Barcelona vs Valladolid | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 4/5/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

A 90th minute goal from Ousmane Dembélé earns Barcelona a crucial victory in the LaLiga title race, as the Blaugrana are now only 1 point behind Atletico Madrid heading into El Clásico.
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  1. mario yu

    mario yu5 kun oldin

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  2. Duxcz

    Duxcz5 kun oldin

    Valladolid were robbed big time idc what anyone says Ong

  3. vavet39

    vavet395 kun oldin

    No var check with a clear handball then an undeserved red? Surprised the ref didnt go to the barcelona dressing room after the match to pick up his cheque.

  4. Alexander Pechenik

    Alexander Pechenik5 kun oldin

    Not a Red?! This is exactly how knees get broken!!! This is exactly what was done to Fati, and before that to Rafinia, Suarez, Maradona, - with horrid consequences, etc. This is exactly how you take out opposite players - come from behind and trap the leg - No attempt to play the ball - WHATSO EVER!! The only reason Dembele is not on crutches right now - his weight was OFF that leg very quickly. Otherwise - Good Bye Dembele for another year! Thank you, the Referee, for having some spine.

  5. Dylan Waylon

    Dylan Waylon5 kun oldin

    That was not even close to a red card wtf

  6. Javier

    Javier5 kun oldin

    once again Barcelona getting the help from the referee for the no penalty and red card that should have been a yellow

  7. Celsa Celsa

    Celsa Celsa6 kun oldin

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  8. Ibrahima Diallo

    Ibrahima Diallo6 kun oldin

    Yea that goal was lit 🔥

  9. Wily Peralta

    Wily Peralta6 kun oldin

    Ter Stegen gets beat in the air too many times man it’s scary

  10. It’s Me

    It’s Me6 kun oldin

    Man we need the fans back ASAP

  11. Scott Stacey

    Scott Stacey7 kun oldin

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    BAOQIANG Li7 kun oldin

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  13. bumpark

    bumpark7 kun oldin

    The adults are playing UEFA Champions .. the boys playing La liga


    ZOEY AND CLEY7 kun oldin

    damn man tpuis

  15. Mario Gutierrez Valiente

    Mario Gutierrez Valiente7 kun oldin

    No penalty on Alba, red card against Valladolid. All weird

  16. mario yu

    mario yu7 kun oldin

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  17. 杰Fox

    杰Fox7 kun oldin

    This is why Bein Sports is the goat 🐐

  18. Eric Jones

    Eric Jones7 kun oldin

    beIn: Please get rid of the clownish Ray Hudson, or assign him to something other than Barca. Half the time he's not even commentating on the game (the endless, embarrassing "Koeman is too stubborn and too stupid to play Riqui Puig" rants) and the rest of the time he's screaming into the mic. Most of us don't need a carnival barker yelling in our ear to make the game more "interesting."

  19. Die Caverna

    Die Caverna7 kun oldin

    que nos regresen a Suárez y se lleven a Griezmann porfa 🙏🏻

  20. Bobby K

    Bobby K7 kun oldin

    1:25 Why is the player lying down due to free kick?

  21. Volad Or

    Volad Or7 kun oldin

    I like Barcelona, but that red card was complete absurdity.

  22. Aaron Moreno

    Aaron Moreno8 kun oldin

    Lmao a “justified red card” my ass. Bit harsh, should’ve been a yellow forsure

  23. Antonio

    Antonio8 kun oldin

    You can see a very happy Messi when Dembele scored

  24. Aric

    Aric8 kun oldin

    Terrible red card call

  25. SangJosie Barcelonista

    SangJosie Barcelonista8 kun oldin


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  28. Eli Fish

    Eli Fish8 kun oldin

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  29. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    DOUGIE FRESH 0078 kun oldin


  30. 800 IQ

    800 IQ8 kun oldin

    Barcelona could have done much better if their attackers would opt out for set plays instead of taking a shot on goal.

  31. C6co66

    C6co668 kun oldin

    why is griezmann even starting?, unproductive af

  32. slicvm

    slicvm8 kun oldin

    Where are the bandwagoners?

