 kun oldin

    Katy Perry I love you 💕

  23. Drakrtar Gaming

    Drakrtar Gaming29 kun oldin

    American Idol is nothing but a program made to get views so they find talented youth to tug at the heart strings with sob stories or personal growth stories. There are thousands of talented people that won't stand a chance because they cannot be sold as an attraction. It's pretty sick honestly.

  24. 1 2

    1 2Oy oldin

    is that joe biden teachin that redhead

  25. 1 2

    1 2Oy oldin

    they are the 3 best judges lets be real their all fun

  26. Ma. Jocelyn Suico

    Ma. Jocelyn SuicoOy oldin

    We want to hear them sing, not spend 40% of their time telling a sad story. Plus where do these contestants eat? Apparently MacDonalds!

  27. Savage AqariusSSS luv kpop

    Savage AqariusSSS luv kpopOy oldin

    This is a gift for any 16 yr old

  28. Bawar Saeed

    Bawar SaeedOy oldin

    It’s kinda disgusting that blonde chick using her fathers death in such an obvious sob story way, I mean wtf were those cuts to her sitting and acting sad for the camera on some balcony playing with her necklace and stuff, I get the pain is real when she cries but even then this show just zooms in and records her breaking down. Both the show and she are disrespectful to her father.

  29. •Harry Styles thingsss •

    •Harry Styles thingsss •Oy oldin

    “I don’t care that you look like Harry styles you don’t sound like Harry styles” LMFAO

  30. Apofisu

    ApofisuOy oldin

    I hated all of the audition, but I love the term "plum smuggling".

  31. Teresa Gipson

    Teresa GipsonOy oldin

    I adore all the Judges!!! I love love the modeling lol the greatest show. LOVE 😘

  32. noops

    noopsOy oldin

    That first girl was a god

  33. Crystal Garduno

    Crystal GardunoOy oldin

    Get it girl!

  34. ian miller

    ian millerOy oldin

    Anilee List Winner

  35. Eric Pisiewski

    Eric PisiewskiOy oldin

    Lieutenant Dan totally embarrassed his daughter on national television. Good job dad

  36. Briaunna Birdi

    Briaunna BirdiOy oldin

    Luke Bryan is like I have one massive ab.... Lmao dad jokes

  37. Briaunna Birdi

    Briaunna BirdiOy oldin

    The girl and her dad.... cringe. I think she has a good voice, but The judges didn’t even get to know HER! Her dad seemed like the one auditioning.

  38. Scotty Otty

    Scotty OttyOy oldin

    Agreed. And his guitar playing is that of a 16 year old who just picked up a guitar 3 weeks ago. She will have a better chance without him, but narcissists (especially MALE narcissists who are ex-military ) cannot allow anyone else to make any decisions about anything. I deal with this kind of guy at work all the time. She will NEVER go to Hollywood as long as Dad is making the decisions.

  39. Letiva Fernanda

    Letiva FernandaOy oldin

    Why this show so much of tears.....😢😢

  40. Frank Biosah

    Frank BiosahOy oldin

    The judges have totally revived this show. They are so wonderfully kind.

  41. Gerard Fraser

    Gerard FraserOy oldin

    oh this is so stupid

  42. Lauren Barone

    Lauren BaroneOy oldin

    It annoys me that Danica's dad seemed so controlling!! Like when they asked her questions he would answer 4 her!! Duuude!! Let the girl speak!!!

  43. Monica & Domingo Vasquez

    Monica & Domingo VasquezOy oldin

    God bless all 3 judges 🙏

  44. Big Al Kinkade

    Big Al KinkadeOy oldin

    Love Cow Tippin.. OMG

  45. Big Al Kinkade

    Big Al KinkadeOy oldin


  46. Marina Dubois

    Marina DuboisOy oldin

    He’s so controlling. He answers the questions. He tells her what to sing.

  47. Jason Jonathan

    Jason JonathanOy oldin

    @Elliott Parker damn! Took about 20 minutes but it reallyworked!

  48. PPM NY

    PPM NYOy oldin

    I feel like these judges really bring out the best in people and their talent. Very enjoyable!

  49. Alex Santiago

    Alex SantiagoOy oldin


  50. Dazz Australia

    Dazz AustraliaOy oldin

    Ooo wow !!

