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Bankroll Freddie Feat. Young Dolph - "Rich Off Grass Remix" Lyrics:
[Bankroll Freddie Verse]
Ayy, trappin' made it happen, definition of a trapper
I'm known for breaking down these bales, I ain't no fuckin' rapper
He say he get them 'bows for cheap, ooh, he a big capper
'Cause every time I ask him where they at, he never have 'em
I dropped my nuts and saddled up, I went and found the plug
I got 'em for the low, my nigga, I can show you love
I sell 'em twenty-five, but they get cheaper, get a dub
You tryna score a hundred, nigga, I can make it flood
I'm saved by the bale for real, now go and ask about me
I'm known up in my city for selling pounds of the Cali (Gas)
And got Dallas, Texas (Mid), shout out to the Mexicans (Good corn)
And you might call me petty, bitch, but I can get you ratchet
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I ain't had to sell no work (Nah), I ain't had to sell no glass (Nope)
I got rich off grass (Strong), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Woo), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Woo), I got rich off gas (Grass)
I ain't had to sell no work (Nah), I ain't had to sell no glass (Nope)
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off grass (Gas)
[Young Dolph Verse]
Uhhhhh Uhhhhh Uhhhhh
A Fortune Off Them Bags A Fortune Off Them Bags
A Fortune Off Them Bags Got Rich Off That Gas From Richest To Rags (Hustler)
When They Pull Up To The SPOT They Bring They Whole Stash
She Introduce Me To The Plug I Bought That Hoe A Jag (Thank You Uhh)
Fuck That I Don’t Wanna Talk About The Past (Yeah Yeah)
Riding In That Ghini When I Come Pass (Skert)
With A Back College Graduate With Dumb Ass
Everybody Watching Me Like I’m Comcast
Ain’t Nobody Hustlers No More Mane That Shit Sad
Don’t come To Me With Your Hand Out Where Your Scale Nigga
Super Cool But My Trap House Hot As Hell Nigga
Ayeee Can You Get Me 100 Of Them Bruh
Yeah Nigga
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I ain't had to sell no work (Nah), I ain't had to sell no glass (Nope)
I got rich off grass (Strong), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Woo), I got rich off gas (Gas)
I got rich off grass (Woo), I got rich off gas (Grass)
I ain't had to sell no work (Nah), I ain't had to sell no glass (Nope)
I got rich off grass (Rich), I got rich off grass (Gas)
#BankrollFreddie #YoungDolph #RichOffGrassRemix
Music video by Bankroll Freddie performing Rich Off Grass (Remix). Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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