Chayce Beckham Sounds Like The Heart Of America! - American Idol 2021

After a difficult year, Chayce Beckham decided to lay it all on the line for his American Idol audition, performing “What Brings Life Also Kills” by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few. Luke Bryan tells Chayce that he’s what this show is all about. Lionel praises Chayce's commitment and believability. Katy tells Chayce that he sounds like the “heart of America," and predicts he'll end up in the top 5 of this competition! Apple Valley California may not have given us any apples, but it did give us Chayce Beckham, and for that...we are thankful.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.


  1. Up the Ante

    Up the Ante7 soat oldin


  2. Kelia Jenkins

    Kelia Jenkins8 soat oldin

    If I ever voted on American Idol, I’d vote for him. You can just hear the emotion in his voice✨🤍

  3. Denver’s Impression

    Denver’s Impression11 soat oldin

    He sounds like Dibesh from Nepal..

  4. Shaton Wolverton

    Shaton Wolverton12 soat oldin

    Wow! He’s good!!

  5. MC

    MC12 soat oldin

    I never liked a sob story on auditions but for this I can feel the sincerity on him and his family. The fact that his mother was crying for him, it’s real. Im guessing he almost quit on life. But yeah, he’s okay but I believe he’s just shy but is versatile.

  6. Dee Pee

    Dee Pee14 soat oldin


  7. Fran Barshon

    Fran Barshon15 soat oldin

    Sounds like he drives a fork lift while gargling on glass. Awesome 👌


    ISAIAH SMITH19 soat oldin

    That's what you call singing something you've been thru.

  9. Christian Denae

    Christian Denae19 soat oldin

    I’m in love 😍

  10. ari ardiswana

    ari ardiswana20 soat oldin

    Why no one use mask or face shield?

  11. jonathan Arias Valverde

    jonathan Arias Valverde22 soat oldin

    Name of the song?

  12. SUMMER W

    SUMMER W22 soat oldin

    HE IS HOT!!!! PERIOD.🤠

  13. Stephanie Ritter

    Stephanie Ritter22 soat oldin

    Ok let me call it.... Hes gorgeous... Every woman will want him... Every man will envy him... We will all cheer for him.. Vulnerable... Humble... Parents we all dream to have... Sexy... A voice that will make you weep... Yes I'm in love with this mans perfectness in this moment... I will look forward to an amazing journey

  14. Astri Utari

    Astri UtariKun oldin

    His raspy voice reminds me to Bryan Adams

  15. Brian Paylago

    Brian PaylagoKun oldin

    I got pregnant. I’m a dude.

  16. Mark

    MarkKun oldin

    Dude can sing really well. These are the best judges in the history of American Idol.

  17. Nadarianne Casey

    Nadarianne CaseyKun oldin

    Oh wow your good 👏

  18. Melanie Wristlet666

    Melanie Wristlet666Kun oldin

    😳😳 ok. Didn't expect his voice to sound like this. Wow. I need an album. Pls. Oh and I love reggae, matter what...

  19. Heyfix

    HeyfixKun oldin

    shazam enabled, shazam recognizes 😮

  20. Dj

    DjKun oldin

    Only problem is American Idol will legally own your songs and anything & everything you do that’s part of entertainment, social media, etc. Your better off without American Idol.

  21. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyKun oldin

    I hear his mothers' strength in his voice. Thank God his family didn't give up on him. So many people turn their back on others that are in trouble!!

  22. Neelesh C

    Neelesh CKun oldin

    This guy is just so humble in his approach. Really nice person. I wish he wins the idol..

  23. kzyang_

    kzyang_Kun oldin

    Someone pour me some whiskey ... 🥺💛🙌🏼💔 I know who I’m voting for

  24. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyKun oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about how he sounds like Tyler Childress?

  25. Melissa Arispe

    Melissa ArispeKun oldin

    We have all been through hard times sorry for his.with that said I liked his singing⚘⚘🖒🖒❤❤

  26. Bernice Fuentes

    Bernice FuentesKun oldin

    Eddie Vedder Vibes

  27. Danjlou Nayre

    Danjlou NayreKun oldin

    I wanna go to apple Valley hahaha

  28. jared linnell

    jared linnellKun oldin

    Tyler Childers vibe! Get them together

  29. Ange Tala

    Ange Tala2 kun oldin

    Love his voice... YASS!!!