  51. Kristine Crist

    Kristine CristOy oldin

    The average carrot perplexingly entertain because person invariably cross notwithstanding a laughable booklet. earthy, tired fear

  52. Hector Hernandez

    Hector HernandezOy oldin

    How old was he when he had her

  53. Maia Rose Watts

    Maia Rose WattsOy oldin

    miss bishop the 15 year old...nailed that performance wow she is the winner so far

  54. Sethiaram Seripal

    Sethiaram SeripalOy oldin

    Good that he took the guitar from the studio home.hehehe

  55. Sethiaram Seripal

    Sethiaram SeripalOy oldin

    Danica Steakly did perform well but I feel that her dad spoilt her chances for the golden ticket to Hollywood.he was simply and unnecessarily making comments before the judges.i presume the judges felt slightly offended by his antics.anyway I loved Danica's voice.there could be some very very minor defects in her presentation and the judges could have had help her improve in the process,but the dad believes he himself the best.i felt the dad shouldn't be that arrogant but I find Danica places logic and rationality before herself.I wish her all the best and to see her perform in the near future.

  56. Trippit

    TrippitOy oldin

    the dad definitely did not help her audition at all, she could’ve had a chance honestly

  57. klcougar1999

    klcougar1999Oy oldin


  58. talk2minie

    talk2minieOy oldin

    When the speedo guy first showed up I groaned and expected the whole thing to be cringey but I found him totally hilarious and entertaining. Doesn't have the voice but he was a joy to watch.😄

  59. talk2minie

    talk2minie19 kun oldin

    @Kerrie Leidig I don't think I know that one. I'm going to have to find it now 😅

  60. Kerrie Leidig

    Kerrie Leidig22 kun oldin

    He reminded me of the "it's Friday night" auditioner. 😆

  61. Ghost Tonic

    Ghost TonicOy oldin

    Alex Miller all the way baby!!!

  62. Ghost Tonic

    Ghost TonicOy oldin

    Grace is on a whole other level!

  63. Kellian hilton

    Kellian hiltonOy oldin

    It’s Jason for me!!!!!

  64. Gigi Tanksley

    Gigi TanksleyOy oldin

    I didn’t miss Katie Perry’s usual putting down southerners. I’m about tired of it. If she wasn’t a bubble headed bleach blonde....

  65. Jason Kaplan

    Jason KaplanOy oldin

    Grace sounded phenomenal.

  66. Big Al Kinkade

    Big Al KinkadeOy oldin

    I wanna go, cow tippin...

  67. kcrr2w

    kcrr2wOy oldin

    #swooneforboone - Benson Boone!

  68. Hana Atoa

    Hana AtoaOy oldin

    I'm not going to say anything about the singing part the but wow Katie you look exactly like a real model, the cat walk, fantastic & amazing luv also Luke & Lionel Richie luv it & luv u all

  69. Sher R

    Sher ROy oldin

    Love Grace! Damn girl you got it!

  70. Joel Remland

    Joel RemlandOy oldin

    He could win!!!

  71. Sharma Wade

    Sharma WadeOy oldin

    Congratulations Jason Warrior 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎉🎉🎉. I saw you on the other show and yes, your personality needed some calming down. But, they also push the contestants to almost treat each other in an almost bullish way to get the spot. Your performances were at the top and you could’ve won, but it wasn’t your time. I’m glad that you have learned from your mistake. I’m also, so glad that you did not give up on yourself. You have learned and have humbled yourself, Now, is your time! Truly, forgive yourself and move forward and show us what you’re made of. God’s got you! GO WIN!!!

  72. Sharma Wade

    Sharma WadeOy oldin

    I love Vincent Boone. He was Amazing! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  73. Sharma Wade

    Sharma WadeOy oldin

    I love the country singer, so cool 😎🥰

  74. PPM NY

    PPM NYOy oldin

    I know right? I'm not a country music fan but enjoyed him a lot.

  75. Sharma Wade

    Sharma WadeOy oldin

    The walk off was Hilarious! I love that all of you are so down to earth. Much love 💕

  76. strong woman

    strong womanOy oldin

    Lt Dan... ease up on your daughter. You can't rule a free soul

  77. CJay Mcleod

    CJay McleodOy oldin

    they have way too much fun and im jealous

  78. Matellena

    MatellenaOy oldin

    Katy could be a model too

  79. Hugh Harkin

    Hugh HarkinOy oldin

    That country dude needs to be on the opery ASAP

  80. 2RavensDancing

    2RavensDancingOy oldin

    oh yes please put him on the opery

  81. FriskyHaze

    FriskyHazeOy oldin

    Benson Boone was great Zayn vibes

  82. atamagashock

    atamagashockOy oldin

    As much as our children want us to be proud of them, all we want is for our children to be proud of us. Watching Grace tell her story and then give that performance was beautiful , and it’s clear how much she loved her dad and how proud she was of him as a father. I know her dad is watching down as proud as ever!

  83. Alex Ortiz

    Alex OrtizOy oldin

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  84. Matt Sanocki

    Matt SanockiOy oldin

    Yo im not going to lie the part with the walk off was hilarious.

