AMERICAN IDOL 2021 ALL AUDITIONS! Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie Full Episode 1

AMERICAN IDOL 2021 ALL AUDITIONS! Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Ritchie Full Episode 1


  1. Johny C

    Johny C15 kun oldin

    What a song beautiful singer ps don't let the world bring you down you have a lot to offer we the people love it please give us all more awesome girl friend...bring it.

  2. Maryanna Thurston

    Maryanna ThurstonOy oldin


  3. Lynn yhost

    Lynn yhostOy oldin

    I feel so bad her mother left. God bless her father! I hope she wins! Her father is a beautiful man!

  4. Baby Bearl juju

    Baby Bearl jujuOy oldin

    people come on am Sick of this 🎬Act Act 🎬 the crying and stuff 🙄 please Stop the Act I can't take it anymore everything you see is Fake and an Act PLEASE STOP FINSH LIFE IS TO SHORT TO BELIEVE Social media, Hallowed F****** society COME ON just STOP am going to take a shower just being here awwwwwwww.

  5. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezOy oldin

    That's what Legendary songs leave a mark with in us ,this is the true singing was all about an expression of our heart through the help of music whether in pain or jubilation!?!?!?😊😖😘

  6. Joann Smith

    Joann SmithOy oldin

    powerful song

  7. carol paventi

    carol paventiOy oldin

    I should have given this a thumbs down. When I turn on these things I want to be entertained. If I wanted to watch a soap opera I would have turned on a soap opera.

  8. L4lyrics Jones

    L4lyrics JonesOy oldin

    Your negative attitude is astounding.. & im not sayin that to be disrespectful bcuz we all have fkd up days & get n moods..but i promise u its not that serious & a positive outlook brings positive energy back to u. Ijs🤷

  9. Adventures with Tug

    Adventures with TugOy oldin


  10. james d

    james dOy oldin

    we want catie turner back!!!

  11. Captain Mike K

    Captain Mike KOy oldin

    That woman that left her 10 kids probably defined herself by being pregnant and couldn't handle no longer having kids. 90 month pregnant is a long time plus the at least 6 months of recovery before another kid. That is such a shameful selfish woman to abandon them like that.

  12. Leo Cieri

    Leo CieriOy oldin

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  13. Rachel McMillan

    Rachel McMillanOy oldin

    Kelly Anns mommy loves her daughter and shame on anyine for using that as a way to promote a breakdown in love of our country ❤

  14. brian kleinkopf

    brian kleinkopfOy oldin

    lmfao @ lukes. plum smugglins hhahahahahahahhaaa

  15. Cindy Adkins

    Cindy AdkinsOy oldin

    Grace is so beautiful and talented!!!

  16. fierro por la 300

    fierro por la 300Oy oldin

    The little girl with her vietnam dad , she did great american idole is a 🐃💩 bs buffet,

  17. Marlene Greenman

    Marlene GreenmanOy oldin

    She is Amazing. Hope she goes far in a music career.

  18. Jeanne D'Amour

    Jeanne D'AmourOy oldin

    Oh babygirl ,you will be able to get through this and live your life through your own children and how you can lift them up.

  19. E Louise

    E LouiseOy oldin

    Loved Nia Renee's audition! Great voice, and what a sweet, bubbly personality! I also love her southern accent! Anna Lee is also a fave! Also gotta root for the guy from my home state of Washington. Great job, Benson Boone!

  20. White Walker

    White WalkerOy oldin

    Kellyann Conways daughter is absolutely supported by her "horrible" Mother! And ya'll piled on it...shame on you! This is what has driven Mothers and Fathers and children apart? Politics? Because of the hatred and division MSM has embarked us all on! It started 5 years ago! It is obvious Kellyann loves her daughter and is there to support her no matter what! Ya'll gotta break this chain!

  21. Captain Mike K

    Captain Mike KOy oldin

    I don't see your side so well. This is a singing show and is nice because they don't have Coca Cola sponsoring "Be less white" songs... or Joe Biden supporters or Trump Supporters or pro lifers or pro abortioners. Honestly American Idol should have just not accepted her and said sorry. Honestly she didn't have the talent and will not make the first cut so it's a push.

