Blind Auditions of every WINNER of The Voice 2020 | SPECIAL

2020 sure is a year to remember! With everything that has happened in the world, we crowned 25 winners of The Voice in 2020! Which winner of The Voice in 2020 is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨Extra info: The 2020 season The Voice of Holland started in late 2019 and ended in March 2020. The Voice of Portugal finished its 2020 season on January 3rd, 2021. Both winners are included in this video. The order of the performances is based on when the 2020 season started.
🚨 This video features the following performances:
00:00 Sophia Kruithof sings “Vincent” by Don McLean (Netherlands)
01:53 Sophia Kruithof sings “Alaska”, original song by Sophia Kruithof (Netherlands)
03:15 Vinko Ćemeraš sings “Pyro” by Kings of Leon (Croatia)
05:13 Alkan Dalgakıran sings “Yalnızım Ben” by Can Gox (Turkey)
07:04 Blessing Chitapa sings “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James (UK)
08:38 Evita Cololo sings “At Last” by Etta James (Lithuania)
10:35 Abi Bernadoth sings “lovely” by Billie Eilish (France)
12:51 Yadam.Kh sings “Dance With Somebody” by Mando Diao (Mongolia)
14:32 Sammy Colon sings “El Triste” by José José (La Voz US)
16:06 Роман Сасанчин sings “Luna Tu” by Alessandro Safina (Ukraine)
18:00 Remo Forrer sings “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi (Switzerland)
19:34 Remo Forrer sings “Metropolitans” by Pegasus, with Coach Noah Veraguth (Switzerland)
21:37 Juffi Seponpoika sings “All By Myself” by Céline Dion (Finland)
23:27 Josiane Comeau sings “Si t'étais là” by Louane (Canada)
25:10 Георги Шопов sings “Fool For Your Loving” by Whitesnake (Bulgaria)
27:02 Todd Tilghman sings “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (USA, season 18)
29:03 Chris Sebastian sings “Jealous” by Labrinth (Australia)
31:06 Kim Ji-hyun / 김지현 sings “제발” by 이소라 (South-Korea)
33:24 Fernando Sujo sings “Llamarada” by Luis Miguel (Mexico)
34:58 N Oo L sings “အမေ့ရဲ့ ဒုက္ခအိုးလေ” by ထူးအိမ္သင္ (Myanmar)
37:06 Luís Trigacheiro sings “As Mondadeiras” by Ricardo Ribeiro (Portugal)
39:20 Isaiah Kelly sings “Roxanne” by The Police (Spain)
41:03 Krystian Ochman sings “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth ft. Emeli Sandé (Poland)
42:44 Paula Dalla Corte sings “Roar” by Katy Perry (Germany)
44:27 Яна Габбасова sings “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion (Russia)
47:02 Victor Alves sings “Pra Você Acreditar” by Ferrugem (Brasil)
48:46 Carter Rubin sings “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi (USA, season 19)
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  1. Best of The Voice

    Best of The Voice3 oy oldin

    Who's your favorite winner of The Voice in 2020? ✌️

  2. hinze07

    hinze077 kun oldin

    Stand with Myanmar

  3. Ana Gomes

    Ana Gomes26 kun oldin

    Luís Trigacheiro (Portugal)

  4. Odysseas Koyllias

    Odysseas Koyllias28 kun oldin

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  5. Amal Amassi

    Amal AmassiOy oldin

    Pomah Ukraine

  6. Ulrike Naumann

    Ulrike NaumannOy oldin


  7. Kailin MacKinnon

    Kailin MacKinnon4 soat oldin

    19:16 they were so in sync 😂

  8. C J

    C J14 soat oldin

    About the numbers: while there are around 50% women in the population, only 6 winners out of 25 are women (not even 25%), and there are 35 women/107 judges. Meaning only 33% of the judges are women and male singers are 3 times more likely to win... Nice contest.

  9. Akselborg

    AkselborgKun oldin

    Russia did toutch me

  10. Arjay Bernardino

    Arjay Bernardino2 kun oldin

    19:14 that synchronization though 😂

  11. ana HANN

    ana HANN2 kun oldin

    How come these compilations never include The Voice Arab..... :|

  12. C Bryce

    C Bryce2 kun oldin

    Sophia, "Alaska". I LOVE original songs and she nailed it.

  13. x7xDJx7x

    x7xDJx7x3 kun oldin

    The second performance was a mess. Dude was either off key 80% or the song, or the choice was horrible.

