Watch NOW To See The American Idol 2021 Contestants Perform With SINGING LEGENDS !!
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  1. Shawn B

    Shawn BKun oldin

    American Idol used to be about so much negative, well anything(Hung, for example). It was like the positive was reserved for whom or whatever they felt would carry the show. Now it seems, in the last few seasons, that the only criticism is necessary for them(the artists) to grow. The quality of the content is measured by the sum of it's parts. I feel like the show, the producers, the judges(including Seacrest), and especially the contestants are evolving for the better.

  2. jonaca sims

    jonaca sims2 kun oldin

    Tori Kelly and Brian McKnight 😍😍

  3. Paula Gibson

    Paula Gibson6 kun oldin

    They are very blessed that are amazing

  4. Jeannie Proctor

    Jeannie Proctor6 kun oldin

    He’s got all the girls in love with him, but too bad.......he has a boyfriend! 😢

  5. Brandon Copeland

    Brandon Copeland7 kun oldin

    damn, at 24:15. I'd turn gay for that dude. sensual.

  6. Brandon Copeland

    Brandon Copeland7 kun oldin

    My thought to the legendary Mr.. Lionel. She didn't fake a gosh daerned thing. She EXPRESS HERSELF AND WITH HER PERSONA. PERIODD.

  7. Paul Monu

    Paul Monu7 kun oldin


  8. Amrah Lutta

    Amrah Lutta11 kun oldin

    “You have been possessed by a very old seasoned country man”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀😂😂😂I’m gone😂😂😂

  9. shannae smith

    shannae smith12 kun oldin

    Jewels sounds like shakira 😍😍😍

  10. The SSPC Family

    The SSPC Family13 kun oldin

    Good program for everyone to challenge in singing a song.

  11. Josh Baldwin

    Josh Baldwin13 kun oldin

    20:50 30:00

  12. Evalvia Sosthand

    Evalvia Sosthand14 kun oldin

    97% of these performers are white...AI has a long way to go on not being so racist.

  13. Shirley Scott

    Shirley Scott18 kun oldin

    It was too bad Beane got booted off the show, saw him on the Ellen Degeneres show and he was amazing. You go Beane!



    Ryan Tedder omg i love this man....he is an amazing songwriter and producer....i mean is there antything that you cant do

  15. djoy4ly

    djoy4ly22 kun oldin

    Alyssa Ray, 18 years old, was amazing, the first contestant to hold her own with the guest star! Singing Whitney's "I'm Your Baby Tonight", Alyssa shows she is finale ready!

  16. Roy Moore

    Roy Moore6 kun oldin

    Yeah, she was really something special in her duet, one of the only intuitive comments from the panel was that she stood her ground, so to speak, with Katherine McPhee. I’d agree, on that song she was like Whitney singing the National anthem... Her solo was awesome vocally, somewhat dramatic in places-too hip for the room! Prediction: WORLDWIDE STARDOM

  17. Sudhendu Gupte

    Sudhendu Gupte22 kun oldin

    All the singers were so good that I don't know whom is going to make it the top .

  18. Keval Muliya

    Keval Muliya8 kun oldin

    Ya, in previous season there was straight winner of the show aurthar gunn 🤘🏻✌🏼

  19. Sudhendu Gupte

    Sudhendu Gupte22 kun oldin

    Its sad he didn't make it.

  20. Sudhendu Gupte

    Sudhendu Gupte22 kun oldin

    This girl of colour can sing the hell out!

  21. Sudhendu Gupte

    Sudhendu Gupte22 kun oldin

    She can sing well thanks her future is on the fans.

  22. nortom12 Noreen Gallagher

    nortom12 Noreen Gallagher22 kun oldin

    PJ Morton was the only star who did not drowned out the contestant, with his awesome voice. He let her be heard and shine. Kudos.

