Boy & Bear cover Simple Minds 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' for Like A Version Ft. Annie Hamilton

Boy & Bear take on Simple Minds' 80s classic for triple j's Like A Version.
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Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love. Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here: You can watch Like A Versions ad-free at


  1. triple j

    triple j2 oy oldin

    Go behind Boy & Bear’s Like A Version:

  2. Israel

    Israel22 kun oldin

    @Kayson Mack 😐

  3. Kayson Mack

    Kayson MackOy oldin

    @Ellis Rodrigo I will try it out now. Looks promising.

  4. Ellis Rodrigo

    Ellis RodrigoOy oldin

    dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

  5. Peter Kutuzov

    Peter KutuzovKun oldin

    Love the rhythms there Tim! Cheers!

  6. Jamie Quirke

    Jamie Quirke3 kun oldin

    Boy and Bear prove yet again they can really make a song their own. I still listen to Walking on a Dream consistently

  7. Inmaculada García Gutiérrez

    Inmaculada García Gutiérrez10 kun oldin

    ¡Me encanta!!! ¡¡¡10!!!

  8. Jim Mcelya

    Jim Mcelya11 kun oldin

    Girl reminds me of Carley Simon for some reason

  9. Chowski Wang

    Chowski Wang17 kun oldin

    Mahhuuuhh da mahhhuuh, mahhuuuuh da mahhhuuuh... dheewwwnt euuuww fhuuurgieit abhooought meeeeeyhm

  10. William Henneberger

    William Henneberger23 kun oldin

    Someone needs to do Joy Division

  11. Corey Westwell

    Corey Westwell23 kun oldin

    "Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain......and an athlete......and a basket case......a princess......and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club." great cover, almost like hearing it for the first time again

  12. Nigel Kelly

    Nigel Kelly25 kun oldin

    That was crap

  13. Deano Drummond

    Deano Drummond29 kun oldin


  14. SwipeSwipe

    SwipeSwipeOy oldin

    I was waiting for the drummer to let loose and give it his all in the latter part of the song Such a great cover though

  15. Peter Wickenden

    Peter WickendenOy oldin

    best version of this song I've heard. Like it better than the original.

  16. that one this one

    that one this oneOy oldin

    Never heard of these people but her voice is sublime

  17. trilete

    trileteOy oldin

    I appreciate the effort but IMO it lacks the emotion of the original.

  18. Kelvin Johnson

    Kelvin JohnsonOy oldin

    This is just pure heaven. I can't stop listening to this! It's one of those songs where you could feel so low, but when you play this you feel like you're listening to it in the clouds and nothing matters.

  19. Sarah Stevens

    Sarah StevensOy oldin

    That bass did things to me I can’t mention in polite society!

  20. Shawna Alpdemir

    Shawna AlpdemirOy oldin

    This is sooo good!!!!!

  21. Charlie

    CharlieOy oldin

    they dress like they live under a bridge

  22. Chris Nelson

    Chris NelsonOy oldin

    Enjoyed that

  23. Tironibus Maximus

    Tironibus MaximusOy oldin

    soooooooooooooo fucking good

  24. sixstringedthing

    sixstringedthingOy oldin

    Took some balls to tackle, and they all nailed it. Respect.

  25. Diallo

    DialloOy oldin

    One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies. Did not disappoint. Innovative and respectful

  26. Ben Grevett

    Ben GrevettOy oldin

    I hate LAV cause indie bands fck up good songs, sorry but it’s my opinion( except for Denzel covering RATM)

  27. Tony RUNaldo

    Tony RUNaldoOy oldin

    Anyone got the extra lyrics they threw in there after verse 1???

