Broner vs Garcia FULL FIGHT: July 29, 2017 - PBC on Showtime

(July 29, 2017) Head tilted slightly downward and eyes focused forward, Mikey Garcia seemingly saw nothing other than the obstacle in front of him: Adrien Broner.
Mikey Garcia impressively earned a unanimous decision over Adrien Broner in a 140-pound clash of multi-division world champions on July 29, 2017 on PBC on Showtime.
Moving up in weight to face “The Problem,” Garcia remained in constant control of their 140-pound showdown, turning in a dominating performance to earn a unanimous decision before a crowd of 12,084 at Barclays Center.
With his victory over Broner, a former four-division world champion, Garcia further elevated his status as one of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters.
Garcia, a three-division world champion and current 135-pound titleholder, landed 244 of 783 total punches (31 percent) to Broner’s 125 of 400 (31 percent. His edge was even more apparent in power punches, with Garcia connecting on 152 of 328 (46 percent) and Broner landing 72 of 161 (45 percent).
The 29-year-old Southern California native calmly dictated the distance between himself and Broner, and stayed in his opponent’s face for almost the entire fight. After a slow first round that Broner won on all three official scorecards, Garcia went to work as he began to pick apart his opponent.
Over the next several rounds, Garcia showed off an impressive arsenal as he used his jab to penetrate Broner’s high guard before slipping shots to the body.
By the latter rounds, it was all but apparent that Broner needed a knockout to win, but even then, Garcia was able to counter the Cincinnati native’s desperate attempts. In the end, Garcia easily prevailed by scores of 117-111 and 116-112 twice.
Garcia, who earned his 135-pound world title in January with a third-round KO of unbeaten champion Dejan Zlaticanin, said he would weigh his options before considering his next fight.
While Garcia has returned to a place among boxing’s elite after returning to the ring a year ago following a contractual dispute that kept him inactive for 30 months, Broner is left to ponder his future after losing for the second time in five fights and for the first time in his career at 140 pounds or less.
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  1. Raven Sandag

    Raven Sandag6 soat oldin

    Broner skills of boxing s more n d Philippines which you can c in d brgy.level.


    ESDOT SANTIAGO8 soat oldin


  3. Pedro Luis Gonzalez

    Pedro Luis Gonzalez14 soat oldin

    A BRONER le gusta que lo peinen.y,..el que lo peino, bien peinado(pero para adentro,)fue EL CHINO MAIDANA !!!!

  4. Mary Jane Favel

    Mary Jane Favel17 soat oldin

    Garcia hit Broner harder maybe the millions will drop out!!!

  5. Mary Jane Favel

    Mary Jane Favel17 soat oldin

    Hey! Broner have you learnt how to box yet??? At least you're all dressed up when you're laying down knocked out !!!!

  6. Marty Mcfly

    Marty Mcfly21 soat oldin

    I haven't seen much of mickey garcias fights but if this is all he has then all I got to say is if he fights pacquiao pacquiao for the win.

  7. Angel Avina-Ramirez

    Angel Avina-Ramirez21 soat oldin

    It’s 2021 is Mikey retired??

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee78

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee7823 soat oldin

    AB= "About Bums" 😝. Why broner wearing Mexican colors, then getting his ass kicked by Mexicans all the time? 🤔

  9. john Zion

    john ZionKun oldin

    AB looks like he wants to take a crap everytime Garcia throws a punch

  10. Washington Vargas

    Washington VargasKun oldin

    Broner fugiu do Garcia o tempo todo

  11. Samuel Marquez

    Samuel MarquezKun oldin

    Adrian didn't come to fight.

  12. Nunya Buisness

    Nunya BuisnessKun oldin

    Gloves to big.gloves to small.really, how about the one who wanted this fight the most along with the man that took the worst punishment had most to do with the outcome.depending on the way a glove appears is usually the only real difference.multi colored gloves usually appear to look larger.maybe that's why some fighters choose them.yea I got my ass whipped but it's because they made me wear bigger gloves.i don't believe that broners handlers are stupid.AB 's corner would not allow his opponent to fight with lighter gloves.if a white man made the statement that Ab's corner was so dumb they missed Garcia wearing lighter gloves,he would be called a racist.yet people's of color making such a statement is just okie dokie.come on people's,stop all the stupid shit.most people's don't give a damn about people's skin color.most people's hate racism.lets all stand together and fight the one's that are responsible for the problems all the people suffer from.a bunch of oath breaker's trying to turn our country into a ,community communist/unity. commyunity. communism is the biggest threat to individual rights and freedoms,along with the propaganda the news channels push all day everyday.the term we the people mean all people's of all colors.stand together and fight for freedom,the constitution and bill of rights.its us against them.not us against us.that is thier agenda to destroy all of us and totally enslave everyone

  13. Jimmy Deloso

    Jimmy DelosoKun oldin

    Mikey has crisp punch but so slower than Pacman.. his only chance to win over Pacman is to do like a Marquez counter style...We will find out if the fight will be fruitful. ....LOL AB means Arrogant Broner.