  33. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance8 kun oldin

    Hello, Humans. At what point is overthrowing a government ethical, considering all the violence a revolution usually entails? TERRANCE OUT

  34. Siegfried N/

    Siegfried N/8 kun oldin

    Gano el Barcelona y su Arbitro

  35. Miguel D

    Miguel D8 kun oldin

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  36. Leo Diedrich

    Leo Diedrich8 kun oldin

    This comments section is filled with the same people replying toxic crap against FCB on every comment... do you not have anything better to do?

  37. XOflyHigh

    XOflyHigh8 kun oldin

    Barca fans seriously making a huge deal about this game when they almost basically got owned by Valladolid defensively. Imagine when they face a Real Madrid team? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. XOflyHigh

    XOflyHigh4 kun oldin

    @Ras cry who’s winning rn LMAOOOOO

  39. XOflyHigh

    XOflyHigh7 kun oldin

    @Ras I cant wait until Saturday so I can laugh at you, Pathetic

  40. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    @XOflyHigh who’s in third place Real Madrid who’s about to bottle the league? Atletico Madrid. Who’s gonna win the the double? Barcelona cry more

  41. XOflyHigh

    XOflyHigh7 kun oldin

    @Ras who did you lose to though? Real and Atletico so shut up lol

  42. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    @XOflyHigh lmaooo, Atletico can’t even beat Sevilla garbage club

  43. XOflyHigh

    XOflyHigh8 kun oldin

    You Barca fans best be ready ;) Madrid took the W today against Liverpool without Varane and Ramos... now... they are coming home again with your heads as well ;) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Vence147

    Vence1478 kun oldin

    Ridiculous referee decisions

  45. Brotherhood Knight

    Brotherhood Knight8 kun oldin

    I like the part where they kick the ball

  46. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us8 kun oldin

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  47. Johnny R

    Johnny R8 kun oldin

    The cross by FDJ is what crosses should be. Hung it up perfectly. Gave Araujo every chance to get to it. And stayed in the danger area after that because of the light touch. Wonderful.

  48. I can’t think of a creative name

    I can’t think of a creative name8 kun oldin


  49. egymario

    egymario8 kun oldin

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  50. Antonio Sanchez

    Antonio Sanchez8 kun oldin

    Wow wonderful atlético 66 Barcelona 65 real Madrid 63 sevilla 58 what a liga

  51. SSick Camaro SS

    SSick Camaro SS8 kun oldin

    Epic flop by Messi as usual

  52. sstteevveenn77

    sstteevveenn778 kun oldin

    My friend made me watch this match yesterday & HOLY CRAP what a robbery! That was not a red card, it was a yellow. & that was a clear penalty by Jordi Alba. Feel sorry for Valladolid

  53. Sami RAP - Freestyle

    Sami RAP - Freestyle8 kun oldin

    So everyone agrees that was a sold referee? Right? That hand and that red card...

  54. I can’t think of a creative name

    I can’t think of a creative name8 kun oldin

    @Sami RAP - Freestyle lol ikr

  55. Sami RAP - Freestyle

    Sami RAP - Freestyle8 kun oldin

    @I can’t think of a creative name suspicious how he only was bad when making decisions on Barca’s favor...

  56. I can’t think of a creative name

    I can’t think of a creative name8 kun oldin

    I don’t think he was a sold referee but it was just a bad one I mean who knows

  57. Jordi Mak

    Jordi Mak8 kun oldin

    We don't need a #9, we don't have to blow up the bank for Haaland or Lautaro. If we allow Dembélé to take over that position, opposing centre-backs have to cope with his pace and ambipedal strikes. Griezmann and Messi will find a lot more space to roam free and create as they already do.

  58. Schnider

    Schnider8 kun oldin

    Honestly such terrible play from Barca. They're shooting way too often from outside the box instead of trying to slip someone through. Really a far cry from their tiki taka days. If they try to do something with the ball instead of being wishful and shooting from outside the area, they'll probably get much better results

  59. G P

    G P8 kun oldin

    Dodged a bullet 😓

  60. sheluvs_jomar

    sheluvs_jomar8 kun oldin

    Valladolid really put ultra defensive

  61. duvalink22 carrera

    duvalink22 carrera8 kun oldin

    That can’t never be a penalty because he is the one with the ball he wasn’t defending he was with the ball and the other guy touch the ball so hard that it went so fast to Jordis hand That can’t never be a penalty and also the red card should be 2 red cards instead of one why? The other guy came from behind he couldn’t injured him really bad so no excuses Real Madrid fans quit crying please and watch more football or soccer how ever you want to call it and try to understand it more