  23. Jeancnelson1942 Nelson

    Jeancnelson1942 Nelson10 kun oldin

    @elmstreet h😌😝😝😝😝🙄😝😝😝😝😝😏😏🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😌😌😭😒😭😌😌😛😌😌😏😛😌😒😭😌😭😒😌😍😏🥰🥰😍😳😳😳😳😳😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😛😛😤😤😤😛😤😤😤😤😛😛🤗😤😛😛🤗😛😅😆😆😅😆😅😆😅😅🥰🥰🥰🥰😅🥰😏

  24. Jeancnelson1942 Nelson

    Jeancnelson1942 Nelson10 kun oldin

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  25. Jeancnelson1942 Nelson

    Jeancnelson1942 Nelson10 kun oldin

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  26. elmstreet

    elmstreet19 kun oldin

    tbh the original is so much better with jojo ( not jojo siwa )

  27. CAM ANWC

    CAM ANWC23 kun oldin


  28. Nancy T

    Nancy T24 kun oldin

    The talent is unbelievable this season. I remember the first few American Idol shows and although there were some megastars, there weren’t this many.

  29. Nancy T

    Nancy T19 kun oldin

    @Gemma Luescher-Verseckas yes! I remember her well. She was runner up to Bo Bice.

  30. Gemma Luescher-Verseckas

    Gemma Luescher-Verseckas19 kun oldin

    And kat McPhee is an idol alumni

  31. wArLoRD Gaming

    wArLoRD Gaming24 kun oldin

    where is Murphy ?

  32. Media Pool

    Media Pool25 kun oldin

    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work!

  33. Kriss_yboo

    Kriss_yboo25 kun oldin

    All amazing performances but when Katy said "Make that stage your bitch" I died🤣

  34. Kriss_yboo

    Kriss_yboo25 kun oldin

    I enjoy watching this so much. So inspiring. Still have my dreams of competing someday to show my talent

  35. amy highsmith

    amy highsmith20 kun oldin

    Don’t wait go forward with your dreams!!❤️

  36. Pamela Geronilla

    Pamela Geronilla21 kun oldin

    Do it dont keep saying do it i will vote for you

  37. D Adams

    D Adams25 kun oldin

    AVA has the voice so clear like listening to Bose speaker. She is clear and concise. Power House. Love her.

  38. Joe Nardone

    Joe Nardone25 kun oldin

    WOW! Beane and Josh Groban! REALLY?! I can't imagine standing with Josh and holding my own. I couldn't do it but Beane did extremely well! Then we have Grace! Wow weeeee! She does an INCREDIBLE duet with Joss Stone. Then we have Willie and Katherine McPhee! HOLY MOLY!!!! My three favorites!!

  39. Joe Nardone

    Joe Nardone22 kun oldin

    @Sharon Mackenzie - she has gotten older but I think she looks and sounds great.

  40. Sharon Mackenzie

    Sharon Mackenzie23 kun oldin

    What has Katherine had done to her face. It's changed her completely she's unrecognisable.

  41. Christina Henderson

    Christina Henderson25 kun oldin

    Hannah is my favorite love her she has an amazing voice and can tell she's just a good hearted girl hope she never changes her ways. They all good though

  42. Marisa Montalto

    Marisa Montalto25 kun oldin

    Why was she dropped?......this just doesnt add up...unless she got a record deal or she was destined to get a deal a d they thought it fair to let the others have a shot?

  43. Diana Felker

    Diana Felker25 kun oldin

    I only had the opportunity to listen to the first girl. She is tremendously awesome!

  44. Danny Morgan

    Danny Morgan25 kun oldin

    1:37:15 for Willie if anyone is curious

  45. A AG

    A AG26 kun oldin

    Omg they were all so good

  46. Dopey Tripod

    Dopey Tripod26 kun oldin

    Casey needs to sing IRON MAIDEN

  47. Owen Snyder

    Owen Snyder26 kun oldin

    .”l"? The t

  48. Cecile King

    Cecile King26 kun oldin

    29:48 Forever Young and I Did It All Kayshawn I love his voice and hope it eventually affords him homes for his mother and himself and happiness 35:00 Alana alone and with Jimmy Allen I 'm Falling

  49. Jennifer 11

    Jennifer 1126 kun oldin

    Wow! So much talent. I'm only an hour and thirty minutes in to this video and I keep saying after each performance that they should move on to the next round.