  14. 7pinky7

    7pinky72 kun oldin

    Broner, let your hands go man!

  15. Edgardo Flores

    Edgardo Flores2 kun oldin

    what a boring bout, broner shouting and backing all night while protecting his face and trying to bully mickey with his shouts. mickey on the other hand keeps stalking broner to the ropes. neither of the two threw clear punches, except few from mickey.

  16. ShadyFIF

    ShadyFIF3 kun oldin

    Broner's movement it's too good and probably one of the defensive fighters out there right now but he just doesn't even try to damage opponents. He has power but it's frustrating that he doesn't use it.

  17. Frank Oberly

    Frank Oberly3 kun oldin

    I love Mikey Garcia, but wtf was Broner doing? It almost looks like Broner didn’t want to be there.

  18. Moses Toledo

    Moses Toledo3 kun oldin

    I wish maidana didn't retire to see garcia vs maidana

  19. Bimo Andaresta

    Bimo Andaresta3 kun oldin

    Good luck miekky,,,,

  20. Bimo Andaresta

    Bimo Andaresta3 kun oldin


  21. Brand New

    Brand New3 kun oldin

    Perfect example of why speed and power don’t guarantee victory.

  22. Mukdaphan Saengitram

    Mukdaphan Saengitram4 kun oldin

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  23. Fernando Laxamana

    Fernando Laxamana4 kun oldin

    How you goin to buy pay per view if what you goin to watch is a boxer running inside the ring its money waste not money wise

  24. Rene Alvarado

    Rene Alvarado4 kun oldin

    Q no sabe tirar al cuerpo x tubo toda la pelea ATACAR el cuerpo y el manejador no vale madre

  25. Duane & Jaziah Thompson

    Duane & Jaziah Thompson4 kun oldin

    Broner you're the man I see the growth guess age does that to us all I take hat off to you you're a great spirit

  26. Duane & Jaziah Thompson

    Duane & Jaziah Thompson3 kun oldin

    @SuperTruthful everyone deserves a second chance

  27. SuperTruthful

    SuperTruthful4 kun oldin

    wow, and you believe that.

  28. JM-500 JM-500

    JM-500 JM-5005 kun oldin


  29. mad anime

    mad anime5 kun oldin

    AB means abnormal right?

  30. JET Snr

    JET Snr6 kun oldin

    When the talent doesn’t match the heart

  31. Osvaldo Barco

    Osvaldo Barco6 kun oldin

    Pensé que iba a ver un García explosivo pero me equivoqué, cuando le toque un Brian Castaño si no pone más actitud la va a pasar mal de verdad.

  32. Lonelysad Wildbeast69

    Lonelysad Wildbeast696 kun oldin

    Adrian Broner From being the problem he turned into ridicule and the shame 👼

  33. Crazy Coyote

    Crazy Coyote7 kun oldin

    Never saw a target constantly being hit and saying “no, you ain’t hurting me” again and again and again.... miserable fighter.

  34. Zeke Jakob

    Zeke Jakob2 kun oldin

    @Carson Colt checking it out now. Seems good so far :)

  35. Carson Colt

    Carson Colt2 kun oldin

    Dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using Insta Portal. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

  36. Markjoeeph Moraleja

    Markjoeeph Moraleja7 kun oldin

    Mikey Garcia for me😊

  37. Bill Esposito

    Bill Esposito8 kun oldin

    Broner is a mess . He's embarrassing .

  38. Marc Junior

    Marc Junior8 kun oldin

    Garcia has blood company ng out from nose then he won? This should be draw. Garcia is weak in bofy shot, Broner should concentrate hitting hard tha body of Garcia.😷😷😷🤓

  39. Marco Martinez

    Marco Martinez8 kun oldin

    I beat that boy, i beat that boy, I beat him!!! I did this for the hood😜😜

  40. nirolf luap utihc

    nirolf luap utihc9 kun oldin

    AB is a good boxer... just that, after Maidana had his way with him, something snapped in him and he hasn't been the same anymore. It's like he became too defensive and he's become too afraid to commit.

