Watch now to see American Idol Winner Just Sam's Journey from her audition to NOW!!
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  1. Noemi Bonilla

    Noemi Bonilla48 daqiqa oldin

    She's awesome 😻

  2. Chioma osuji

    Chioma osuji12 soat oldin

    This got me all teary

  3. Fatema Murray

    Fatema Murray18 soat oldin

    This grl just got me crying like a big baby😭😭she's amazing, God bless her heart and continue to provide for her family amen! 🙌♥️

  4. olamilekan olanrewaju

    olamilekan olanrewaju20 soat oldin

    The 1600 people that disliked this are bitter and they need help

  5. Cheryl Palmer The Real

    Cheryl Palmer The RealKun oldin

    God Blessings To Her....... Beautiful #voice

  6. FullyCommitted Jones

    FullyCommitted JonesKun oldin

    Such a beautiful soul. So so very proud of her. She is absolutely amazing! Walking testament of God's favor. I cried tears of joy. An amazing journey😭😭

  7. deanna elsen

    deanna elsenKun oldin

    Love her. 💞🎤🌹 May the Lord be with you, ALWAYS. Amen.. 🙏 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! 💞💐🌼

  8. Aroyehun Mubarakah

    Aroyehun MubarakahKun oldin

    Omo I'm crying

  9. Vergilyn Reese

    Vergilyn Reese2 kun oldin

    I've been seeing this young lady on different ones U tube posts. She would be popping in & out. Every time I saw her, I was blown away. I remember saying someone needs 2 see her. Now 2 see on the idol. I'm so proud that she keep singing. Yes, she not lying I've been seeing her struggle. I feel like I know her. Love U Sam & grandma... GOD got U baby girl, a lot of people has been praying 4 U. 2 GOD be the glory. 😇💖🤗

  10. C-Rance

    C-Rance2 kun oldin

    This shows how fake American Idol is to the voting public to get ratings. People actually believed her manufactured story. If she supposedly had the support of "Papa Richie", "Aunt Katie", and "Uncle Luke", then why was she dropped from 19 Entertainment?

  11. Nakiburara Rehema

    Nakiburara Rehema3 kun oldin


  12. Spiritual Guidance With Olabade

    Spiritual Guidance With Olabade3 kun oldin

    All those dislike it’s something in you whatever it is that u should find your passion hating disliking not going to get you far or payed so stop it then you wonder why things happen hmm think about if u consider your self intelligent and open minded how would u feel if it was you I rest my point

  13. Spiritual Guidance With Olabade

    Spiritual Guidance With Olabade3 kun oldin

    Stay bless everyone

  14. Shanterria Knox

    Shanterria Knox3 kun oldin

    Well done just Sam thank you jesus

  15. Stacey J

    Stacey J4 kun oldin

    Just Sam is a different kind of beautiful and I like it. 💙

  16. Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin4 kun oldin

    Shes such a beautiful soul inside and out!

  17. C-Rance

    C-Rance4 kun oldin

    Looks like 19 Entertainment owns you stage name "Just Sam". You should have tried to work with them better before they were force to drop you.

  18. Abonge mohvu

    Abonge mohvu5 kun oldin

    I cried so badly at her first audition

  19. Hope& Ahliah

    Hope& Ahliah5 kun oldin

    I am so happy for her , she deserved it congratulations 💕💕💕

  20. Shannon Belly

    Shannon Belly5 kun oldin

    The new Whitney?....everyone in documentaries that ever worked with Whitney always said no matter how many shows she had she always appreciated her fans and never felt she was good enough....she always asked "what if I'm not good enough" everytime before she went on stage....this is what keeps us humble....apprieciate life and thank god always....religious or not.

  21. prettyslim2010

    prettyslim20105 kun oldin

    She made me cry, she’s so sweet with a great spirit. May god bless her.

  22. C-Rance

    C-Rance5 kun oldin

    She is only fairly good. What a waste of an American Idol winner? She was already dropped from 19 Entertainment. She goes by Samantha Diaz because American Idol owns the name "Just Sam".