  30. plain jane

    plain jane2 kun oldin

    His voice is stunning 🤩

  31. Vapo shot

    Vapo shot2 kun oldin

    When people have croaky voices like he does it makes me want to get railed hard

  32. Estela Nuñez

    Estela Nuñez2 kun oldin

    😱❤ is voice 👏👏

  33. William Mays

    William Mays2 kun oldin

    You really gotta clap at the beginning Luke? Disrespectful

  34. Jasmine Sustar

    Jasmine Sustar2 kun oldin

    Dude he’s cool

  35. Matt Nobrega

    Matt Nobrega2 kun oldin

    Another good one. Sounds like America after all its been through and still rises up from the ashes. Tough and so full of emotion. Rock on dude ! \m/

  36. Anmol Naik.S

    Anmol Naik.S2 kun oldin

    Another Arthur Gunn?!!!

  37. liberta sim

    liberta sim2 kun oldin

    Spirite son of curte coben ?

  38. Jangjong Nabubos

    Jangjong Nabubos2 kun oldin

    Love that song, how i wish my son and my daughthers may discover too,, and how ever i'm a good music lover farmer too, here in the Philippines. In the most mountainuos part of our country,, data user

  39. K D

    K D2 kun oldin

    Beautiful voice! Blessings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves 🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV


    BRAYDEN LACY2 kun oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about how he sounds like Tyler Childress?

  41. ObiWon Kevobi

    ObiWon Kevobi2 kun oldin

    When you’re from Apple Valley 👁👄👁

  42. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui2 kun oldin

    I love his voice!!! Wow!!

  43. The Stew Vlogs

    The Stew Vlogs2 kun oldin

    Oh baby that rasp 🤤🤤🤤

  44. Ashley Altman

    Ashley Altman2 kun oldin

    Umm 🤔 yes to voice and nice looking guy.

  45. Ashley Altman

    Ashley Altman2 kun oldin

    I think Katy was in a trance

  46. Carlos Estrella

    Carlos Estrella2 kun oldin

    I didn't know Chris Daughtry had a son ;-)

  47. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui2 kun oldin

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  48. Peter James

    Peter James2 kun oldin

    definetly will vote for him. Bless him

  49. Cassiano Patricio

    Cassiano Patricio2 kun oldin

    Canta muito👏👏👏👏

  50. Raider GO

    Raider GO2 kun oldin

    Been to Apple Vally! The cream always floats to the top. Go get'm Chayce. I hate when people use "luck" best of luck.. Luck is for Vagas. You will ride your looks, personality, and your talent to success.

  51. Rebekah Broadway

    Rebekah Broadway3 kun oldin


  52. yeskaii

    yeskaii3 kun oldin

    this is that quality early 2000s voice

  53. Alexander Blair

    Alexander Blair3 kun oldin

    Yo He look like Clarke Beckham....... 👀 they cousins???

  54. Susan Lester

    Susan Lester3 kun oldin


  55. Tiger D

    Tiger D3 kun oldin


  56. Oriana Nichelle

    Oriana Nichelle3 kun oldin

    Anyone else getting a John Mellencamp/Rod Steward Vibe from his voice? I do and I dig it.

  57. Bed Juliet

    Bed Juliet3 kun oldin

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  58. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  59. Magic Mountain

    Magic Mountain3 kun oldin

    I love his voice!!! Wow!!

  60. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  61. Amanda Sadowski

    Amanda Sadowski3 kun oldin

    I like like Bryan

  62. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

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  63. Chris wasons

    Chris wasons3 kun oldin

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  64. Sandy Sandy

    Sandy Sandy3 kun oldin

    Resonates with me. Play it over n over again. Comes from the soul. No pretense. S in Westport Ct. Can't wait to hear more songs from.him.

  65. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  66. dudukun huwarezu

    dudukun huwarezu3 kun oldin

    why am i getin the vibe like hes already famous 🤔

  67. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  68. Kahhow Kon

    Kahhow Kon3 kun oldin

    He looks aesthetically beautiful damn. And a beautiful tone as well

  69. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  70. Stefi SC

    Stefi SC3 kun oldin

    Uhhhh that's a cutie ;)

  71. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  72. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui3 kun oldin

    The Chris Daughtry and David Cook of 2021

  73. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  74. AP

    AP3 kun oldin

    He’s going to go far!!

  75. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🙏😘) .

