Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...


  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay10 kun oldin

    Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

  2. IcanFartLOUD

    IcanFartLOUD5 soat oldin

    No self-respecting pool player would play on such a cheap piece of shit pool table. It literally was felt over garbage.

  3. stulander

    stulander7 soat oldin

    No, he has enough money

  4. This Guy

    This Guy8 soat oldin

    @bena stiklers And Michael Reeves

  5. monkstanding last

    monkstanding last14 soat oldin

    The burning question I think everyone would like to know is how is the un-pickable lock going, is it any closer to being delivered to lockpickinglawyer thanks

  6. DJ-LA- -WOLF

    DJ-LA- -WOLF17 soat oldin

    Not at last if they get hacked where's the logic in that LOL

  7. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW21 daqiqa oldin

    If you do read these comments, wondering if you'd share why you chose python for this? Just what you use most often?

  8. Jloc

    Jloc23 daqiqa oldin

    Would just like to say, the free 32GB flash drive is USB 3.1. Not some cheap 2.0 drive.

  9. GregJoshuaW

    GregJoshuaW29 daqiqa oldin

    Yea test code like that is a PITA for sure. Now I "always" write test code with flags which has the added benefit of reminding me it's still in there. But Ive experienced similar issues many times in the past. Cool project. I can see this actually being a thing you know as it gets refined more and more....

  10. Dillon Phillips

    Dillon Phillips31 daqiqa oldin

    This guy is a fucking legend.

  11. Braedon Rogers

    Braedon Rogers37 daqiqa oldin

    20:30 he was boutta say bitch tho

  12. Daanish Sehrawat

    Daanish Sehrawat42 daqiqa oldin

    Make a gun that never misses, You'd just need to hold the grip and the barrel moves into position or something like that.

  13. The Dro

    The Dro43 daqiqa oldin

    lol 11:55 def extract_balls(self)

  14. Mosammat sadequn Nahar

    Mosammat sadequn Nahar31 daqiqa oldin

    How come did you saw that?

  15. Mercenary Tao

    Mercenary Tao53 daqiqa oldin

    I like ur wife..she reminds me of someone.

  16. Raghul G

    Raghul GSoat oldin

    This guy building a big brain robot.... me figuring out why my GPS module is not blinking 😂

  17. Jason Perry

    Jason PerrySoat oldin

    That is THE shittiest pool table I've ever seen.

  18. Mark Mark

    Mark MarkSoat oldin

    @7:17 yeah lmao

  19. zvxcvxcz

    zvxcvxczSoat oldin

    Unless you have a particularly nasty wide angle lens, the distortion often attributed to wide angle lenses is not an optical distortion per se, it is perspective distortion. The cause is not the lens, but the distance, you just keep putting wide angle lenses closer to get the framing desired though. Not that there isn't also often optical distortion for wide angle lenses, but it is usually much more mild than what people think of and may not be of the sort they expect (barrel), e.g. they can have pincushion or complex (mustache) distortion.

  20. daniel smith

    daniel smithSoat oldin


  21. Thomas Huffman

    Thomas Huffman2 soat oldin

    This guy is amazing, I'm so glad that he is willing to share his knowledge and skill with us all

  22. Giddy Digs

    Giddy Digs2 soat oldin

    You are brilliant

  23. M.F.A

    M.F.A2 soat oldin

    This dude has be Stephen Hawking unborn child

  24. M.F.A

    M.F.A2 soat oldin

    As an IT graduate can't even write a correct line of codes, lord have merci on me lol


    SAM BRICKELL2 soat oldin


  26. 許博源

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  27. Eddy Mosqueda

    Eddy Mosqueda2 soat oldin

    if robots ever exist ima think this guy had something to do with it lol 😂

  28. Tunechi Lee

    Tunechi Lee2 soat oldin

    If you could package a system that would project the lines on a pool table like that as a sort of trainer...$.

  29. Josué Barrientos

    Josué Barrientos3 soat oldin

    My head just can't comprehend how genius this guy is

  30. Jeremy Last Name

    Jeremy Last Name3 soat oldin

    "This video's sponsor is Microcenter". Sad former Marylander living in the PNW noises.

  31. Tuck Tuck Williams

    Tuck Tuck Williams3 soat oldin

    Tell me you're a hacker without telling me you know a hacker 😂

  32. Frankie and Benjy Mouse

    Frankie and Benjy Mouse3 soat oldin


  33. Rj Oreilly

    Rj Oreilly3 soat oldin

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  34. 10K Novideos

    10K Novideos3 soat oldin

    this is just cheats.. but irl

  35. Anthony Xuereb

    Anthony Xuereb3 soat oldin

    Unbelievable project, I envy you and what you have achieved and remember this, We humans make robots so we are smarter than them.

  36. Jackson Hanson

    Jackson Hanson3 soat oldin

    You should link something like a Venmo...I will send you money out of sheer respect.