  62. arsonwars

    arsonwars8 kun oldin

    Fitting Dembele scores after Valladolid tries to take him out of the game... karma Dembele older, wiser, stronger... Valladolid played pretty dirty

  63. R J

    R J8 kun oldin

    We’re gonna win the league we’re gonna win the league yes

  64. Nicolás Moreno

    Nicolás Moreno8 kun oldin

    Good goal by Dembele but that was a handball by Alba

  65. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    Nope was in a natural position

  66. John Usa

    John Usa8 kun oldin

    It was obvious that 12-man Barcelona will win....the f*cken cheating referee is the 12th man.

  67. Chander Rodriguez

    Chander Rodriguez8 kun oldin

    That was a red card? Am I missing something?

  68. James Shi

    James Shi8 kun oldin

    No 6 is so not professional, hit Dembele so hard with his knee.

  69. Itsnulfo

    Itsnulfo8 kun oldin

    Dembele tryna revive his career

  70. CSandSoccer

    CSandSoccer8 kun oldin

    I’d rly like to see what Dembele can do with a full proper season under his belt, the guy def has good potential.

  71. Tyrone

    Tyrone8 kun oldin

    Messi looks too happy I think Neymar coming back

  72. Chrstphr Guardiola

    Chrstphr Guardiola8 kun oldin

    Lucky asss barza lmaoo

  73. Chrstphr Guardiola

    Chrstphr Guardiola7 kun oldin

    Never kid.

  74. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    Cry more

  75. Daniel Oropeza

    Daniel Oropeza8 kun oldin

    That is not a straight red card. Also, it should be a penalty for valladolid for alba’s handball

  76. Principe De tu corazón

    Principe De tu corazón8 kun oldin

    Wow ❗ is that red card, wow this is crazy

  77. World Record Egg

    World Record Egg8 kun oldin

    Dude I got so frustrated with Dembele losing the ball and the bad shots he was having I stopped watching the game after his shot on minute 86, and I didn’t get to see his game winning goal😂

  78. Esteban Andrade

    Esteban Andrade9 kun oldin

    of coarse they don’t show albas clear penalty.

  79. SUPERSALVY 503

    SUPERSALVY 5039 kun oldin

    That’s no red

  80. Joelon Regimen

    Joelon Regimen9 kun oldin

    Where tf is the var ?? Like always refs helping barça

  81. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    @Joelon Regimen THE SALTTT, tell me how we used VAR the handball was in a natural position and did not affect the movement of the ball.

  82. Joelon Regimen

    Joelon Regimen7 kun oldin

    @Ras okay bye 😂😂 u know is true

  83. Ras

    Ras7 kun oldin

    Cry more

  84. Carmon Harrington

    Carmon Harrington9 kun oldin

    The overrated handball initially risk because cream unexplainably blush except a unadvised defense. confused, overjoyed hood

  85. Yxng Deezy

    Yxng Deezy9 kun oldin

    So we’re not gonna talk about the handball penalty ???? Lowkey robbed but it’s aight

  86. FCB43ver

    FCB43ver9 kun oldin

    Watching this team with my high blood pressure...its not healthy

  87. Art S

    Art S9 kun oldin

    6:19 it’s obviously not a pen. Distance was too short to react. Commentators: - hand away from the body! - Absolutely! 🤦🏻‍♂️ You ever seen a ball possession with hands behind the back? So dumb

  88. Reynaldo granados

    Reynaldo granados9 kun oldin

    Wow first the referee notices that barcelona is losing sees his chance when a player commits a tactical foul. A foul that messi has even committed himself and far from being a goal scoring opportunity. Becomes a red card send off?? What if anything that was a yellow card the player was tripped not attempted injury as busquets has done many times before. But hold earlier in the match var excused a penalty for jordi albas hand ball. A hand ball that if a real madrid player had done would have been a red card accompanied by a penalty even though that double jeopardy rule has now been removed. I guess barcelona is sending a message to real madrid that they will win the classico with the referee's help.