  41. Lilibeth Perez

    Lilibeth Perez9 kun oldin

    Congrats Mikey love you Idol From Philippine girl ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Lloyd Edison Velasco

    Lloyd Edison Velasco9 kun oldin

    If mikey fights paquiao its brutal of him..manny will punish him..hehehe

  43. Chukwudi Ogumba

    Chukwudi Ogumba9 kun oldin

    Broner always shake head with smile, what a happy boxer He is.

  44. Michael Urbano

    Michael Urbano8 kun oldin

    But he lose😜😜😜

  45. SabiRules

    SabiRules9 kun oldin

    My left ear enjoyed this video alot

  46. Rafong Somar

    Rafong Somar9 kun oldin


  47. Freddie Leriorato

    Freddie Leriorato9 kun oldin


  48. Papo E money

    Papo E money10 kun oldin

    Ab should off won this fight he was a little lazy but I guarantee ab on his shit he could beat Mickey is soft . Not a hard puncher at all he k.o d lames

  49. Eliseo Esmundo

    Eliseo Esmundo10 kun oldin

    mickey is really great

  50. Frank Findout

    Frank Findout10 kun oldin

    It was a lousy fight

  51. andy cruz

    andy cruz10 kun oldin

    Adrian Broner should first get his performance over his head. His arrogance is way over his head. He doesn't have the guts to fight toe to toe with Garcia and cannot take the risk or maybe he has to admit he was intimidated by Garcia's punches. In summary, "No guts no Glory"

  52. Chazz money

    Chazz money10 kun oldin

    I wanna see Garcia vs Garcia 2021 please

  53. Romie Decano

    Romie Decano10 kun oldin

    Broner career is over.

  54. Evangeline Cacalda

    Evangeline Cacalda10 kun oldin

    Yes I want to sport box of garcia, actually I don't want to box sport of browner.

  55. NinJazz Rhythm

    NinJazz Rhythm10 kun oldin

    Broner still mentally broken from Maidana fight.

  56. Abdul Kadir

    Abdul Kadir10 kun oldin

    Aku gak senang liat tinju Broner. patinju banci gak ilok di tonton.

  57. Kyle Ivan Villanueva

    Kyle Ivan Villanueva10 kun oldin

    broner the sore loser HAHAHA cry baby

  58. Jason Boyd

    Jason Boyd11 kun oldin

    Adrien broker is a fucking clown!

  59. Jun Delatina

    Jun Delatina11 kun oldin

    Kaka bwisit ka broner parang c floyd ka kng lumaban ilag at takbo ang alam nyo d kyo bagay sa boksing sa track n field kyo bagay d gaya ng mga mexicano na matatapang kyo puro ilag at takbo nakakabagot kyo panoorin bwisit

  60. Javon Burns

    Javon Burns11 kun oldin



    ABRAHAN CORTINA11 kun oldin

    Este. García lanza un puño hoy y otro mañana y eso que tiene récord de treinta lo y no le veo nada yo creía que era Danny García ese si es un berraco

  62. victor manuel Campos

    victor manuel Campos11 kun oldin

    Es el hijo de Roberth Garcia ?? tienen buen entrenador , pero honestamente le falta mucho todavia...saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina

  63. Vawkte Engthei

    Vawkte Engthei11 kun oldin

    broner .. noob..

  64. Aglidz 05

    Aglidz 0511 kun oldin

    When you fight,dont run.stay toe to toe.sothat we believe,champs dont run.

  65. rodrigo langub

    rodrigo langub11 kun oldin

    Garcia and brooner fight lack OF excitement both fighters almost not trowing his punch, Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter

  66. Gladys Rodgers

    Gladys Rodgers12 kun oldin

    You could easily see Adrian could have given Garcia gaggling blows consistly like he can do but didnt which would have caused him to stay off ropes and as slow as Garcia is you know Adrian could have won if I saw alot of openings i know he did all that clowing in the past worked against him adrian take your fights serious you're a gaggling gun fighter standing around blocking stop it and fight deliberately taking blows as usual makes no sense

  67. Bottlediggerbrian M

    Bottlediggerbrian M12 kun oldin

    Boring fight. Broner fight, what do I expect?

  68. brasi luca

    brasi luca12 kun oldin

    It Will always about the money when he try to win his argument. Lol

  69. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin Gonzalez13 kun oldin

    Mikeys mistakes outside of the ring was being inactive. Jumping up two weight classes to take on Spence bad move. Should of tested the waters in that division first. I love Mikey Garcia, but its obvious boxing was not his passion in life. Fast cars, guns, his other hobbies and interest seemed more important. I recently heard Robert Garcia say there's nobody for Mikey to fight right now. We cristize canelo for this saturdays fight against a nobody, but hes staying active. I just wish we just saw more of Mikey. Promoters and legal problems and BS aside, you put your career first. Dazn had Canelo inactive and Canelo said SEE YA. Found away to stay active.