  28. Lukas Fetzko

    Lukas FetzkoOy oldin

    This is just The Cranberries (and that's a good thing)

  29. antonio costa

    antonio costaOy oldin

    the original the best SIMPLE MINDS FOR EVER

  30. william Thompson

    william ThompsonOy oldin

    If the movie the country bears came to life, this would be it

  31. Salvador Nicotra

    Salvador NicotraOy oldin

    Brillante!!!. Desde Argentina, abrazos!🇦🇷

  32. al masud

    al masudOy oldin

    Great cover Fellows😍😍

  33. Ka'el

    Ka'el2 oy oldin


  34. Ela Fried

    Ela Fried2 oy oldin


  35. Jack Slater V

    Jack Slater V2 oy oldin

    really regret not getting into music at a young age.

  36. Annabel Gow

    Annabel Gow2 oy oldin

    never too late!

  37. Joel Singleton

    Joel Singleton2 oy oldin

    Hey triple j joel and keno still here, lock downs been hard but so are we, can you give my friend Kevin a shout out, his girlfriend beats him. God bless, equal rights

  38. Ela Fried

    Ela Fried2 oy oldin


  39. Hayden Cooper

    Hayden Cooper2 oy oldin

    Sorry this has nothing on the original. 1:08 the put on pronunciation gets annoying with some words "...pull us aparyit" instead of apart.

  40. Tony From Australia

    Tony From Australia2 oy oldin

    Class Act.

  41. 99nautic

    99nautic2 oy oldin

    love seeing annie hamilton back in the studio

  42. Ramon Voronov

    Ramon Voronov2 oy oldin

    Love Boy & Bear's Like A Versions! We used their take of 'Walking on a dream' as our wedding song!

  43. Jesse Paternoster

    Jesse Paternoster2 oy oldin

    That bass line is fatter than Jaba the Hutt

  44. Jake Bryan

    Jake Bryan2 oy oldin

    Boy and Bear just wonderful as usual

  45. LukLuk

    LukLuk2 oy oldin

    "I’m sorry I called you Michael Douglas and I see your value now."

  46. Beth Easton

    Beth Easton2 oy oldin

    They can do no wrong! EVER xoxoxox

  47. Yet Another YouTuber

    Yet Another YouTuber2 oy oldin

    Annie Hamilton is awesome.

  48. hamhud

    hamhud2 oy oldin

    Give whoever mixed this a medal ASAP! Those drums were crispppppp

  49. Alexandre Colin

    Alexandre Colin2 oy oldin

    There are very few bands that make a version of a famous song and make it as good as the original, and very rarely surpass the original. Congratulations guys, you made it.

  50. Maurice Evan

    Maurice Evan2 oy oldin

    Magnificent!!! You made it a Boy&Bear song and it's still Simple Minds. Will it be on your setlist (when I hopefully see you guys again in the future?)

  51. Dale Brush

    Dale Brush2 oy oldin

    great cover. really like the Wind and the Wave's cover but this might beat it.

  52. Sergio Murrieta

    Sergio Murrieta2 oy oldin

    Need this on Spotify ASAP

  53. Tironibus Maximus

    Tironibus Maximus2 oy oldin

    best cover of simple minds I've ever heard and I've heard a lot

  54. Richilibrium

    Richilibrium3 oy oldin

    It's okay - but Yellowcard's cover still reigns supreme.

  55. Isaac Carr

    Isaac Carr3 oy oldin

    #1 2021 👀

  56. E M

    E M3 oy oldin

    I don't like it. I'm sorry :( I wanted to.

  57. Edward Duffy

    Edward Duffy3 oy oldin

    Love this

  58. Cathy Anderton

    Cathy Anderton3 oy oldin

    Loved this and I don't like many covers. Love Simple Minds, Thankyou.

  59. Arif Fazal

    Arif Fazal3 oy oldin

    Fantastic , one of the best cover of my favorite song. Keep it up and good things will come your way👍

  60. Jesus Lara

    Jesus Lara3 oy oldin

    Not for me I just love the original sound of simple minds

  61. Chris Gee

    Chris Gee3 oy oldin

    Amazing 👏 cheers from the U.S.