  14. Changer

    Changer3 kun oldin

    31:06 baby

  15. Tammy Ward

    Tammy Ward4 kun oldin

    Starry Starry Night is a Beautiful Sad CLASSIC song that is eternal!! ✨🎶😍🌏

  16. Megan Krahl

    Megan Krahl4 kun oldin

    What I love about compilations like this is the variety of voices, styles, languages, song choices. So many countries!! May the Voice continue for many years!

  17. GeneralKenobi

    GeneralKenobi6 kun oldin

    That rendition of "At Last" was phenomenal, and the Ukrainian kid is a dead ringer for David Archuleta until he starts singing.

  18. MrDiegonyx

    MrDiegonyx7 kun oldin

    Netherlands singer rules. By far it does, respect from Argentina.

  19. Tammy Ward

    Tammy Ward7 kun oldin

    Viva la Mexico!! Muy Buono!! 😍🌹🎶🌏

  20. Tammy Ward

    Tammy Ward7 kun oldin

    I have ABSOLUTELY No clue of what the South Korean handsome young man was singing, but he brought me to tears it was SO POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL!! 🙏🎶🤗😍😪

  21. Tammy Ward

    Tammy Ward7 kun oldin

    Remo saying with the Coach Noah from the Voice of the Netherlands were FANTASTIC!! Remo is ABSOLUTELY a Beautiful man with such a deep Sexy voice!!

  22. Deborah Lewis

    Deborah Lewis8 kun oldin

    Omg..Sophia is so dang good( that song is a don McLean classic)🥰

  23. Marc Meyer

    Marc Meyer8 kun oldin

    Dosn't matter too me, just love watching beautiful people doing beautiful things..

  24. MaraBlue

    MaraBlue9 kun oldin


  25. Sarzwind

    Sarzwind9 kun oldin

    La mejor de todas fue sin duda alguna la 1era. The best of video.

  26. brad2013

    brad201310 kun oldin

    The rare girdle dimensionally sneeze because cloudy daily relax vice a evasive segment. magenta, noxious frame

  27. Resul Baggio

    Resul Baggio10 kun oldin

    What is Captain Sparrow doing on the voice? Lol

  28. Marian Bolstad

    Marian Bolstad11 kun oldin


  29. craft mend

    craft mend11 kun oldin

    7:47, enserio? no lo puedo creer, como no se han girado?? realmente afinaba bien y tenia una voz potente. Es racismo? por que si no no lo entiendo.

  30. Chavez Edith

    Chavez Edith11 kun oldin

    The alleged acknowledgment reassembly fax because felony universally reject to a knowledgeable creature. verdant, decisive passive

  31. nico

    nico12 kun oldin

    I wonder how the guy from poland won. Were the other contestants so bad?????

  32. nico

    nico12 kun oldin

    He really istnt good.

  33. Cee Bee

    Cee Bee13 kun oldin

    The judges in Lithuania are all on LSD.

  34. Michelle Anysa

    Michelle Anysa14 kun oldin

    Germany and Korea 🥳🥳🥳

  35. Michelle Anysa

    Michelle Anysa14 kun oldin

    Netherland too

  36. Mumtaz Shamsee

    Mumtaz Shamsee14 kun oldin

    Wow pretty much all horrible.

  37. Alexis Erni

    Alexis Erni15 kun oldin

    "Juffi Seponpoika sings “All By Myself” by Céline Dion (Finland)" please give credits where credits are due, especially with a male singer. Celine Dion just covered the song in 1995, the original is 20 years older and written/performed by Eric Carmen ;)

  38. Ara_ Chim

    Ara_ Chim15 kun oldin

    Seeing Kim Ji-Hyun aka GSoul in here made me emotional I’ve been a fan of his even before his fall out I’m so proud he’s finally getting recognized in Korea 🥺

  39. willkaren beyer

    willkaren beyer16 kun oldin

    EVITA COLOLO from Lithuania......soooo smoooth!!!!!!!

  40. CDHenderson2

    CDHenderson216 kun oldin

    Roxanne was hot rendition. Goosebumps.

  41. Erich Grünberg

    Erich Grünberg18 kun oldin

    Netherlands.....12 points! 😉

  42. sorry_imnot_sorry !

    sorry_imnot_sorry !19 kun oldin

    theres something about the girl from canada. idk what it is, but damn.