  85. Matellena

    MatellenaOy oldin

    Katy won

  86. jill missig

    jill missigOy oldin

    Wow! Grace has a beautiful voice

  87. Teckie vlogs

    Teckie vlogsOy oldin

    To whoever is reading this may God bless you and your family and may He double your prosperity

  88. Teckie vlogs

    Teckie vlogs25 kun oldin

    @Reika Kelly Amen

  89. Reika Kelly

    Reika Kelly25 kun oldin

    God bless you also

  90. PPM NY

    PPM NYOy oldin

    Thank you and same to you and yours! ❤

  91. Irene Achieng

    Irene AchiengOy oldin

    Bless you too @Teckie

  92. Iwak Albus

    Iwak AlbusOy oldin

    Ameeenn. آمين يا رب العلمين 🤲🤲

  93. d d

    d dOy oldin

    Hello everyone, I have a few to add 1st it looked as if the older dad from mississippi left with the other mans guitar, 2nd D.J.Johnson had me a biker type of guy weeping. (almost needing a second box of Kleenex) wow her pain and whats still trapped inside of her fighting to get out is incredible 3rd the girl at the end of the video/ short show who sang the blue song has a voice that makes blue birds stop because they didn't know that a lovely girl could sing better then they could. she was a joy to hear. PS thanks for keeping me up and making me late for work cus this is an addiction and a lure to watch just one more.keep up the good and inspirational programming.from the employee David Didrence not from my boss..;) Tim ___

  94. Carol Mcfadden

    Carol McfaddenOy oldin

    She has SOUL! The gal from Little Rock,Arkansas..very good!! And only 17!!

  95. Alexej Turov

    Alexej TurovOy oldin

    Great voices, good selection!✌️

  96. Alex Ortiz

    Alex OrtizOy oldin

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  97. Paula Ousley

    Paula OusleyOy oldin

    That lady sure can sing, she is so good. CHAIN, CHAIN, CHAIN, SHE NAILED IT

  98. Défi 1 million d'abonnés à la chaîne sans vidéo

    Défi 1 million d'abonnés à la chaîne sans vidéo28 kun oldin

    that's what i thought too!

  99. Paula Ousley

    Paula OusleyOy oldin

    The show would be better without Katy Perry, she always has to be the center of attention, way over board

  100. Kerri Marshall

    Kerri MarshallOy oldin

    She is very kind to the contestants.

  101. Kelly McCarthy

    Kelly McCarthyOy oldin

    WOW! Grace is going All The Way! She sings with honest emotion and she’s one of those people, that show the feelings,in her face,that the lyrics are meant to provoke! Awesome!

  102. Carrie Burkey

    Carrie BurkeyOy oldin

    Omg she had me from beginning and crying my eyes out!😭😭 She has an amazing voice,beautiful tone! Yes her dad was right beside her when she sang! And she gave it her all!❤❤😭

  103. Bliss1970

    Bliss1970Oy oldin

    Damn! Nina the high school girl can sing 100 times better than the judges!! 🔥

  104. Mary Shoemaker

    Mary ShoemakerOy oldin

    Razorback born n raised ❤

  105. ginger girl

    ginger girlOy oldin

    same here!! woo pig

  106. Maria Gracilene

    Maria GracileneOy oldin


  107. Hermanto siregar

    Hermanto siregarOy oldin

    american love you😘😘

  108. Eternal Sonata

    Eternal SonataOy oldin

    C'est un festival de voix extraordinaires !!!!❤❤❤❤❤quelles belles prestations vocales!!!!!C'est du LOURD!!👍👍👍👍👍

  109. Alif Farhim

    Alif FarhimOy oldin

    47:42 jason warrior is back!!!!!

  110. Name

    NameOy oldin

    I'm early

  111. Daasher Shropshire

    Daasher ShropshireOy oldin

    The girl singing Blue gives me Yebba vibes❤️❤️❤️❤️

  112. Yusuf Sallehuddin

    Yusuf SallehuddinOy oldin


  113. Jean Banan

    Jean BananOy oldin


  114. Jean Banan

    Jean BananOy oldin


  115. sajad ghanbari

    sajad ghanbariOy oldin

    It's bad

  116. Roselene Mareus

    Roselene MareusOy oldin

    Very good

  117. Daasher Shropshire

    Daasher ShropshireOy oldin

    Was just looking for this !!!Willie Spence brought me here❤️❤️❤️❤️

  118. Richardson Vj

    Richardson VjOy oldin

    All of them were nice.. love watching❤️

  119. Daaim Imad

    Daaim ImadOy oldin

    Yooo. u da best. u always cheer my day :D

  120. Dolls Life and Kids Creations

    Dolls Life and Kids CreationsOy oldin


  121. •Boba Tea•

    •Boba Tea•Oy oldin

    I’m 9 Seconds Early *Awsome*