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Bankroll Freddie "Add It Up" Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
700 In Jewelry Nigga And I Ain’t Even Went Gold Yet,
Streets Been Calling Lately Steady Asking Where Dem Bows At,
Aye Projects Where Them 4s At Nigga Rep Yo Whole Set,
I Ain’t Dropped In 10 Months & Nigga I Still Ain’t Went Cold Yet,
Aye I Can Wipe My Ass With Them Lil Bitty Ass Rap Check,
Nigga What’s A 100k To Me Spend That On My Damn Neck, 160 On My Bank Chain,
40 On My AP, Wait Until I Cop The Lamb Gone Make These Niggas Hate Me,
120 On My C8 I Ride V8's Or Better , 2020 Redeye It Cost Me A Lil Cheddar, Trackhawk Up On 24's It Make My Shit Look Better,
I Could Of Copped Urus But I Went And Copped A 18 Wheeler,
Nigga Better Add Me Up You Looking At Couple Mill,
I Was Up 300 Thou 'Fore Pee Even Came With A Deal,
Got A Mill Aye What A Feel, Just Retired My Vacuum Seal,
I Still Can Get The Package Still It Just Gotta Be Worth The Thrill
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up, Compare to Me You ain’t Had Enough,
I Just Got A New Bag Today Mane It Just Keep It Adding Up,
Money Just Keep Stacking Up, Rackades Get Em Rack Em up,
4 Watches 6 Chains Aye Tell that Fuck Nigga To Add Me Up,
Tell Them Niggas Add Me Up Add It Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
[Verse 2]
Money Piling Up I Swear A Nigga Getting Rich As Shit,
The Way I Feel Today I Might Go Cop Me That New Richie Shit
Aye I Can Pop The Biggest Shit Double RR I’m Really Rich,
You Flexing with That Lil Ass Chain I Wouldn’t Buy That Shit For My Bitch,
10k Boy That’s Pocket Change I’ll Threw That Shit Up At Allure,
He Don’t Love You Bae Cause If He Did Wouldnt Wear No Michael Kors,
New Channel For My Bitch & She Got All Kinda Shit,
Gucci Louie Prada Shit Baby Got All Kinda Drip,
Looking In My Closet Boy It’s Looking Like The Lennox Mall,
I Can Show You How To Get Money Flex Up And Really Ball,
Money It’s Like 10 Feet Tall, Amir’s They Ain’t Cheap At All
Looking Like My Pockets Got The Mups Bitch This A 50 Ball
Nigga Better Add Me Up, You Fuck Around And Lose Count,
I Just Closed On Some Land So Next I’m Finna Build A House,
Keep Big Bank Up Out Your Mouth, Unless You Wanna Shoot It Out ,
Put So Many Racks Up On Your Head Your Main Man X You Out
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up, Compare to Me You ain’t Had Enough,
I Just Got A New Bag Today Mane It Just Keep It Adding Up,
Money Just Keep Stacking Up, Rackades Get Em Rack Em up,
4 Watches 6 Chains Aye Tell that Fuck Nigga To Add Me Up,
Tell Them Niggas Add Me Up Add It Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
Fuck Nigga Come Add Me Up Add it Up Add It Up
#BankrollFreddie #AddItUp


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