  62. Sarah-Jane

    Sarah-Jane3 oy oldin

    Every cover these lads have done has just been on god tier level of amazing

  63. Dojo Blink

    Dojo Blink3 oy oldin

    No, just No ty

  64. Simon Thomas

    Simon Thomas3 oy oldin

    Yep. Nailed it guys. A def for next years hottest 100 and has instantly become my fave LAV of all-time knocking Chet Faker off the podium!

  65. Charlabi Unpolished and Unplugged

    Charlabi Unpolished and Unplugged3 oy oldin

    Wow, that was an awesome arrangement. Beautiful vocals 🙌🏼

  66. Baz za

    Baz za3 oy oldin

    Out of tune

  67. Benjamin Ferguson

    Benjamin Ferguson3 oy oldin

    Ungua4ded m9 men5 cover

  68. Some Body

    Some Body3 oy oldin


  69. David Haworth

    David Haworth3 oy oldin

    Its, official. These humans have musical super powers

  70. Brad Allen

    Brad Allen3 oy oldin

    Thank you to all involved in performing and producing this masterpiece 🙋‍♂️🐻💖

  71. Wilfred TV

    Wilfred TV3 oy oldin

    Awesome 👌

  72. C 0

    C 03 oy oldin

    💖! 🎉🎶🎆🌈💖💫💖🌏🌻😊👍🎁

  73. Luis Fois

    Luis Fois3 oy oldin

    goooodddd!!!!!! saludos desde paraguay!!!!!1

  74. Chiqui Figueroa

    Chiqui Figueroa3 oy oldin

    The boring intro was absolute unnecessary, but overall is a decent version.....

  75. B M

    B M3 oy oldin

    The intro was perfect, sets up the theme and flow of the song wonderfully.

  76. Cheering Slugs

    Cheering Slugs3 oy oldin

    The bassists knees are like smooth friction

  77. Riki Morrow

    Riki Morrow3 oy oldin

    No one: Me: *right click insert into Hottest 100 shortlist*

  78. timothy kaparoff

    timothy kaparoff3 oy oldin

    Very therapeutic cannot thank you enough 👏👏👏🙏❤️

  79. Christa Jackson

    Christa Jackson3 oy oldin

    Can we remake the breaskfast club with this now ! Perfect

  80. Maestro Von Huge

    Maestro Von Huge3 oy oldin

    Boy and Bear, another disappointing sounding cover.

  81. Thibaut Hingrai

    Thibaut Hingrai3 oy oldin

    Best cover. Great job. Faithfull to the spirit of the original and definitely making it their own. Neither a copycat nor an artificial rework.

  82. Greg Young

    Greg Young3 oy oldin

    Lovely Annie Hamilton & sturdy Boy & Bear Rocking up one of my favourite songs from my teenage years...Bliss.

  83. Ethan McAlpin

    Ethan McAlpin3 oy oldin

    this is vibes

  84. Teresa Dunn

    Teresa Dunn3 oy oldin

    Being an absolute simple minds fan I was ready for the worst, but wow! These guys have done an awesome job at reviving this great tune. Love it !

  85. Liza T

    Liza T3 oy oldin

    Just thought of looking up this song after watching Easy A. And brought me here, what a timely upload! Thank you. Love the version. 😊

  86. Ellie Craig

    Ellie Craig3 oy oldin

    This what I want from Like a Version. Not just a cover but a different take, a band making it different, putting their own style to it. Brilliant! X

  87. Sean McGough

    Sean McGough3 oy oldin

    Interesting...... good guitar riffs once it gets a whole, not sure

  88. Elektric Skeptic

    Elektric Skeptic3 oy oldin

    Brillz, & Chillz!!

  89. Martin Valentine

    Martin Valentine3 oy oldin

    Oh wow.... as a crazed Simple Minds fan I must have heard this song a million times.... I’ve never heard a cover version that made me want to listen to it again - it’s a surprisingly difficult song to do. This is beautiful - they aren’t afraid to rip it up and make it their own. Bravo!