  37. Scott Waldman

    Scott Waldman3 soat oldin

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  38. Gabriel James Valdez

    Gabriel James Valdez3 soat oldin

    Play against Efren Reyes. If he still plays

  39. chrome.mp3

    chrome.mp34 soat oldin

    I don't know half the things he said but cool

  40. Fatih Akdoğan

    Fatih Akdoğan4 soat oldin

    Do you consider to make 3 cushion billiards version of it?

  41. Henry Gabriel

    Henry Gabriel4 soat oldin

    *I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was made to be played"* Yes.. I see

  42. Justin Williamson

    Justin Williamson4 soat oldin

    Anybody else smoke and watch this 🤯🤯🤯

  43. bob dehunt

    bob dehunt4 soat oldin

    10:10 me replacing every single component on a circuit board that isn't working, and then it still doesn't work.

  44. Rebekah Nivens

    Rebekah Nivens5 soat oldin

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  45. Srikanth Gampa

    Srikanth Gampa5 soat oldin

    Very cool

  46. Stephen Duquette

    Stephen Duquette5 soat oldin

    You should be working on prostetics with surgeons and biotechnologists . This is fun and cool but think of the rewards in knowing that you have changed the world for people who struggle in performing normal everyday tasks . Or by creating super human skills such as the one you have just perfected but for someone who is blind ? You have talent . Figure it out and put it to use . Go win a Nobel prize !

  47. Arpit Jain

    Arpit Jain5 soat oldin

    Hey great video! keep up the good work. For the Pool solver, have you explored training a Reinforcement Learning agent ? It can learn to maximize long term rewards and think ahead. I am happy to contribute if you like.

  48. segads

    segads5 soat oldin

    This was more fun than a full movie

  49. Luc Possen

    Luc Possen5 soat oldin

    Fuck, you’re smart

  50. Blazin Tiger

    Blazin Tiger5 soat oldin

    i'd love to see you play against a pro

  51. Captialgains

    Captialgains5 soat oldin

    the coolest thing ever would be if you would use an small industrial robot which would replace you so all the aiming would be automatic

  52. Blazin Tiger

    Blazin Tiger5 soat oldin

    you could probably license the program that shows you where to hit the ball projected onto the table to pool coaches and pros


    NAME UNKNOWN5 soat oldin

    Bro this guy's got aimbot Also if you wanna improve on this you might wanna talk to professional pool players to learn more of the mechanics of the game?

  54. Endarire

    Endarire5 soat oldin

    +1 to mass producing physical/digital pool!

  55. Crypto Secutiry

    Crypto Secutiry6 soat oldin

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  56. Colin Woodward

    Colin Woodward6 soat oldin

    As soon as he said he was going to project the user interface onto the pool table I had a great realization that I was about to witness the thumbnail in its full glory.

  57. Mitchell

    Mitchell6 soat oldin

    It would be glorious to get a professional's interaction/input with this. I kept thinking of what Ronnie O'Sullivan might think of this. Yeah, he's a snooker champ, but close enough, and I don't know any 8-ball masters.

  58. Clay Smith

    Clay Smith6 soat oldin

    You found the proverbial pin in the Death Star.

  59. GRINGO____

    GRINGO____6 soat oldin

    I have an idea !!!!!!!!!!!! Вам надо придумать машину, использующую вашу технологию, которой смогут управлять 2 человека через интернет. и проводить турниры !!!!!!!!

  60. Mr.Trooper snooper

    Mr.Trooper snooper6 soat oldin

    Five minut crafts be like

  61. kevin

    kevin7 soat oldin

    anyone know what app he use to draw on his ipad?

  62. Benjamin Rich

    Benjamin Rich7 soat oldin

    I can't stop laughing at drilling through "THE most important cable in my house" (7:25) LOL!

  63. Grant Patrick

    Grant Patrick7 soat oldin


  64. Dré D

    Dré D7 soat oldin

    Go challenge @VemonTrickShots... 👍 If you wanna see this.

  65. Md. Imtiaz Rashid

    Md. Imtiaz Rashid7 soat oldin

    I must say that out of all the similar engineer UZnickrs, your works are the most complex ones to implement. Please don't ever cease to amaze us.

  66. Gregory Samaniego

    Gregory Samaniego7 soat oldin

    2:56 thats what she said!

  67. Robert Kesselring

    Robert Kesselring8 soat oldin

    What happened to your unpickable lock??? I've been waiting for that to show up on LPL...

  68. Abd Esselem Iha

    Abd Esselem Iha8 soat oldin

    What kind of studies did you do in university ?

  69. Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Reynaldi Sutrisno8 soat oldin

    19:47 this is what you came for

  70. Nina Thomas

    Nina Thomas8 soat oldin

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  71. Tony

    Tony8 soat oldin

    Are you from Texas? Because your wife looks a lot like you bro. Awesome work btw

  72. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin8 soat oldin

    this guy is the most down to earth genius in the earth

  73. Scott White

    Scott White8 soat oldin

    Do you have an update on the unpickable lock

  74. I am Detour

    I am Detour8 soat oldin

    One Minute in: Wow I can build this! Two Minutes in Crap! I can never build this!