  50. Nina Williams

    Nina Williams26 kun oldin

    Love Graham’s voice!

  51. Nina Williams

    Nina Williams26 kun oldin

    I just love Alyssa Ray!

  52. Tenna Jones

    Tenna Jones27 kun oldin

    Actually liked the ones that sung shallow

  53. Georgia Lankford

    Georgia Lankford27 kun oldin


  54. Lew Thrasher

    Lew Thrasher27 kun oldin

    Anilee has a beautiful voice and very enjoyable to listen too

  55. C Sandford

    C Sandford27 kun oldin

    she has that deep Joplin to her voice she has that deep Joplin to her voice which I like

  56. C Sandford

    C Sandford27 kun oldin

    She's truly great love her voice doesn't miss a pitch

  57. Guy Prince

    Guy Prince27 kun oldin

    She's the Next Taylor Swift

  58. Dianne Dama

    Dianne Dama28 kun oldin

    i think red was better that didn't make the 24 the lasy person

  59. Shawna Durfee

    Shawna Durfee28 kun oldin

    Where can I watch the this show what channel

  60. Else Marie Strangesen

    Else Marie Strangesen28 kun oldin

    Wauw sikke mange gode sangtalenter 👍😘

  61. Jeffro Tully

    Jeffro Tully28 kun oldin

    How are they going to whittle this talented group down to 16, let alone the top 8?

  62. NickyBrown King

    NickyBrown King28 kun oldin

    WOW ALISSA!!#1!👍

  63. Marius Wasström

    Marius Wasström28 kun oldin

    gaad i want more of the scorpion series !!!!!!!!!

  64. B D

    B D28 kun oldin

    Josh Grobin is also phenomenal!

  65. B D

    B D28 kun oldin

    I swear I love bean so much!!! His personality is incredible!!!

  66. Melissa Hinson

    Melissa Hinson28 kun oldin

    Whooo!! Damn, damn!! The duet with Beane, and Josh Grobin, I think might be the best one. Good lord. Full body chills. It soared up, lifted up my spirits and kept soaring to lift the roof off the entire place.

  67. Melissa Hinson

    Melissa Hinson28 kun oldin

    My gosh. That duet with Ava August and Josh Groban gave me full body chills. It was achingly beautiful, and moving. Just sublime.

  68. Greta Bollman

    Greta Bollman24 kun oldin

    Ikr, that was that one was the best!

  69. Emeka Ehirim

    Emeka Ehirim28 kun oldin

    Wyatt my guy! Mary jo, too.. those two have it raw easy talent and great song choices .. didn't feel Cassandra's duet; a different song would have done her more justice! But those three fellows are my best..

  70. Melissa Hinson

    Melissa Hinson28 kun oldin

    That guy. The one with the beard, Graham? Ooooo. His voice. It is smooth and soothing. I loved this.

  71. Becca A.

    Becca A.16 kun oldin

    Is he the one who sang Love like this? I was trying to find out his name. He's incredible 😍

  72. Seven Days

    Seven Days28 kun oldin

    hmm out of all the duets the 2nd from last was the best 2:16:37 all the others didnt sound right or one was trying to out shine the other with didnt work for me

  73. prinas blend empire

    prinas blend empire23 kun oldin

    Upu need to check out your ears, you really have a big issue with the ear and heart

  74. Alain Cossardeaux

    Alain Cossardeaux28 kun oldin

    Strong lot of talent, judges will need help LOL

  75. Kadek Aria

    Kadek Aria28 kun oldin

    How can this girl not in the top 12 ?

  76. Adelina Clonts

    Adelina Clonts28 kun oldin

    Willie is my favorite! His voice is clear and on point. He’s adorable and I’m ready to buy his music!! Kathryn has grown up into a beautiful woman. All these singers were so talented and the super- artist... ohh amazing!!! I cannot get over Brian’s heart throbbing tone and Josh’s voices but ohhh what great performances! I hope they each reach for the stars!!!