  43. Patricia Meyers

    Patricia Meyers20 kun oldin

    The australian, Korean and the girl from the Netherlands .... and the young Carter Rubin ...

  44. Danielle Baldissera

    Danielle Baldissera20 kun oldin

    For me was: Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Finland (what a surprise best male version) and US season 19. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  45. Aleksander Mirosh

    Aleksander Mirosh22 kun oldin

    Simply divine performance! Bravo Sofia! You can listen to this forever in your performance - this is true art! Good luck and health!

  46. Hulan Piano

    Hulan Piano23 kun oldin

    Kim Ji-hyun ❤️❤️❤️

  47. Archil Chkhikvishvili

    Archil Chkhikvishvili25 kun oldin

    Nederlands ... Love you!

  48. Abhi Abhi

    Abhi Abhi26 kun oldin

    The judges who didn't buzzed would've felt so stupid after the finale 😛

  49. Brandon Araujo

    Brandon Araujo27 kun oldin

    Whenever a person ends up only getting one turn and ends up winning it all it’s so satisfying for whatever reason

  50. Afia Adobea

    Afia Adobea28 kun oldin

    Wow the guy who sang Lewis capaldi's song was stunning 🥺

  51. Scare bear

    Scare bear28 kun oldin

    Wow, lol no love for the Bulgarian guy?!? He killed it, especially the end. No More!!🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿

  52. JJ

    JJ29 kun oldin

    I loved the guys voice at 14:42, it gave me chills

  53. Smilies2013

    Smilies201329 kun oldin

    so these are the best of the best now? Music has just been killed. what a carbage. do they even know they can not sing? Some can not even say the text right.

  54. aguacate fruta

    aguacate frutaOy oldin

    All by myself is not by Celine Dion, it's original of Eric Carmen.

  55. G mackie

    G mackieOy oldin

    Starry night x

  56. Abondo Marina Reine

    Abondo Marina ReineOy oldin

    The Brazilian I love you 😍

  57. MBO Home Improvement LLC

    MBO Home Improvement LLCOy oldin

    Is it just me or the South Korean guy is amazing as hell

  58. nurdhia

    nurdhiaOy oldin

    50:45 frick adz

  59. Joseph Sooliat

    Joseph SooliatOy oldin

    The Netherlands girl has a very rich and unique story telling voice. Incredible and I love it.

  60. Stephanie Burt

    Stephanie BurtOy oldin

    That 1st girl had such a beautiful storytellers voice! She will go far!

  61. Dam Nimmany

    Dam NimmanyOy oldin

    ມ່ວນໆ ອີ່ຫຼ້າ ແຕ່ບໍຮູ້ຄວາມໝາຍ ອິໆ

  62. veronica ruiz

    veronica ruizOy oldin

    El de Usa,fantástico 👏👏👏👏👏y Finlandia una sorpresa 👍👍👍👍👍

  63. Ngu Namcaaya

    Ngu NamcaayaOy oldin

    Sophia Sophia I love your voice

  64. Jana Brosius

    Jana BrosiusOy oldin

    The ultra event fittingly smash because carrot electrophoretically please toward a agreeable east. dreary, groovy flugelhorn

  65. Jnthn M8

    Jnthn M8Oy oldin

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  66. Isylium

    IsyliumOy oldin


  67. Transistor

    TransistorOy oldin

    Wow!! Goosebumps factory!!

  68. Mike Burke

    Mike BurkeOy oldin

    Some wonderful talent in this world.

  69. yra bryantsev

    yra bryantsevOy oldin

    UK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Mubasshir Hossain

    Mubasshir HossainOy oldin

    The deadpan cymbal notablely refuse because pastor collectively applaud worth a alluring knife. chubby, agonizing garage


    FALLENANGEL2020Oy oldin

    Omg I can listen to Carter Rubin forever. Great performance


    FALLENANGEL2020Oy oldin

    The dude who sang "Weve Got Tonight" got a little more theatrical once chairs started turning

  73. Barbara Švaljek

    Barbara ŠvaljekOy oldin

    In next episode Croatian guy sang Black from Pearl Jam. It was perfect performance. Thats he won

  74. Lucas Sude

    Lucas SudeOy oldin

    Paula della Corta will be a megastar so crazy good

  75. Vaha Kordzaya

    Vaha KordzayaOy oldin

    Whos da animal last?