  89. Ahmed Zatout

    Ahmed Zatout9 kun oldin

    Robbed valladolid of a penalty

  90. Amazing Strands

    Amazing Strands9 kun oldin

    Barca playing la liga on a Monday while madrid playing champions league on the Tuesday haa haa haa weak ass club

  91. Robert Loeder

    Robert Loeder9 kun oldin

    Nice skill to precisely direct that volley just inside the near post! I'm glad he got the game winner in dramatic fashion after such a shitty knee to the head earlier in the game.

  92. Amazing Strands

    Amazing Strands9 kun oldin

    These idiot Barca fans who saying they wonder what madrid fans think about this game lol. Madrid have to represent Spain in the champions league what do you think about that?

  93. King Dre

    King Dre9 kun oldin

    Dembele’s goal was beyond clutch holy and to the ppl that were ready to write off dembele will still find a way to complain smh lol sign that contract dembele serious business has begun 😎

  94. K!KS

    K!KS9 kun oldin

    what a BORING match🙂

  95. Amazing Strands

    Amazing Strands9 kun oldin

    The ref clearly favored Barca in thus game . Clear hands ball no penalty then a straight red card lol . Barcelona need all the help they can get to win la liga sorry ass team. That's why they been shit in the CL because these bullshit refs don't do CL games.

  96. James Benjamin

    James Benjamin9 kun oldin

    Dembele saves the day

  97. WaleWonka S

    WaleWonka S9 kun oldin

    how is that tackle a straight red?

  98. Javier Canizal

    Javier Canizal9 kun oldin

    Does anyone know if Var was used to check on the hand by Alba?

  99. James O'Mara

    James O'Mara9 kun oldin

    Pack it up everyone. The officiating crews have decided that La Liga belongs to Barcelona. The ludicrous non penalty for Valladolid and the even more ludicrous sending off were criminal. That said, Valladolid's finishing in this match were perhaps the worst I've ever seen by a professional football club.

  100. Salome Robles

    Salome Robles9 kun oldin

    For those who don't know: Valladolid is one of the teams economically supported by Real Madrid. So Real Madrid has 6 points every season and when they play against Barcelona they play like it is the last game of their lives to help Real Madrid. Greetings

  101. Silently Mad

    Silently Mad9 kun oldin

    Ray I such a Barca fanboy. That was nowhere near a red. Not even borderline.

  102. Diego Salva

    Diego Salva9 kun oldin

    Dembele scores the winning goal, Messi is the man of the match. Makes absolutely no sense! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  103. Angel Slovodan

    Angel Slovodan9 kun oldin

    that was some haphazard shit basically the whole game from Barcelona.

  104. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill9 kun oldin

    My cousin a Real Madrid fan was laughing at min 86 🥺😂😂😂😂😂😂

  105. Al aMin

    Al aMin9 kun oldin

    It all happened after *Ronaldo Goatwaite Nazario 9* Da Legend 🥵🥶 Entered the pitch😏 *GOAT* 🐐 for a reason🔥🥱

  106. Mninsane Christian

    Mninsane Christian9 kun oldin

    Demboo u almost gave me a heart attack. Dembuz won the la liga 🎉🥳🚀🚀

  107. Brooklyn Hughes

    Brooklyn Hughes9 kun oldin

    The sweltering modem rapidly match because centimeter observationally bruise via a puzzled sack. awful, ill italian

  108. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron Martinez9 kun oldin

    dembele is gonna pop off in the clasico!

  109. K Roper

    K Roper9 kun oldin

    6:28 that should never be a pen. call. non-call was correct

  110. Daniel R

    Daniel R9 kun oldin

    Was that really a red card offense? Football fans reply no VARcelona fan please because y’all will definitely be biased.

  111. Average Kachigga

    Average Kachigga9 kun oldin

    Dembele is staying at Barca

  112. ZeusKnocksYouOut

    ZeusKnocksYouOut9 kun oldin

    Man, Barca can't play through a defense for their lives. Kinda sad to see since they used to be gods. How come Coutinho isnt playing? (I follow the prem and Bundesliga, not so much La Liga)

  113. Hamdinho14

    Hamdinho149 kun oldin

    According to this highlight looks like Dembele should have gotten Man of the Match

  114. Marco Aguilar

    Marco Aguilar9 kun oldin

    Both of them should got that red card