  76. KC Creations

    KC Creations3 kun oldin

    He’s so good

  77. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  78. moms channel

    moms channel3 kun oldin

    We have a apple valley in Minnesota actually its where are zoo is

  79. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  80. annette_b

    annette_b3 kun oldin

    Would love to hear him sing a Bruce Springsteen song.

  81. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  82. Will

    Will3 kun oldin

    Geez.. each person is better then the next.

  83. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  84. Wendy Gurley

    Wendy Gurley4 kun oldin

    He's so sweet wish we could talk

  85. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  86. Faith Chukwuka

    Faith Chukwuka4 kun oldin

    He is just so humble and his voice gave me goosebumps.

  87. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  88. Sho logs

    Sho logs4 kun oldin

    Too old. No one gonna vote for him unfortunately. Just one of those guys everyone forgets is even on the show . 1st round elimination

  89. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  90. Connor and Stephanie Morgan

    Connor and Stephanie Morgan4 kun oldin

    "I'm gonna take this shot, and I don't think I'll miss."

  91. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  92. Karina Rubio

    Karina Rubio4 kun oldin


  93. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  94. Sanjay Chhetry

    Sanjay Chhetry4 kun oldin

    Original just like An Arthur Gunn...

  95. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  96. Lisa Murphy

    Lisa Murphy4 kun oldin

    Have Chayce Beckham and Will Breman of the Voice S.17 ever been in the same room?

  97. e ss

    e ss3 kun oldin

    🥰😘) .

  98. panther

    panther4 kun oldin

    Raspy voice 10 for sure

  99. Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion

    Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion4 kun oldin

    he definitely looks cool

  100. BehindTheMonitor

    BehindTheMonitor4 kun oldin


  101. zabdiel de jesus

    zabdiel de jesus4 kun oldin

    Okey I'll be gay for him.. c Mon!!!

  102. Milan Lab

    Milan Lab4 kun oldin

    David becham american idol version...hah

  103. bill richardson

    bill richardson4 kun oldin

    Apple Valley in da hizi! This bro is fire! Win it all bro, You got this!

  104. ElenaYepez

    ElenaYepez4 kun oldin

    Wow 💙💙💕💕

  105. Yan Sabda

    Yan Sabda4 kun oldin

    Oh yes baby

  106. Georgina Kautu

    Georgina Kautu4 kun oldin

    He looked famous already 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍

  107. DreamChasinTV

    DreamChasinTV4 kun oldin

    2seconds in and I hit the like button..🥴

  108. MyNovember18

    MyNovember184 kun oldin

    hope he sings Tennesse Whiskey on idol

  109. Tina C

    Tina C4 kun oldin

    I love his voice so much!

  110. The Hoop

    The Hoop4 kun oldin

    Wow!!!!! What a unique beautiful voice! He'll definitely be top 3

  111. Marcus Martinez

    Marcus Martinez4 kun oldin

    Damn high desert check

  112. cm

    cm5 kun oldin

    I just watched a star being born! 🤩

  113. YT Mark-Jnr_11

    YT Mark-Jnr_115 kun oldin

    3.09 "He's good"

  114. Robert Hodzic

    Robert Hodzic5 kun oldin

    That voice 🔥🔥

  115. Ashruf Musleh

    Ashruf Musleh5 kun oldin

    Has my vote! Wish someone signs him, he's really good!

  116. Kl L

    Kl L5 kun oldin

    He’s like kings of Leon that type of voice SO TALENTED!!!!

  117. Wes Jones

    Wes Jones5 kun oldin

    Can see the true emotions on his face. This guy is real.

  118. Lovey Rosado

    Lovey Rosado5 kun oldin

    I hope he wins! Love his voice😊

  119. Debra A.

    Debra A.5 kun oldin

    NOT SO MUCH!!!

  120. Dana Castillo

    Dana Castillo5 kun oldin

    He reminds me of Chris Cornell

  121. J L

    J L5 kun oldin

    Where do I buy his album! I could listen to this guy everyday.

  122. Lynne Gulbrand

    Lynne Gulbrand5 kun oldin

    Need to rename that place dusty valley.

  123. Robin D

    Robin D5 kun oldin

    I'm in L💗VE! Who knew I needed to go to Apple Valley CA to find my man 😂💞

  124. living multiverse

    living multiverse5 kun oldin

    Honey whiskey mesmerised, yes ma'am I surely am. What you just did was embrace my soul and filled my beingness with unconditional love. Much love and light to you beautiful soul.