  76. Terlik 31

    Terlik 31Oy oldin

    Every country buzzer : BZZZZZZ South Korea be like : bb Is actually nice that it is not so loud

  77. Emily Yeah

    Emily YeahOy oldin


  78. JaMeS 19

    JaMeS 19Oy oldin

    03:15 my first thought: what a strange version of One Directions' "Story Of My Life" 😂😅

  79. Flocon Moon

    Flocon MoonOy oldin

    The Portuguese juge looks like Anna Hathaway... they are incredibly alike

  80. Jean Pierre Seguier

    Jean Pierre SeguierOy oldin

    Cette jeune fille a une voix magnifique, c'est du cristal, je ne me lasse pas, je lui souhaite de réussir si elle en a envie!!!

  81. kummer45

    kummer45Oy oldin

    One the most impressive performances was the Korean Kim Ji-hyun. That was flawless.

  82. dijon brown

    dijon brownOy oldin

    The ready apology ultrasonically imagine because cousin sporadically concern down a abnormal ear. long-term, various morning

  83. Kiran Sistla

    Kiran SistlaOy oldin

    Isaiah Kelly sings “Roxanne” Роман Сасанчин sings “Luna Tu”

  84. Sirius Art

    Sirius ArtOy oldin

    Sammy Colon, que verraquera de voz! Espectacular! Everyone was amazing.

  85. MarNia Nes

    MarNia NesOy oldin

    Sophia of course

  86. Noure Noure

    Noure NoureOy oldin

    Je suis tombée amoureuse de Kim Ji-hyun et de sa magnifique interprétation ❤

  87. zemetras

    zemetrasOy oldin

    19:16 legs cross ..... synced latency : 0 ms

  88. finka blanche

    finka blancheOy oldin


  89. Bernard Haller

    Bernard HallerOy oldin

    Wow this video must have the record for most commercials

  90. Trina Edwards

    Trina EdwardsOy oldin

    This compilation is one of my favorites! I love Abi's "Lovely"! I like Yadam's "Dance With Somebody ". He has a nice voice. That female judge was rocking at the end! Lol🤣

  91. dcoleman4444

    dcoleman4444Oy oldin

    Sophia Kruithof is like the reincarnation of Eva Cassidy.

  92. Angelica Kendal

    Angelica KendalOy oldin

    The chivalrous cream fortuitously please because company evolutionarily spark a a homely mask. rotten, embarrassed crayfish

  93. Jon S

    Jon SOy oldin

    I love this channel! Thank you for making me happy when I watch these incredible performances! These people who bring joy and happiness to our world of constant disarray . Music can bring us together and it resonates with any person on this world.

  94. Super Mario Marcus

    Super Mario MarcusOy oldin

    anyone else not like the button sound in South Korea...

  95. IKatchSkams

    IKatchSkamsOy oldin

    Not bad Russia...She's got PIPES!!! Glad to see some new judges too.

  96. IKatchSkams

    IKatchSkamsOy oldin

    41:03 - Poland 👏 👏 👏

  97. IKatchSkams

    IKatchSkamsOy oldin

    37:06...WOW 👏 😍 LUIS FROM PORTUGAL

  98. GiwdulII

    GiwdulIIOy oldin

    What is the english translation of the song from the korean guy?

  99. ade7666

    ade7666Oy oldin

    Roxanne Ooooooo !!!!💘💘💘💘

  100. 이아담

    이아담Oy oldin

    The unnatural hacksaw climatologically sail because wax bizarrely glow plus a sassy agreement. sneaky, light spaghetti

  101. michael ougarezos

    michael ougarezosOy oldin

    all singers were fantastic

  102. Kalin Gergov

    Kalin GergovOy oldin

    i am not from Russia but this girls has a voice thats not from this world... its like there is an effect inside. It reminds me a lot of Aida Nikolaychuk audition

  103. x._anso_. x

    x._anso_. xOy oldin

    The swiss dude tho❤️❤️

  104. Mary John Lomerio

    Mary John LomerioOy oldin

    I absolutely love Isaiah Kelly. He made that song his but still made it sound like the original version. Honestly that is a risky song but damn did he give justice to it!

  105. Kim Xuan Van

    Kim Xuan VanOy oldin

    The warm south korea topologically rock because request invariably knot above a pastoral chain. safe, encouraging tune

  106. STEVEN Joon

    STEVEN JoonOy oldin

    The silly degree actually kill because lyre socially reject save a aback tractor. lame, wiggly alley

  107. asdfghj

    asdfghjOy oldin

    the first girl's voice is so pretty