  77. Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago24 kun oldin

    I agree 100% Adelina. Not only will he do great, I think he will win American Idol. 🎵🎙🎶🎤🎼

  78. charmaine

    charmaine28 kun oldin

    Anilee, the only singer with a perfect ear for music and stunning control. Too bad she didn't get voted in.

  79. charmaine

    charmaine25 kun oldin

    @michelle visser I also thought Liv Grace Blue was fantastic but never saw her after her second audition.

  80. charmaine

    charmaine25 kun oldin

    @michelle visser I agree.. not enough people loved her presentation as much as they did the others. Either way, she will do just fine on her own because she's got the goods :)

  81. michelle visser

    michelle visser25 kun oldin

    she's super talented. wrong song choices got her in trouble and sent home. you have to appeal to the public first and that is usually with a song familiar to them

  82. NerdGirl72

    NerdGirl7228 kun oldin


  83. Anonymous 42

    Anonymous 4228 kun oldin

    No one can match Jewl

  84. Sara Root-Simone

    Sara Root-Simone28 kun oldin

    How can they choose? All these contestants blow me away! Sublime!

  85. WileyCoyote69

    WileyCoyote6928 kun oldin

    There were a few major stinkers IMO. About 1/3rd great, 1/3rd middling, 1/3rd terrible.

  86. Nance B

    Nance B28 kun oldin

    Wow! Magnificent everyone!

  87. jay2007fernando

    jay2007fernando29 kun oldin

    Wow Angel's got murdered! What on earth were the judges listening to?

  88. Audrey M

    Audrey M29 kun oldin

    Whew!! Grace, you got this girl!!!! What a voice!!

  89. Julie Victoria

    Julie Victoria28 kun oldin


  90. Eno

    Eno29 kun oldin

    They are all amazing

  91. LaDonna Bush

    LaDonna Bush29 kun oldin

    I Love these Judges. They're the real deal. They make me want to watch every week. I just subscribed. ❤ ❤ ❤

  92. Sheldon Nel

    Sheldon Nel28 kun oldin

    And you just made me sub with such a convinsing comment😂🤣

  93. Lina Leo

    Lina Leo29 kun oldin


  94. Рыбалка с Александром Таракановым

    Рыбалка с Александром Таракановым29 kun oldin

    Hello 🌞🌞🌞🥰

  95. Mywalk

    Mywalk29 kun oldin

    Happy Ramadan to all those who will start fasting 💖

  96. April Collier

    April Collier28 kun oldin

    Thanks for letting me know. God bless you I have prayer necklace from him.

  97. Fatima Taha

    Fatima Taha28 kun oldin

    @April Collier yes you will fast from April 13 to may 13

  98. April Collier

    April Collier29 kun oldin

    My friend is starting fasting is it 30 days? I love learning about different religions.

  99. K It

    K It29 kun oldin

    I just want Cassandra to do the Adore song by Jasmine Thompson! Her rendition is soooo beautiful.

  100. Micah Brown12

    Micah Brown1229 kun oldin

    Yeah hi

  101. Kriss_yboo

    Kriss_yboo29 kun oldin

    🔥🔥 Still here waiting for the end of it all

  102. Bruce Dakin

    Bruce Dakin29 kun oldin

    Wonderful singer..

  103. suzi campanatti marques

    suzi campanatti marques29 kun oldin

    What's their names, please?

  104. Micah Brown12

    Micah Brown1229 kun oldin


  105. Eschgtss Ddvgedc

    Eschgtss Ddvgedc29 kun oldin

    Big orange belly wash

  106. Eschgtss Ddvgedc

    Eschgtss Ddvgedc29 kun oldin


  107. Eschgtss Ddvgedc

    Eschgtss Ddvgedc29 kun oldin

    Big orange belly wash

  108. Nani Baganio

    Nani Baganio29 kun oldin