  22. E Louise

    E LouiseOy oldin

    I don't think Kelly Anne is horrible! I think Katy Perry is a bit of a nutcase!

  23. Rickey Woolbright

    Rickey WoolbrightOy oldin

    Yes you are a natural woman

  24. Rickey Woolbright

    Rickey WoolbrightOy oldin

    Y be strong

  25. Rosemarie Kennedy

    Rosemarie KennedyOy oldin

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  26. Amaris Grover

    Amaris GroverOy oldin

    Um what now

  27. Rosemarie Kennedy

    Rosemarie KennedyOy oldin

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  28. Uwe Kaiser

    Uwe KaiserOy oldin

    no hugs 🥺

  29. bill croft

    bill croftOy oldin

    "Turn your pain into a purpose." I'll be coming back to that one.

  30. Angela Frost

    Angela FrostOy oldin

    How can a mother be ok? She obviously wasn’t ok or she wouldn’t have left her beautiful family. I hope the mother will get the help she needs to recover from her scars and that all those she hurt will also be healed! LOVE heals!!! I’m so proud of this beautiful daughter who is brave enough to raise awareness of emotional abuse and it’s effects by writing this song and performing it. It’s a very important message. I hope solutions come out of this instead of only judgment. Mothers especially need a lot of emotional support. Motherhood is the most important job in the world. May all the families of the earth be blessed!!! And especially those families who have wounds from abuse.

  31. Joseph Guillory

    Joseph GuilloryOy oldin

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  32. Rachel McMillan

    Rachel McMillanOy oldin


  33. Katrina Sky Weaver

    Katrina Sky WeaverOy oldin

    Jason I think its always good to eat a little humble pie sometimes, it makes us better people in the end...

  34. Katrina Sky Weaver

    Katrina Sky WeaverOy oldin

    bummer Lt Dan acted like that, like his daughter doesn't feel disappointed enough...

  35. Jannette Brown

    Jannette BrownOy oldin

    SCARS I want to hear it again and again

  36. Jannette Brown

    Jannette BrownOy oldin

    Omg I have searched to find the right song for my father that chose a FBI job and being a entertainer he never met me, I wanted him so bad.

  37. Andira Utter

    Andira UtterOy oldin

    She has a #1 hit song ...She Rocks !

  38. Сергей Земницкий

    Сергей ЗемницкийOy oldin

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  39. bill monroe

    bill monroeOy oldin

    Claudia's ol man is an A-Hole! He has aided in tearing his family apart.


    ALDAMONEYOy oldin

    Grace fkn killed it I mean killed it WOW

  41. Heather Keeton

    Heather KeetonOy oldin

    I didnt like her attitude

  42. Marcia York

    Marcia YorkOy oldin

    I'm over you so get over me..loved it. His voice reminds me of Hank Williams in his style..

  43. Douglas Wallace

    Douglas WallaceOy oldin

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  44. Lauren Barone

    Lauren BaroneOy oldin

    THE CATWALK!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! These judges are THE best ever!!! Love their personality SO much!!! ✔💯💗

  45. Black Therapy

    Black TherapyOy oldin

    2021- This season will be healing to watch, to continue to keep reaching for higher, even it’s just for the ones who were able to be here to see it.🌹

  46. Lauren Barone

    Lauren BaroneOy oldin

    Grace is going to win.. PERIOD!!!

  47. Karyn Cox

    Karyn CoxOy oldin

    Lieutenant Dan lost the audition for Danica his guitar playing was sporadic. But Danica has a sweet voice that needs control and experience. The judges were spot on and were polite to her father in not critiquing his guitar playing

  48. Anthony Wood

    Anthony WoodOy oldin

    That last girl sucked and they gave her a chance bs political bullshit fuck katey and Lionel

  49. Patricia Chamberlain

    Patricia ChamberlainOy oldin

    Simon would have kicked her out; Louie would have laughed, Shirin would have cried with. But these three, marvelous humans called for her dad, she really needed that hug. What a great audition.