  90. oxic88

    oxic882 oy oldin

    It was a special tribute to a special song! Bravo to Simple Minds for creating it, and bravo to Boy & Bear for the bravery and artistry to put their own spin in such a magnificent song. Good music is just good music :)

  91. Maurice Evan

    Maurice Evan2 oy oldin

    I thought the same thing exactly. :-)

  92. Jane Morrow

    Jane Morrow3 oy oldin

    I don’t need to add a comment. You said it all.

  93. brentonjoseph

    brentonjoseph3 oy oldin

    OH MY GOD 🚨🚨🚨

  94. AyEsGee

    AyEsGee3 oy oldin

    My ears did not enjoy this

  95. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith3 oy oldin


  96. Robert Wallis

    Robert Wallis3 oy oldin

    "Here lies Philip J Fry, named for his uncle, to carry on his spirit."

  97. Mathew Wallace

    Mathew Wallace25 kun oldin

    That whole episode I was over it, like okay yeah he had a typical childhood with records and quirky plant collections and fights with his brother, so what? Then at the end.. the tears just flowed. I had to hug a couch cushion to stay upright. Three college guys and a girl in a dorm room, we all cried out loud. Amazing

  98. JZoidberg

    JZoidberg2 oy oldin

    Makes me happy to so many people here still appreciate this connection after so long.

  99. Brad Miller

    Brad Miller2 oy oldin

    @Marcus Johnson I can't even tell people about that. I get the biggest lump in my throat.

  100. Brad Miller

    Brad Miller2 oy oldin

    AWWW. 😭

  101. Ian MD

    Ian MD2 oy oldin

    bruh... not funny

  102. Jakub Zyjon Śliwiński

    Jakub Zyjon Śliwiński3 oy oldin

    Nice ;)

  103. fellowship of the goat

    fellowship of the goat3 oy oldin

    THIS is what LAV should be. The production quality is beautiful too. Perfect

  104. Barbara Kozak

    Barbara Kozak3 oy oldin


  105. Last Born

    Last Born3 oy oldin

    Nice intro to...Not, Christopher Robin and Pooh. ...for me at least!

  106. Quinn Kakora

    Quinn Kakora3 oy oldin

    I love like a version and truly enjoy them but where is the diversity . Y'all have featured all white acts for the past 3 or 4 fridays

  107. Jarrah J

    Jarrah J2 oy oldin

    Jesus mate

  108. Erri 44

    Erri 443 oy oldin

    @Da Fella lol why is it unbelievable, can you at least expound on that opinion

  109. Da Fella

    Da Fella3 oy oldin

    Wtf is this comment.... unbelievable

  110. Erri 44

    Erri 443 oy oldin

    I hate all the divisive race bait talk nowadays (think about how we were all cool with each other in the 80s and 90s compared to now) and even I agree with this comment, if not for the sake of “diversity” then for representation of some really awesome black musicians and artists. I wanna see it too.

  111. David Casciato

    David Casciato3 oy oldin

    Who counts these type of things. Music has no colour code.

  112. Josh Suki

    Josh Suki3 oy oldin

    That bass guitar is smooth as a mf

  113. Nidia Salas

    Nidia Salas3 oy oldin

    Can't stop listening, so cool 👍🏻

  114. seamouse

    seamouse3 oy oldin

    Wtf the live recording on those drums is absolutely perfect for the sound they want. I thought it was a sample.

  115. Ĺ alabaster

    Ĺ alabaster3 oy oldin

    I really like his voice x

  116. Dr Phoenix

    Dr Phoenix3 oy oldin

    This is brilliant 👌

  117. Tian G

    Tian G3 oy oldin

    This plus their cover of Fall at your Feet makes Boy and Bear a truly graceful and unique group of human beings

  118. Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor3 oy oldin

    AND walking on a dream cover

  119. Daniel West

    Daniel West3 oy oldin

    Wowee, another one for the Like a Version Hall of Fame!