  70. soon djukian

    soon djukian13 kun oldin


  71. Winux Worx

    Winux Worx13 kun oldin

    compared to Pacquiao now, this fighters move like 45 years old.

  72. Winux Worx

    Winux Worx13 kun oldin

    Broner came back? i thought he's retiring after pacquiao fight?

  73. Anok Konyak

    Anok Konyak13 kun oldin

    Good playing good winer.

  74. drewby613

    drewby61313 kun oldin

    Well seeing Broner clap for Garcia after the decision was announced is a nice change. Usually he sulks around claiming he actually won.

  75. Hosanna Hosanna

    Hosanna Hosanna13 kun oldin

    10:21 Garcia was punching for the stars. not sure what he was trying to accomplish there.

  76. SuperTruthful

    SuperTruthful4 kun oldin

    what did broner accomplish? Yeah, right ANOTHER LOST.

  77. Rumualdo Diza

    Rumualdo Diza13 kun oldin


  78. Rafael Malicdem

    Rafael Malicdem13 kun oldin

    Ugliest fight thats why they paid them cheap

  79. Ramon Calles Jr

    Ramon Calles Jr14 kun oldin

    Broner didn't even win one round in my scorecards. He didn't go to fight. PURO PINCHE MIKEY

  80. Harry Lieberman

    Harry Lieberman14 kun oldin

    I've watched this fight 3 times now. For some this would not be the fight of the year, but, for me. Wow..Broner knew going in this kid had NO loses. He took a big chance and that is what real champs do. For the folks that want to see a KO there was always that chance as Broner was putting in some real work. Garcia was cagy and smart, he kept hitting in the bread basket. This was a great set up and a big Congratulations to Boxing as a whole. The ref was out of the picture most of this fight and the judges were real fair. Garcia took it to him, and that is how it should be to take a champs belt. Thank you for this match up! Two great smart, fantastic boxers with power. Great judging!

  81. doemriteman Davis

    doemriteman Davis14 kun oldin


  82. Steven Breon

    Steven Breon14 kun oldin

    Mikey does what great fighters do don't smother your punches excellent boxing with sneaky ass power. Well done champion.

  83. MarvNTreyHD Blog

    MarvNTreyHD Blog14 kun oldin

    AB may not be the most talented fighter out there but damn he has heart. Even when he is clearly losing he keeps fighting. Respect

  84. Wilbur Hein

    Wilbur Hein8 kun oldin

    I think he has alot of talent but only lacked discipline and commitment.

  85. Jose Diaz

    Jose Diaz14 kun oldin

    Garcia one buy more rounds than that. It's strange to me cuz broner has great defense but he just doesn't throw punches. The opportunity was there and he just doesn't let it go. I found the flaw though in broner same floor that Mayweather has. One little flaw that can cost them a lot. Can't believe other boxers haven't seen this flaw.

  86. ronzkie smile

    ronzkie smile14 kun oldin

    AB still undefeated in the world of trash talk :D

  87. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz14 kun oldin

    Broner's corner is always lying about him winning a round. Tell that man NO you need to do better even if he did win the round. Broner does the bare minimum but he is better than that!

  88. 김도한

    김도한14 kun oldin

    진짜 둘다 복싱 존나게 못하네ㆍ겁이많아 똥구멍 뒤로쭉빼고 하튼 C급선수들이네

  89. Janit Gomonit

    Janit Gomonit14 kun oldin

    Just like mayweather keep on running holding

  90. Hùng Kiệt

    Hùng Kiệt13 kun oldin

    Mayweather won't last long in a street fight!

  91. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker14 kun oldin

    Why is Bronner team wearing Mexican colors?

  92. Shelby Lacanilao

    Shelby Lacanilao15 kun oldin

    It looked like a close fight tbh.. This is all politics

  93. Noda Chinamling

    Noda Chinamling15 kun oldin

    No foot work at all..

  94. Mick Bowe

    Mick Bowe15 kun oldin

    Is broner not the biggest underachiever in boxing?

  95. ThreeBears Sandoval

    ThreeBears Sandoval15 kun oldin

    Broner wasn't doing it for the HOOD LMAO

  96. James w Bigrully

    James w Bigrully15 kun oldin

    Could someone tell me why bronner will not box? Is it something mental?