  50. alex bah

    alex bahOy oldin

    I have never send a group of talented performance in all genres if music. Just when you thought music was becoming a humdrum affairs then you hear and see young and aspiring musicians who blew your socks off if your feet! American idol thanks you so showcasing these talented musicians, there is still hope and a great one for the future if music! U am greatly impressed!

  51. randal gibbons

    randal gibbonsOy oldin

    How can a mother be ok with leaving scars on her children. Hurting your child is forgivable if you are there to help them heal. But if a parent runs away you end up with a lyric like this.

  52. L4lyrics Jones

    L4lyrics JonesOy oldin

    I completely agree with sons unfortunately deal with scars from their dad not being in their life due to some very unhealthy choices & mistakes hes made..i think the most painful part for me is knowing no matter how hard i worked to provide & how much i loved them that his absence was/is a wound that i couldn't heal...its crazy how many kids are growing up broken n some ways but such a blessing when u get to witness how they manifest that brokenness into gifts, talents, drive & determination that who knows if they woulda had it if not for that pain...My sons for example are now 23 & 24yrs old & both excelled in went to college on a football scholarship as a QB & the other for basketball & tho both always tried to hide their pain & resentment towards their father from me, as a mom i could see it esp when they saw teammates with their dads, the constant reminders of what they didnt it was always something that was there just beneath the surface & it broke my heart & kept me on my knees praying for em...& as they were both away in college they started to volunteer their time coaching lil league football & basketball mentoring kids who were growing up without a dad or coming from single parent families & while they were giving so much of their time & energy to those kids, what they received in return is somewhat indescribable..they figured out how to give that of which they didn't have..& thru doin that it has brought healing..I can see it in their actions & feel how their energy shifted just being in their presence & im so grateful that my prayers didn't go they both are fathers, one has a lil girl & the other a lil boy & i couldn't be more proud of them...but i shared all of that to say many times the pain that we think is there to break us can be what leads us to our biggest & most rewarding blessings in life. I appreciate anyone who actually took the time to read my long may God Bless!! 💛

  53. Andy Dibacco

    Andy DibaccoOy oldin

    Broke my heart...Prayers for all of them..

  54. Jessica Jones

    Jessica JonesOy oldin

    I have 5 and I can never imagine just leaving them

  55. Gary Taurino

    Gary TaurinoOy oldin

    Everyone been putting in the vocal hours in lockdown this year is going offf!

  56. kennapop3

    kennapop3Oy oldin

    Daddy Dan, was a bit overdone.

  57. Miguel Angel De La Cruz

    Miguel Angel De La CruzOy oldin

    Whos watching this in 2021

  58. 51chucker

    51chuckerOy oldin

    Of course

  59. Sylvia Rucker

    Sylvia RuckerOy oldin


  60. Tonya Bigham

    Tonya BighamOy oldin

    Everyone is. It was just uploaded. Lol

  61. Jennifer Schwien

    Jennifer SchwienOy oldin

    Grace Kinstler is AWESOME!!

  62. Jennifer Schwien

    Jennifer SchwienOy oldin

    I was never much of a Katy Perry fan but, AI has changed my mind. She has such a beautiful ❤️

  63. Sir Lance Lote

    Sir Lance LoteOy oldin

    Never judge a book by its cover!😊

  64. 1smogle nation

    1smogle nationOy oldin

    Keep strong girl very tuching

  65. Debra Risner

    Debra RisnerOy oldin

    😉 hello

  66. Mike Mo

    Mike MoOy oldin

    We need a Simon cowbell type record executive back to just say the blunt truth

  67. mdmejia67

    mdmejia67Oy oldin

    Right....I think the girl who came in with her dad wasn't that bad and I think Simon would have given her another chance but telling the dad to stay outside and telling the girl to choose a song she wants to sing.

  68. Cristine de Leon

    Cristine de LeonOy oldin


  69. PogPugz

    PogPugzOy oldin

    Ima not say first.. but hi