Here It Is !! Its Been A FANTASTIC Year Of Incredible Talent, However, Watch NOW To See The BEST Of 2020 !!
See You In 20201 For More Amazing Talent From Around The World !!
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  1. Brittany Vaughan

    Brittany Vaughan3 soat oldin

    The elderly man he sound amazing 💯!

  2. Run Ron

    Run Ron10 soat oldin

    Garbage man looks like a character out of the simpsons... 😆

  3. Run Ron

    Run Ron10 soat oldin

    Soul mates for life!!! Indeed from a storybook

  4. Tiffany Rx

    Tiffany RxKun oldin


  5. Steph Wickens

    Steph Wickens2 kun oldin

    Simon, you are not that old , wear younger looking glasses

  6. SAUCE tv

    SAUCE tv2 kun oldin

    Everyone start preparing for the economic collapse and the tribulation now please ead this warning get prepared mentally,physically and most importantly spiritually and to trust in the most High God the KING of kings and the LORD of lords KING JESUS Christ always. be blessed.

  7. Bruce Bergstresser

    Bruce Bergstresser2 kun oldin

    What a testimony of faith and a testament to your strength of character. God bless you.

  8. Robert Velasco

    Robert Velasco4 kun oldin

    So inspiring! God bless you both!

  9. Andrew Chi Osbourne

    Andrew Chi Osbourne5 kun oldin

    I wish I married the woman that story books talk about 😢

  10. Rick Mater

    Rick Mater5 kun oldin

    Medical science isn't always right everyone is different don't ever stop trying man even if it's just to wiggle a toe every morning it doesn't hurt to try never give up hope 💚

  11. sky xox

    sky xox5 kun oldin

    So beautiful couple 💗

  12. Happie AUGUSTINE

    Happie AUGUSTINE6 kun oldin

    I'm a fan of the garbage man! All of them were amazing!

  13. Kevin Sicard

    Kevin Sicard6 kun oldin

    I’d want to watch... but 12 ads? Nah, I’m good

  14. Paul Monu

    Paul Monu7 kun oldin


  15. Jamila Safa

    Jamila Safa7 kun oldin

    I really love American Got Talent. and I love dose judge

  16. Asterix Obelix

    Asterix Obelix8 kun oldin

    The poor innocent man who was incarcerated for 37 years - God, please bless his heart - he sang great as well.

  17. rosemary gonsalves

    rosemary gonsalves4 kun oldin

    Awesome voice

  18. G Matthiae

    G Matthiae8 kun oldin

    Wewish the very best for you both! ! ! !

  19. digitalkitty cat

    digitalkitty cat8 kun oldin

    37 years of prison sentence to a honest man ? No wonder why US is the most screwed up country. Where are those 'intelligent' investigators, lawyers ? What about the justice system that repeatedly doing injustice ?? SAD !

  20. Word Virtuoso

    Word Virtuoso8 kun oldin

    Wow okay, UZnick advertising placements must be reconsidered when the ads interrupt the video content right in the middle of a performance cutting off singers etc... I'm sure that UZnick is either not monitoring the ad placements and don't care or UZnick wants its users to be so frustrated with this problematic situation in order for users to pay for UZnick Premium to have the advertising content removed...Well that is my rant with my concerns about taking away from ALL videos on UZnick... Like and comment to get this message back to the powers that be... other than that I really enjoy watching all auditions especially singing! 😃👍

  21. Nihad Haris

    Nihad Haris8 kun oldin

    Name of the song which plays in the background at 24:14 ?⁉️

  22. Michelle nita

    Michelle nita9 kun oldin

    37years over acrime u never committed 😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌 but God is always watching.. blessings follow u

  23. JenDepp Channel

    JenDepp Channel9 kun oldin

    OMG. I cried ☹️☹️😥

  24. Kerryann Clarke

    Kerryann Clarke10 kun oldin

    That man in prison all my life that freaking sad 😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Nicole Jahn

    Nicole Jahn10 kun oldin

    Hands up for the pregnant girl, omg❤️❤️❤️

  26. Suyapa Lopez

    Suyapa Lopez10 kun oldin

    OMG can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭 love it...


    NANCY PEWTON11 kun oldin

    This broke me into tears. Lord completely heal this young man give him back his dreams. Bless his beautiful wife who stands beside him.

  28. Cauleechurn Asha

    Cauleechurn Asha11 kun oldin

    Oh the Judges are so sweet

  29. Nidhi Joseph

    Nidhi Joseph11 kun oldin

    The Olympic runner: There is real love 😍 here!!! OMG the song just surprised and loving it!!

  30. Gloomy End

    Gloomy End11 kun oldin

    I didn't come here to cry, I came here to enjoy dang it!