  97. Jamie Quan

    Jamie Quan14 kun oldin

    Marcos Maidana

  98. Jay B

    Jay B15 kun oldin

    Broner might fight better if he didn't have Liberaces curtains hanging from his waist

  99. Gerrylynn Mako

    Gerrylynn Mako15 kun oldin

    Damn good fight by both fighter. They was hitting the hell out of each other

  100. itsme Daley

    itsme Daley15 kun oldin

    Broner hits hard. But his style is so much not effective for winning hard fights. He's trying hard copying mayweather's.

  101. adrizzy beats

    adrizzy beats16 kun oldin

    The best boxer I’ve seen has to be canelo alverez tbh

  102. adrizzy beats

    adrizzy beats16 kun oldin

    Broner fights exactly like mayweather and looks like Shawn porter 🤣

  103. Antonio Rivera

    Antonio Rivera5 kun oldin

    Man , you make my day!

  104. Bill Esposito

    Bill Esposito8 kun oldin

    If Broner fought like Mayweather Garcia would be getting his ass handed to him every round . Mayweather one of the bests ever Broner does in no way make that list .

  105. Khalid Mehmood

    Khalid Mehmood16 kun oldin

    Bronner is beating air.

  106. Jay Osornio

    Jay Osornio16 kun oldin

    Here I have my little goat Bravo because of the bad s*** they said about him

  107. All Things Film

    All Things Film16 kun oldin

    EGO is Broner's middle name. When someone mentions God and money in the same breath, you know their priorities are skewed.

  108. Long Term WLS

    Long Term WLS16 kun oldin

    Adrián broner’s gloves are huge! Is he getting paid to lose and make other guys look good. He missed so much and lots of punching in the gloves.

  109. truno cheah

    truno cheah16 kun oldin

    AB, fighting for the hood ! Woooooza

  110. Error Try again

    Error Try again16 kun oldin

    Start 4:49

  111. Hank S

    Hank S16 kun oldin

    I'm watching this fight again since Broner's loss to the old legend Manny, and see what exactly is Broner's problem from his loss to Miadana to Pacman. I've studied him very closely, researched and did my homework. In my observation and opinion, I can only define why he doesn't engage and throw more punches and let his hands go. It's "mainly" due to the fact he got basically punched around, beat up, knocked down twice in the Miadana fight which made him a very cautious fighter. he doesn't want to go through all that again and that is securely embedded in the sub-memory of Adrien Broner. He is his own worse enemy. 8 out of 10 fighters come back stronger and better from a beating like that, but this very talented fast defensive fighter can not get that out of his head. . In other words being such a talented and gifted fighter , which can't get back to where he once was as a fighter, He is damaged goods. He's showing his instability as a mental defect on the Internet mass media since the Miadana fight struggling to convince the media he's still the best and fails to proves only to himself he's the best. He's the only one that can repair the damage by,,..What does he say, "" Imma fuk'em up"" "Imma beat'is ass" when he fights Santiago tonight. Don't do it for the hood, Blaaad! He has to do it for himself. Fight out those demons hard, like you never did before. He's the best at what he does, he just has to get passed himself. His slip his showing. pull up on it tight, level it out and being who he is, he can roughly but positively overcome anything, any fear and either KO, stop or win a 12 rd UD tonight. May the good helper spirits be with him & give him great blessings. W H Shemano, PhD Physiology

  112. YoSoyD PfknR

    YoSoyD PfknR3 kun oldin

    @Bien Thom exactly Miguel Cotto after margarito beaten him with bricks

  113. josephmitchelle pahang

    josephmitchelle pahang14 kun oldin

    @John Lai 3

  114. John Lai

    John Lai15 kun oldin

    Sad he’s also addicted to gambling and has spent so much money it’s insane poor guy mane and has hella cases

  115. Bien Thom

    Bien Thom16 kun oldin

    He’s scared because he’s a smaller defensive boxer who is fighting out of his natural weight class. That is why he barely knocked anyone out at welterweight. Sure you can be a defensive genius but when you fight against bigger fighters and out of you’re natural weight class you’re going to get bullied regardless, eventually. Imagine if Floyd went up to Middleweight or Super Middleweight. Marvin Hagler or Thomas Hearns would easily bully Floyd and destroy him as they are much bigger. Broner was just unlucky that night because of all the fighters he could have chosen he chose the most dangerous guy and the worst stylistic match for him. You don’t need a PhD to understand this you just need to be a boxing fan. If you wanna look into “damaged goods” study Miguel Cotto