  23. Misha Hampton

    Misha Hampton5 kun oldin

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 these are the kind of people the pull on my heart! The ones counted out and god opens doors and the thrive melts my heart!!!! ❤️🥰❤️🥰

  24. Tinotendaishe

    Tinotendaishe5 kun oldin

    Bless her ❤️❤️

  25. ngoziamaka atede

    ngoziamaka atede5 kun oldin

    I guess 9ja idol have to watch this o

  26. thelia robinson

    thelia robinson6 kun oldin

    Congrats to you and your grandma you did it

  27. Meia Frieson

    Meia Frieson6 kun oldin

    She got crying. I understand how she feels.

  28. okoduwa joy

    okoduwa joy6 kun oldin


  29. Carol Jefta

    Carol Jefta6 kun oldin


  30. Haja Mariatu Bangura

    Haja Mariatu Bangura6 kun oldin

    I love her personality, I am so much inspired by Sama’s Story🙌 She is a girl with so much faith, determination and courage. She is an example of Hope. I wish you all the best Sama in your new adventure 🙌🙌 May God continue to bless you and your grandmother 🙏🙏

  31. Rudolph Edie

    Rudolph Edie7 kun oldin

    Her struggles brings teardrops to one's reminds me of monopoly as well as dejavu. God bless your future.

  32. Nelly

    Nelly7 kun oldin

    God is good all the time, Like grandma say believes in you !!!!🙏🏾

  33. Shakira Patterson

    Shakira Patterson8 kun oldin

    God bless u angel 😇, keep faith an believe it will take u a long way .


    SANDRA LEVY8 kun oldin

    She is so humble, her personality is just awesome with an unique voice 🧡🧡🧡 her. She had me crying all the way 🙏

  35. Lisa Shavers

    Lisa Shavers8 kun oldin

    Such a beautiful soul. Wishing her much success.❤❤❤

  36. R S

    R S8 kun oldin

    I realized at minute 3:21 that I wouldn’t be able to make it through this video without crying 😢

  37. Anniesha Powell

    Anniesha Powell8 kun oldin

    This is soooo Amazing.. love her Journey !!! I love to see when people are down but can get up with confidence...but is anyone going to say how her natural curls are popping... Yessss !!!

  38. Destin Matthews

    Destin Matthews8 kun oldin

    Man that feeling of gratefulness is sometimes overwhelming haha it hurts but it’s definitely tears of joy... a feeling of this is unreal, this is a dream, I don’t want to mess it up. Way to go #justsam for pushing through and accepting this opportunity and not doubting it. We often miss our opportunities because of our own FEAR!

  39. RD A

    RD A9 kun oldin

    Her story is sad and she’s a good voice but Arthur Gunn has a better voice.

  40. Renee Williams

    Renee Williams9 kun oldin

    Why am I crying (I need the whole box of tissues) and praying through every segment that she'll win, when I already know she's the winner....LOL!!😊

  41. S D

    S D9 kun oldin

    This girl is another whitney Houston

  42. Jyairah Bacon

    Jyairah Bacon9 kun oldin

    Not a dry eye watching this one👏🏾❤️

  43. Antonia Adams

    Antonia Adams9 kun oldin

    It’s the fact that some ppl re being disrespectful to her religion like atleast Katy perry ,Lionel richie and the other man respect it

  44. Veronica Hickman

    Veronica Hickman9 kun oldin

    Does anybody know how to book Just Sam

  45. Merrilin Coleman

    Merrilin Coleman10 kun oldin

    the girl is really talented and emotional!!! she's amazing! I hope she goes far with her voice!

  46. Lornette Miller

    Lornette Miller11 kun oldin

    I love this girl, sings so beautifully

  47. Ginette Ramos

    Ginette Ramos11 kun oldin

    I can’t stop lookin at this video you remind me of myself I grew up with my grandma she Raised me and she took me to church I was Such a tomboy and I grew out of that but back to you I love your story I hope all your dreams Were answered you are blessed just being raised by your grandma is all you needed to become a this beautiful woman

  48. Christabel Akauveh

    Christabel Akauveh11 kun oldin

    gosh!!!!! i cried like i lost someone... my colleagues were all over hugging me. Sam is a special child.