  31. Carol Umebara

    Carol Umebara11 kun oldin

    Amira's dream

  32. Hanami Octavia

    Hanami Octavia12 kun oldin

    If you don't cry watching this then I don't know if you are human or not

  33. Gwendolyn Allen

    Gwendolyn Allen12 kun oldin

    I love this song🎤👑❤

  34. Hanami Octavia

    Hanami Octavia12 kun oldin


  35. Sheena Wander

    Sheena Wander13 kun oldin

    I love Archie Williams & Douglas Kiker(Garbage Man) 💕🥺

  36. Rae anne Davis

    Rae anne Davis13 kun oldin

    God bless both of them,to see the love in their eyes for each breath taking.he didn't get in her way of her purpose,he gived her the reason to pursue her gift to share with us in the world.Although I am truly sorry for his tragidy.I thank you both for the comfort and strength of her voice and song.

  37. Constanza Prieto

    Constanza Prieto13 kun oldin


  38. Ruth James

    Ruth James15 kun oldin

    Please look at the promises of Jesus. Ask and you will receive

  39. Chuck Crom

    Chuck Crom15 kun oldin

    I don't know if I have ever seen a more authentic expression of emotion from Katie. Nice to see. Nothing covering it, no disguise or accoutrements, just an honest expression of appreciation and acknowledgement.

  40. MelissaSue1998

    MelissaSue199815 kun oldin

    Singing is beyond therapeutic I do it all the time idgaf who like it

  41. MelissaSue1998

    MelissaSue199815 kun oldin

    If I knew how much this video was about to make me SOB tears...

  42. Nicolas Sani

    Nicolas Sani15 kun oldin

    thanks God that garbage man have a golden voice...can you imagine with the personality like that...turn out his voice was not good enough? thanks to God his voice was sooo good

  43. Marlene Dos santos

    Marlene Dos santos16 kun oldin

    Marlene gostaria muito que fosse traduzida

  44. Dennis Mountain

    Dennis Mountain16 kun oldin

    Very good atrempt and bravery best of luck

  45. Blanche Olivier Stan Bts

    Blanche Olivier Stan Bts17 kun oldin

    Omg..this poor guy... incarcerated becos somebody had to pay....makes one realise the injustice that people of colour still face up to today😢

  46. Saundra Grenard

    Saundra Grenard17 kun oldin

    Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan. Hat's off to you all

  47. Saundra Grenard

    Saundra Grenard17 kun oldin

    The judges here are too much

  48. Saundra Grenard

    Saundra Grenard17 kun oldin

    I spoke to soon, they are all incredible

  49. Saundra Grenard

    Saundra Grenard17 kun oldin

    I was crying of this incredible story before she even sang. God I hope through all their hard work, they get their dreams.

  50. Grace

    Grace17 kun oldin

    Keep on going girl. GOD BKESS YOU. Sandr Snyman( as Grace

  51. ANN

    ANN18 kun oldin

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  52. Jill Henderson

    Jill Henderson18 kun oldin

    Jamie is a star ⭐️

  53. karen kelley

    karen kelley19 kun oldin


  54. Sheikh Akbar Quader

    Sheikh Akbar Quader19 kun oldin

    Very very kindl and helpful judge's I have seen ever.

  55. Carla Bruyere

    Carla Bruyere20 kun oldin

    Archie! Beautiful!

  56. Vanu_ Tucker

    Vanu_ Tucker21 kun oldin

    The garbage man is what you call the prodigy

  57. Epic Jamaican Jokes

    Epic Jamaican Jokes21 kun oldin

    Beautiful souls

  58. खबर आजको

    खबर आजको21 kun oldin

    Lots of love and respect.

  59. fratzolaki1990

    fratzolaki199021 kun oldin

    Shevan is the human/woman that i call perfect. Brave, Strong, Powerful, Multi-talented athlete/singer/writer, Sweatheart, Pure soul that knows what is love....A true wife........ Bless you & your husband

  60. nursevicky523

    nursevicky52322 kun oldin

    What an amazingly inspirational group of people!! I was in tears from beginning to end. It's wonderful to see in this world full of hopelessness and negativity!!!

  61. Nicolas Badenhorst

    Nicolas Badenhorst22 kun oldin

    2020? Why can't UZnick moderate content mislabeled vids..

  62. Angela E

    Angela E23 kun oldin

    I love hearing the stories, of other people. Every one of us, has a story to tell, & we all just want to be heard.✌🇺🇸😉

  63. Anna Karic

    Anna Karic23 kun oldin

    Well, red hair is not something special..Her decision, but..No, thanks.

  64. Midnight Tonight

    Midnight Tonight23 kun oldin

    Olympic Lady... Gabage man ...and the man who spent 37 yrs in prison for a crime he didnt commit are my Heroes. We all should learn a valuable lesson from their lives. The Strength Struggle Pain Love and Commitment.

