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Bankroll Freddie - “Active” Lyrics:
Up That Stick Ion Play Active
Ion TALK Ion Do All That Yapping
Ask About Boy I been That Actio
Since 13 I been Totting That Rachet
38 That Bitch Had 6 Shots Run Up Guarantee You Get Drop
Like A Cherry put Beam On His Top
Knock Him Off For A Pint Of That Wockhart

I know nigga think that I’m sweet
Cause I smile & my swag Off The Leash
Well Come Try Me Come Get You A Treat
Fuckin Knock His Lip Through His Teeth
Hit Your Block In A Black Grand Marquis
Shoot The Drac To It Break In A Piece
I Can See That Boy Face On A Tee
I Won’t Stop Till I Make Him Decease

Boy Who Shot me Think He Got Away
Ima Pay Tay Run Him Down With This K
Ain’t No Hiding From Me You Ain’t Safe
Know Your Daddy & Know Where Ma Stay

Can’t get You Ima Get At Your Bae
Flip That Lac , With This MAC & Draco
How I’m Feeling Ain’t Nobody Safe
Know I’m Active Say Boy Come & Play

Fuck All that Talking Get active
I’m From The South We Get Active
I Want The Smoke Get Active
Keep That Pole Soo You Know We Get Active
Know I’m Front Line When action
Shoot Block Up Boy We Get The Clapping
Thats What You Get For That Capping
Lil Boy You Know We Get Active

[Verse 2]
Hold on Hold Up On Bruh What Kinda Car you Say
That’s The Right There Slow Down Slow Down Slow down
Slow it down Hold that MAC out
That Boy thought he was low in that rental
When them Shoot Get To Fire We won’t miss him
5.56 Hit Mouth Made It Kiss Him
Say I’m hiding lil boy knock it off
On the block on the south with chop
Say You Looking For Me Boy I’m Out
Ain’t Scared Boy You Know that I’m Out

I Be Around Shooting
YG Budd Ready To Do Him A Bitch
STOP hiding Boy You Know You Bitch
Shot That Boy At The Store & He Snitch

When I go pop You know that I didn’t say shit
DEA asking questions You Know I Didn’t Talk To
Bitch Ima G bruh I just Took My Lick

Some happen I know they gone get Me
Mane I’m Rapper I’m Chillin
These Lil Niggas Just Want Attention
Get Kill While I’m Somewhere Memphis
#BankrollFreddie #Active #BigBank
Music video by Bankroll Freddie performing Active. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    Wtf a video this bro u on 🔥 this a hit

  5. Maya weaker

    Maya weaker3 kun oldin

    It's kinda sad that the only way these rappers get on it thru black on black violence.. let's not forget who our real enemies are

  6. Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 901

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    Tryn hard to be from Memphis 🤣

  7. Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 901

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    Fasho, I know y’all been waiting to take off like MEMPHIZ been waiting, shit da talent always been there. WHO RUN IT! We on FYE bruh can’t stop us now....Much respect ARK🎶💯💯💯

  8. TrillRockArkansas

    TrillRockArkansas7 kun oldin

    @Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 901 Arkansas respects Memphis bruh. 2 hours away and it's one of the places we kick it at. Arkansas respects all them dudes you named an more. We Love Memphis Music. They started Crunk music. I promise we know the history. Lol. We just trying to establish our own here.

  9. Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 901

    Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 9017 kun oldin

    @TrillRockArkansas What people don’t realize Memphis inspired a lot of these rappers surrounding Memphiz especially ATL. Look at Gucci mane and future they was inspired by PLAYA FLY & SKINNY PIMP. Memphis made that trap shit.

  10. Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 901

    Leeyo..Frayser North Pemphiz TN. 9017 kun oldin

    Yeah grew I up in north Memphiz Frayser Bay Area...He straight tho. Arkansas next doe. He doin his thang...

  11. TrillRockArkansas

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    That's cap. He reps Arkansas in every song, but he fucks with Memphis. It's not that far from his hometown. He cool with them Memphis rappers.

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    Why is he so underrated🤷🏾‍♂️💰🗞

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