    VANESSA ANN12 kun oldin

    So beautiful - her spirit shines through her singing talent

  50. Maddy _04

    Maddy _0412 kun oldin

    I love this woman so much

  51. Daniel Anez Ortiz

    Daniel Anez Ortiz12 kun oldin

    What a beautiful story!! Im definitely a fan

  52. CJ Raiford

    CJ Raiford13 kun oldin

    I cried 2 mins into this. It's gonna be a long video.

  53. Sonja Anderson

    Sonja Anderson13 kun oldin

    What happened to this lady,?

  54. Kimyahtta Morris

    Kimyahtta Morris13 kun oldin

    Her story is so inspiring when Jesus got your back the doors have to OPEN!!!! She deserve every good thing coming her way.



    LOVE SAM!!!!!

  56. lol lol

    lol lol13 kun oldin

    Gods in her voice.

  57. Suzie Que

    Suzie Que14 kun oldin

    Just Sam, you are an inspiration to all girls

  58. Hana Atoa

    Hana Atoa14 kun oldin

    Song Dream Sam you sang it so beautifully and amazing girl. You have different songs that is difference some of songs I hadn't heard of before. I'm so happy when you won. To help out your grandma & sister. That was awesome girl.ò

  59. Tracy Kearney

    Tracy Kearney14 kun oldin

    She is so special and I’m so glad that America chose her because she is so deserving of this. I wish her all the success in n the world because this is her time. The judges were great with supporting her and all of her peers and the people that worked with her. She needed to be loved and cared about. Blessings to her grandmother for raising her to be the woman and winner that she has become.

  60. Arkmed Harawa

    Arkmed Harawa14 kun oldin

    And it felt like a two minutes video Her duet partner was amazing Judges where beautiful Amazing journey 🙌 🙏 she made me watch the idols after years of not even watching highlights of the past season's

  61. Chiemelie Akah

    Chiemelie Akah14 kun oldin

    This was beautiful to watch

  62. Acrylic Pouring & Art Mannequins by Maria

    Acrylic Pouring & Art Mannequins by Maria14 kun oldin

    Just Sam, you’ve got your Granny, an Uncle, an Auntie and Daddie Lionel ❤️❤️❤️, you have a family. 🙏 a Change is gonna come, dear 🌹 At 38:28 you’re beautiful Sam the Star, from the inside and out, just a mesmerizing performance dear. At 42:07 that’s the song ABOUT you; What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger💜

  63. Delta Tomlin

    Delta Tomlin14 kun oldin

    OMG I got goosebumps all throughout the video! I cried yes I did OMG this is absolutely beautiful! How great is our God 🙌👏👏

  64. Stephen Colwell

    Stephen Colwell14 kun oldin

    Her vocal coach was amazing. IDK if she would have got through that sore throat episode without his motivation. I hope they still keep in touch.

  65. queen liz kendi

    queen liz kendi15 kun oldin

    Dream's can come true.

  66. Yvette Henderson

    Yvette Henderson15 kun oldin

    Sam we truly are so proud of you and the judge's they are so caring up lefting wonderful loving soul's I love how special the judge's make everyone that feel nervous or uneasy they will step in and made you feel like family .🥰😍🤩😘😛💯⭐🌟⭐🌟💯 Y'all are the best of the best.

  67. Maundrey

    Maundrey15 kun oldin

    This girl is real to the core of her being... I just love her.

  68. Ulrich Von Stomp

    Ulrich Von Stomp15 kun oldin

    Just imagine how much better she would have been in front of a live audience! It's way past time to put this whole pandemic crap behind us! Live Life!!

  69. Monica Gilmore

    Monica Gilmore16 kun oldin

    She’s a blessing her voice is amazing

  70. Samson Du

    Samson Du16 kun oldin

    She moved me every time! I hope she's doing well and successful.