  65. Injo Dotaii

    Injo Dotaii24 kun oldin

    The garbage guy makes me cry 😭😭

  66. demetria clemons

    demetria clemons24 kun oldin

    Wow Archie was Amazing 🥲

  67. demetria clemons

    demetria clemons24 kun oldin

    Man this garbage man can Saaaaaag🎤🎤🎤🎤! Pure voice frfr!

  68. Sew Soo Kong

    Sew Soo Kong25 kun oldin

    You make me cry because I was the same life like you. I understand how sad it was for both of you.

  69. Amman Chhetri

    Amman Chhetri25 kun oldin

    He is very lucky to have a partner like her...he had definitely done great things in his previous life to get a partner like her in this life...I hope I also get a girl like he got..❤️👍...they both stayed together in hard times...and he is definitely going to walk and run again..👍🥰

  70. karim karim

    karim karim25 kun oldin


  71. Angela Gibson

    Angela Gibson25 kun oldin

    I luv them all but the 1 & 2 contests were the best and they have real stories behind their voices 'BEAUTIFUL'

  72. Lucida Rose

    Lucida Rose25 kun oldin

    That song really needs to be on the radio!

  73. Philip Dawson

    Philip Dawson26 kun oldin

    Archie Williams, WOW, what a global hero, global star, and its got to be said, a global person, I love you man! Enjoy your life now, Enjoy your freedom, Your a true inspiration. God bless you!

  74. BhagirathSinh R.

    BhagirathSinh R.26 kun oldin

    Which one song played in background? When she tell her story

  75. Beth Eaton

    Beth Eaton26 kun oldin

    Beautiful, best wishes. Love just shines from both of you. You're already winners

  76. earl knapp

    earl knapp26 kun oldin

    Amber very moving account how life ends up sad times you will do well in your right

  77. earl knapp

    earl knapp26 kun oldin

    P45 for the garbage man your going to Hollywood

  78. Mama Zola

    Mama Zola26 kun oldin

    Wow great love story..

  79. Bruno Loth

    Bruno Loth26 kun oldin


  80. Vicious Vixen Gaming

    Vicious Vixen Gaming26 kun oldin

    he's frozen this way XD aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love it!

  81. Sandra Halt-Ćuže

    Sandra Halt-Ćuže27 kun oldin

    I'm a fan of a garbage man! Hallelujah!

  82. Fouzia Kateb

    Fouzia Kateb27 kun oldin


  83. Meena Maharaj

    Meena Maharaj27 kun oldin

    So beautiful from the heart

  84. Galaxy

    Galaxy27 kun oldin

    God bless you both and put his non stoping grace up on you

  85. Mr Ben

    Mr Ben28 kun oldin

    Not ONE MASK! .. This was filed when? .. it says 2020? .. Not really looking like it was to me

  86. R230Tuner

    R230Tuner28 kun oldin

    This 2 4 mess is a mess. A baby doesn't hell. God help the judges.. smfh

  87. Laoagan Lester

    Laoagan Lester28 kun oldin

    Oh! My! God! I hope they are quarantined or isolated to prevent the spread of the virus (COVID-19 pandemic)!!!

  88. Joelson Alexandre Berto

    Joelson Alexandre Berto28 kun oldin

    Music min: 2:42?

  89. Adnan Shaadiro

    Adnan Shaadiro29 kun oldin

    The teethless, the humbelness, the confidence and the good personlity of the garbageman makes his super human.

  90. Ds Kicks

    Ds KicksOy oldin

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  91. boss Je TV

    boss Je TVOy oldin

    Grabe naiyak aku sa mga kwento nila subra galing pa kumanta

  92. Soudesh Damree

    Soudesh DamreeOy oldin

    What an example

  93. Pilya Babe

    Pilya BabeOy oldin

    goodness shes absolutely fantastic

  94. amandelx

    amandelxOy oldin

    Omg that made me cry!

  95. vlog on a buget

    vlog on a bugetOy oldin

    Someone get that garbage man a Coach honestly you tech him and he's good to go

  96. Jone Castro

    Jone CastroOy oldin


  97. Fabio Caobianco

    Fabio CaobiancoOy oldin

    Can someone tell me the names of the singers?

  98. Vitalie Iovu

    Vitalie IovuOy oldin

    I literally know almost every America’s and Briats got talent

  99. Emilia Tenggren

    Emilia TenggrenOy oldin

    If you think the garbage man can be something, why is the button grey?

  100. JeriMo W

    JeriMo WOy oldin

    The pregnant lady can SING!

  101. Ronica Yasaña

    Ronica YasañaOy oldin

    oh gosh😢i cant stop crying bcoz of you miss olympic girl i love you both you husband😘