  75. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin8 soat oldin

    center. Can that be built?

  76. Richard Horst

    Richard Horst8 soat oldin

    Going to be brutally honest, I have never seen anyone on UZnick even close to the level of smarts as this guy. I don't even know what to say or how to comprehend the technicality of this video.

  77. anurag mishra

    anurag mishra9 soat oldin

    share the program

  78. Nick Vlow

    Nick Vlow9 soat oldin

    Please build a jet powered cue to brake the ball speed record or amount of cushion bounces

  79. Mango rickylol08

    Mango rickylol089 soat oldin

    20:30 “Getting this thing done it was bad as hard as labor” What a legend

  80. Nootpocket

    Nootpocket9 soat oldin

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  81. vivek singh

    vivek singh9 soat oldin

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  82. CloudToast

    CloudToast9 soat oldin

    @Stuff Made Here If you ever reading this I have a Idea for you,in your Previous video you have talked about real world Problems you want to do something about it,i have something for you that could solve one of biggest problems from our World,why don´t you make a C0² Filter that filters Carbon dixiod in the Air and transformed again in to Oxygen? i might could help you with that

  83. jack allread

    jack allread9 soat oldin

    WOW! As a pool player and a programmer nurd, this was an excellent video! Yes, I have suggestions, I will try to get my thoughts together and post this weekend! Thanks Again!

  84. Joel Cathey

    Joel Cathey9 soat oldin

    Now build a robot arm to move the cue stick around so people can play your table online when you're not home.

  85. Austin Gershom Igot

    Austin Gershom Igot10 soat oldin

    that was cool

  86. Evan J.F. Roth

    Evan J.F. Roth10 soat oldin

    Keep up the great work!!! Wahoo! (I'm clicking that link! Thanks for respectfully asking us to support you through it!)

  87. TinyElectronics

    TinyElectronics10 soat oldin

    Who else went and scanned the QR code and found out it said you have too much time

  88. Talbert Tipton

    Talbert Tipton11 soat oldin

    Where can I get one of cue

  89. MrOnosa

    MrOnosa11 soat oldin

    Micro Center needs to come to Oklahoma.

  90. K C

    K C11 soat oldin

    a) I love the sense of humor in the dialogue between you and your wife. b) this is amazing. c) make a rail around the edge of the table with a servo and a mount, so an ai can move the cue into position, and take shots by itself. Thus, you could play pool entirely against an AI. d) I want a robot that picks up the vast variety of my kids toys and sorts them into buckets at the end of the day. A Toy-roomba. I would pay lots of money for such a thing, as would just about every parent of young children, daycare, and early childhood center. Can that be built?

  91. Alex 3D prints

    Alex 3D prints11 soat oldin

    You just have won a new subscriber son, I loved every single second of the video!

  92. Justin Stanfa

    Justin Stanfa11 soat oldin

    Would it be possible to take the human factor out of the equation?

  93. demirkafa sutlac

    demirkafa sutlac11 soat oldin

    19:42 is what you came for.

  94. richtyty gaming

    richtyty gaming11 soat oldin

    Anyone else going to talk about how his lights, furnace, and internet was wired in one cable?

  95. Ruben A

    Ruben A11 soat oldin

    Great job! I actually suggested this idea to you several months ago.


    KAMIKAZE12 soat oldin

    Solving Rubics cube next time mb?

  97. Kevin The Rad Cat

    Kevin The Rad Cat12 soat oldin

    UZnick keeps crashing for me whenever I try to open this video on my Redmi... weird

  98. Boulehmi Mohamed Aymen

    Boulehmi Mohamed Aymen12 soat oldin

    Dude you have my respect.

  99. John Hawthorne

    John Hawthorne12 soat oldin

    Simultaneously enjoyable, educational, astounding and depressing - the last because there’s not a single skill in conceptualizing, modeling, maths, programming, manufacturing, assembling, photography, electronics, robotics I can even come close to matching in my dreams. I’ll go back to drawing houses with a chimney with crayons now.

  100. Voidling studios official

    Voidling studios official12 soat oldin


  101. RC Enthusiast

    RC Enthusiast13 soat oldin

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  102. Dreadog

    Dreadog13 soat oldin

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  103. Fasla Iqbal

    Fasla Iqbal13 soat oldin

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  104. Fasla Iqbal

    Fasla Iqbal13 soat oldin

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  105. Azrail Kundalini

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  106. JuiceBox Entertainment

    JuiceBox Entertainment13 soat oldin

    you should make a robot that plays the drums and can maybe teach you haw to play the drums because you can hold it somehow so your arms move with it and you get the muscle memory of playing a specific song i think that would be really cool

  107. Craig Townsend

    Craig Townsend13 soat oldin

    you sell micro centre so well, yet they sent you a part that doesn't do what you asked... according to you...