  71. Janet King

    Janet King16 kun oldin

    I am not sure how you vote but I want to vote for JUST SAM

  72. Janet King

    Janet King16 kun oldin

    Just Sam is an awsome girl. Beautiful voice personality, she has touched so so many people..I hope she wins she has my vote

  73. White Lodge Tarot

    White Lodge Tarot16 kun oldin

    Gratitude is a super power! It attracts gods Light!

  74. Jenny Santiago

    Jenny Santiago16 kun oldin

    I love 💘 this angel 😇God blessed 🙌her. I have 5 grandkids and they adore me. 😍

  75. Jenny Santiago

    Jenny Santiago16 kun oldin


  76. Bevena Williams

    Bevena Williams16 kun oldin

    She's a natural, singing from the womb, she opens her mouth and the most beautiful sounds comes out..she took my breath away everytime she opens her mouth..she a super star. 🔥💃♥️♥️♥️♥️✌👏💕💖

  77. Bevena Williams

    Bevena Williams16 kun oldin

    I love Lionel Richie so much..he was my favorite artist in the 80's and still is, he is the 'love king"..♥️♥️♥️

  78. Tru Jenkins

    Tru Jenkins16 kun oldin


  79. Dom Johnson

    Dom Johnson16 kun oldin

    Am I the only crying like a cry baby each time she cries 😣☺️

  80. Ce Ce

    Ce Ce17 kun oldin

    BLESSINGS!!! 🙏🏿❤️

  81. Chez'snotchez rich_

    Chez'snotchez rich_17 kun oldin

    Just Sam I love your songs

  82. eben prof

    eben prof17 kun oldin

    I've been shedding tears since i started watching

  83. Nope Buzz

    Nope Buzz17 kun oldin

    Awe that’s incredible she Won! I prayed she would! Totally blown away when first hearing her and seeing her personality on these youtube american idol spots!🎉🎉🎉

  84. Julie Haye

    Julie Haye17 kun oldin

    In everything we do GOD is the third strand that .make all things possible ..

  85. Kedibone Maleka

    Kedibone Maleka18 kun oldin

    Why am I tearing up😭😭😭

  86. Carie Spencer

    Carie Spencer18 kun oldin


  87. Carie Spencer

    Carie Spencer18 kun oldin


  88. Carie Spencer

    Carie Spencer18 kun oldin


  89. Carie Spencer

    Carie Spencer18 kun oldin

    Good job Sam, you got a wonderful voice may God bless you

  90. Azuregourmet RSHAWKS

    Azuregourmet RSHAWKS18 kun oldin


  91. Pamela Pugh

    Pamela Pugh18 kun oldin

    I love Sam's journey! Praise Jesus Grandma!

  92. Melissa Ruf

    Melissa Ruf18 kun oldin

    The young monday paradoxically bat because bean july scatter worth a deafening knife. husky, complete smell

  93. Marcia Blake

    Marcia Blake18 kun oldin

    Just Sam I'm from Michigan and I'm so proud of you American Idol you have a gold she's a diamond in the rough I love her voice. She reach you and make you understand you guys please vote for Just Sam

  94. Elle.

    Elle.19 kun oldin

    Some people know how to sing. Some know how to single very well. But there are some people who were born to sing. This young woman was born to sing. 👑💜

  95. Hannah Imozemeh

    Hannah Imozemeh19 kun oldin

    I love you so much SAM the STAR!!!❤️

  96. Amelia Lane

    Amelia Lane19 kun oldin

    Great for you Just Sam !!!!

  97. Thonia Martin

    Thonia Martin19 kun oldin

    I cry whenever she cried 😢 she's so amazing I love how she always say 'thank You Jesus 'You see people, when You put God first, every other thing follows...God is good

  98. Batoul l

    Batoul l19 kun oldin


  99. Gavin Barnes

    Gavin Barnes19 kun oldin

    Nbf there was better talent on that season than her

  100. Roz Reynard

    Roz Reynard20 kun oldin

    I have cried BUCKETS while watching this video. OMG! THANKS TO GOD FOR SENDING JUST SAM TO US!

  101. Venida Smith

    Venida Smith20 kun oldin

    Go Just Sam!!!!